Wahoo! We got loooooads of fanmail while we were away in Japan. SOOO MUCH! And the packages were so big that we could only get through, like, 20% of them. Wow guise! Thank you for being so generous!

We’re planning on doing another livechat this week so we can get through the rest of the packages, because we feel guilty for having them here for so long. Some packages were sent for Valentine’s Day and here we are two weeks after the day. Ah! Sorry! Let us know what time you think is best for us to do these chats. I think 2:00PM was a good idea, it seems!

Anyhow, thank you so much to the people whose packages we opened, including:

Rachel from Singapore
Weronika, Ewa, Alicja, Kasia, and Marysia from Poland
Esther from Phoenix
Pearobearo from Bangkok
Judith from Kenya in California

Side note: THANK YOU SO MUCH for the package from Poland! I’m definitely feeling a yearning for my Polishness lately. I only speak with my parents via FaceTime once or twice a week, and I feel my Polish slipping. Ah! It makes me sad. But seeing Birds Milk candy (which is actually a lot better than it sounds) totally reminds me of the TONS of it I ate when I was in Poland as a teenager. Seriously. Thank you! All of the packages are super fun and we really love them, but this made me feel all in touch with my heritage and all. Ah! Ok: I’ll stop being awkward now.

  1. I think the bird milk is something of a cultural reference. Since birds don’t have milk, it’s something that can’t be obtained normally. (Idk, in Latvia there is a story in which a very spoiled girl announces that she wants bird milk immediately). The sweets is really delicious too!

  2. Hi its Weronika, one of the people that send you the package from Poland :D We are soooo happy that you like the things we send you :D I woke up at 6 am and watched the live chat and was sooo surprised to see our package because we only send it a week before! Korean mail sure is fast….and we knew you like ptasie mleczko so we bought a lot :)
    Simon if you don’t want to forget polish you should talk in polish more in your videos :P there are A LOT od Polish Nasties out there trust me :)

  3. I can’t tell you how much I love to watch you guise open fan mail! You two are so funny and adorable and you can just see how much you are loved!

  4. See that is my problem! I want to build a house with no doors cause i AWAYS hit it…. with my shoulder, hip, or my favorite is when I get my clothes caught/tangled in the door jam. Yes that is right i have walked though a door opening (everything there just no door) and some how gotten my clothes tangled in the latch thingy(i know so technical)…. -_- I also have gotten so many freaking bruises from that it is crazy! Oh or the time i dropped a fork and it landed so perfect (prongs down) and it went into my toe. It bleed like a stuck pig! Now his family thinks i’m extreme accident prone cause i away seem to hurt myself at their home. Daw.

  5. I definitely heard Martina announce “oregano” as being where someone was from. Just a LITTLE slip. XD So cute. ^^

  6. ahahahaha Simon at 16:48
    Martina that recently happened to me, with the knife cutting!! but not as bad!! and i did it to my thumb!!! i was using the new knife my parents got out and i was all ‘ladidadida’ with the new knife while cutting the veggies cos it was so easy since the last one got so blunt and then yeah…..it was cutting a bit too nicely and it got my thumb!! ‘course it was my fault though…^^;;
    Neverending Story!!! i miss that!!
    i have to agree with Simon and say that wig looks more like Sunny’s hair!!

  7. haha, from now on I’m not clumsy, I’m environmentally challanged (^-^)/ YAAY!

  8. I would love to see a video on how Martina did her rainbow eye-shadow for open the happy. It looked awesome.

  9. Since this is such an epic gift, I expect follow up blogs/ videos :p

  10. Psht, how can people only associate Canada with Maple syrup? What about hockey and mullets? =P Hehe, just kidding.

  11. You can put microwave foods (still in package) in boiling water for a few minutes instead of nuking them.

  12. Arizona FTW(since I live in Arizona, so I’m happy it won..for once)!! :D Was definitely not expecting Arizona to win over freaking Bangkok

  13. 2 pm chat was perfect time, its 10 pm here in Texas (at least where I live) but around that time would be great =)

  14. my roommate totally has that tardis hat and is super excited to be twiners with you guys. the 2pm chat was awesome good times,

  15. Saw this comic and thought of all y’all:
    (It’s nasty)

  16. YAY that was me who posted Winnipeg. Represent WOOT! yay

  17. hello kitty made its first appearance in 1974, making it 39 years old. just thought i would share since you brought it up :)

  18. Hey, guys. Here is an article about the one ingredient in the grass jelly drink. Mesona Chinensi is some sort of Asian mint.


  19. I can’t express how deeply moved I was when Simon ate Ptasie Mleczko exactly the same way as I always do :D THE ONLY RIGHT WAY to eat it! (BTW Martina, loved your bird impersonation) “Lubisie” is a combination of lubi=likes and misie=bears.

    “Polish Nasties, we must unite.” <- I second that! I bet that the girls who sent you this package (dobra robota, dziewczyny!) would love to welcome you in their town (side note: I'm from the same university. Just saying).

    Putting my Polish fangirling aside, I was really curious (yeah) about the Swedish package because it was wrapped so lovely!

  20. Where’s the Peterborough love? You guys have mentioned Lake field, Pickering, Kitchener, Lindsay, Brampton and a bunch of other places in previous videos. That’s like almost every where around Peterborough, except Peterborough.

    The rainbow eye make-up looks really good.

    But Martina, the Canadian coat of arms has a unicorn and a lion (which is sometimes substituted for a caribou) on it. That is pretty bad-ass in my book.

    The wig makes you look like Sunny. But if in the future I send something to you, I’m assuming that nice wigs would be a good choice then?

  21. I was able to catch snippets of this, mainly because family was eating. My dad got to watch part of this with me! I’ll say this now, he adores you guys. He finds you entertaining and is in awe over the fact that you guys have a studio and the Nasties are the ones who helped make that a possibility.

  22. Darn it, guys! Your videos are so anti-dieting… I was watching this at 4am and my stomach was gargling :(
    You should put a warning on this stuff ;)

  23. i need the address!!!! pleeeease <3 i want to send one toooooo!!!!

  24. Martina, your beaver impersonation just killed me…

    You received a lot of cool stuff today!

    I need to send you guys lots of maple-ey treats for your guests from Québec (like Leclerc’s Maple Leaf cookies, and maple cones and all… Maple smoked bacon ?)

  25. i didnt join a long time ago and i would like to send a package but idk your adres so where can i find it ???

  26. Can you make it either a few hours later pleasee :( 2 PM is 7 a.m. for me and I have class
    I’ve never seen any of your live chats T_T

  27. I’m from Kenya but not in Cali and was really in an OH EM GEEZERS mode when i saw the Dormans Coffee and Ketepa tea, that really made my day, Judith you Rock!! I wish Simon and Martina could have the Dormans Red Velvet Cake with the Dormans coffee. Pure Delight, i tell you! Shame that it can’t be sent.

  28. Wow, you guys get so much good stuff! Jelly! hehe. I really want to send you something too though, I just don’t know what or when yet. And yes, Martina looked sooo much like Sunny! Cute!

  29. Ahhhhh! I have the exact same Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Box! I just love opening and closing it to hear the sound effects.
    Though, I’m a little paranoid because I feel like it might just fade away and disappear into time and space, like the actual tardis, everytime I hear the noises :O

  30. Wow you received from pretty nifty items, very cool.

  31. My name is Callie and it trips me out when you call California Cali cause im like ERMGEGERD! S&M said my name TWT

  32. OMG! Melon seeds! Those are soooooooo addictive! I miss those.

  33. When the wig was a bit messy Martina looked like Gain, the rest of the time she looked like Sunny!

  34. I am totally sending you guys a pack from Norway this summer, haha. I want Norwegian awesomeness to spread to the k-pop world! :D

  35. Bangkok city you can’t stop!! totally in my head now ha ha! aaaw spudgy looks so scrudgy and fluffy XD

  36. Hi! I came from Poland and I wanted to explain meaning of “Ptasie Mleczko” [birds milk] from this video.
    First: Wedel is the company which produces this stuff, and it’s the best on the polish market. They developed Ptasie mleczko in the 1930s.
    Second: meaning of this words “birds milk” can’t be taken literally. Word “bird” stands for extremely light white cubical inside of chocolate. Its flowing in your mouth like a bird (this is mine interpretation, I didn’t found any story behind this name). And milk stands for milk soufflé, which is inside.
    I am really sorry for mine bad English, but I have hope, that you could understand what I had on my mind.

  37. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ptasie mleczko (Polish), (an idiom meaning “an unobtainable
    delicacy” in Polish; could be considered to mean crop milk in all these languages), is a soft
    chocolate-covered candy filled with soft meringue (or milk soufflé).[1]In Russian it is called
    птичье молоко (ptichye moloko) and in Romanian lapte de pasăre, both
    literally meaning bird’s milk. In Poland it is one of the most recognized
    chocolate confectionery having exclusive rights in Poland for the name—other
    confectionery producers also make similar candies but named differently (e.g.
    “Alpejskie Mleczko”, Alpine milk). Nonetheless “Ptasie mleczko” is often used to
    refer similar candies with vanilla, cream, lemon or chocolate taste. The phrase
    “Ptasie Mleczko” is a registered trademark in the EU, number 00334752291.

    In Poland, Jan Wedel, owner of the E. Wedel Company, developed the first
    Ptasie mleczko in 1936.[2] Wedel’s inspiration
    for the name of the confectionery came from his voyages to France, when he asked
    him self: “What could bring greater happiness to a man who already has
    everything?” Then he thought: “Maybe only bird milk.”.[3]

    The origin of the name
    has been attributed by Berdy to old Slavic folk tales, where the beautiful princess
    tests the ardor and resourcefulness of her suitor by sending him out into the
    wilderness to find and bring back the one fantastical luxury she does not have:
    bird’s milk.[4] The concept of
    avian milk in fact stretches back to ancient Greece, when Aristophanes uses ὀρνίθων γάλα (Greek “ornithon
    gala”, the milk of the birds) as a proverbial rarity (Ar. Vesp. 508). A
    similar expression lac gallinaceum (Latin for “chicken’s milk”) was also later used by Petronius (38.1) and Pliny the Elder (Plin.
    Nat. pr. 24) as a term for a great rarity.

    In Russia, ptichye moloko was originally a type of
    candy introduced in 1967 in Vladivostok and in 1968 by the “Rot Front” factory
    in Moscow. It became a hit, and mass production was started in 1975 by the Krasny Oktyabr
    (“Red October”) confectionery factory in Moscow.[4][5] In 1978, the
    popular candy was transformed into a cake in Moscow’s Praga Restaurant.[4] This was a
    light sponge cake filled with a souffle and topped with chocolate glaze. Due to
    the lack of intellectual property laws in Russia at the time, the recipe was
    quickly copied by other restaurants in Moscow, such as Moskva, Budapesht, and
    Ukraina.[5] In the
    1980s, a special factory for ptichye moloko cakes was built in the Novye
    Cheryomushky district in the south of Moscow.[5] Both the
    cake and the candy versions of ptichye moloko are widely available to
    this date in supermarkets and specialty stores in Moscow and other parts of

    In Moldova, Lapte de pasăre (also “bird’s milk” in
    Romanian) is the
    brand name of a similar candy made by the Bucuria Candy Factory. Despite the
    name, the candy is not to be confused with the Romanian traditional dessert lapte de pasăre.

  38. haha im from singapore and i recognised all the things she sent yay :D

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