Hey guise!

Ok, so we haven’t done these livechats in a very long time, and we feel terrible for it, but we think we’re definitely gonna try harder to get into the habit of doing these more! The old website that we used had difficulties handling everyone’s overwhelming NASTINESS, but now that we used YouTube it seemed to handle you all a lot better. Woohoo!

We’re hoping that when we’re in our studio, we can do these at least once a week and be able to talk with you all more directly. We really missed that the most about livechats. You see our videos when they’re all edited and planned out, but being able to just sit down, not worry about what we’re saying, and just kick it with you guise is so fun! So much less to worry about!

Inside info: we’ve actually planned out our studio to have a special place for us to be able to conduct these livechats. We’re setting things up in the ceiling, planning seating and all, so we can actually do these more. No joke! We’re serious here :D Hopefully we can get better at doing these live chats as well, and get more comfortable and less stammery. Also, we were looking all over the place at one computer for the streaming, another computer for the comments, the iPad for the Tweets. It was all over the place! Maybe we just need a bigger screen? I don’t know. I’m rambling again!

Otherwise, one of the things we love most about these livechats is just that we feel so much more energized after doing them. This wasn’t the best week for us, and we felt really mopey today, but after doing this and chatting with you all we feel so bubbly now. Is that cheesy? I don’t know.

Anyhow, let us know what you think. What should we add to the live chats, what should we take away. Any requests? We feel like an hour might be too long. AN HOUR! Who can watch something for an hour? I’m worried you might get bored if we talk too much. Thoughts?

  1. I think one hour is alright… before you had half an hour and that was too little…

    P.S:the video had occasional lag but you can watch it all without missing parts.


  2. You guise made me feel so guilty! XD Im up at 1 am watching your video! hahaha I should go to sleep now xD – Btw, you banter is never boring, you guys are the most entertaining vloggers on earth! <3

  3. still freaking out that simon let meemers lick his hand and then used the same hand to eat candy with and didn’t wash it ;_;
    BUT AN HOUR IS DEFINITELY NOT TOO LONG, these are great!!!

  4. you guys are the best!
    i want to give a present to you too ;-; from brazil!

  5. when are you guys gonna have a live stream again? :3

  6. I thought the hour would be too long, but honestly I loved it! I didn’t get bored at all and I hope you guys do hour long chats every once in awhile. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

  7. I love kinder toys!!!! They do have them in America. I get them at the butcher.

  8. “1:30 am, at night” lol

  9. I’m so use to my friends doing super long streams where they play video games or draw for hours. Gosh, I’ve been to a 24 hour stream that in the end I was grumpy and tired. And I’ll agree with what Stephanie said, you guys do get distracted and you also spend time talking with us that I appreciate.

  10. Hi Simon and Martina! I am from Sweden and when you was reading from the Bamse magazine, i could not stop lauging…! xD i could only understand some words you said.. :D and the word renkött is pronounced like “renchott” :)

  11. I’m always sad when the video ends. Definitely not too long.

  12. Hey guys lovin what you do! Happy Holidays to and your families. I was curious if anyone had any issues with the videos not working after they are put up,.. seem to just get a blank screen for a day or 2.Might be our side but other things seem to work fine.
    anyways keep bringin the fapfap’s and other great things, congrats again on the studio. <(**<)

  13. I much prefer the longer livestreams to shorter ones. Plus, you guys are so distracty that if you did one for only 20 minutes, not enough would be accomplished and I would be left unsatisfied. =P

    Hahahah, I’m sorry, that sounded so weird…

  14. When you have your studio up and running you should show us a calendar of what your planning for the month. Then you can leave days open for us Nasties to visit the studio, this way we don’t bother your work and still get to see you when we are in Korea!! It could also tell us when your planning Live chats cuz i missed yours by minutes :( i was sooo sad.

  15. I love you guys! seriously, I’m not new to eatyourkimchi… I just watch you episodeZ on youtube and never leave a comment. There are 2 reasons why: 1. I got a seriously freakishly long exam or quizzeS for the next day since I’m a college student major in hardgoodlordwhatthehellisthisIdidn’treadthissubpartofmanypartsofScience (seriously, premed isn’t pretty) or I’m just amazed with all the videos that I started clicking and forgot to click like or comment. you two are stress breakers… I laugh so hard that I cried many times(literally)! esp. when you feature t.o.p (esp in monster) though I love GD(I envy his beauty even though he’s a guy). Thank you guys! keep up the good work! kisses for Spudgy & Dr. Memeesworth!

  16. Hi ^^ Super Nasty here.

    I hope one of these livestreams can be suitable to all of the time zones. Some of your streams were way too early for me so I couldn’t join. Also, can you try to put them on a weekend? >~< It's safe to say that most of us are busy on weekends.

  17. I’ve watched live blogs for hours at a time and have still been sad when the blogger decided to leave!! Normal videos an hour is a bit long, but with a live chat you get the chance to interact and jump through a huge variety of subjects and create inside jokes. Just stay as long as you feel comfortable live, and we’ll stay and interact as long as you stay!

  18. Reindeer is really good! My brother used to work at a hotel as a chef, where they every december had a huge Christmas dinner you could attend to. Went there with my family and had the chance to try out reindeer tongue. We didnt know what it was, just told to try it! It tasted really good! Im kind a of a coward when it comes to taste new things (to bad, trying to be better) but that was really great! Do you have anything “the most strange thing you ever tasted” so far!?

    Really love your Eatyourkimchi – programs, sites – dont know how many times I laugh/smiles at everything you do, while Im on the trams to and from work! :) Keep up the great work!! Fighting!! :D

  19. I’m not sure if you guys have already answered this, but when will you open the last two packages that you couldn’t get to?
    Did you just open them off camera? Will you save them until the next live-chat/[or]fanmail video?

  20. Simon = mega loud (lol) Martina nostrils = HOT (gif-ing now) OH! And can’t wait to see the STU-STU-STUDIO

  21. I think the thing about GG’s video is that it was supposed to be a flashback. They made it look like their old hairstyles and everything, but I think it was filmed now?

  22. This was hilarious!!
    I love you guys. An hour is definitely not too long as long as it’s not too long for you guys!!! ^_^

  23. i always miss these… T.T

  24. i would not get bored if they all were an hour!! you guys are so much fun to watch ^^

    and watching you open all the presents felt like you guys were two little kids at christmas, eheh… I’m kinda jealous!

    Happy Holidays guise!

  25. An hour of you guys just rambling is totally fine, seriously. I even freaked out every time it lagged or an ad popped up because I would miss out on whatever you guys are talking about.

    My concern is just the timing you’ll be having these livestreams. I think the weekends are the best since I don’t think a lot of people (especially those who are still in school) would mind if they had to stay up just to catch the livestream rather than have it on a weekday where a lot of people are either sleeping in, at school or work. That’s just my opinion though, but if you guys end up having it on like Tuesday mornings, I’d probably still stay up, school or not.

  26. SIMON GOES BALABALA :D I really loved to watch you guiise, I am from germany so it was cool to see all the german stuff you got :)

  27. Martina, you distinctly said in the Replay KMM that Key was your bias. I remember this. You described taemin as “jàilbait” haha, what changed your opinion?

  28. i love these hour long chats. please do moarrrrrr :D that or do more short ones more often! CANT GET ENOUGH OF Y’ALL

  29. I’m not sure if they still make them, but when I was a kid (I’m from the US) we had something similar to kinder eggs, I think they were called wonder balls or something like that. They had like candies or toys or stickers inside of a hollow chocolate ball

  30. ok im a few days late on this but EH…. any way i had the ad problem like gwennie did. then at one point it totally froze form me and i left. one of these days we need to find a time where everyone can watch! lol stupid time zones! :P

  31. Hi ~ I’m a fan of you, and I would like ton know if I can ask you a question… Yes ? Anyways, that’s it : (sorry for my awful English, I’m French >_< ) I'm actually 16years old, and I want to travel, and to learn Korean. I've heard about faculties in South Korea that teach Korean to foreign students. is that true ? And if yes, do you know some things about it ? Can you answer me please ? Thanks by (?) advance, and really, a HUGE thank you for making me laugh every monday x)

    Pensées de Paris, Lise ~

  32. Totally loved Eric Carle books when I was little too. Proof the Very Hungry Caterpillar exists! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/very-hungry-caterpillar-eric-carle/1100472822

  33. Love you guise. Trust me, it was NOT too long to sit through. And I have ADHD. I was totally hooked the WHOLE time. Thanks S&M! Do this every week!

  34. I was super upset when I realized that I was going to be working this morning at six am and would miss your show. Anyway, I don’t know if this changes anything but I’ve noticed a lot of youtubers using google hangout for their live shows. That might work differently than the youtube one unless it’s the same thing.

  35. I definitely wasn’t bored. An hour seems reasonable to me. ^^

  36. it’s a stuff animal the canned kangaroo lol i have one my uncle sent me one.

  37. Hungry Hungry Caterpillar!!!! I read that IDK how many times when I was kid and I’m from Miami. Lol

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