God! That Fangurilla is freaking strong! We were totally overpowered by her fanatical strength, and so she took over our Music Monday to talk about these two videos. YARGH!

Ok, no, not really. We just didn’t know which one to choose! Both songs are great. We can’t even decide amongst ourselves which song is better. Martina likes B.A.P.’s “Hurricane” just a bit more while I like Infinite’s “Destiny” more, though we both agree that both songs are totally awesome; we just have different songs stuck in our heads more.

Simon’s Thoughts

As for the songs themselves, we mentioned last week with Xia’s “Incredible” that 2013 seemed to be a pretty slow year for Kpop, but this summer’s turning out to be pretty great. Hurricane is insanely fun, even if the Engrish is horrendous. It’s been a while since we had some really bad Engrish, and we kinda welcome it now. I think Engrish is more acceptable when it’s in a high energy song. Not a serious ballad. Then it hurts a lot more…like in Caffeine. And we don’t mind that B.A.P. are overusing the bajesus out of whistles in their songs. Hey: whistles are the new cowbell. As for “Destiny,” let me just say how happy we are with this song. “Man in Love” was whooooa not really our thing. This song, though, brings us back to why we love Infinite. This has the same awesome 80s energy of “The Chaser,” which was one of the best songs, if not THE best song, of 2012. The video’s a bit boring, though, but we understand that Infinite released this version instead of their plot version, Version A, because they have to edit out the plane crash scenes from that video, in light of recent events. So, I’m not TOO upset that this video’s a bit…bland.

Martina’s Thoughts

For B.A.,P there was something awesome about the way they merged the Hurricane chorus with it’s BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP with the switch to the melodic singing. I thought it was AWESOME. This song didn’t drag at all for me, just BOOM BOOM onto the next part. And WHOA loved the editing of the quick choppy dancing during the chorus. My one complaint was that this felt a lot like the Big Bang “Tonight” MV but without a naaasty dating plot. I’m not a big fan of Vegas so I was kind of “meh” about the whole scenery but it was still waaaay more interesting visually than some of the in-the-box videos.

As for Infinite, as SOON as I heard the beginning of this video-game-dracuala-worthy-theme-song I KNEW this was going to be a freakin’ awesome song. Awwww yeah. That slightly haunting tone of voice they sing in with the dark harmony is AWESOME! I love the chorus layered with its “you’re my destiny” and its high pitch “HOOOO OHHH OHH OHH” followed up quickly by a drop in pitch with Dongwoo’s rap section is FANNNNTASTIC. Also, since this is our favourite dance group in kpop (Taemin is our favourite single dancer in close second would be Xiah Junsu) I had to watch the live version to check out the dance in full, and MAN they’re so crispy and lovely to watch dancing. Can’t wait for a dance version to be released!

Anyhow, let us know what video you preferred. We were so seriously stuck between the two that we couldn’t pick either one.

And last but not least, Fangurilla’s our favourite character to do. We’re constantly laughing while we’re doing videos with her/him/it. And this week Fangurilla had a major struggle doing her normal sign off so be sure to check out the bloopers for a good laugh. I think we gotta get her a new summer wardrobe because that warm bunny hoodie is just too much! Oh, and we announce the Xia Junsu CD giveaway in the bloopers too, so check those out below!


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  1. I know you guys love and adore fanguirilla, but can you remove the current version of fanguirilla please? I know crossdressing and drag is popular for comedies sake, but I remember when you used to use fanguirilla to represent haters and trolls, not fangirls- can she go back to that please?

  2. “The loof, the loof is on fire “. Anyone notice that ?

  3. I absolutely loved infinites song. the way martina described it was exactly how i thought when i saw it for the first time. I listen to this song soo much i just love this sound from infinite. like simon and martina theyre my favorite dance group :) they perform live so well!


  5. OMG! I loved this Music Monday-Fangurilla is my all-time favorite character and I’m sooo glad that you did a Music Monday with her. THUMBS UP!

  6. Seems the Southwestern United Sates is a popular place to film kpop videos……I spend all my time out in the desert working in the summer and would be so happy if I ran into some kpop group :)

  7. I really dislike Fangurilla… I’m sorry :( I love all your other characters, videos, and EVERYTHING, and have been a nasty for the longest time, but Fangurilla really tries my patience… *mumbles something about her being annoying and loud* *feels bad for mumbling that*

    • Though the idea was super – the videos were all eye candy anyway, so having a “fan” review them was a neat move :)) Sorry for criticizing! I just want to be honest with you :)

  8. mihuru

    I’m going to be honest here and say that I’m not the biggest fan of Fangurilla BUT I do appreciate that you’re trying to change things up and do something different every once and awhile. As much as I enjoyed the old KMM’s I think change is good so I have no problems with mixing things up a bit every now and then, like in this KMM.

  9. I personally preferred Destiny. This was a hilarious KMM by the way! I love fangurilla. Are you still going to use fangurilla for BigBang episodes? Big Bang reviews aren’t the same without Martina’s fangirl moments

  10. tbqh, i love you guys but fangurilla isn’t my fav character of yours. she’s fun, yeah i guess (not my type of funny tho… she’s… too…… much ? yeah overall she’s “too much”), but meh, tiring (and quite annoying) too. if we only get to see her a bit once in a while i’m all good but lately i feel like we’ve been seeing her a lot more (too much in my taste, but i guess that’s just me)…

    and that was nice to review both videos (to avoid any possible wars ?) but I, would still have prefered you only choose to talk about one group, i think. Even if for this time i was (way more) Infinite biased i’d have prefered to see B.A.P being fully reviewed if that was your choice. But well. I guess that this way it leaves more chance for Beast to be reviewed next monday ? (but oops with exo’s comeback… ouch).
    IDK, i’m kinda torn about everything.

    Anyway, my vote goes for Infinite. It’s actually not my fav song of them, and it might also be an upopular opinion but i thought Man In Love was a nice song too. Not in everybody’s taste apparently but in its genre it was nice and i also think the mv did a lot for ppl to irk it quite hard and reject it. And for B.A.P, i’m actually more a B.A.P fan than an Infinite fan at the beginning, and this Hurricane song is enjoyable enough ! Yes. But not as epic as Destiny for me (and in my heart they will never top their Warrior – Power and No Mercy era/songs).

  11. I liked the idea of reviewing two groups but I couldn’t get past the 1 minute mark cause fangurilla’s voice is jarring to listen to.. maybe it’s just me? I love the humor and all but could you guys take down the aegyo a notch? or make simon’s voice a bit more pleasant to listen to? or perhaps martina could do the fangurilla instead? Just my personal opinion for what its worth. I’ll be looking forward to the next KMM

  12. Leigh and Suzee, you guys have the BEST JOBS EVAR!!!!! In what other job do you get to tie up and gag your bosses?!?!?! I mean really…EPICLY COOL JOBS!

  13. anddd… who win the showdown? quincy o kayne?

  14. I watch this at worked cause i was really excited…but i really shouldn’t have…now everyone think i’m the mad girl laughing her ass of in front of her laptop…thank you Fangurilla <3

  15. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA “six boys..one pole” That was hilarious! When I heard that i couldn’t stop laughing :D I CHOSE B.A.P!!! ZELO IS MINE :D

  16. I like this KMM video, something new always refreshing you know, seungrina and her devil voice is epic, good job martina and simon!

  17. For a moment i thought I was the winner… But then I realize that my twitter user is “heypartypoison” and not “heypartyperson” :(

  18. speaking of dancing…
    have you watched SHINee’s ‘Breaking News’ pv?
    love their footwork!

  19. not gonna lie, that’s EXACTLY how fanfic writing goes (all you other writers know it too).
    i was talking to my sister about a band & why nobody seems to be able to to control the bassist and someone made a comment about “there’s no alpha wolf in that band” and the idea just kinda spiraled downhill from there.
    i have regrets. but i also have endless amusement with that explanation of band dynamics.

    • I’ve never written a fanfic in my life, but I read them all the time (and no, I don’t read the dirty ones *all* the time), so I can definitely second (third?) this XD

      • it’s frustrating, when you want to find a dirty fic all you can find is bad dramas, and when you want to find an adventure fic (something i see a disappointing lack of lately) all you can find is smut :S

        • Josh Chinnery

          Lawlz… I know what you mean XD It’s like, “God, please do not let anyone walk in that door right now, I *cannot* find any good fanfics and I know if they see this screen, they’re going to cart me off to a shrink Y_Y”

        • Christina Spaulding

          I’ve read so many weird things in fanfiction Hentai seems tame -___-
          and i just know if i want to read a well-written story with a hetero pairing i have to write it myself. slash slash everywhere

  20. I can’t choose either, I love both songs to the max! So I am really pleased with Fangurilla reviewing both songs – was very entertaining xD – and giving you both some free time ;) I suggest, every once in a while when you are too tired or unavailable you let Seungrina do a KMM ^^

  21. Love both groups and the their MVs, but my vote goes to B.A.P’s “Hurricane”

  22. I like that you guys reviewed 2 videos in 1 :D It’s something new but it isn’t so bad since you guys put your comments in the blog post.
    AND I can’t choose between Infinite’s Destiny and B.A.P’s Hurricane.. THEY’RE BOTH TOO GOOD!!! D:<
    PS. Seungrina you need to shave.

  23. I loved this KMM guise, Fangurilla is just… genious. x) I’m so happy that you dare to play around and don’t always stick to your ‘format’! It makes things interesting, new and fun all the time. This is what makes me love you guys so much. Spontaneity and goofiness!! Fangurilla is one of my absolute favs, I laughed SO MUCH. Thanks for awesome kmm! <3

  24. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, both songs were pretty great, and I like that S&M are doing different things to keep the creative juices flowing. Some of Fangurilla’s lines were hilarious, and I also agree that there isn’t much to talk about in these music videos. But on the other hand I just wasn’t as into watching this KMM. I of course still watched the entire thing, but about halfway through I started to lose a little interest.
    But seriously, six boys, one pole? Pure gold.

  25. If neither video had much to discuss, which for Music Mondays, these two videos don’t really, (although the dance sequences in Destiny were awesome and the songs were both great) then why pick them? I mean wasn’t that the whole point of the top 3 thing? To introduce more diversity (which was hard with this week’s top 3 (all guy groups) and to let you guys pick videos that had more material. Hope this doesn’t come off as overly critical, but this was sort of a waste. It was like 2 and half minutes for each video and kinda meh. I know you are trying out different formats, which as owners and video makers is your prerogative, but as a viewer I feel like if there is one thing you should stick to it’s doing one video a week.

  26. Damn. . .I thought this would be a KMM with Simon and Martinas opinions *lol*
    Instead, Fangurilla took over xD. . . And it was ok. . . but after a minute it gets tiring to listen to and I assume it is hard to speak in such a voice aswell. . .
    This KMM I prefer the comment part over the actual video.

    But if it were Simon and Martina + some Fangurilla parts , it would have been better.

  27. Wow, that “loofa on fire” really got me! I finally looked up the lyrics to realize that they were supposed to be saying “roof”, but because they pronounced the “r” as an “l”, for a while I was thinking that they meant to say “luft” – the German word for air – which would also have made semi-sense.

  28. LOLOLOL “I’ll give you your orange juice” and “6 boys…1 pole” hahahahahaha EPIC!! XD can anybody seriously make these fanfics right now??? *i’m dyiiiiiiing~* XD

  29. lol just finished reading the post, and SM read my mind! I’ve been thinking of sending them a package and a new outfit for Fangurilla was on my list. I have the feeling she needs something more…pink!!! Lol

  30. fangurrila was awesome , i laugh so much at this KMM and my family was wondering why i am laughing, i am so pleased to see both videos getting a review, the fanfic moments were hilarious, and the part with OHOH intern…was shaggytastic..great job Simon

  31. Hi guise! I was just wondering: who won last week’s ‘bad engrish’ poll between Ayy Gurl and Incredible? I’m kinda curious ^^

    As for this week’s KMM, I definitely like the idea of changing formats every now and then. And since I didn’t post about it on the other threads, I was also really glad with the return of WTF (they were there back when I started watching EYK) and the idea of the cooking shows as well. YAAAY for diversity and creative inspiration! :D

  32. Bubalooy

    I’m kind of finding myself really annoyed at reading all the
    negativity about this video. I personally loved this KMM. Not saying that I
    want this to be the only format that S&M use from now on but why is it so
    drastic if they want to change things up once in a while? Or even on a week to week basis? The same thing happened
    when they reviewed Michi Go, also a really refreshing review. I think it really stifles they’re creativity if
    they get hounded on every time they don’t use the “formula”. I think they
    should review songs in the way that they think is the best for the song or how
    they get the most enjoyment out of reviewing it. I tend to find I enjoy S&M’s
    videos way more when they’re having fun.

    I dunno I kind of just think that people need to embrace change a bit more and not take KMM so seriously. It’s meant for enjoyment not as some super serious review!

    • I hope they don’t do too many of these types of KMMs because I do not want Simon to lose his voice -.-

    • Because both Inspirits and Babyz voted really hard for this. And we only voted thinking they had a chance of getting reviewed. But what we got was a quarter of a half-assed attempt at a review.
      It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t cool. It irked the hell out of some people, namely myself.
      I would rather Hurricane get picked over Destiny and get a full review than this.
      If this was just an extra bit thrown in then no one would complain. But they took out the REVIEW part of the review.

      • Bubalooy

        I get what you’re saying but I have to disagree. They still did review the songs it was just in a more compact, less straightforward way. I mean they didn’t come out and say B.A.P gets a two out of five for English but they threw in the joke about the loofahs and the drinking game skit which pretty much pointed out that the English was pretty crap. And they did the same for other things, commenting on what the chorus was like, whether or not the video made any sense (spontaneous combustion anyone?) etc. So really it’s just a different kind of review and maybe if you weren’t a fan of the particular group that had been done like this you wouldn’t of taken it so bad. I mean for example the Gentleman review had absolutely NO review and nobody complained (from what I saw) and my guess is that’s because Psy doesn’t really have the obsessive fanbase that most of these young boyband groups do. Anyway I’m not trying to bag on you or anything I just reckon maybe you should consider this review as being better than no review?

        • millie102685

          No, I thought the PSY “review” was pretty shit too. But the thing is, PSY got an entire video dedicated to Gentleman.
          Infinite’s “review” started at 0:33 and ended at 2:05. Not even a whole 2 minutes which half of that was spent on being “funny”.
          I clearly stated above, that I would rather Hurricane had been reviewed than this stupidity coming about. So the excuse that if the “review” had been any other group but my bias group is false.
          If you are going to review both, then why not DOUBLE the length of the video. Too much work with staff and a studio? Then DON’T DO BOTH.
          This kind of half-assedness is what pissed me off.
          If I wanted to hear “oppa is so hot”, I’d listen to my own voice.
          And another thing, it irks me to no end that people assume that fans aren’t allowed to get upset about something unless they are young and female. And if the person that is upset is a young female, she is looked at with disdain.
          I’m pissed and I’m not a teen.
          And no. I would rather no review than this because, I obviously can’t say it enough, I WOULD RATHER THEY HAD REVIEWED HURRICANE THAN DO THIS.

  33. Happyjoy2

    I’m so glad there was a Fangurilla segment! That’s my favorite skit character! It’s is just too funny to watch and I couldn’t stop laughing so hard.

    Both songs were really good. I love the songs, but the music videos didn’t do it for me. I will say that in B.A.P.’s music video, I am glad that Jong Up and Zelo are given more time to showcase their dancing skills. In Infinite’s music video, it was pretty cool that they got the chance to shoot in Universal Studios, but why did they stick with one set? Doesn’t Universal studio have a whole bunch of different sets? I know because I took a tour there and saw the sets! Why don’t they make use of the other sets. It should have been like a cool “time traveling” kind of music videos, that way they can use the sets. :) I don’t know, that’s just my idea.

  34. Whoa, two videos reviewed in one Music Monday? I didn’t expect that and I loved that surprise! I think it’s a good thing to do from time to time. I liked this review, the drinking game-video reaction skit was a nice diversion from fangurling and some of your Fangurilla’s comments were hilarious! However, I hope “she” won’t take over your KMMs too often. I like diversity and I like the characters that you guise create but if they’re used too much, it’s easy to get bored with them (and I never got bored with your real selves your spot-on comments about MVs, they’re the best!).
    Oh, and I like the form of this blog post!

    Destiny is awesome! I especially love the verses. Usually it’s the chorus that is the most powerful part but in Destiny it’s the other way round and it works perfectly. I’m not a fan of the video though. Infinite’s videos prove that creativity > money. Nothing Sober had an incomparably lower budget but still I like it 100 times more than Destiny (it’s my favorite MV by Infinite). I know that this is only ver. B of Destiny’s video and maybe with the deleted scenes it would make more sense (or not… it’s Woollim after all) but I don’t think it would change much.
    Hurricane… I didn’t like the song at first but after few more listens I think it’s OK and just too amusing not to like it at all :]
    Himchan: I want a baby. Well, Junhyung has an advice for you… Make a love baby, just make a love.

  35. Fangurilla is tolerable in small doses but over 5 minutes of her is a bit much. Sorry guys! I do like the ‘reviewing 2 videos in one’ idea though.

  36. I have a weird relationship with BAP… I really love them as a band, but I find many of their songs to be pretty hit or miss… Hurricane was a bit of a miss for me, but I enjoy the Engrish in this so much. :D Still looking forward to their new mini album though!

    I totally loved Infinite’s Destiny though (or as my boyfriend calls them “the band with the car”… I showed him your review of The Chaser & it’s the only way he remembers them now)!

  37. Marzia Matalone

    I wrote it, and I mean it… I think I’ve become a fangirl of Fangurilla’s fanfic inspirational moments….XD

  38. guys … the video is down all that’s showing is teh bloobers :/ , but thanks anyway for reviewing both :D
    now review badman when it comes out …. or i’ll have a call with fanguirella to do the required ….

  39. I really love Fangurila’s segments and I actually think that’s a good idea for some videos that are nothing more than eye candy (Oh, yea SM ent and your riddiculusly goodlooking people in oddly lit rooms) But I hope you won’t overdo it.

    As for the MVs. I totally preferred Infinite, i’m totally biased towards them. And maaaaan, I relly love Dongwoo rap section, I gennerally like Dongwoo rap, he’s awesome. I wish that Infinite-H will comeback soon. And I want to see ver.A of Destiny
    As for B.A.P. I preffered Coffee Shop than Hurricane. They should get rid of those whistles, I know that whisle is some kind of “we are B.A.P.” statement, but well they don’t fit well with every song.

    And Simon and Martina, keep changing formats, because it makes KMM fresh.


  40. Great review! :D Loved the bloopers XD Simon doing the fangurilla voice looks quite hard…

    I think this time I like the Infinite song more. Even though I didn’t find the song addictive enough, I love their energy in the video and their passion to perform, not to mention the dance was awesome!

    B.A.P’s “Hurricane” … I found it to be somewhere between Shinee’s “Lucifer” and Gd’s “Get your crayon”(but not in that parody kind of way)… it was too shiny…and don’t think it fit B.A.P’s image…their singing and dancing skills are amazing as always though.

    I thought fans would be happy that you got to review both videos. It was a great idea to include them both in a video because they didn’t have much to talk about. It would’ve been nice to hear your opinions on the song in the video but then people would say it’s too lenghty and they want more skits than talk. Either way… I don’t think it’s possible to please everybody if not most of them….*deep sigh* ungratefulness… …. I wish I could help…



  41. I kind of said in my youtube comment that I didn’t like how you barely included your opinions on different aspects but you did include some here…but It’s nicer if you include it in the video ’cause then I can see facial expressions and here your voice.


    • We found that people stop watching videos over 7 minutes in length, according to our stats. We’re trying to keep things more concise so that we don’t lose out on viewers. I’m happy that you like our long videos, but it seems like most people stop watching if the videos are too long :D

      • Ne, maybe if there’s a skit you really like but is too long for the regular KMM, you could simply have it in the blooper reel? I’m sure that a majority of the people who watch the blooper reels are your true fans. People who don’t care much for anything more than a short snippet of information and hilarity seem to be the ones who don’t watch the bloopers. Well anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m sure there are a lot of things you wish you could say or do in the KMMs that just don’t quite fit in the final cut, and I think you could or should put those in the bloopers. After all, the reason I’m subscribed to you guys is your sense of humor, not an allegiance to a kpop group. I’d like to be able to see what you guys really think about the kpop songs and mvs like you used to do, without being worried about a fall-out. That’s where truly funny and awesome things come from, I think.

  43. โวดให้b.a.p

  44. Infinite!!

  45. Oh man. I have to vote for BAP, but it’s tough not to vote for Infinite! I’ve liked them longer than anyone else.
    Before the Dawn is probably my favorite Kpop song of all time!

  46. Tequila Jose Cuervo !!! yay :D it matched well with the Soy un Dorito shirt

  47. Akira Miyashi

    HAHAHAhAH!! I laughed so much this KMM! XD

  48. Oh my gosh guys! You should make a t-shirt that says “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic.”
    My mom and I would totally wear one!
    Fangurilla’s signoff has made it into our everyday cache of ridiculous Kpop related phrases XD

  49. Assuming one watches the mvs before the review, I think Infinite’s video could win a potential new category for an EYK KPop award – the “I didn’t see that coming.”

  50. thisisjustforfunval

    Oh my, I wonder how fangirl Seungrina will go come August 19th when her ultimate oppa Seungri is suppose to make his long awaited solo comeback?

  51. kawaii_candie

    this was a good idea! and pretty funny! though i’m sad i didn’t get to see much Martina in this KMM!!

    I loved the “oh wait! i got fanfiction inspiration!” moments… she’s so gross and creepy… haha.

    you’re right though, they’re both pretty good songs!! I like the B.A.P. song better… it’s so catchy… though i’m less than impressed with the Engrish…

  52. OMG! I love it when u guys change it Up! this KMM or Fangurilla takes over had me dying of laughter!!!!! Keep up the good work guys!

  53. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the “loof is on fire” was poking fun at 4minute’s stop and gawk (x

  54. Sheila Muñoz

    “she/he/it” xDDDD hahahha lol
    the first time I heard ‘Destiny’ I didn’t like it, not even a bit…but then my friend made me listen to it again…and then I was checking kpop chart and listened to it AGAIN…and now on this playlist AGAIN D: … so it somehow grew on me..and maybe I’ll download it and listen it on my ipod u.u
    about ‘Hurricane’ … I don’t have any Baby friend..so I hadn’t really listened to it so many times… but the playlist is doing it’s job..and it’s not so bad :3 maybe I’ll download it too~

  55. I like Fangurilla but most of the time i cant understand what she/he s saying :(

  56. Wow, people are not liking the full-length Fangurilla review, are they? I absolutely loved it! I thought it was really fun, and a new approach to things! I loved it! It’s not like either video really had anything substantial to talk about, so I loved this approach.
    I prefer Infinite’s Destiny, merely because I like the song better. I like B.A.P.’s Hurricane, but not as much. I find the break before Yong Guk’s rap to be kind of awkward.

    • Same. I thought it was a good way of dealing with 2 videos that a lot of people want reviewed and will get pissed off if not reviewed. Way better than having the comments full of “Omg why didn’t you review *group that didn’t get reviewed*?!”

      • True…but as you can see,….sadly, people are still not happy when S&M try to find a compromise…total shame. People are still sharing the love, and I’m one of them (Fangurilla is may favorite…I’m a total sucker for cheeky satire….Fangurilla reminds me of Stephen Colbert’s persona for Colbert Report….just brilliant!)

        Loved todays changeup as well…and look forward to more!!!

      • This. I can’t stand those “YOU DIDN’T REVIEW MY OPPARS/UNNIES VIDEO?!?! YOU SUCK!!!!” comments (the nicely worded ones get a pass, but the rest… you know where I’m going :3).

    • Thank you! There are some videos that, really, just lack anything substantial to talk about in “traditional” Kpop Music Monday format. Infinite has guys dancing and looking sexy at the camera for most of the video, and has random special effects at the end. Why would that get a full, deep, analytical treatment? To talk about the symbolism of their outfits? The message behind the anguish in their faces? It’s not that deep. It’s eye candy, a fan video for fans to gush over, so why not have a fan’s reaction video?

      In my opinion, that makes sense.

      • Denise

        I agree. Both videos didn’t have much going on and I was really glad you guise talked about both! Hope you guise can talk about version A when it comes out (if it does). And oh, as much as I liked Fangurilla’s takeover, when I read the blog post I wished you guys said in video what you said in the blog post, but it might be just me haha

      • Ariadne Locket

        I like your flexibility guise! Keep on the good work ((:

      • its kind of sad cause they spend ALOT of money on that video and song but the song is just a normal infinite song (not as good as chaser, BTD and paradise imo) and even the A version of the video is just eye candy. they can be good looking and do awesome dances everywhere you don’t need to drag them to america. that was just one of those we’re international gestures that didn’t work. you dont get good results buy just spending loads of money. i always have this problem with infinite videos that they don’t let us see the awesome dance cause they keep zooming on the members face!!!

      • you know, you can just say /that/ instead of trying to find something deep and symbolic. you can probably see reviewers of SM dance box MVs (which has ZERO ~symbolism~) and even then they can come up with enough content for a review

    • I agree! I’m not gonna lie though, I was a bit perturbed when I saw that they were reviewing two songs. But then I watched and it turned into the BEST THING EVER! Seriously, I haven’t laughed so hard at a KMM in ages. Well done, S&M!

  57. I’m in love with this KMM! It was hilarious! I loved the fanfic moments. As for the poll (or pole hehehe) I really liked both songs. I really liked them for different resons so I couldn’t really pick lol. But anyway, awesome KMM! :D

  58. I LOVED this KMM :D I couldn’t stop laughing.

  59. Lauren Semple Stroman

    i LOVE when you guys throw your (totally workin) formula out the window to surprise us! this was perfect.

  60. irritablevowel

    *slow clap* standing ovation. “I just want to rub you all over my face like a puffy cotton ball”.

  61. Sorry, I had to come back and comment. It was HILARIOUS! hahahahahaha. I thought it was great.

  62. OMG the fanfiction moments are GOLD!!! Pure GOLD!!!

  63. Having Fangurilla for an entire segment was definitely hilarious. But I like her better in small doses. But hey, we kinda-sorta got both of them, so I’m happy. Well, happier than I would be if one of them got shafted.

    Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered having a corner that reviews only drama versions of MVs (if there is more than one version of the MV, that is…)? There are a lot less of those, so you could easily just do it once a month, and not miss any MVs. That would be really neat. And you’d have a lot of time to film it, etc. and make it as epic as the original. Hell, I wouldn’t mind watching 10-20 minute reviews of them if they were only once a month. Just an idea I thought I should voice…

  64. Sorry, B.A.P. I’ve gotta vote for Infinite for this showdown. While I do still like Hurricane, it’s pretty much on the border of what i like and don’t like, meanwhile Infinite’s song is well within my usual taste in music and the video is better in my opinion. :)

  65. Hahahaha, this Music Monday was hilarious!! Thank you for reviewing both of the songs! I only wish that it had been longer :)

  66. LOVED that you guys did a double KMM fangurilla style! I was hoping for the B.A.P one to be by Martina’s err.. other identity? I can never get the name right but ANYWAY. GREAT JOB :D

    When the bloopers showed Simon & Martina tied up, I thought they were yelling out “SoooooooooZeeeeeeee” at first. LOL. Anyone else?

    • They weren’t yelling SooZee ? What were they yelling then, Spudgy? xD *lol*
      I really thought it was Soozee . . .

      • I have no idea. I heard “SooZee” but I didn’t know so I started to listen more closely and I’m guessing they just changed whatever they were yelling as they went on? LOL It didn’t seem like they kept yelling the same thing

  67. OMG showering with their loofahs on fire…lol.. 6 boys and a pole, oh fangurilla you’re so nastie… Loved this KMM, just disagree with one thing : zelo’s hair. It didn’t look afro, for me it was more like an old-ajumah-selling-dried-squid style. why would they do that ? Why?!… That been said, he looked cute anyways

  68. I’m glad that you guise didn’t fully review infinite’s mv, cos it’s boring.. I was hoping you’d review batoost instead of B.A.P and infinite, but i kinda like this week KMM :)

  69. I put my vote in, but I have a feeling Busker Busker is going to take it somehow…

  70. This was a really fun change-up for KMM :) Seungerina to kill all challengers for her oppas..
    I really like both videos and I’m happy you could do both without creating tons more work for yourselves!

  71. That zoom in on the face after ‘sexy pole dance moment’ might actually be my favourite thing I’ve ever seen.

  72. Is Dracuala a cross between dracula and a Koala?


  74. I was almost expecting fanguerilla to push you through the Evil Door of Doom! I was so torn too because i like the video and song for both. But I actually prefer it without it all done by fanguerilla. There was such Engrish gloriousness in Hurricane that I really wanted it rated and talked about in detail. I was just a bit sad that this is possibly your shortest KMM and it is for 2 songs. But youre busy, so I understand.

  75. Laura Cavezale Grisi

    Voting for B.A.P ^.^ NONSTOP BWAHHAHAHAH


    *ahem* You guys should do more of these double reviews where a character takes over the show. Or maybe several characters, and it’s like they’re fighting for screen time :D That would hilarious ^^ Anyway, like I mentioned above I really enjoyed both of these songs. I was slow on the up-take to B.A.P (because one blonde haired Asian is weird enough to deal with, but six? Y’all *must* be punkin’ me XD), but I warmed up to their music eventually. Amusingly, it was Stop It! that really roped me, because it was pure ’90s crack; that piece of K-Pop perfection was stuck in my head for DAYS!!! Plus the troll level music video with nauseating levels of aegyo; it was fabulous :3 *ahem* I had to spin Hurricane a few times to really get into it, and when I recognized that Himchan (or who I assume is Himchan) was saying loof instead of roof, I almost died. Like seriously, I was laughing so hard, I started choking on air XD It really doesn’t help that he looking serious and making all kinds of sex with the face, either; like bro, you *cannot* be saying something that derpy when you’re looking like that >_< I have to agree that K-Pop this year has been really light on the Engrish; it really was a shock to hear him say that (it seemed like companies really were trying to clean up their act). Now that I'm used to it, it's practically my favorite part of the song (I shouts it like the crazed fanboi I am :3).

    Now onto Infinite's song. Since I was slow on the uptake of K-Pop till late last year, I was vaguely aware of who Infinite was. I'd watched your Paradise review before, but kind of wrote them off because that song was SOOOOOOOO CHEESY!!! You see, Joshie loves all thing cheesie, but there's a limit, nah mean? It really wasn't till your review of the Chase when I actually started to see how awesome these guys were, and boy was I dumb for writing them off so quickly. Unlike the majority of Inspirits and general K-Pop fans (the group I fit into), I really enjoyed Man in Love (yay for being the minority again?); it was the right about of '80s cheese and I couldn't help but huggle it. Many people said that it was just Sweetune being lazy with Infinite (like SM being lazy by giving Electric Shock to f(x)), but idk; it was just a fun romp of a song to me (same with Electric Shock :D). I really like Destiny. Like when I first heard Destiny, my brain asploded. Destiny totally stomps Man in Love into dust and then lights it on fire; just to make people realize how much they should ignore it. And honestly, I can't really listen to Man in Love anymore XD It's just that awesome. I was really a review of the song that said it's like someone tied up Infinite and forced them into the 2010s, and I have to agree; it feels like the producer, Rphabet, took their sound and upgraded it. Idk how to explain, it's just good :3

    These days I don't pay much attention to music videos (if I want to see choreography I watch the daily music show performances), so I actually had to watch these music vids before watching this KMM (like 10 minutes before) XD And good Lord, what the mother did Zelo do to deserve that hideous afro looking thing that is sitting upon his head. Like seriously, did he to cuss someone out or disrespect one of the executives? I need an explanation NAO!!! When I became aware of that thing, I made the NO! rageface and had to pause the video to shout no at my screen; I couldn't keep it inside. It was just so bad XD Both videos were typical K-Pop fares for me, so A+ for consistency? Whatevs, yo :3

    Overall, this is you guys' funniest KMM in a while; I almost died at Seungrina's nastiness (SHE WAS NNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH :D :D :D). You guys totally need to do these more often. The next time you do this, can it be a show off between Seungrina and FanMan? Pretty Please? It would be so cool :D

  77. My vote goes to Infinite without a doubt. B.A.P’s Hurricane was one of those songs I hear once and never want to hear again. It’s a mindless song with a catchy repetitive hook. I don’t dig that.

  78. OMG that was the best Music Monday ever! I looove fangirling with fangurilla :DD

  79. “Six boys…one pole…” I ended up choking on my coffee…

  80. Hey I’ve been thinking about the possibility of you doing reaction videos… Of course now you implemented a way to review two songs at once, but what if you just record the first time you watch certain MVs, and if that doesn’t get reviewed, then you can just post the more interesting reactions instead? It would require minimal editing (I think?) but we still get a kind-of-review. I mean I don’t want to sound like I’m telling you what to do, just an idea! Love watching your videos, you guise are awesome :)

  81. This week’s KMM was AWESOME! I really want to see a Fangurilla vs Fanman show down, maybe featuring other KMM characters(mordent present, ayy girl man,etc). I think the occasional 2 MV KMM is Ok, but it shouldn’t be that way all the time.
    Also, dear mother of Shisus is Zelo’s afro is bad. He’s super adorable but his hair is in A FREAKING AHJUMMA PERM.

  82. at first I cringed at the thought of Seungrina doing the whole KMM coz honestly its not always funny and the voice is grating to listen to longer than a minute. but this was a funny video. “B.A.P is hot because they shower with their loofah’s on fire” PRICELESS. Himchans engrish in this will go down in B.A.P history


  84. yanagiba yusuke22

    if we can see both song in diff KMM…. i wonder y KMM just 5min this week??

  85. My cat stared at me the whoooole time I watched this. xD As if to say, “What the hell are you watching? Like really?”
    xD Ohh well. I’ll continue to trololol~!

  86. I loved that you guys did both, but I wish you stick to the original music Monday format :c

    • I’m glad that you liked our old formats, but we’re really trying to do different things, and not be stuck in one layout. Not every Music video is interesting enough for us for a full Music Monday, and so we’re trying to stay inspired by doing different formats. Hopefully you’ll still be interested in the things we’re trying to do :D

  87. fangurilla was brilliant

  88. Oh, I have to say – my favorite skit in KMM is definitely the “breaking news” update. I love the way the MVs are taken literally to show how extremely odd they can be. Don’t make Fangurilla do ALL the talking! We don’t want Simon’s throat to shrivel up and die!

    • ^ This so much. I love how seriously the ‘news’ in the MVs are reported. These skits are always my favorite parts of KMM. :)

    • I agree – after watching this KMM I was worried for Simon…It was probably really tiring and hard to do…
      And the breaking news part is one of my fav parts in KMMs. That and fan man…or boy…I don’t know how “he” is called xD *lol*

  89. So I watched the Infinite Destiny video for the first time today (not really an Infinite fan), just for KMM purposes…and I was like ‘Yeah this is a cool song…there’s the guys from the sub group….okay why is he seeing himself…why is HE killing that chair….HE SPONTANOUSLY COMBUSTED!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!’ lol That’s it.

  90. “6 boys; 1 pole” lol XD
    I honestly cannot choose between the two songs either. They are both amazingly awesome in their own ways.

  91. Omg. . .. I was like .. . I want u guys to review both . . . . And u did . .

    But the all thing with Fangurilla was like .. . . nightmare material, I love her in like a small segment . . . .

    Nooo more please . . . xD

    I think this is more interesting that just one song, you talked about 2 songs but u didn’t compared them (thats a good choice or someone could enter in fangirl moment), even if music mondays has to be a bit longer, it would be more interesting.

  92. The fact you chose two, makes me really hopeful for when Nu’est has their next comeback. Unlessyoureoutofthecountryagain.OTL

  93. I like how you broke it down into Simon’s thoughts and Martina’s thoughts.

  94. PunkyPrincess92

    this is the first Infinite song i like!! it’s really awesome!!

    ahahahahah Fangurrila taking a shot after each engrish is hilarious!! aw but too bad woulda loved to see her at the ‘loof is on fire’ part!!
    bwahahaha ‘loofahs on fire’ is exactly what i though of!!!

  95. I am SO GLAD you guys decided to do this.

    I was actually going to comment on your WTF with a suggestion that, having gotten rid of the charts updates, you might “review” more than one MV in your KMM’s. Then you get to say everything you want to say about every MV you want to talk about, instead of having to come up with enough to say about a single video that you might not even be that excited about reviewing.

    Yay! I love that you guys are changing things up and doing what you want. <3 keep up the good work.

  96. Seungrina… you can take over kmm anytime, dear. We, the fangurls and fanboys, will help you in getting Simon and Martina out of the way if needed! Just give us a call!

    Seriously, guys… That was too funny. Love how you are trying some new (and awesome) things lately! Keep on with the good job!

    Oh, and I should say that I like Hurricane much more than Destiny. I love Infinite, but Destiny was too… “average infinite song” for me. We hurricaaaaaane wins, this time!

  97. KATHyphenTUN

    Seeing this much Seungrina makes me really wish Seungri would have another solo song so we can get that classic “seungri time for kisses!!!!” XP

  98. Cyber_3

    Hahahahahaha! A takeover! I love love loved it! I did miss Martina though T_T. That Spudgy scene in the bloopers should totally have been used to your advantage to re-take the studio – LOL! The loofah on fire (even though it wasn’t a loofah at all LMFAO!) was hilarious! I also totally thought about why BAP didn’t use the stripper pole in the car if they had it – were there no other car without poles available?! Why didn’t they get their pile of jackets on the sidewalk out of the shots? Was that so hard? I voted for BAP even though this is the first song of theirs I’ve actually liked but only because it was slightly more high energy than Infinite. I really loved the ooh-wooh-ooh-oohs in Destiny, reminded me of La Roux’s “In for the Kill” which I love too.

  99. KATHyphenTUN

    loved the two reviews!!!! keep it up!!! as long as it doesn’t run you down too much!!! ^.^

  100. KATHyphenTUN

    Go spudgy! Chew the ropes!!!!

  101. That was the longest I’ve ever looked at seungrina….

  102. OMG now I get it… ahahaha ahahaha “loof is on fire” loofah and they are hot… being non-English speaker makes me a little bit slow when it comes to Engrish :)

    I love Fangurilla and I always shout with her that “exotic” chant. Brilliant idea you have this time. :)

  103. OMG – I loved “Hurricane” all the way through, but the loofah on fire… let’s just say I listen to k-pop at home (in the U.S.) and if that part came up my family would tease me into oblivion…

  104. I was eating food while watching the bloopers and when Simon/Fangurilla started laughing devilishly, chunks of food flew out of my mouth and onto my laptop. so freaking hilarious!

  105. Paris Joonie Maravilla
    Paris Joonie Maravilla

    This was so funny and also I can’t choose between the Loof on Fiyah and Destiny…. this is too hard. I chose both….

  106. Hilarious! But I must admit.. I prefer the ‘classic’ KMM over Fangurilla.. although my English listening skills are pretty good (partly cuz of you guys btw.. xD) It’s rather hard to catch everything Simo.. Fangurilla said.. :S

    • it’s not just fangurilla to me, but the whole kpop music monday. I often re-watched the old kpop music monday videos and I miss them a lot. the length and the contents :(

      • The lenght is definitely something I miss. At least they could’ve done this a lilttle bit more longer ’cause it was two songs they, I mean she talked about and they’re two awesome songs that deserved more talking time.

      • Thanks for the input. As for the length of videos, we found that – statistically speaking, according to the video reports we would get – people stop watching videos after 7 minutes. 7 Minutes! A lot of the videos we’d do that were 9 minutes, 10 minutes, 13 minutes, would lose a big percentage of viewers after 7 minutes. You might not have been one of them, and we’re thankful that you watched them through! But majority of people, unfortunately, view videos differently. So we’re trying to keep our videos shorter, trying to make them more concise, so people will watch them through to the end :D

        • Cherry Belle

          Aww…maybe that’s for the new watchers of EYK. haha. but for your fans who have anticipated every video you make and have watched you from the beginning were the ones who really loved your long, detailed clips..like me! :)) haha ..OR to be fair could you just make videos for at least…8 minutes? LOL ^__^ (but of course it’s still your decision :/..hehe)

        • a lot of vloggers know that 5-6min is when people stop paying attention.
          but that doesn’t mean you need to put useless crap within that time slot for the sake of viewers- it would be a better idea to put concise review opinions/comments within them and have those useless skits more sparingly or it’d take away from the point of the review.
          also, fangurilla is becoming less funny now :(

    • Totally understood. Fangurilla is hard to comprehend. Enununciation isn’t her strong point. We have subs up for the video, though! Hopefully that helps a bit :D

  107. Silvia Cloe-Ai Pitková

    all my feels…and my belly..hurts..m my lauther is killin me…im dyin…

  108. This was totally unexpected. Damn, I’m starting to like Fangurilla. XD

  109. “INTERN!!” *brings laptop* “I’ll give you your orange juice!” XD

  110. LMAO!!! omg this KMM was AWESOME!!!! Love that you took screencaps of peoples comments and responded to them. Such a good idea!

  111. Dana

    hah love it :D i liked the idea of using the YouTube comments as a jumping off point for more jokes :P as for which one i like better, OBVIOUSLY BAP! that song is such a banger… i can only imagine how many clubs loofs will be on fire from this song, srs

  112. Sonia

    One day Simon’s full transformation into Fangurilla will be complete and then she, as our malevolent dictator, shall rule us all. Don’t try to resist.

  113. Are you sure soju and tequila go together? :-{

  114. “They are all so hot because they’re showering with their loofahs on fire!”
    Oh goodness. xD

  115. WOOHH THE SECOND COMMENT UGH!! I’ll comment my opinions on this after I watch the video x)

  116. You should review more like this in the future. 2 MVs at a time or even more if possible.

    • That’s what we’re thinking. Some videos just don’t have enough for us to talk about for a full video. Why not do two videos, so that the other one doesn’t get shafted, you know?

      • Exactly and you can also avoid fanwars or Idk hate comments from fans asking why you didn’t review this or that.

      • Dana

        i know what you mean but i definitely prefer the one video at a time approach – i find all the best skits came out of really dissecting a video to death :D it’s impossible to talk about all kpop videos, so i really don’t see anything wrong with just focusing on the best/funniest ones!

      • you should do that S&M but you should still talk about the English/dance/plots of the Mv’s ^.^
        I really enjoy the Fangurrila time ,its something new refreshing , and alot of “easier” to watch -maybe make too thats something you guise know though-.

      • But if you do both at the same time without spending a good about of time dissecting each one, I feel like bothe get ‘shafted’. :| idk, that’s just my personal opinion. Maybe this format will grow on me… I feel like the only one who doesn’t quite like it. I appreciate the way you guys tried to do both though

      • Maybe when there are two videos you really like and can’t choose but not every week you know, just ever now and then. I’d love to see a Fan Man vs Fangurilla showdown!
        Humm… now that I think about choosing between f(x) and B2ST might be difficult
        I mean its still rare to get a girl group and since Amber watches…
        but then again B2ST will get a ton of votes

        B2ST might have enough but f(x)’s video is pretty generic in the box…

        • Rebecca Sprang

          Fan man vs Fangurilla will have to be when there’s no choosing between a boy band and a girl band. And what an epic KMM that will be.

      • I think you should be able to do multiples if you want, because if there’s not much to talk about in the dance for a song, or the mv for a song, but there’s another component, it’s a nice comparison to bring two mvs/songs together. Plus, you can do the fangirl thing and do crossover skits, which knowing you guys, would be like, hilarious.

      • I’m 100% in favor of this idea – the kpop market is so flooded right now that it seems like you guys have missed out on reviewing some things you really wanted to talk about simply because too many other new big MVs are coming out at the same time.

        Hopefully this will get you guys closer to always being able to talk about what you want to talk about :D

      • I agree, but if you do cover two MVs again in the future, I wish you would still talk about both of them in more detail instead of just having Fangurilla fangirl. For me, Fangurilla is better in smaller doses. I know you guys went into a lot more detail in your blog post, but that left nothing of substance in the video itself. Instead of leaving all of your thoughts for the blog post, why not pick the one or two things that stood out in each video, like the Engrish in Hurricane or whatever you had the most thoughts on about Destiny, use those as shorter talking/review points in the KMM, and supplement that with whatever skits you want, or do a comparison between the two MVs/songs. That way you’d still be giving a mini review in the video itself, but since you’d only be covering a couple main things about the MVs, the KMM video wouldn’t be really long even when covering multiple MVs. This time, it felt like both MVs got a bit shafted because it was solely Fangurilla fangirling. There are many past KMMs that I go back to watch again, but I have to say that there’s no reason for me to rewatch this one when I could simply read your blog post again. That’s not good for you guys because you want me (and others) to want to watch your video, ideally multiple times, right? The idea of combining reviews is good, but the execution could be improved (as I’m sure you will since this was just the first time you’ve attempted this).

      • Denise

        I think you guys could maybe do some simple reaction videos to other songs that might not get reviewed. It’s probably better than condensing two reviews into one. And I agree that the best skits do come from dissecting the video to death, as Dana said. I don’t know if its possible to do it but I think it’s an idea to think about, guise (:

        • We already put up something close to 5-6 segments a week. We don’t have more time to do more videos. It’s not just filming and editing that take a long time, but also uploading, publishing, annotating, sharing, writing blog posts, and commenting :D

        • Denise

          Oh, I totally get that. I can only imagine how much work you guys put on every week. However, I think if you guys decide to review two videos in one, it should be longer than five minutes. I mean, roughly two minutes to talk about a video is a little to rushed I think. I (personally) think 5 minutes for one is already not much time at all but I understand if it is too much work. I just that more of you two is never too much! haha you guise are my favorite youtubers! o/

    • Only if FAN MAN does the same.

      • oh yeah totally loving FAN MAN! He’s another awesome character!

      • Cyber_3

        FAN MAN vs. Fanguerilla FACEOFF! (cue the whoop whoop!)

        • Nicoll Paatan

          All I can think of now is a Pokemon-style battle: Fangurilla and Spudgy vs. FAN MAN and Meemers.

        • Cyber_3

          (Martina heavy metal voice = ON)
          SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SOME DAY! It’s a no holds barred kpop fan smackdown! Will he bring the bears?! Will she write some fanfic?! Can they agree on who’s hot and who’s not and what will they wear?! Join us at the arena for a table-pounding hissy-fitting crawling-on-the-ceiling confrontation OF DOOM!!!!!!

          FREE BEER GARDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          (mandatory cat and dog cozy spectator seating required)

    • As long as it’s not all Fangurilla talking… It was fun for once, but this skit is nicer in smaller doses…

  117. Can we expect fangurilla to return like this? XD
    fangurilla, why did you seem so uncomfortable when you said you enjoyed infinite touching each other?

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