It’s a Super-special-with-extra-cheese-and-sprinkles-double-dipped-chocolate-waffle-cone-special-McSpecialson Wonder Treasure Find episode!!! We’ve been getting a lot of amazing letters and packages from EYK fans around the world (and we’ve been saving all our letters and notes in a special folder so we can hover around them on those cold winter nights and feel warmer…hahahah does that sound weird? WELL I DON’T CARE!!! *runs away to find letters*)

I digress.

Some of the fan mail we’ve received is candy from all around the world, but truthfully, we didn’t know what the candy would be like, so we decided to do taste the candy for the first time on camera. I can’t think of anything more of a wonderful treasure find than trying candy!!! Unless it’s Korean ginseng candy…which my (Martina) first vice principal used to always give me like a caring grandpa and wait around smiling until I opened it and ate it. I would smile kindly and happily eat it, but as soon as he left the room I would spilt it out into a paper and bury it in my trashcan like a squirrel burying a nut. He actually looked like my dad (if my dad was Korean) and he was the nicest guy who took care of me SO WELL, but that ginseng candy was like punishment…I mean, it’s GINSENG! Fresh ginseng, although really healthy for you, tastes the way a farm smells, and now you’ve decided to turn it into CANDY!? Who planned that?! Who needs to wash out their mouth with soap when you have that candy? It’s like, “EAT IT! EAAAAAAT IT!” “I don’t wanna, I’m sorry!!!! I’m so sorry! WAHHHHHH *gurrglee chew chew gurgle gag* WAHHHHH”

I digress. Again. How much coffee did I drink today? *bounces in chair, swings legs under table*

The point is we tried a bunch of interesting European candies that we had never seen before in our lives, and some of it was super delicious and some was like punishment, and we can’t decide if it was planned, like “Hahah Simon and Martina! No one in my country actually likes this, but this is payback for mocking my fav kpop band!” or if it was like, “This is a national love, and I wanted to share it.” If it is the later, then we’re really sorry for not liking all the candy, but we seriously love adventure and surprises, so it was AWESOME to try it all. It’s kind of like the time someone sent us Vegemite. It was….yeast-y…but EXCITING TO TRY!!! I think it is definitely made for a selective palate. Like coffee, wine, or ginseng candy. *shudders*

So, we’d LOVE LOVE to hear if you guise know these candies and what your reactions were to eating them. Did we eat them wrong? Should we have dissolved it in a glass of something first or eat it only on a full moon? Tell us a story!!!

And on that note, here are this week’s Bloopers, though it feels like everything we did was a blooper, and drawing the line between what makes the final cut and what doesn’t is a realllllly difficult choice.


  1. You guys don’t have Reese’s? Gahhhh, how do you live?!

  2. I love Teddy Hits, the chips, Crusty Crocs is actually just the nme of the brand and it’s really cheap in Belgium!!! And they’re teddies, not puppies!!

  3. Also right about Polka. Polska, however is the name of the country… So… for the Polish of this vid I’d give a… 3,5 out of 5 :P
    But hey, people still love you both :)

  4. Kartoffeln is German, but still Simon’s right. Kartofle=ziemniaki=pyry- all Polish (word choice depends on the region) and meaning potatoes.
    Somebody’s probably already answered this question… Eek…
    Anyways, shazaam!

  5. I just noticed how incredibly long your PO box address is… That’s a lot of words =P

  6. Hahaha, I’m so jealous of your stash of Reese’s! I didn’t realize how much I like them until I came to a country that doesn’t have them. Or real peanut butter, for that matter. Is there peanut butter in Korea?

  7. So do you guys not have Reese’s peanut butter cups in Canada? I live in the US and thought you guys might have had them in Canada.

  8. Ehm, that polka thinghie, It’s from sweden and Marabou is really popular. ^^ Typical swedish thing. eheh c: ‘polka’ stands for ‘polkagris’ (down there)

  9. Have you guys every tried Nutella? it’s not candy, but when you mentioned vegemite it made me think of Nutella lol

  10. mordney present just looks like count chocula haha

  11. have you ever gotten Dutch candy?

  12. im thinking of sending fan mail. the way its shown on the video, we write just like shows? im concern i would send something and not arriving.

  13. I want to send fan mail :D but I don’t have their address =_____=

  14. When you eat salmiakki, you are supposed to keep moving it in your mouth, so you get the flavor, not the burning. (I don’t even feel burning, but it’s probably because I’ve eaten those for my whole life.) Though super salmiakki is not my favourite, normal fazer salmiakki is.

  15. I know it’s kinda late, but Moomin was originally not a kind of candy.
    The reason people would freak out about Moomin was that Moomin used to be a popular cartoon in scandinavia. It’s like every scandinavian’s childhood memory.

  16. the entire time my eyes kept going back to the Mordney Present count chocula puffs box thing xD

  17. Benatová tyčinka :P we have it in Slovakia :D

  18. Yayyy! Marzipan Kartoffeln <3 <3 Its from germany guys! And its pure marzipan covered in cinnamon. You only get it during christmastime though…
    Crusti Croc is also german XD

  19. i only know that kartoffel means potato in german so im sure simon isnt making it up! =)

  20. I LOVE PEANUTT BUTTER CUPS!!!  Nom Nom Nom! haha

  21. You were probably already told by now but when I looked online, it says that Salmiakki is in fact licorice, but they add ammonium chloride to give it a salty taste, and while some people like it, they said it can cause a “tongue numbing” or “stinging” sensation. They said if you aren’t used to this chemical, then it can be over whelming, and that they also use this salty licorice in ice cream, as well as in alcohol.

    Why would you want to make candy that can be painful to some people? 

  22. I accidentally brought salmiak flavoured mints in Germany (Fisherman’s brand). They were disgusting, but I ate them as punishment for getting the wrong ones. -.- I think it’s something like a salt. 

    And Marzipan is made out of almonds. Yum. :)

  23. HahaXD
    Marzipan Kartoffeln are from Germany.
    It’s sold while the christmas season^^
    I loved how Simon tried to read what’s written on the backXD
    But great, that you liked it^^


  25. Kartoffeln (not sure of the way I’m suposed to write this XD) is potato in German…isn,t it? XD

  26. kartoffeln does mean potato O_O

  27. Simon you are right! Polka is a Polish woman/girl, Polska is Poland, kartofle (or ziemniaki) are potatoes and pierogi are the best! :D But regarding to candies/sweets – I think ptasie mleczko and pierniki are the most worthy to be called national polish sweets :-) And krówki, too! ^^ I’ve actually sent some of great polish sweets to Alex (of Clazziquai) back this summer for his birthday, which was on September, but he still hadn’t received it :( (I asked him on twitter and he replied me, yay~!). When he gets it you can ask him to share some with you ^^

    • Alex got my package yesterday! I’m extremely happy, because he made big pic spam on twitter and it seems he likes polish sweets and snacks ^^ I will send similar package to you when I save some money, you need to try polish sweets, which are delicious!

  28. i think you need to try marmite….

  29. god! i would love to send you some Thai Desserts :)
    but most of the good ones won’t last very long lol

  30. Reese’s!!! <3 Hopefully they also sent the crunchy bar! 

  31. You were right Simon about “Polka”, it is a Polish women and Polska means Poland :)  About Polish candies it is difficult to say..but pierogi are the best! Kartofle and ziemniaki and pyry are all names for potatos^^  btw. greetings from Poland:)

  32. And by the way most children eat salmiakki too, it’s not for adults :)

  33. Haha half of those candies were from Finland (ALL the black stuff: Kipparin piippu, Moomin-candies, salmiakki (we always give it to foreigners just for the hilarious reaction but all Finnish people love it and one of my Korean friends too actually… well she’s weird) and even though the mint chocolate is actually Sweden you read the Finnish text from it :DDD

    Haha but it was nice of you to try it still…^^

    Of course when I went to Korea I gave salmiakki (we have lots of different kinds Super Salmiakki is just one brand) to everyone and had so much fun looking at the kids’ faces when they were eating it :D I actually gave it as a price when they won in an English quiz. When the losers saw the winners’ faces while eating it they wanted to try too and after a while everyone was… well, looking just like you in this video :P And the best part is: if you bring a lot with you abroad, you can eat it all yourself, because no-one else likes it :D

  34. Ich liebe es wenn Englisch-Sprachige Menschen versuchen Deutsch zu sprechen :)

  35. The potato chips in my country (UK) are called Pombears :D

  36. Wow! Just a few days ago I saw the same exact pink dinosaur sippy cup that Simon has at a Big Y which is a grocery store here, and when I saw it I pointed at it and was like “Hey mom! Look that cup looks so cool!” like a little kid lol *shakes my head*
    By the way I know what candy Martina was talking about in the bloopers. When I went to a field trip back in elementary or middle school I bought them before…I always got the pink or blue ones. I think they’re called rock candy, or crystal candy?…not sure.

  37. Pilgrims listen to Sunset Rubdown!! Learn something new everyday.

  38. Marabou chocolates are pretty popular here in Scandinavia. You can buy them in different flavors. Really good!

    I’m glad you guys toughen it up and tasted each of them. Proud of you both. :D

  39. Just wanted to say that marzipan is traditionally shaped like fruit, usually very pretty.  So your marzipan was probably shaped like potatoes. Like a marzipan pear doesn’t have any pear or pear flavor, same with marzipan potatoes.

    And…..LICORICE IS GOOD! XD  So is ginseng candy. :)

  40. As
    you were complaining about the Moomin candies being like Russian
    roulette, I thought “you think Finnish black licorice hippopotamuses are
    bad?  You have NOT tried salmiakki!”  And then you had some salmiakki! 
    Oh, priceless. 

    I actually brought some salmiakki back to Korea after my vacation last
    year.  I gave it to some fifth grade students during the “Do you want
    some more?” lesson from the old national textbooks.  I needed a
    real-life situation in which my beloved little candy vacuums would
    respond with “no, thank you.”  With salmiakki, success!  (Also many
    cries of “Teacher, whyyyyyy?” as they ran for the trash can, but the “no
    thank you”s were in there.)  


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