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Infinite’s “Destiny” vs B.A.P.’s “Hurricane”

July 30, 2013


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God! That Fangurilla is freaking strong! We were totally overpowered by her fanatical strength, and so she took over our Music Monday to talk about these two videos. YARGH!

Ok, no, not really. We just didn’t know which one to choose! Both songs are great. We can’t even decide amongst ourselves which song is better. Martina likes B.A.P.’s “Hurricane” just a bit more while I like Infinite’s “Destiny” more, though we both agree that both songs are totally awesome; we just have different songs stuck in our heads more.

Simon’s Thoughts

As for the songs themselves, we mentioned last week with Xia’s “Incredible” that 2013 seemed to be a pretty slow year for Kpop, but this summer’s turning out to be pretty great. Hurricane is insanely fun, even if the Engrish is horrendous. It’s been a while since we had some really bad Engrish, and we kinda welcome it now. I think Engrish is more acceptable when it’s in a high energy song. Not a serious ballad. Then it hurts a lot more…like in Caffeine. And we don’t mind that B.A.P. are overusing the bajesus out of whistles in their songs. Hey: whistles are the new cowbell. As for “Destiny,” let me just say how happy we are with this song. “Man in Love” was whooooa not really our thing. This song, though, brings us back to why we love Infinite. This has the same awesome 80s energy of “The Chaser,” which was one of the best songs, if not THE best song, of 2012. The video’s a bit boring, though, but we understand that Infinite released this version instead of their plot version, Version A, because they have to edit out the plane crash scenes from that video, in light of recent events. So, I’m not TOO upset that this video’s a bit…bland.

Martina’s Thoughts

For B.A.,P there was something awesome about the way they merged the Hurricane chorus with it’s BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP with the switch to the melodic singing. I thought it was AWESOME. This song didn’t drag at all for me, just BOOM BOOM onto the next part. And WHOA loved the editing of the quick choppy dancing during the chorus. My one complaint was that this felt a lot like the Big Bang “Tonight” MV but without a naaasty dating plot. I’m not a big fan of Vegas so I was kind of “meh” about the whole scenery but it was still waaaay more interesting visually than some of the in-the-box videos.

As for Infinite, as SOON as I heard the beginning of this video-game-dracuala-worthy-theme-song I KNEW this was going to be a freakin’ awesome song. Awwww yeah. That slightly haunting tone of voice they sing in with the dark harmony is AWESOME! I love the chorus layered with its “you’re my destiny” and its high pitch “HOOOO OHHH OHH OHH” followed up quickly by a drop in pitch with Dongwoo’s rap section is FANNNNTASTIC. Also, since this is our favourite dance group in kpop (Taemin is our favourite single dancer in close second would be Xiah Junsu) I had to watch the live version to check out the dance in full, and MAN they’re so crispy and lovely to watch dancing. Can’t wait for a dance version to be released!

Anyhow, let us know what video you preferred. We were so seriously stuck between the two that we couldn’t pick either one.

And last but not least, Fangurilla’s our favourite character to do. We’re constantly laughing while we’re doing videos with her/him/it. And this week Fangurilla had a major struggle doing her normal sign off so be sure to check out the bloopers for a good laugh. I think we gotta get her a new summer wardrobe because that warm bunny hoodie is just too much! Oh, and we announce the Xia Junsu CD giveaway in the bloopers too, so check those out below!

Oh! And lastly, don’t forget to click on this shiny button here, if you haven’t already!



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