So, we barely got through most of the fanmail packages with our first livechat, but we were determined to get through the rest of them today. We felt so bad, keeping you there for 45 minutes, and only opening 5 packages or so last time. That’s so lame! So, even though we try to spread out our livechats to around 1 per week, we’re doing 2 of them so close to each other because we felt like we did a poopy job with the last one.

Anyhow, thanks to all the awesome Nasties who sent us awesome packages, including:

    Amy from North Carolina
    Shadzee from Singapore
    Tara from San Diego
    Valia from Bulgaria
    Julia from Sweden
    Linda from Ohio
    Sarah from Puerto Rico
    Kelsey from Michigan
    Emelie from Sweden
    Wesley from Tampa
    Kathy from Massachusetts

Side note, we are super stoked tonight for the Star Trek Settlers of Catan. WOOHOO! Our friend just came back from overseas, and we didn’t know what we were going to do tonight, BUT NOW WE DO! WAHOOOO!!! Just the concept of Star Trek Catan is fantastic. Two of the nerdiest worlds collide. What’s next? How about having Josh Whedon as the robber? We’re Whedonites as well. Does that make us cooler? OOOH! Let’s have some Dr. Who stuff in there also! YESSSS!

Question: are we like the epitome of nerdiness here? What else should we get into that we haven’t gotten into already?

  1. i love my shinee but the 2pm live chat was better. much much more entertaining.

  2. They have a visa just like anybody else who works in a foreign country.

  3. It’s E T S Y, it is really cool!

  4. martina, have u tried mixing root beer and cream soda? SO WIN!!

  5. Simon, I think they only make those Starburst Jelly Beans around Easter. I know they have here in the U.S. always around Easter. I’m preparing a package for you, so I’ll try to find some.

  6. we got totally sick of the top 40s Radio station at work , and so we switched it to oldies and so i hear the cats in the cradle song all the time! best live chat evar!

  7. If you ever get Shinee in your studio, do whatever you have to to get Taemin to agree to a Dorito Taemin trap skit. God wants it to happen.

  8. Note about the Cat’s in the Cradle song: When I was a kid my mother would start humming that song to my dad if my brother had asked him to play and he said “later”. It NEVER failed to work. My brother had plenty of musical guilt induced quality time with my dad.
    Okay, that exacto knife thing explains “Flower Boy Next Door”. She was sharpening her pencil with an exacto knife and I was like, ummm..I know you’re cheap, but spend 20 cents on a sharpener girlie.

  9. I was yelling at my laptop to tell you guys that there were drawings on the back of the package. So happy you guys found out. Oh and hat jigglypuff interpretation was really good

  10. aaaaww you got a ‘So So Happy’ hoody!!! love that brand!!
    ahahahah oh my gosh it’s so hilarious how nasties are screencapping Simon’s constant eating problem!!!
    seriously i think people send lots of Doritos cos of Taemin!!! ahahah!!!
    i absolute love shopping on etsy!!!! when i start making my own stuff i’m so gonna make you guys stuff!!!! well…actually i have made SHINee inspired phone charms right now but i haven’t actually made an account on anything to start selling it!! but i will soon!!!

  11. cataaaaaannn

    I keep missing the live chats! arg! I sent you guys an e-mail a week or two ago, but i figure with all the mail you get you probably didn’t see it yet, and maybe you never will….so I’m not going to give up! Since you mentioned settlers of catan (which was what my e-mail was about), I was wondering if sometime when you have some freetime (don’t laugh, I know you guys are busy ㅠ_ㅠ), if you would like to pop by Gangnam and play a game?

    There’s a boardgame club/meetup/shindig thingy once a month at a board game cafe in Gangnam where we all get together and play different games; catan is always a favorite. I, and I’m sure the rest of the group, would love it if you could make it out someday.

    Here’s the meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/seoul-gamers/

    I’ll be in America during the march meetup up but I’ll be back in time for April

  12. You`re THE most AWESOME people on this planet. Thank you!!! Saranghae

  13. Simon you and your sweet candies obsession! Martinaaaaaaa~!!! that hoodie is super freaking adorable!!! you should wear that EVERYWHERE! haha.

    also, gel nails are cool once in awhile because they can last up to weeks with minor chipping. but you can’t do it often because it can damage your nails. first of all, they’ll use UV light to dry the gel polish onto your nails. and UV light is basically radiation so if you do it often it can cause some skin diseases. and then since gel nails are of course way more durable than regular polish, it’s harder to remove them. basically you need to soak your nails in acetone as opposed to just wiping them off so it weakens your nails too after awhile. not to mention with gel polish your nails don’t get to breathe as much so your nails can get weaker from that.

    i’m not telling you all this to discourage you from gel polish and i dunno if that’s how they do it in korea, (maybe they’re more advanced and have a safer way to apply and remove gel polish.) but it’s just to let you know the pros and cons of gel polish. honestly it’s pretty harmless just that you can’t do it like on a regular basis.

  14. OMG You so nasty! Love you Simon and Martina !!!!!!!

  15. Bahrain is in the middle east

  16. simon, i used to have the same problem while brushing my teeth, with paste on my shirt and everywhere below my chin. i found a solution for it: i take a shower right after i wake up and brush my teeth in the shower LOL

  17. when martina started vacumming simon, it reminded me of an old Hong Kong movie i watched ages ago titled “All’s well ends well” where the daughter in law was vacumming her in laws in the opening scene lol.


  18. That hoodie is so cute that I immediately looked up the website. Here’s the link for anybody who is interested: http://sosohappyonline.com/

  19. Yay I finally saw one live !! :D
    I missed all the other ones you had this week because of school.:/
    The dinosaursweater is sooo cool I definitely gonna chek out the SO SO HAPPY website !

    And about Star Strek my mom really loves it as well and she also always watched the series :D


  21. Clean up, aisle Simon!

    It’s funny how it looks like she’s well practiced in cleaning up her Dothraki Man Warrior =]

  22. I’ve been watching you guys from the beginning and I think it’s about time I sent you guys a care package!! BTW tweet shoutout totally made my birthday!

  23. badger badger badger badger badger *____*

  24. I missed it AGAIN (actually i watched the last minute or 30 sec of it). >__< I have a horrible memory. D:

    And i congratulate u guys on the ending: (:

    **Edit: SIMON!, in the korean hand game vid where Martina bought milk with a face mask, you admitted to having a fat head.**

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