So, we barely got through most of the fanmail packages with our first livechat, but we were determined to get through the rest of them today. We felt so bad, keeping you there for 45 minutes, and only opening 5 packages or so last time. That’s so lame! So, even though we try to spread out our livechats to around 1 per week, we’re doing 2 of them so close to each other because we felt like we did a poopy job with the last one.

Anyhow, thanks to all the awesome Nasties who sent us awesome packages, including:

    Amy from North Carolina
    Shadzee from Singapore
    Tara from San Diego
    Valia from Bulgaria
    Julia from Sweden
    Linda from Ohio
    Sarah from Puerto Rico
    Kelsey from Michigan
    Emelie from Sweden
    Wesley from Tampa
    Kathy from Massachusetts

Side note, we are super stoked tonight for the Star Trek Settlers of Catan. WOOHOO! Our friend just came back from overseas, and we didn’t know what we were going to do tonight, BUT NOW WE DO! WAHOOOO!!! Just the concept of Star Trek Catan is fantastic. Two of the nerdiest worlds collide. What’s next? How about having Josh Whedon as the robber? We’re Whedonites as well. Does that make us cooler? OOOH! Let’s have some Dr. Who stuff in there also! YESSSS!

Question: are we like the epitome of nerdiness here? What else should we get into that we haven’t gotten into already?

  1. i love my shinee but the 2pm live chat was better. much much more entertaining.

  2. i get so anxious with simon waving the exacto knife around OTL

  3. Regarding Gel Nails – I think it’s SIMILAR to the shellac, right? If so, shellac lasts a really long time, but it’s very thick… I like it a lot, but to get it off you’ll need STRONG, STRONG, STRONG nail polish remover – or to go to the salon to have it removed. I bought the nail polish remover from Shopper’s – pure acetone ones, so it was harder to find, but not expensive, and I like not having to go to the salon to get my mani removed, you know? At the same time, the acetone-only nail polish remover is REALLY harsh on your nails, and it’s pretty much impossible to remove your mani with only acetone + glycerine polish remover. I only have ever bothered to have a shellac done for a french manicure, since I can do an all-over colour easily at home. If you just want all-over colour, I’d personally say shellac isn’t that worth it, as I find it can still chip in a day or two, but you can disguise it if you can colour-match and patch it up. :3

    Also, I almost bought some polish from Julep the other day! ^_^

  4. OMG!!! Another Stawski! Maybe you’re related?! My boyfriend’s half-sister was only able to find out about her Canadian family (us) because her father’s last name was a super rare Italian name! Now we have a lovely sister in our lives who is the sweetest person, and we went to her wedding in Guernsey (Channel Islands) last summer! I hope you’re all able to connect if you are indeed related! ^_^

    Also, wow! I have had some wigs set aside to send you guys, too! It was just before you bought your studio and BOUGHT more wigs! XD

  5. Speaking of Etsy, can anyone recommend any clothes stores/makers? I want to support independent designers, but just browsing Etsy is pointless, since there are so many sellers, and I feel like I’m wasting too much time.:(

  6. Martina, not my Esty page, but I saw this and thought you might like it. They make the cutest dresses/aprons: http://www.etsy.com/shop/darlingarmy#

  7. Simon, Martina, I love you guise! I hope to be sending something out to you soon as well and look forward to seeing you open my fan mail package.
    About the blog post… You do know it’s Joss Whedon, not Josh Whedon, right? I can’t tell if this is some of your usual silliness or you actually don’t know. I figure any Whedonite would know and I know Martina loves Buffy and everything, so I don’t doubt that you are. I was just wondering…

  8. I got so many screenshots of Simon sneaking food. ^O^

  9. Martina, you said you bought your puff/skirt things on Etsy right? Can you tell us the name of the seller, I might like to get some of those myself, thank you! :D

  10. Simon and Martina, you should keep cleaning supplies around you when you open fan mail. there seems to be food/drink spillage at least once in the videos.

    Catan sets are expensive!! That’s one generous, loving fan. :)

  11. Geeks, nerds whatever! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  12. I LOVE Clone High! I was so sad that there was only one season, and I’ve watched the episodes over a dozen times. ^^ I watched after the live, so I was yelling the answer at the screen and I was so sad that you couldn’t hear me, keke.

  13. Martina! So, gel nails! I’ve never gotten them done at a salon, but I have one of those at-home kits that comes with a UV lamp for curing the polish, and it’s amaaazing. The UV cures it rock solid really fast, and then no chips at all for weeks, plus it just looks really nice. And it makes your nails super strong. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally smashed my nail against something and it totally feels like I should have broken a nail, but nope–not even a chip! Removing the gel polish is kinda tough, but whatever. :-)

  14. wow that was cool. but, bad simon tisk tisk.

  15. you would think that i’d have learned by now not to drink anything while i’m watching these, but no.

    ok, just a few things
    1. martina i’m pretty sure i have the watch that matches the hoodie you got (the watches were actually the kids meal toys at taco bell at one point).
    2. if you guys have not actually watched Highlander you really need to because it is awesome. (you should also watch firefly. it’s great!)
    3. Have you seen Wreck It Ralph? because it seems like something you guys would get a major kick out of (mostly martina, but i think simon would enjoy spotting all the classic video game characters)

  16. Do you guys ever respond to fan letters?

  17. Looooovvvveeee!!!!! The hoodie, I wants one!


  19. dear martina and simon,
    are you guys still teaching?

  20. Simon and Martina your fans love you so much that all you have to think about for paying stuff would be some food and rent XDD Lol!!! So much things from boxes!

  21. Sara, de Puerto Rico, representing!! Right on!!

  22. Liking Joss Whedon definitely makes you cooler. ;) I <3 Firefly!

  23. darn my nap! i just missed a live chat! How do i always miss it! *pouts*

  24. Aw man! I love you guys! You never fail to make me laugh. Awesome packages! I am in awe of you wonderful nasties!

  25. so i live in tampa Florida and i was like :OOO i must find the other nasty that lives in Florida XDD lol im so lame! Anyway my mission has failed.

  26. I think what would bump you into major nerd territory is if you started playing D&D, or any other pen and paper RP. I could totally see both of you getting really into RPing your characters!

  27. I had a great time with you guise! It was my first time seeing it live!…cuz…i never know when you’re going to do one… and i always miss it…but thanks Martina for reading my question! wahhhh so awesome!

  28. Hey Guys! How do you spell EDZI…The site where all the new artists sell their stuff….cound’t find it anywhere and wanted to look at it….or even better. can anyone give me the link? THX! :D

  29. Where can we send packages to??

  30. martina, have u tried mixing root beer and cream soda? SO WIN!!

  31. Simon, I think they only make those Starburst Jelly Beans around Easter. I know they have here in the U.S. always around Easter. I’m preparing a package for you, so I’ll try to find some.

  32. we got totally sick of the top 40s Radio station at work , and so we switched it to oldies and so i hear the cats in the cradle song all the time! best live chat evar!

  33. If you ever get Shinee in your studio, do whatever you have to to get Taemin to agree to a Dorito Taemin trap skit. God wants it to happen.

  34. I carry an exacto knife and a box cutter with me at school in America. Of course that’s art college and they prefer you sharpen your pencils like that.

  35. I felt sick before i started watching this. Then I watched it and I felt suprisingly better, but now that it is done I feel sick again :(

  36. I went to watch Hotel Transylvania with my sister (twin ;D) and 3 friends and one of them CRIED :’) I think she cries easliy, but it was pretty good and we still do that “Bleeeh Bleeh” thing that Dracula did to each other XD My favourite pokemon is ditto ;D

  37. Martina’s new dinosaur hoodie is so cuute! I want one xD

  38. Note about the Cat’s in the Cradle song: When I was a kid my mother would start humming that song to my dad if my brother had asked him to play and he said “later”. It NEVER failed to work. My brother had plenty of musical guilt induced quality time with my dad.
    Okay, that exacto knife thing explains “Flower Boy Next Door”. She was sharpening her pencil with an exacto knife and I was like, ummm..I know you’re cheap, but spend 20 cents on a sharpener girlie.

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