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EYK Summer Tour Schedule!

May 10, 2014


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Just when it seems like our schedules can’t get any busier, they get busier! It’s a good busy, though, because we’re going to three awesome places. Let’s tell you more about them:

Beijing, China: StoryDrive Asia

Super exciting! This is going to be our first time in China! We don’t know what to expect! We were really surprised to be asked to come, because YouTube’s blocked in China, isn’t it? How do people watch us? I know once that one of our Kpop Music Mondays got reuploaded onto a Chinese video site and got over a million views and we said HELL WE DON’T GET THOSE KINDA VIEWS ON YOUTUBE! Ahem. That’s not the point.

Point is, we’re going to take part in StoryDrive Asia, and we’re giving a presentation about our Eatyourkimchi story, and also how we use storytelling. It’s interesting, because it’s not something we thought of in specifically those words, but we basically are storytelling most of the time. We tell you what we’re doing, what we’re eating, what we’ve experienced, how a song makes us react, etc. A big part of our presentation is on how you, yes you, are part of that story. It’s not a story we’re really telling you, as much as a conversation we’re having with you. We tell you our experiences, but you also guide our experiences in many ways. We’ll be talking about you, there, in Beijing.

We’re super excited, because you know how we feel about Chinese food in Korea. It’s not Chinese food! Or is it? We don’t know! So we’ll go to China and eat Chinese food and settle it once and for all! Any recommendations? What would you suggest we do in Beijing? Any Beijing Nasties here? We’d love to see you while we’re there!

California, USA: LiNK Summit

Afterwards, we’re heading back to Korea for a couple of weeks, helping out with the construction of our coffee shop, and then heading over to California for the Liberty in North Korea Summit! Side note, that’s one sexy website there. Damn I wish our site looked that nice!

Anyhow, as some of you might remember from Christmas time, we participated in the Project for Awesome campaign, and did our best to raise awareness for what’s happening in Korea. You guise helped share the video everywhere, and – because of your awesomeness – Liberty in North Korea was chosen as one of the recipients of $50,000. HELLS YEAH!

So, now we’re coming to the Liberty in North Korea summit and we’re going to be doing a presentation of sorts, and we’re ultra nervous. This is a serious thing, you know. We’re listed as special guests, but we’re no more special than anyone else going there. We’re just gonna be giving a talk about social media and how people can try to use it to help with their campaigns. We’re just gonna be honoured to be part of something so important, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you there!

Right after the summit is gonna be our SEVEN YEAR MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY! SEVEN YEARS! Holy snapbuckets! We’re gonna take a couple of days off and try to find a nice B&B by the beach, hopefully.

Afterwards, we’re gonna be hanging out in California for another couple of weeks or so. I think we might be doing something at VidCon. We’re not sure. We got confirmation of our trip to LA too late to be able to book a Community Day at VidCon, sadly. But there’s interest for us to do a panel at VidCon, so hopefully that’ll work out!

Otherwise, I think we’re just gonna go to KoreaTown and see what the food’s like there. If you can’t tell, then only thing we care about for trips is eating food. FOOD! We don’t know what else to do while in Cali. Any suggestions?

Sweden: NärCon

We’ll be back in Korea for July, and we’ll be putting the final touches on our Coffee Shop and hopefully opening up then! That’s the plan for now, at least. Once we’ve figured that all out and started serving you guise some awesome desserts, we’ll head over to Sweden for NärCon from July 24th to the 27th. WOOHOO! We love Sweden! When we went last year for our European Tour, we couldn’t get enough of it. Damn Sweden was gorgeous!

Anyhow, we’re really excited about NärCon, which is an East Asian Pop Culture/Anime/Cosplay Convention! EEEP! It’s gonna be so much fun! We’re gonna be partaking in a few events while we’re there. YAY! And we’re starting to plan our cosplay outfits now. Martina’s cosplayed before, but I haven’t. We’re trying to think of a good couple costume. Any suggestions? Martina will be the Prince and I’ll be a big Katamari ball. Yay!

So that’s it! We’ll be posting videos of our travels as well, so make sure you click on this pretty button below so you don’t miss out on any of our adventurous fun :D



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