HOLY SMOKES GUISE! Eatyourkimchi in Europe?! YOU BET! We’re going to a bunch of countries, and are super excited to share all of the details with you! WAHHHOOOOO!!!

First off, check out the Facebook page for all of the details and then some!

Otherwise, here all all of the countries we are going to!


Thanks to KPiN (Korean Pop culture in Norway), we’re going to the Omona event! We’re going to be doing a small presentation and a Q&A and will just be able to hang out with you guise!

Location: Elvebakken upper secondary school
Date & Time: October 5th, 12:00PM to 7:00PM
Get your tickets here, or check out Omona’s website for more info! Also, check out the Facebook Event Page. Woot woot!


Thanks to Kpop Nonstop who are inviting us out to their first anniversary party! Huzzah! We’re gonna be able to hang out with a bunch of you Swedish Nasties and chat for a while. Holy smokes! One of our best friends is from Sweden and we’re stoked to come. BOOYA!

Date: Sunday October 6, Stockholm
Get more info on the Facebook page. They’re going to update it often so check it often!

Also, check out the Facebook event page!


We’re taking part in an event via foundating Stichting Promotie Koreaanse Cultuur (Dutch for Foundation Promotion Korean Culture)! We’re gonna be doing another Q&A and we’ll just get the chance to talk with you guise about stuff, and just be as silly and awkward as we always are. Woot!

Location: Comedy Theater (Nes) in Amsterdam
Date & Time: October 15th, from 6PM to 8PM

More info on the Facebook Event Page as well. BOOYA!


Thanks to Koreon, who are inviting us out for a meet and greet! We’ll hang out with you Polish Nasties, take some pictures, and just party, you know. Yay! This is my first time in Poland since I was 16 years old. I’m super excited, and utterly embarrassed at how bad my Polish is now, so please don’t make fun of me if my Polish sucks! I’m probably gonna cry when I’m there, because I’m a sissy and Poland is the motherland. ERMAHGERD I CAN’T WAIT!

Date & Time: 12th October, 4PM to 6PM
Tickets: Tickets are 50 PLN. Send an email to the organizers with your full name and date of birth. You’ll get a reply with bank transfer info and ticket number. Booya!

Also, check out their Facebook page for more info!

Tour Poster

  1. So glad you all got the chance to visit Europe! (Well most of it!) I am really wondering if you guys would ever consider a US Tour! We have a bunch of States! I’m from Michigan and would love to see you guys! Michigan isn’t too far from Toronto! ;)
    Please try to visit as many states as you can too! :D Detroit has good food!

  2. OMG… This is first time when something is in Poland not in our western neighbors. But! Unfortunately I can’t even be there cuz I have already plans for this day T.T But I’m glad that you will come to Poland. Have a nice trip~!

  3. I’m jumping on the airplane down to Oslo tomorrow afternoon, and I can’t wait to see you guys! This will be awesome! WOOP! A lot of Norwegian nasties will great you.. BY THE POWER OF DA BRUNOST!! ♥

  4. NOOOOOOOOOO !!!! You decide to come to Norway the 1 year I’m away .. whyyy ?!?!?

  5. If you’re not too too tired when you get back you can still go out to Sky72 Golf Club in Incheon the weekend of the 17th for the KEB/Hanabank LPGA Championship and film a WANK with some of the Korean and other stars of the LPGA Tour. Oh, you should probably secure media credentials for that first.

  6. Now I’m crying. It’s already hard when you visit other countries, but Europe is like a punch in the face. So near but so far away. *sob-sob* But i will catch all the german speaking nasties and train them hard so we can make a really loooooooooong eyk fan-fest. Gotta catch em all!

  7. Kristin

    I really wanted to go to the event in Norway, but the tickets were all sold out right after this was announced. I was considering going to Sweden, but with the prices of gas, trains and flights here and the fact that I’m saving money for exchange next year… I don’t think so… TT_TT Please come to Japan next year so I can meet you there! :D I hope the people who are able to go to Omona in Oslo will have a lot of fun. :)

  8. NOOOOOOOOOooooo no more tickets availble for amsterdam!!!! and i would have SOOO skipped uni for this!!!! I would have jumped infront of trains for this!!! left my bike unlocked for this….ahum….i think you get the picture! But who knows maybe in the near future

    • I totally feel you there ;)

      But just now when I clicked it there are still tickets available … maybe some were held off by reservations weren’t ordered fully?
      *try it again maybe you’ll be lucky I’ll root for you ;)

  9. i hope you guys can come to Chicago someday!

  10. Ooh, cool. You’re coming to Sweden. I live in Stockholm and I started watching you videos earlier this week. I’ve pretty much plowed through them. I’m going to Korea at the end of October and your videos have been very helpful in getting the hype up. My fiance won’t thank you though, I’m pretty much bouncing of the walls in all of my Korea-hypeiness. I hope you’ll love Sweden. (And don’t be fooled by Norway, Sweden is actually better, I should know, I’m Swedish)

  11. OMG I’m so happy that you’re finally coming to Europe. I’ve been watching your videos for 3 years now and I really admire and love you guys.. I will be soo close to you – I’m in Sweden now, and even though the ticket for the fanmeet are so cheap but the bus price from my town to the capital and back is like 5 times bigger than the price of the fanmeet ticket :( *cries* I’m a poor international student but I hope there will be next time when you visit Europe and I will be among the first row watchers of your awesomness! :) I wish you luck with the tour and hope that you will meet a lot of cool European nasties!!!

    P.S. NASTIES FROM SWEDEN..I’m so alone with my kpop obsession here..so if someone wants to chat about the magical thing which is kpop just reply to this message. I’m sorry for using this as a way to find people with whom I can share an interest but it would be nice to actually talk with a nastie kpop fan while I’m still here in Sweden.

  12. Can’t wait to meet you guys~

  13. I wanted you in Portugal :< ahhh <.<

  14. I really wish you could come to Malta, and spread the nasties disease like a cold. (That was weird)

  15. the tickets were sold when I tried to order… (Amsterdam) so I couldn’t get any T____T can anybody help me get two tickets?? <3

  16. Wow awesome! come to Finland sometime ;)

  17. Got the first row tickets for amsterdam! Can’t wait to see you guys!

  18. The tickets were sold out soo fast in the Netherlands. Most of the nasties didn’t even get a change to make a reservation because the website had crashed. Bigger venue next time maybe?

  19. Hi, we wanna go to amsterdam with a bunch of people,
    Are you guys doing autographs? I have a dream girl album with an all blank white back waiting… Hehe

  20. Madeleine Stråhle


  21. Thank you so much for coming to Amsterdam, The Netherlands! ;___;
    Us fans are so lucky because hardly anyone ever visit this cold country haha. <3
    And the timing is insane as well! I'm going to S. Korea next year for vacation and I'm thinking of studying abroad there for 6 months as well. So this is the perfect opportunity for me to get in touch with you two! <3 I will be looking at my clock starting from 19:55 even though I will still be at work that day haha. Hopefully I can manage to purchase the front row tickets! ^^ See you guys on October! :)

    ……… LONDON WANTS YOU !!!!!!

  23. OMFG POLAND!! That’s so great, thanks for coming here!!! :D

  24. Cool that you guys are coming to the Netherlands.
    Haven’t visited Amsterdam for a while but Amsterdam is a really cool place to explore.

    For food I think you should try the following things:
    1. DUTCH FAST FOOD: Frikandellen and kroketten together with french fries something typical Dutch witch can’t really be found outside the Netherlands. ^_^
    2. FRESH STROOPWAFELS because those are the best stroopwafels you can get.
    3. DUTCH PANCAKES is also something you must try. Pancakes with bacon and cheese or just with something else.
    4. POFFERTJES: Also Dutch pancakes but the small version and also a must try.
    5. Dutch cheese is also a must try.
    7. Try DUTCH sugar bread

    It might be surprising but Indonesian food is also DUTCH so might as well try that.



  25. why do I have to live smack dab in the middle of USA (where no one ever goes) le cry

  26. A side from wanting to meet u at the bubble tea place. Im sad u come in the fall. Sweden is beautiful in the summer :) i have been totally obsessed with ur youtube channel xD trying to watch from day one.you should try swedish classical food when your here :) like surströmming and fil. Långfil is hallarious xD
    I answerd a question. If I could trade lifes with anyone. Who would it be. And I said Martina. English teacher in korea living yhe dream :)

    Im really really looking forward to meet u awesome guys!!

  27. I’m so glad the netherlands date is actually in my vacation!


  29. We have a bubble tea shop with fruity flavors I think you would love in stockholm (solba centrum) We nasties could all meet there?

  30. I really hope to see you in Germany next time. :)

  31. Nothing in southern Europe? :’( I’m an American expat in Portugal and I am also saaaaad.

  32. Ahh I’m jealous >< Have an awesome tour, guise~ Also the poster looks super cool!

  33. kpopfan123

    I can’t go… .____. ;______; 、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽマッテェ(ノ;Д;)ノ `、、ヽ`☂ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``


  34. Ok the Netherlands, that was unexpected =3 Not that I mind, i will be going! I already found someone to go with me and everything =3

  35. why am i living in germany ;.:

  36. You guys should come to Belgium some day, after all Brussels is the European Capital =D
    I might come to the Netherlands to see you guys =D have fun in Europe!

  37. I was about to sleep last night when I saw this message of my friend : EYK IS COMING TO THE NETHERLANDS….. I am so going to buy the tickets at 8pm this Thursday.. I want to have a front row ticket! Because I have been following you guys ever since the beginning of your blog! See you in October!

  38. Why Warsaw….. Cracow is better TT.TT

  39. Come to Spain next time *^* if you can ^__-

  40. GRR, I’m going to Japan for 1 year and FINALLY you’re coming to my country…. so sad. I’m so lonely,lonely,lonelyy.
    But have fun guiseeee, I’m sure you’ll love the Netherlands (and the stroopwafels;) ).

  41. OMG! See you in Oslo~ >w<
    I'm so glad I live in Rælingen, only 30 minuted with bus. :D
    So excited to finally meet you! ^^

  42. I’m sad, because I totally broke right now:( But I hope I will bump into you guise somewhere in Warsaw (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  43. Nooooo why october?! I’m with my work in London, and can’t be in Amsterdam,…

  44. While you are in Amsterdam if you crave for a taco, you can go to Los Pilones, yes , Mexican food in Amsterdam, it’s a restaurant and bar own by 3 real mexican brothers (my friend it’s their sister) plus when U2 it’s in the city they go there!!!

  45. I’m so freakin happy that you’re coming to poland! Polskie Nasties czekają! :D

  46. OMIGAWD Y DO I FEEL SO SPECIAL?! Simon will be going to Poland on my birthday! I’m so happy! I think its because my favorite youtuber will be happy, excited, thrilled, and (maybe) emotional on my birthday! I really hope you both have an awesome time in Europe and maybe next year you can tour Canada… Just make sure to come to BC during October if you ever do ;) FIGHTING EYK! no… VIVA LA EYK!

  47. Stephanie Dubuque

    I just want to say I’m so proud and excited for you guys! You’ve worked so hard and getting to travel all over the world is amazing and I hope you guys have a blast!

  48. Don’t even live in Europe and I’m excited :))

  49. Bryony

    So close (i.e. not Korea) and yet sooo far (i.e. not the States). Ah well, relegated to admiring from afar.

  50. come to new york skaldfdasf

  51. Agnieszka Szczepaniak

    Ah~ And here I thought, after moving to Korea, that it’ll be easier to meet you guys here – I should’ve just stayed in Poland kkk Lucky Polish Nasties~~^^ I’m sure no one will laugh at you Simon – we’re always very happy to hear someone speak in our language ^^

  52. Wow. Too bad I live in China at the moment, and not NL. Tough luck! @_@

  53. So what is up with the legality of tattoo parlors these days?

  54. YES! Norway!!! I’m busy at that time, but I don’t give a s**t, I’ll still come all the way from Bergen to Fangurilla all over you! *Stalker mode* Jeg er så spent: I’m so excited!

  55. i would’ve been happy if you came to germany but oh well >_.<

  56. OGM! You Nasties in Poland! I can’t handle it ;D…. btw, Simon, don’t worry, your Polish is probably as good as our English, sooo… I supose our skills are equal. Heeey, Are You traveling with Spudgy? See ya in Poland! I’m dying to do a sexy window move with You! Lov U guys! :)

  57. Elfi Whimsical Stadheim

    Ah man, I just moved from Oslo ._.
    You should bring warm clothes… just saying :P

  58. AAHH See you guise in Amsterdam!! Can’t wait :D:D

  59. come to america!

  60. And here I was hoping for Paris. I won’t see you D8
    Don’t you wanna come to the city of love ? An Infinite concert will be hold in October 8)

  61. Ellen (alatariel)

    I actually live in Finland, but I might come over to Sweden just to see you guys! ;D (well my swedish friend too haha) Let’s see what will happen! ^__^ but I hope I can come! :)

  62. OH MY GOD! I can’t believe that you guys are coming to Norway!! Like, no-one huge (at least someone I consider huge) NEVER comes to Norway, and you guys DID!! :’) I’m so happy.. Finally someone who considers other countries than England, I’m so sick of kpop stars and other popular kpop associated ppl only go to England, London and not other countries, especially Scandinavia.. I’m so happy – AND I’VE ALREADY BOOKED TICKETS FOR ME AND MY NAAASTY FRIEND, SO WE YOU THERE!!! ♥♥

  63. I really like the fact that you’re going to ‘less-known’ (a relative term here) European countries. I mean, most people would expect you to go to London or Paris etc since it’s more likely to get organizers there and many people to come out…but this is awesome! These countries with less opportunities for k-related stuff deserve u guys and I’m so happy for them!

  64. Yaay! You are coming to Norway! I’m soo~ excited! :D

  65. Woohooo :D I’m so happy!! When I first saw that you guise are coming to Norway I was like ~I LOOOST MY MIND~ ~BLOW YOUR MIND~ EEER MAH GAHD!!!! *cough* I meen… cool the are coming to Norway

    Ticket: check

    Force my friends to come with me: check

    Finding the most bomtastic-fantastic-elastic-bomshakalaka-zom-zom-tell- it-to-my-y present: working on it (^U^)/

  66. :( I want you guys to go to seattle or spokane….then i could meet you :( even cali would be better

  67. Ailin Vanderås Soleng

    Woooh, day trip to Oslo.
    This is going to be tiresome, but fun. ; 3 ;

  68. aaand… when I move to Asia, EYK crew come to Europe. To Amsterdam.
    Destiny, youre so cruel.

  69. Oh my gosh, hardly anything Kpop related comes to Holland. I’m going to be nervous all day next Tuesday when the tickets go one sale. I really really want to meet you guys as a long time Nasty!

  70. not exactly close to my country but oh well~ HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE FUN ON YOUR TOUR (^0^)/ <333

  71. OMGAWD THE NETHERLANDS! I’ll definitely be there!! EYK FTW! :DD

  72. Jolene 졸린 McConnell

    Wow, awesome! Norway is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and Poland is the most fun place I’ve ever been. I’m sure that you’ll have a great time.

    I’ve never been to Sweden or the Netherlands (except the airport. FYI, there are no electrical outlets there to charge your computer.) I can’t wait to see the videos.

  73. We want you in Brazil too T-T Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase come visit us sometime ):

  74. I really hope I will be able to come ^_^ And since it’s on Saturday, it should be no problem, yay!

  75. Liisa

    Why am i going to UK just before you are coming over????? so saaad :(

  76. Alex Min Song

    Oh come on, London?? PLEEEEASEEEEEEE~~~~~

  77. I hoped for Spain…but then again, no one comes here so haha

  78. why:’(
    during your trip to Poland I’ll be in Korea

  79. Simon and especially Martina – your gonna love the coffee in Sweden!!!!!!! :D The chailatte is THIe best – from Espresso House!! :)) Hmm – I need to get one tomorrow!!! :D

  80. ahhhhhhhh Poland is juuuust above slovakia, wont you stop by?XD

  81. ERMERGERWD! I can not WAIT! I’ll See you in Sweden (Need to buy my nastyshirts NOW! and i need to get them before my birthday 30/9!)

  82. NOOOO!! I will be studying in America this semester and just missed you in Sweden! T_T WHY AM I SO UNLUCKY!!!!

  83. Why did i have to b born in a place(country/city) where nothing happens ever!! :( Super sad

  84. The is awesome i am so excited for you :) will you get a chance to visit some of your family Simon :)

  85. LOL, you guys are so awkwardly funny.

    It would be cool if you could come to New York one day, too. :D

  86. Hold on, where in Poland? Warsaw? Cracow?

  87. I am from Estonia, but I will still try to meet you guys in Sweden!!! :D

  88. Caitlin Martina Byrnes
    Caitlin Martina Byrnes

    I can’t be the only one who wants video of Simon speaking in Polish to all of the Nasties in Poland ^^

  89. Irony: The month I finally get to go to Korea is the month you guys come to Norway.. I only live an hour away from Oslo..! TT_TT

  90. It’s time for…
    Super Poland Adventure Fun Frolics!
    Sweden Mega Excursion of Glory!
    Yo! Amsterdam, Not Korea!

    and I’m not thinking of the last one, they took long enough as it is.

  91. huh, confuzzle. I thought you guys were moving out of your place soon because of the tenant?? So, are you also moving and traveling :O If so, wow that is so much to do in the upcoming months

  92. please! come to Slovakia…


  94. Mio Mio

    no…croatia….no..balkans…../flops and cries

  95. Sooo great guys, but but I will be at december on thos places buaaaaaa… and I don’t think Mexico would bring you at all snif…

  96. Marzia Matalone

    What about Italy?

    You guys should at least find the time for a short holiday in Rome…Coming to Europe and not seeing Italy it’s Absurd!!!

    Well, if you want you can come to Southern Italy too…in that case I’ll be your personal touristic guide (Calabria and Sicily are my home, you know)…why don’t you think about it? ^_*

  97. US tour in the future?! maybe? it’s won’t be as super exciting as Europe though haha! (psst…come to Madison, WI) :)


    in Duesseldorf u must feel like at home,we have many korean and japanese restaurants here :D

  100. I literally started screaming when I saw you’re coming to Poland! XD I’ll do my best to come see you <3

  101. Lucky Europeans! But hey have fun guys!!!! <3 <3 <3

  102. wow guys that’s awesome!!!!!! :D too bad though.. not even close! ><
    anyway~ I hope you guys have a great time wherever you go!! ^_^ and pack warm clothes!! north Europe is cold cold cold x.x at least for me as a Southerner (I'm from Greece) xD

  103. POLSKA!!!!!
    See you there! :D

  104. Okay as an German Netherlands is not so far away from my hometown– I Hope i can go there. I really want to see you live XD
    As same age chingus LOL or im older ? born 81 :D

  105. Have a great time Simon and Martina. I run a student led anime/all things Asian society at a university in Bath. We have a large lecture hall with good sound coverage which you would be welcome to use if you could come to the UK in the future, though I suppose London is the city you wish to conquer.

  106. Please next time come to Turkey guys :;)

  107. Lauren Semple Stroman

    well, this is sooo exciting and all (really, it is!!!), but when you go to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NYC, or Baltimore, I will TOTALLY be there XD

  108. O M G for the first time eveerrrrr (as far as I can remember) something kpop happening here in Amsterdam!!! FINALLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!! hihi cant wait!!! btw its probably gonna be rainy here in the Netherlands around that time so be sure to pack stuff accourding to our rainy weather :$

  109. Nooooooooooooooo! Finally when you’re coming to Europe (Stockholm more specifically) I will be on a different continent T^T
    Stockholm would’ve been roughly three hours from where I live (The Aland Islands, in between Finland and Sweden), so it would’ve been THE perfect opportunity. Have fun the rest of you who can go there though!

  110. I live in the Netherlands and would love to go there but I also have to go to school so I might won’t be able to go but I will see. Just hoping on a free wednesday and a free tuesday because traveling from my place to Amsterdam takes me 2 hours.

  111. Maaan, I knew Croatia was gonna be a long shot, but here’s hoping that by the time the next EYK tour comes, the Balkans will have more of an established K-community!

  112. Have a good trip!

    I hope one year you are able to do a US/Canadian tour!!!!

  113. Ireland. You must!

  114. Come to Estonia :D it’s across the sea from sweden. By ship it takes one night to get here.

  115. holy jesus christ monkeyballs oaijsfioajfioew cant believe you’re coming to us o/ EXCITEMENT

  116. woo hoo now all i need to decide is if i want to make it wknd in Poland or visit Norway or Sweden. Cheap flights helllooo im going to see my favourite you tube couple!!!!! yaayyyy

  117. I got really surprised when I heard you will come to Stockholm and I really hope I can come (please teachers, no exams on Monday or Tuesday after~~ TTnTT )!
    Can we meet you at the airport (because you are traveling by air, right?)? Will it be Arlanda? :D

  118. BOOM SHAKALAKA!!! I had a feeling you guise might come to Amsterdam, but
    I didn’t dare believe it. I did a little joy of dance when I read it! I
    am sooo going, can’t wait to see you for reals! :D

  119. Just moved from Norway to London for studies, feel like I am missing a great opportunity to meet ya guys xD If only it had been the week after, since I am heading back to Norway for a week then, talk about bummer… Any how, have fun in Norway, and I hope that next time you will come to London (Comfort = Infinite is coming).


  120. Next Time please cometto germany too…
    But i hope you will enjoy your stay in Europe (especially in poland )

  121. omg!!! i cant believe this.. I hope I can come to Poland. I’m from Lithuania by the way. Writing to lithuanian nasties right now.. :DD

  122. Bigos and pierogi will be waiting for you!

  123. Nooo, my luck always fail me! I’ve got the last day of nail art/gel nail course october the 5th, so I can’t come :( When are you going to leave elvebakken?

  124. I wonder, you’ll be in sweden on the 6th, then there is a long break before you’re on poland :o what’s happening in that time?

  125. I’ve entered full fangurilla mode :U
    See you October 15th in the Netherlands!

  126. Oh Hallyucon is a few days for my vacation, I was afraid you’d come to the Netherlands right as I would be in Asia. Hallyucon was still in the planning stages when I last looked and wasn’t interested because of that but now I am!.

  127. Poland! <3 I already bought my ticket and I'm so happy I'll be able to see you! Dreams come true :D

  128. Oh noooo! You’re literally in almost every country AROUND Germany D: that’s so frustrating. But I hope I’ll be able to come to Amsterdam (dedication right there, guys!).
    But hey, maybe next time? I bet there are a looot of German Nasties who’d love to meet you!

    • What part of Germany are you in?

        • Sarah Smith

          Oh! I’m in the Rheinland-Pfalz :D I’m probably going to Amsterdam too. Even though it’s 350+ km xD

        • Oh, I’m also in the Rheinland-Pfalz area. =) But the date for Amsterdam doesn’t work for me. Sadness )= I’m sorry I don’t get to meet you guyz (Simon and Marina). I hope somehow you will be able to come next year? Maybe you can get invited to Dusseldorf’s Japan Day, I saw some K-Pop stuff there… a tiny bit.

          Yeah, i’m from Baden-Württemberg and it’s quite a long way to Amsterdam, but why not? ^ ^

    • Yep, I would also love to meet them in Germany! I am from Nordrhein-Westphalen by the way. :>

  129. I hope you’ll have a really great time there! :D
    Why do you come to literally all the countries around me but NOT mine?! Whyyyyyyyyy?! :/ I’m from Northern Germany…. Please go there soon too!! ^.^

  130. NOOOO I just left the Netherlands last week and I’m only going back in December! I can’t believe you guise will be so close to my house and I won’t be there TT.TT You better come to Montreal soon….(except in December and June-August because I wont be there…:( )

  131. Where do we in sweden buy tickets? :o

  132. Aahhh Netherlands! The better Belgium lol
    Don’t think I’ll be there but have fun and eat a lot of french… err dutch fries!


  134. I just bought my ticket for the event in Oslo! :D See you there! Hopefully!

  135. Would really have liked to meet you guys but i am traveling to asia in that time XD Hope you have an amazing trip and get to meet all the european nasties :D

  136. You spelled Paris wrong ! :D

  137. Hmm, yes. I’m also starting to think that Stockholm isn’t THAT far from Estonia….

  138. And also where is the event in Stockholm? Because I’m not searching the entire city for you guys? (Or am I? DUN DUN DUUUUN)

  139. Seriously?? You’re going to Norway?!?! Awesome!!!!!! No, wait…you’re coming on the same day I travel out of the country…great :’(

  140. I just noticed Oslo is spelled Olso… LOL

  141. So happy that you guys are coming to amsterdam, can’t wait to see you then^^

  142. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahaah Key peeping out in the video!!!

    -_- you’re not coming to the UK…that sucks!!! T_T

  143. I was so happy, but then I saw you weren’t coming to England. One day you will come to England *Prays*

  144. I am seriously thinking of coming from the Czech Republic to Poland.

  145. EHRMAGAWD THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! I’m screaming now…. Gotta call my parents and book up October the 6th!

  146. Why not more the south europe?? :( So sad! I’m from Spain, I hoped to meet you guys!! Are you gonna come again, aren’t you?? Awww wanna see Spudgy hehe

  147. At first I was like, YAY!!! They are going to sweden, and then NOOO… They are going to Stockholm. I’m from Gothenburg, which is pretty much the other side of the country, and this is in October, which means it will most likely be a class on Monday that is SUPER IMPORTANT and ARRRGH! I don’t know if I should cry from happiness or rage over this, but still… awesome that you are coming to Sweden anyway, and I do feel for the rest of Europe. It’s like, sorry for apparently snagging them from your borders.

    Ps: Simon and Martina, please pack somewhat warm jackets and umbrellas, because October sometimes is the rainy season, at least if you live on the West coast like me. but this is the swedish equivalence (?) of the East coast, so well… Nasties of Stockholm, correct me if I am wrong.

  148. Also guise, I’m sure Simon && Martina will visit your country in the near future!! Until then we shall enjoy their videos and await their arrival.

  149. So sad you’re not going in France

  150. I am so excited for you guise!!! That is so incredible! You are seriously taking the world by storm! Who would have thought, not even K-pop/K-dramas are spreading Korean culture as much as EYK is!!!!! I wish I could be there! (^o^)/

  151. ~トップさんのソウルメイト~


  152. your’e so lucky you European Nasties. Roll down your sexy windows for us other nasties, okay? ;D

  153. I will make this work! I’ll request having the weekend off! so I can come meet you guys! I will make this work!!

  154. OMG! That is a great trip! I’m sad because Spain is far from those countries :( // I will go to Poland at the end of october….damn dates! I wish I went there earlier! lol

    Still, have fun guise! Europe really really loves you! :D

  155. y u no come to Estonia?

  156. -pout- Its ok. England doesnt have any Kpop events because we suck but it still would have been pretty cool to see you guys T_T

  157. Ohhhhh……. no germany??
    But Germany is really nice… ; 3 ;~~ Next time maybe?! ~♥

  158. Waving the Germany flag~ Well have fun guys~ :)

  159. Jung Rian

    Whaaaaaat !! No France ? No England ? No Germany ? I thought it would be this places, but you guys decided to go far away from meeee T.T Hope you’ll enjoy yor tour ! :D

    • I thought so too, I also thought about Sweden. But weird that France is not on the list… :P

      • Jung Rian

        I’m so saaaaaaaaaaaad T.T Btw, all the Nasties who will see them are so lucky !

      • Guys want to know why there is no France on the list?
        Because I’ll be there in that exact period!!! and My luck with the K-popish stuff is this: leave Italy (I study in venice) for tree month, and I.U. comes to Venice to shoot her music video yey T.T

        • Totally agree, lucky Nasties who get to see them.

          Maaaan, that is really bad luck.

    • There was no one to organize their stay there so they won’t come this time…next time plan a trip for them to your country :) ( organizer from Poland)

  160. Yaaaaaaaaaay NETHERLANDS !!! But on a weekday, argh . Who came up with that idea ??? !!!! I have a course work for I have to follow and can’t miss that day *CRIES*

  161. So if I win the lottery will you guys come to America, Florida to be exact (financed by me?)

  162. Yaaaaay!! Finally! :D

  163. Oh no Paris? :( but that’s so cool you’re coming to Europe! I hope you like it! :)

  164. Aw. Wish you guys could come to Portugal. But anyways I hope you like your trip to these countries :)))

  165. Oww i’m excited, i’m from Holland ^_^ but Simon and Martina, you guys made a typo in ‘Oslo’. It’s not ‘Olso’ hehe ;p

  166. Huhu, probably kind of impossible to come somewhere from Estonia…

  167. adriana

    Omg I’m so jealous you’re going to Norway… it was the country I was obsessed with before I became obsessed with South Korea. It’s a really easy language to learn so it should be really easy to pick up on basic phrases :)


      • Oh… i’m in Gothenburg it’s too far away and I have no car T_T anyway I hope you’ll have a good time with the other swedish nasties ! ~ (even though i’m not swedish x) )

        • (Get ya) Im gonna take the train! :)) Have to book now, so you really have the ticket and can save some bucks!!

        • Omg since I just moved here I’ll get so lost XDDD

        • Oh :) Welcome to Sweden :D Here to work/study!? Where you from!? If you change your mind, you should book a ticket by using sj.se :) Wait until you can buy a ticket for meeting EYK (so you dont buy the ticket and cant come)!!

        • Thank you :DDD I’m from Portugal ! :) I moved here to study, almost finishing Highschool :D really thank you for your help ! I’ll try and get the exact adress since no one is coming with me XDDDDDD

        • Nice to meet you Clochette! :D Going on my own to!! :) My man at home isnt so much for this yet so my plan is to book a trainticket, book a hotell! When I last check sj.se, the ticket – to Stockholm and back – where around 500 crowns (around 55€)! Thats a great price! :) Im just waiting for Kpop Nonstop to let us buy the tickets (ill wait until tomorrow, and then I will buy the traintickets anyway – the hotel can wait)! When are you planing on going up!? Was thinking of going sunday morning! Got my job on monday, so have to go back monday morning (got half day of) :))

        • nice to meet you too Sandra ! :D wow 55€ for a train ticket (it’s so expensive for me XDDDD), I’ll probably go up with my mom on sunday the day of the event and go back at the end of it, I was planning to go with my mom but 1000 crowns makes it really expensive for both of us to stay for 2 hours and go back again O.o I’ll just go alone then if she allows me XDD living here is so expensive compared to portugal asdfghjkl hahaha you are swedish or you are an emigrant here ?? :)

        • Yeah I can imagine! :) Sweden is pretty expensive! ;) When I studied I also felt the same way!! And 500 for a ticket – is pretty ok when youre talking about train :) It seems that many are just going there for the day! Hope you get to go!! Im a swede! :) Finally theyre going to sell the tickets!! :D :D Im gonna be extremely ready at seven a clock :) Im up at 12 o clock – because you never know if the train is late or not! Hope I get to see you there :))

        • haha okay maybe we’ll meet there XD the first 6 rows are already sold out ! :o

        • Yeah they went insanely fast!! :) At first it just took some seconds and you couldnt book any A-ticket! But after some time the bookings where released again :) I manage to get one, by updating the page like a maniac! :D So now I have 2 tickets, one A and one B (first – before I knew that you could wait for the tickets to be released again)!! :) :) So Im gonna be there at 6 a clock ;) Så I can sit at the front and stare happy at Simon and Martina (not creepy at all) ;D You got your ticket to!? Think they wrote that there are around 200 tickets left! That was yesterday, probably more have got one now :)

        • What 200 ????? omg i can only have a ticket by tomorrow night TT.TT

        • omg thank you T.T but i think i managed to convince a friend to buy it for me XDDDDD you are so kind thank you ! it’s good to know that you have one extra :DD

        • No problem :) Did you get the ticket!? :D

        • No my friend’s card got rejected T_T

        • But thats still cool, right :) I still got one ticket :) And as long as everything is ok (and as Kpop Nonstop said) – you should be able to use my ticket! :D Im gonna send them an email and double check!!

          (And of course if everything is alright and you still want to/intend to go – I can mail you the ticket – so you have it before the EYK-meeting – and so you can print it out) :)

        • omg that would be so cool thanks :D

        • Got the answer and you should be able to use the other ticket that I got!!! They scan the ticket so it shouldnt be any problem :) If you still want it/plan to go – I can send it to you!? :D :D :D

  169. I still have school when you are in the netherlands TT.TT Worst thing is that i´m from germany and it´s so close but i still can´t come … i think TT.TT

  170. Francesca Williamson

    But I am in England D: -sobs-

  171. What the actual flying fuck, why not to Finland? It’s right next to Sweden ;_; You could swim across the sea, or do I have to?

  172. Wait so… no Ireland/UK? :c But you guuuuuuuys~

  173. SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!! :D

  174. Next A Canadian Tour? (Winnipeg) XD Hope you guys have an awesome time!

  175. what happens to spudgy and meemers when you travel?

  176. here i was hopping you would come to england

  177. I screamed so hard when I found out you are coming to The Netherlands!! :D:D:D:D:D:D Must go must go must go must go!!! :D:D:D:D

  178. I soooo wanna be there!!! But I don’t know if my work schedule will let me! Plus! I just moved two months ago, so i’m not 7 hours away with a car!!!! T_T I want to meet you guys in person so bad!!

  179. Dutch Nasty RIGHT HERE!

  180. You spelled Oslo wrong!!!

  181. No Austria? :(

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