God! That Fangurilla is freaking strong! We were totally overpowered by her fanatical strength, and so she took over our Music Monday to talk about these two videos. YARGH!

Ok, no, not really. We just didn’t know which one to choose! Both songs are great. We can’t even decide amongst ourselves which song is better. Martina likes B.A.P.’s “Hurricane” just a bit more while I like Infinite’s “Destiny” more, though we both agree that both songs are totally awesome; we just have different songs stuck in our heads more.

Simon’s Thoughts

As for the songs themselves, we mentioned last week with Xia’s “Incredible” that 2013 seemed to be a pretty slow year for Kpop, but this summer’s turning out to be pretty great. Hurricane is insanely fun, even if the Engrish is horrendous. It’s been a while since we had some really bad Engrish, and we kinda welcome it now. I think Engrish is more acceptable when it’s in a high energy song. Not a serious ballad. Then it hurts a lot more…like in Caffeine. And we don’t mind that B.A.P. are overusing the bajesus out of whistles in their songs. Hey: whistles are the new cowbell. As for “Destiny,” let me just say how happy we are with this song. “Man in Love” was whooooa not really our thing. This song, though, brings us back to why we love Infinite. This has the same awesome 80s energy of “The Chaser,” which was one of the best songs, if not THE best song, of 2012. The video’s a bit boring, though, but we understand that Infinite released this version instead of their plot version, Version A, because they have to edit out the plane crash scenes from that video, in light of recent events. So, I’m not TOO upset that this video’s a bit…bland.

Martina’s Thoughts

For B.A.,P there was something awesome about the way they merged the Hurricane chorus with it’s BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP with the switch to the melodic singing. I thought it was AWESOME. This song didn’t drag at all for me, just BOOM BOOM onto the next part. And WHOA loved the editing of the quick choppy dancing during the chorus. My one complaint was that this felt a lot like the Big Bang “Tonight” MV but without a naaasty dating plot. I’m not a big fan of Vegas so I was kind of “meh” about the whole scenery but it was still waaaay more interesting visually than some of the in-the-box videos.

As for Infinite, as SOON as I heard the beginning of this video-game-dracuala-worthy-theme-song I KNEW this was going to be a freakin’ awesome song. Awwww yeah. That slightly haunting tone of voice they sing in with the dark harmony is AWESOME! I love the chorus layered with its “you’re my destiny” and its high pitch “HOOOO OHHH OHH OHH” followed up quickly by a drop in pitch with Dongwoo’s rap section is FANNNNTASTIC. Also, since this is our favourite dance group in kpop (Taemin is our favourite single dancer in close second would be Xiah Junsu) I had to watch the live version to check out the dance in full, and MAN they’re so crispy and lovely to watch dancing. Can’t wait for a dance version to be released!

Anyhow, let us know what video you preferred. We were so seriously stuck between the two that we couldn’t pick either one.

And last but not least, Fangurilla’s our favourite character to do. We’re constantly laughing while we’re doing videos with her/him/it. And this week Fangurilla had a major struggle doing her normal sign off so be sure to check out the bloopers for a good laugh. I think we gotta get her a new summer wardrobe because that warm bunny hoodie is just too much! Oh, and we announce the Xia Junsu CD giveaway in the bloopers too, so check those out below!


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  1. Seems the Southwestern United Sates is a popular place to film kpop videos……I spend all my time out in the desert working in the summer and would be so happy if I ran into some kpop group :)

  2. I’m going to be honest here and say that I’m not the biggest fan of Fangurilla BUT I do appreciate that you’re trying to change things up and do something different every once and awhile. As much as I enjoyed the old KMM’s I think change is good so I have no problems with mixing things up a bit every now and then, like in this KMM.

  3. Leigh and Suzee, you guys have the BEST JOBS EVAR!!!!! In what other job do you get to tie up and gag your bosses?!?!?! I mean really…EPICLY COOL JOBS!

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA “six boys..one pole” That was hilarious! When I heard that i couldn’t stop laughing :D I CHOSE B.A.P!!! ZELO IS MINE :D

  5. Ne, maybe if there’s a skit you really like but is too long for the regular KMM, you could simply have it in the blooper reel? I’m sure that a majority of the people who watch the blooper reels are your true fans. People who don’t care much for anything more than a short snippet of information and hilarity seem to be the ones who don’t watch the bloopers. Well anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m sure there are a lot of things you wish you could say or do in the KMMs that just don’t quite fit in the final cut, and I think you could or should put those in the bloopers. After all, the reason I’m subscribed to you guys is your sense of humor, not an allegiance to a kpop group. I’d like to be able to see what you guys really think about the kpop songs and mvs like you used to do, without being worried about a fall-out. That’s where truly funny and awesome things come from, I think.

  6. I can’t choose either, I love both songs to the max! So I am really pleased with Fangurilla reviewing both songs – was very entertaining xD – and giving you both some free time ;) I suggest, every once in a while when you are too tired or unavailable you let Seungrina do a KMM ^^

  7. I loved this KMM guise, Fangurilla is just… genious. x) I’m so happy that you dare to play around and don’t always stick to your ‘format’! It makes things interesting, new and fun all the time. This is what makes me love you guys so much. Spontaneity and goofiness!! Fangurilla is one of my absolute favs, I laughed SO MUCH. Thanks for awesome kmm! <3

  8. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, both songs were pretty great, and I like that S&M are doing different things to keep the creative juices flowing. Some of Fangurilla’s lines were hilarious, and I also agree that there isn’t much to talk about in these music videos. But on the other hand I just wasn’t as into watching this KMM. I of course still watched the entire thing, but about halfway through I started to lose a little interest.
    But seriously, six boys, one pole? Pure gold.

  9. Damn. . .I thought this would be a KMM with Simon and Martinas opinions *lol*
    Instead, Fangurilla took over xD. . . And it was ok. . . but after a minute it gets tiring to listen to and I assume it is hard to speak in such a voice aswell. . .
    This KMM I prefer the comment part over the actual video.

    But if it were Simon and Martina + some Fangurilla parts , it would have been better.

  10. I’m kind of finding myself really annoyed at reading all the
    negativity about this video. I personally loved this KMM. Not saying that I
    want this to be the only format that S&M use from now on but why is it so
    drastic if they want to change things up once in a while? Or even on a week to week basis? The same thing happened
    when they reviewed Michi Go, also a really refreshing review. I think it really stifles they’re creativity if
    they get hounded on every time they don’t use the “formula”. I think they
    should review songs in the way that they think is the best for the song or how
    they get the most enjoyment out of reviewing it. I tend to find I enjoy S&M’s
    videos way more when they’re having fun.

    I dunno I kind of just think that people need to embrace change a bit more and not take KMM so seriously. It’s meant for enjoyment not as some super serious review!

    • I get what you’re saying but I have to disagree. They still did review the songs it was just in a more compact, less straightforward way. I mean they didn’t come out and say B.A.P gets a two out of five for English but they threw in the joke about the loofahs and the drinking game skit which pretty much pointed out that the English was pretty crap. And they did the same for other things, commenting on what the chorus was like, whether or not the video made any sense (spontaneous combustion anyone?) etc. So really it’s just a different kind of review and maybe if you weren’t a fan of the particular group that had been done like this you wouldn’t of taken it so bad. I mean for example the Gentleman review had absolutely NO review and nobody complained (from what I saw) and my guess is that’s because Psy doesn’t really have the obsessive fanbase that most of these young boyband groups do. Anyway I’m not trying to bag on you or anything I just reckon maybe you should consider this review as being better than no review?

    • I hope they don’t do too many of these types of KMMs because I do not want Simon to lose his voice -.-

  11. I’m so glad there was a Fangurilla segment! That’s my favorite skit character! It’s is just too funny to watch and I couldn’t stop laughing so hard.

    Both songs were really good. I love the songs, but the music videos didn’t do it for me. I will say that in B.A.P.’s music video, I am glad that Jong Up and Zelo are given more time to showcase their dancing skills. In Infinite’s music video, it was pretty cool that they got the chance to shoot in Universal Studios, but why did they stick with one set? Doesn’t Universal studio have a whole bunch of different sets? I know because I took a tour there and saw the sets! Why don’t they make use of the other sets. It should have been like a cool “time traveling” kind of music videos, that way they can use the sets. :) I don’t know, that’s just my idea.

  12. This! “The loof is on fire” is hilarious on its own, but it’s Himchan’s super serious face that really cracks me up.

  13. I wrote it, and I mean it… I think I’ve become a fangirl of Fangurilla’s fanfic inspirational moments….XD

  14. Great review! :D Loved the bloopers XD Simon doing the fangurilla voice looks quite hard…

    I think this time I like the Infinite song more. Even though I didn’t find the song addictive enough, I love their energy in the video and their passion to perform, not to mention the dance was awesome!

    B.A.P’s “Hurricane” … I found it to be somewhere between Shinee’s “Lucifer” and Gd’s “Get your crayon”(but not in that parody kind of way)… it was too shiny…and don’t think it fit B.A.P’s image…their singing and dancing skills are amazing as always though.

    I thought fans would be happy that you got to review both videos. It was a great idea to include them both in a video because they didn’t have much to talk about. It would’ve been nice to hear your opinions on the song in the video but then people would say it’s too lenghty and they want more skits than talk. Either way… I don’t think it’s possible to please everybody if not most of them….*deep sigh* ungratefulness… …. I wish I could help…



  15. Oh man. I have to vote for BAP, but it’s tough not to vote for Infinite! I’ve liked them longer than anyone else.
    Before the Dawn is probably my favorite Kpop song of all time!

  16. HAHAHAhAH!! I laughed so much this KMM! XD

  17. Assuming one watches the mvs before the review, I think Infinite’s video could win a potential new category for an EYK KPop award – the “I didn’t see that coming.”

  18. Oh my, I wonder how fangirl Seungrina will go come August 19th when her ultimate oppa Seungri is suppose to make his long awaited solo comeback?

  19. this was a good idea! and pretty funny! though i’m sad i didn’t get to see much Martina in this KMM!!

    I loved the “oh wait! i got fanfiction inspiration!” moments… she’s so gross and creepy… haha.

    you’re right though, they’re both pretty good songs!! I like the B.A.P. song better… it’s so catchy… though i’m less than impressed with the Engrish…

  20. OMG! I love it when u guys change it Up! this KMM or Fangurilla takes over had me dying of laughter!!!!! Keep up the good work guys!

  21. “she/he/it” xDDDD hahahha lol
    the first time I heard ‘Destiny’ I didn’t like it, not even a bit…but then my friend made me listen to it again…and then I was checking kpop chart and listened to it AGAIN…and now on this playlist AGAIN D: … so it somehow grew on me..and maybe I’ll download it and listen it on my ipod u.u
    about ‘Hurricane’ … I don’t have any Baby friend..so I hadn’t really listened to it so many times… but the playlist is doing it’s job..and it’s not so bad :3 maybe I’ll download it too~

  22. I like Fangurilla but most of the time i cant understand what she/he s saying :(

  23. Wow, people are not liking the full-length Fangurilla review, are they? I absolutely loved it! I thought it was really fun, and a new approach to things! I loved it! It’s not like either video really had anything substantial to talk about, so I loved this approach.
    I prefer Infinite’s Destiny, merely because I like the song better. I like B.A.P.’s Hurricane, but not as much. I find the break before Yong Guk’s rap to be kind of awkward.

    • I agree! I’m not gonna lie though, I was a bit perturbed when I saw that they were reviewing two songs. But then I watched and it turned into the BEST THING EVER! Seriously, I haven’t laughed so hard at a KMM in ages. Well done, S&M!

    • Thank you! There are some videos that, really, just lack anything substantial to talk about in “traditional” Kpop Music Monday format. Infinite has guys dancing and looking sexy at the camera for most of the video, and has random special effects at the end. Why would that get a full, deep, analytical treatment? To talk about the symbolism of their outfits? The message behind the anguish in their faces? It’s not that deep. It’s eye candy, a fan video for fans to gush over, so why not have a fan’s reaction video?

      In my opinion, that makes sense.

      • you know, you can just say /that/ instead of trying to find something deep and symbolic. you can probably see reviewers of SM dance box MVs (which has ZERO ~symbolism~) and even then they can come up with enough content for a review

      • its kind of sad cause they spend ALOT of money on that video and song but the song is just a normal infinite song (not as good as chaser, BTD and paradise imo) and even the A version of the video is just eye candy. they can be good looking and do awesome dances everywhere you don’t need to drag them to america. that was just one of those we’re international gestures that didn’t work. you dont get good results buy just spending loads of money. i always have this problem with infinite videos that they don’t let us see the awesome dance cause they keep zooming on the members face!!!

      • I like your flexibility guise! Keep on the good work ((:

      • I agree. Both videos didn’t have much going on and I was really glad you guise talked about both! Hope you guise can talk about version A when it comes out (if it does). And oh, as much as I liked Fangurilla’s takeover, when I read the blog post I wished you guys said in video what you said in the blog post, but it might be just me haha

    • Same. I thought it was a good way of dealing with 2 videos that a lot of people want reviewed and will get pissed off if not reviewed. Way better than having the comments full of “Omg why didn’t you review *group that didn’t get reviewed*?!”

      • This. I can’t stand those “YOU DIDN’T REVIEW MY OPPARS/UNNIES VIDEO?!?! YOU SUCK!!!!” comments (the nicely worded ones get a pass, but the rest… you know where I’m going :3).

      • True…but as you can see,….sadly, people are still not happy when S&M try to find a compromise…total shame. People are still sharing the love, and I’m one of them (Fangurilla is may favorite…I’m a total sucker for cheeky satire….Fangurilla reminds me of Stephen Colbert’s persona for Colbert Report….just brilliant!)

        Loved todays changeup as well…and look forward to more!!!

  24. I’m in love with this KMM! It was hilarious! I loved the fanfic moments. As for the poll (or pole hehehe) I really liked both songs. I really liked them for different resons so I couldn’t really pick lol. But anyway, awesome KMM! :D

  25. I LOVED this KMM :D I couldn’t stop laughing.

  26. i LOVE when you guys throw your (totally workin) formula out the window to surprise us! this was perfect.

  27. *slow clap* standing ovation. “I just want to rub you all over my face like a puffy cotton ball”.

  28. Sorry, I had to come back and comment. It was HILARIOUS! hahahahahaha. I thought it was great.

  29. OMG the fanfiction moments are GOLD!!! Pure GOLD!!!

  30. Having Fangurilla for an entire segment was definitely hilarious. But I like her better in small doses. But hey, we kinda-sorta got both of them, so I’m happy. Well, happier than I would be if one of them got shafted.

    Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered having a corner that reviews only drama versions of MVs (if there is more than one version of the MV, that is…)? There are a lot less of those, so you could easily just do it once a month, and not miss any MVs. That would be really neat. And you’d have a lot of time to film it, etc. and make it as epic as the original. Hell, I wouldn’t mind watching 10-20 minute reviews of them if they were only once a month. Just an idea I thought I should voice…

  31. Sorry, B.A.P. I’ve gotta vote for Infinite for this showdown. While I do still like Hurricane, it’s pretty much on the border of what i like and don’t like, meanwhile Infinite’s song is well within my usual taste in music and the video is better in my opinion. :)

  32. Hahahaha, this Music Monday was hilarious!! Thank you for reviewing both of the songs! I only wish that it had been longer :)

  33. LOVED that you guys did a double KMM fangurilla style! I was hoping for the B.A.P one to be by Martina’s err.. other identity? I can never get the name right but ANYWAY. GREAT JOB :D

    When the bloopers showed Simon & Martina tied up, I thought they were yelling out “SoooooooooZeeeeeeee” at first. LOL. Anyone else?

  34. OMG showering with their loofahs on fire…lol.. 6 boys and a pole, oh fangurilla you’re so nastie… Loved this KMM, just disagree with one thing : zelo’s hair. It didn’t look afro, for me it was more like an old-ajumah-selling-dried-squid style. why would they do that ? Why?!… That been said, he looked cute anyways

  35. I put my vote in, but I have a feeling Busker Busker is going to take it somehow…

  36. This was a really fun change-up for KMM :) Seungerina to kill all challengers for her oppas..
    I really like both videos and I’m happy you could do both without creating tons more work for yourselves!

  37. That zoom in on the face after ‘sexy pole dance moment’ might actually be my favourite thing I’ve ever seen.

  38. Is Dracuala a cross between dracula and a Koala?

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