As your YouTube subscription box might have shown, we’ve flooded you with 15 playlists last week for the EYKAs. We did it over a wide range of time zones, and you probably missed some. We’ll make it easier for you: here are all of the playlists, plus the voting links to each category of the EYKAs, right here in this post. Once you’ve seen them all, you can head on over to the Kpop Awards page and cast your votes there! Or, even if you’re not here to vote, you can at least sit back and watch a bunch of playlists including some of the best, most interesting Korean Music Videos of the Year!

Voting Closes Friday, 11:59PM Korean Time, so get to it while you still can!

Best Korean Hip Hop of 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Vocal Performance of 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Artsy Fartsy Video of 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Aegyo Performance of 2013 – Vote Here!


Most Bizarre Kpop Videos of 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Solo Act in Kpop of 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Kpop Dance of 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Potential Kpop Music Monday of 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Plot in a Kpop Video for 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Male Kpop Group of 2013 – Vote Here!


Mordney’s Choice – Vote Here!


Best Rookie in Kpop in 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Kpop Video of 2013 – Vote here!


Nastiest Kpop Video of 2013 – Vote Here!


Best Kpop Girl Group of 2013 – Vote Here!


  1. I single handedly try to break the the typical demographic voting that goes on this site, but seem to be in a lowly populated demography for this site.

  2. Lee hi is up for something? Time to spam for Simon!

  3. its nice to see some i’ve not heard or seen before, some i’ve not really paid attention to.

  4. The 2014 EKYAS should have best come backs.??? becuase there is so many bands that came back from what seemed like they where going to disband.

  5. COME ON GUYS! I do like some boy groups but they can’t win EVERYTHING again!!
    (god-damn fangirls ¬¬ before you say anything, I am one lol)
    Stop being lazy and just voting for your biases and vote for who you truly think fits the categories best (after watching all the videos!)
    We all know I’m a massive CLover, but for Best Solo I voted for Lee Hyori because I thought her video was funny and original and the song was really catchy. Also I was really impressed with her whole album generally.
    I wish people were more objective.
    Don’t get me wrong, there are some brilliant male idols out there, but I cannot deal with another sausage fest when there is so much female talent being overlooked T.T

    • Right now SNSD is leading dance category, troublemarker who leads nasty is half female XD, Drunken Tiger has Tasha and Leessang has girl too and they are battling for hip hop category. So there is some girls at least.

      In many category’s there isn’t even many female’s, only aegyo category has more female nominee’s than male. And I have also noticed that some people have: female must win attitude currently which quite much is biased view too and not observant one.

      Although I’m being observant.. there isn’t really many girls for me to vote. 2NE1, Miss A, Tiny G, SPICA and Jaurim are only girl’s I’m voting for since I believe they are best one’s in their categories (though I vote for KSY too for vocals).

      • I personally don’t believe in the ‘female’s must win’ attitude. I voted for a lot of males too. I’m just voting for who I think fits the category best.
        And I won’t vote for somebody just because they have more of a chance of winning than who I truly want to vote for.Some of the people I have voted for are at the bottom and have no chance of winning but I don’t care because I’d rather stick to my opinion than join the masses ^.^
        All I was saying is that I was so disappointed that the only category where there was a female winner last year was ‘Best Female Group’ and I didn’t want that to happen again. :) Because the girls are just as good as the boys.

  6. OK, I’m sure it’s just me…but anyone else here bugged by the fact that the “clip art” of the record spinning in the lower left has a tonearm that’s facing the wrong way?

  7. I miss M.I.B in the hip hop category, don’t you? They’re pretty good in hip hop, and in my opinion they should be there at least! D:

  8. Stopping by to say. . . . . I wish I could mindlessly vote for the EYKAS all day long, but its the last 3 weeks of school and I need to catch up to pass my finals :( SAVE MEEEE!!!!

  9. I really tried to watch all the videos and when it came to the ones I didn’t know, I kinda just stayed away from the category. This isn’t a criticism on you guys. When it comes to stuff that’s all sorta fan voting, it’s not really the best who win and it’s not surprising, this is about fan support. In the same vein, I don’t like it when someone wins and people complain, just because there’s a huge fan base and they actually did a really good job. And to the girl groups, I wanna get into more. This past year, I got into GLAM and Crayon Pop, but I put in more effort with EXO, Vixx, U Kiss, SHINee.

    And I think the problem is that the boys make headway more than the girls because it’s a mainly female audience they’re catering to. That’s not to say the boys aren’t good, cause they’re brilliant. I just want the girls to be more than just sexy or super aegyo, I want a clear progression and a voice to them. I also want better marketing for them, looking at you SM with f(x). That said, I’m still gonna vote for who I feel deserve to win regardless of gender. I stupidly did that at the beginning of the year when everyone was trying to get I Got A Boy came up for KMM, because everyone just wanted a girl group to be the first 2013 KMM.

  10. Everyone keeps saying Tiny G but if you want a female to win it’s basically APink or it’s not really going to make a difference.
    APink is ahead of third place by quite a bit, and APink is behind Boyfriend by A LOT.

  11. For me the girls groups this year were hit or miss. However I feel like GI is going to be really good, especially in the choreography department.

    But I try to vote equal numbers guys and girls. Good luck Tiny-G!

  12. Of course this goes up after I suffered through the youtube playlists :P It took me an entire afternoon to watch MOST of the videos, so THANK YOU EYK for all your hard work to put them together. This was a huge undertaking. Although with all the awesome choices, I occasionally feel like I am going crazy trying to choose the best.

  13. I didn’t realize until you pointed this out that most of my votes were for boys. My best female and aegyo (Tiny-G) are both female, but that’s it. But I am honestly going through all the videos and voting for the ones that I think are best. Am I the only one that found that girl groups are not often given videos or dances that are as good as boy groups?

    There are some exceptions. I almost voted for BEG’s video for Best Plot, but in the end it went to N’uest. I’m not a fan of theirs, but I thought the video was excellent. It was very realistic and emotional. And I almost voted for Ailee for Best Vocal, because she is amazing, but in the end I voted for Jung Joon Young, because his voice is different, and I just love it so much! Finally, I almost voted for GI for best rookie, because I love them, and I love their second song and dance. But I didn’t like the first one as much. In the end I voted for BTS, because I love their sound, dance and message, and all of their singles.

    In most cases, I found the female videos were just not as good as the male videos. And I think girls are not given as good of concepts as boys are. I wish they put more thought into girl videos and dances! It always seems to be either sexy or cute! Nothing else. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • I’m just a little bit hesitant to do this. I don’t want to vote for APink just because they are a female group. I feel like you should vote for whatever group you feel is best, whether they are male or female, or whether they have a chance of winning. I personally feel like Tiny-G has the best Aeygo, so I will continue to vote for them, but I wish Apink the best of luck!

    • So glad you were introduced to the amazing vocal talents of Jung Joon Young. After countless plays his voice still gives me goose bumps. He should, in my opinion, be so much higher up in the ranking.

    • I agree, I’m also less impressed by girl groups’ videos in general. I don’t even know for which one to vote for best female, because no group on that list blew my mind this year, except Girls Day with the song Expect. But there were definitely amazing female solos: Ailee, Lim Kim, Lee Hi, Hyori, Lee Jun Hyun whom I’ve just discovered in Mordney’s playlist… And I agree with you about Tiny-G for best aegyo: srsly, isn’t it obvious? ^^

    • I’m pretty much same ^^ Actually you can vote for as many mv’s in one category that you like so at least I’m voting 2-3 almost every category XD So there is some boys and girls that I vote both. But I have to say that as full I lean towards boys. If you check best mv, most bizarre and best plot mv category’s there isn’t even that many girl’s nominee’s.

      Right now only best aegyo is category where I’m voting for girls over boys. But that’s not even cause I like their mv’s that much, aegyo really isn’t my thing. I guess girl’s mv’s are less creepy ^^; In best vocals I’m voting 50/50 though I’m voting many in that category since it’s hard to decide who has best voice XD

  14. I like looking through the comments of “lesser” known artist and finding Nasties who discovered a new artist/song/video by honestly watching all the videos nominated. There are a lot of artists out there who deserve way more attention then they get and I’m glad the EYKA’s helps to shine a light on them. :)

    Now on a quick ranting spout, social media people! Social media points!

    • A never tweet. Well that’s not true. I never use the tweet or Facebook buttons from here. I may, and frequently link to the EYK video page for a music video, but always create my tweets manually or by using the Tweet button in Safari.

      • I really am thinking some people are not realising that they count for points. It might have been useful to put a how to vote up at the top of the page as these kinds of events can attract new people to the website… Just, you know.. Thinking out loud, like I do…

        • I have to agree with you. I’ve been attempting the past week to spread the word outside of the EYK blog since not everyone even knows how to access the video comments, but yeah I don’t have many followers lol. Actually I came to realize what you are saying late last night when I saw a few comments about how A was beating B when they had more votes but they didn’t know to include the social media shares.

          With an event such as this, you are correct there should be a refreshed mention in the video(s) or blog post to not only vote but to share, like and tweet from the various social sites. I approve of your always thinking out loud policy ;)

        • I’ve been commenting inside video threads, but as you say, it isn’t always obvious how to get to there either. I think the point I noticed it most is with the new mad rush on SNSD. 40k votes now – and still the other 3 are incredibly low by comparison. If they knew, those numbers would likely all be 4 digits now as well.

          Things to learn for next year.

        • SNSD got about 10k votes alone yesterday in Best Dance. I watched in disbelief as it leapt up the rankings. I’m not even EXO biased and I’m feeling crushed for them. Okay, wait I am biased to Growl and have been voting for it even over U-Kiss. Hides from my fellow KissMe’s

          Definitely something to learn for next year. S&M take note, attention to social media points as well as voting ;)

      • When it’s a single down vote I don’t think much about it. I’ve noticed that there is an EYK troll whose sole purpose in life is to go through and down vote everybody when the blog is first posted. They’ve been more absent lately lol.

        • At least you don’t get a torrent of down votes just for stating your opinion on EYK though.
          Unlike *cough* certain other K-pop websites. On those websites it feels like your opinion is fine as long as it’s exactly the same as what everyone else is saying. ¬¬
          I like Nasties. They are generally more open-minded and respectful ^^

        • If you are talking about the “Website who will not be named” that I think you are.. I agree so much. Beyond salvation now.

        • Very true. EYK is the only place I comment anymore. I use to hop around and comment on other kpop sites but I’d get an ulcer just thinking about whether to comment or not. EYK has created a very open and friendly environment for fans to meet and share ideas or openly and respectfully discuss various topics. It general a more mentally mature audience. Age doesn’t matter, mental maturity does. ^^ Thankfully the majority of Nasties are that way and we tend to sway those who aren’t to our way of interacting. Plus EYK has some really awesome moderators who help keep this a wonderful place for people to gather.

        • *blushes*

          The nasty mods have really tried to make it a place people feel comfortable commenting on. I am really glad that is true.

          Actually, I lurk at a lot of sites, but EYK was the first one that compelled me to comment and become a part of the community. When I all the EYK hate it makes me feel down, but comments like this make up for it.

          Just recently I saw someone comment on another site that said if you posted a dissenting opinion here that it would be censored anyway, so what was the point of commenting. I was like what are they talking about? The only thing we ask is that you are not rude. If you can state your view in a respectful way then it’s all good. But you have to be warned that not everyone will agree with you and they may respond as such (and you may be surprised that other people also think the same way you do). I find it so much better than some other places where everyone must think the same way or they will be shamed and ostracized..

        • Especially G+… 4 points!!!!! compared to other 1 point votes =P

        • Facebook too! It’s worth 4 points as well :)

        • That EYK troll really hates soy un dorito jokes and will down vote any and all soy un dorito related posts. -._-.

  15. I sure will be voting for a girl group for the aegyo… although I am stuck between 3 (maybe I’ll alternate everyday). I think girls do aegyo much better than boys… I’ve never been into guys doing it, at least not in too many doses. XD

  16. The girls in Aegyo never stood a chance…

  17. lol sooo true!! lol that sausagy…is hilarious xD

  18. I really wish you guys would have stuck to adding some commentary on each nominee like you did last year. It was so fun to hear what you guys had to say about them, especially since many of them weren’t part of any of your KMM. It was the main reason I couldn’t wait for these to come out. I mean, 15 videos filled with commentary on 150-ish videos and artists? Thats a S&M goldmine! Without the commentary it sort of makes the nominee videos a little…. pointless. Hmm, maybe next year!

    • me too. I was really excited to hear their little tid-bits about the videos as they were presenting them because that was half the fun of last year. This year just felt…idk how to put it..just less. It was slightly boring and even when they had a ‘character’ present the nominees it was still missing that little extra umpf (talking a bit about the videos and why they were included for that category).

  19. love ALL the playlists!! the songs are so guuuud *____* keeping me company as I listen to them while I do my work ;D

    • The Hip Hop playlist has become one of my favorite, and I’m not even into rap but the way it sounds in Korean really soothes me for some reason. All the playlists are great, should inspire me, and everyone else, to make similar ones for their personal music collections.

      • yeah! exactly how i feel, not really into rap but these sound nice! not too auto-tuned or idk what… it feels different. happy that I discovered a few hidden gems within the playlists YAAAAY!

  20. I’d like to also mention that the awards seems to be leaning more towards voting for people’s biases instead of voting objectively for each category. I’m doing my best to vote for who I think actually deserves the win for each category instead of voting for the groups I like the most.

    • Yeah, I’m sure most people are just looking at the lists for familiar names and voting for them that way. I’m definitely watching all the MVs before I vote in each category. There are actually a lot of songs and artists I’ve never heard/of before. There are a lot of videos to go through, but its worth it.

      • exactly because there’s no way that ‘Now’ and ‘Hush’ are the nastiest videos on that list, but oddly enough they are the most well known :P

      • Yay!

        People that watch all of them get instant upvotes.

      • I’m trying to watch all videos too but there is just too many, I don’t have time for all of them ^^; I did find some intresting mv’s and songs though that I hadn’t seen before though.

        In some genres is hard not to be biased. Best girl and best boy group.. well everyone probaply chooses their fav group for those.

        • It is really hard to watch all of those. But I try to watch the ones I haven’t seen before, and try to vote for equal genders too, because this year’s EYKAs are kind of…sausagey.

          But it’s an all out fangirl bias war for best male and female.

    • We tried so hard to emphasize that people should watch the other videos before voting but what can you do. *sigh*

      • You did your best, it was very convenient to have these playlists! I discovered a bunch of MVs I hadn’t seen, and I end up voting for one of them! But there were maybe too many videos at a time, I understand if people were discouraged by the time the Nasty list came up. One playlist per day would have been more digest!

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