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Fell and Cole Gastronomic Ice Cream

August 9, 2013


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So if you remember a little while back Simon had a lonely ice cream FAPFAP…actually a STANK – aka SAD TIME ADVENTURE NOW KOREA – that he went on while I was in Canada. Even though I shouldn’t laugh, when I watch that video with all its epic failing I laugh really hard. If you haven’t seen Simon’s STANK check it out here and laugh at…I mean, with, him.

The reason I bring up his STANK is because he went for gelato at Gelati Gelati and after that he tried to go for ice cream at Fell + Cole. Unfortunately, it was closed down and Simon was devastated. Well, turns out they were moving locations AND opening up a second location in Apgujeong. So a couple months ago we stumbled upon them re-opening in the Hongdae area, just a few minutes away from their old location, and after visiting several times – purely for scientific testing of the ice cream, of course – we decided it was time to take you guise to Fell + Cole!

Okay, so, yeah…this is some of the best ice cream we’ve actually ever had, ever. Not just in Korea, though. Like, the best ever. What’s amazing about it is that they make their ice cream daily and use fresh ingredients, AND they do it all in small batches, so visiting them in the afternoon could score you a flavour not available at night. Today we missed out on Drunken Salted Watermelon Sorbet because it was sold out by 5:00pm AND my all time favourite flavour, Grapefruit Champagne Sorbet was also gone. *SOBS* But isn’t there something great about not being able to always get what you want? I think knowing that the flavours are always changing makes it such an adventure, and I LOVE surprises and adventures! Even the day that we went to film I wasn’t sure what they’d have to offer and we were happily surprised with very unique Korea-oriented flavours. Normally I would go straight for a sorbet since I prefer lemon/lime/raspberry kind of flavours but I wanted to show you flavours that you probably can’t get in your home country. Nevermind, you can’t really get it IN Korea!

Besides having a totally awesome selection of flavours, the ice cream itself is made with natural ingredients and you can seriously taste the difference. It doesn’t have an overwhelmingly sweet taste or weird leftover flavour, and because it’s so rich you seriously can’t eat more than a cup, unless you’re Simon or my mom because she seriously loves ice cream. Hi mooommmmm! If you come back to visit me in Korea we must visit this place together!

Getting to Fell + Cole is a little complicated because it’s down a back alley. There are two different locations but we go to the Hongdae Main Store. Here is the simplest way to that store:

1. Go to Sangsu Station (line 6) and take Exit 1 and just walk straight.
2. Turn right on your first street, it’s not a big main road, it’s just a side street.
3. The street will split left and right but just stick right and you’ll hit Fell + Cole in a few minutes.

It’s about a 10 minute walk from Sangsu Station, not that far at all! I’ve also included the business card with their little map, and check out their facebook page to find out the flavour of the day.


So, yes, this FAPFAP isn’t necessarily Korean food related, but it’s summer and hot as hell, so we used this as an excuse. The thought of eating hot soups at the moment is just stifling, so…ICE CREAM! We were actually about to film another video today and thought “hey, what kind of OTHER ice cream should we eat” but I’m worried we’re just going to over-indulge in it just because it’s summer.

Also, there was another flavour that we hinted at in the video but didn’t talk about much: the Perilla Leaves flavour, which was…interesting. You can see us talk about it more in the bloopers/deleted scenes below:

And, lastly, you should click on this pretty button here to see us geek out over more Korean food in the future. Also, I know we haven’t done a FAPFAP in a while, but we’ve just filmed one recently, and it’ll go up next week, plus we have another big road trip planned for the end of August. Yeah!



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