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Fanmail Opening LiveChat FunTimes!

December 24, 2012


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Hey guise!

Ok, so we haven’t done these livechats in a very long time, and we feel terrible for it, but we think we’re definitely gonna try harder to get into the habit of doing these more! The old website that we used had difficulties handling everyone’s overwhelming NASTINESS, but now that we used YouTube it seemed to handle you all a lot better. Woohoo!

We’re hoping that when we’re in our studio, we can do these at least once a week and be able to talk with you all more directly. We really missed that the most about livechats. You see our videos when they’re all edited and planned out, but being able to just sit down, not worry about what we’re saying, and just kick it with you guise is so fun! So much less to worry about!

Inside info: we’ve actually planned out our studio to have a special place for us to be able to conduct these livechats. We’re setting things up in the ceiling, planning seating and all, so we can actually do these more. No joke! We’re serious here :D Hopefully we can get better at doing these live chats as well, and get more comfortable and less stammery. Also, we were looking all over the place at one computer for the streaming, another computer for the comments, the iPad for the Tweets. It was all over the place! Maybe we just need a bigger screen? I don’t know. I’m rambling again!

Otherwise, one of the things we love most about these livechats is just that we feel so much more energized after doing them. This wasn’t the best week for us, and we felt really mopey today, but after doing this and chatting with you all we feel so bubbly now. Is that cheesy? I don’t know.

Anyhow, let us know what you think. What should we add to the live chats, what should we take away. Any requests? We feel like an hour might be too long. AN HOUR! Who can watch something for an hour? I’m worried you might get bored if we talk too much. Thoughts?



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