Hey guise!

So, we’re not sure if you’re interested in us posting this on our site or not, but we decided to start posting the recording of our Kondoot Live chats on our site as well, since a lot of people live in different time zones and miss the chats. We do these live broadcasts once a week, so, we figured that if we post the live chats here afterwards, you can at least check them out and see what ridiculous behaviour we’re up to…awkward thing about live chat, you can’t edit out your mistakes. Also, whenever we get fanmail, we open it on these live chats, so if you’re wondering if your letter/package made it to Korea, you’d find it here! :D

And, yes, I know my dark circles looked bad in today’s chat. I JUST WOKE UP OK! We were up last night till, like, 3 or 4 AM uploading the WANK, then woke up early today because Dr. Meemersworth thought it’d be nice to suck on our ears in the morning. WE’RE NOT DYING OK! We’ll look better tomorrow when we’re well rested!

Anyhow, we’d like to take this time to thank the people who sent us all the goodies from Singapore and the USA! Lots of Wisconsin and Florida mail today…we got both letters and packages, filled with delicious noms, t-shirts, Hello Kitty galore, Spudgy treats, and more.


Hope and Emma,
The Highly Decorated Ninja whose name we shall not reveal as per request

  1. at 13:08 it called whatapachi candy (grape flavor) its suppose to have poping rock candy in it. search it on youtube to find ut

  2. I live in Florida but know of no one that watches eatyourkimchi >__<

  3. I am watching the posting with my niece….from Illinois, USA…awesome…

  4. Don’t hate Kipparin Piippu… -.- I wonder why very few foreigners like it, since it was my favourite candy when I was 4 yrs old.. x)

  5. Lol my life is so sad D: Im probably like the ONLY person in Africa who LOVES you guys and kpop ;D, well no worries. But i wanted to live chat with you guys GRR! But i was busy D: anyway lol just know you have a huge fan in Nigeria :D Aww gosh i love you guys! ^.^

  6. In indianapolis, I’m sure there are some but I can’t wait to move to Chicago!

  7. Oh no, I can’t see an embedded video. Is here supposed to be one? I’m using Firefox~

  8. …………..Onew?? like Onew from SHINee!!!!! it’s the first time i’ve heard his name said like that!! but YAY!!!!! Onew!!!!!!! he makes duck sounds and loves to eat chicken!!!

  9. Lol the Kitty is almost definitely a daddy’s girl ahahaha.

  10. Yes simon sometimes lithuanian people do speak in that accent :D

  11. Lithuania??? Where are you and WHO are you? I’m lithuanian too!!!
    Thank you simon and martina for mentioning my home country!!!

  12. It’s late but I’m Korean but I live in Thailand!!! In Thailand, K-Pop is pretty big and when I first came, lotsa people were kinda like “Ur Korean? Oooooh!”

    • Hahaha so true!! I’m half Thai, so I visit Thailand regularly, and that’s where I first saw K-pop, on TV. Kpop is MASSIVE there. Sometimes when I see all the billboards, TV ads, music videos, Korean dramas, I wonder….where did all the local artists go??!! o.O

  13. hi i have at least 5 friends in hawaii including me who luv kpop and u guys

  14. it is so sweet that you guys love your fans so much. maybe i’ll be able to send something some day.

  15. ahhh u guys have to notify me when the nxt live chat date is set :3 cant blv i missed this one RAWRRRRRRR

  16. martina how did you learn to read japanese? please tell us

  17. Can we see spudgy get a haircut nextime please!!!!!!! =^_^=

  18. When it got really blurry around 7 minutes I thought I was losing my eye site for a sec

  19. In Msia, people have all you can eat durian buffets.
    you guys should try those fresh =D

  20. Durian’s alright, but I’ve had it since I was a kid, it’s an acquired taste. Not sure about the candy, but the fruit is good. I hear it smells funky when you open the freaky spiky shell-thing, I wouldn’t know never opened one before

  21. YES! Thanks for posting! I love fanmail opening and always seem to miss it. Post them always!

  22. She attacked his toes…LOL

  23. i am from greece and i know that at least 300 people here listen to kpop. mostly in athens though…

  24. How can we find out about these live streams???

  25. what do you guys do for a liveing

  26. omg martina was about to cry eating that candy XDD

  27. Dr. Meemersworth seems like she would sound like Beaker from the Muppets.

  28. OH OH OH! For those Japanese packages, they’re candy that you have to mix. :D It’s amazing! Definitely watch RRCherryPie on YouTube and see how he does it!

  29. great idea to post the videos here too =)

  30. The video won’t show up (for some strange reason) if you’re using firefox but it works fine with google chrome. very strange.

  31. Nice video! > about the kpop fans in latin america and since Martina mencioned Perú > JYJ came on March and we’ll have BIG BANG here in November!!


  33. It’s like any other hair. Human and dog hair are also highly flammable.

  34. They totally mentioned me. twice. Died <3

  35. Meemers is so cute!!! :D I did this watergun-thing for my cat too because she was so annoying loud. She meowed the whole day but now she is quiet. :)
    And for answering your K-pop question: here in germany I’m like.. almost the only person loving K-Pop. I know just 1 other person, my best friend, who likes K-Pop… :/

  36. This is great, I’ve never been able to get the sound to work on Kondoot. Your kitten is sooooooooo cute. Martina loved your dress – can see why kitty was enthralled with it.

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