Hey guise!

So, we’re not sure if you’re interested in us posting this on our site or not, but we decided to start posting the recording of our Kondoot Live chats on our site as well, since a lot of people live in different time zones and miss the chats. We do these live broadcasts once a week, so, we figured that if we post the live chats here afterwards, you can at least check them out and see what ridiculous behaviour we’re up to…awkward thing about live chat, you can’t edit out your mistakes. Also, whenever we get fanmail, we open it on these live chats, so if you’re wondering if your letter/package made it to Korea, you’d find it here! :D

And, yes, I know my dark circles looked bad in today’s chat. I JUST WOKE UP OK! We were up last night till, like, 3 or 4 AM uploading the WANK, then woke up early today because Dr. Meemersworth thought it’d be nice to suck on our ears in the morning. WE’RE NOT DYING OK! We’ll look better tomorrow when we’re well rested!

Anyhow, we’d like to take this time to thank the people who sent us all the goodies from Singapore and the USA! Lots of Wisconsin and Florida mail today…we got both letters and packages, filled with delicious noms, t-shirts, Hello Kitty galore, Spudgy treats, and more.


Hope and Emma,
The Highly Decorated Ninja whose name we shall not reveal as per request

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