So if you remember a little while back Simon had a lonely ice cream FAPFAP…actually a STANK – aka SAD TIME ADVENTURE NOW KOREA – that he went on while I was in Canada. Even though I shouldn’t laugh, when I watch that video with all its epic failing I laugh really hard. If you haven’t seen Simon’s STANK check it out here and laugh at…I mean, with, him.

The reason I bring up his STANK is because he went for gelato at Gelati Gelati and after that he tried to go for ice cream at Fell + Cole. Unfortunately, it was closed down and Simon was devastated. Well, turns out they were moving locations AND opening up a second location in Apgujeong. So a couple months ago we stumbled upon them re-opening in the Hongdae area, just a few minutes away from their old location, and after visiting several times – purely for scientific testing of the ice cream, of course – we decided it was time to take you guise to Fell + Cole!

Okay, so, yeah…this is some of the best ice cream we’ve actually ever had, ever. Not just in Korea, though. Like, the best ever. What’s amazing about it is that they make their ice cream daily and use fresh ingredients, AND they do it all in small batches, so visiting them in the afternoon could score you a flavour not available at night. Today we missed out on Drunken Salted Watermelon Sorbet because it was sold out by 5:00pm AND my all time favourite flavour, Grapefruit Champagne Sorbet was also gone. *SOBS* But isn’t there something great about not being able to always get what you want? I think knowing that the flavours are always changing makes it such an adventure, and I LOVE surprises and adventures! Even the day that we went to film I wasn’t sure what they’d have to offer and we were happily surprised with very unique Korea-oriented flavours. Normally I would go straight for a sorbet since I prefer lemon/lime/raspberry kind of flavours but I wanted to show you flavours that you probably can’t get in your home country. Nevermind, you can’t really get it IN Korea!

Besides having a totally awesome selection of flavours, the ice cream itself is made with natural ingredients and you can seriously taste the difference. It doesn’t have an overwhelmingly sweet taste or weird leftover flavour, and because it’s so rich you seriously can’t eat more than a cup, unless you’re Simon or my mom because she seriously loves ice cream. Hi mooommmmm! If you come back to visit me in Korea we must visit this place together!

Getting to Fell + Cole is a little complicated because it’s down a back alley. There are two different locations but we go to the Hongdae Main Store. Here is the simplest way to that store:

1. Go to Sangsu Station (line 6) and take Exit 1 and just walk straight.
2. Turn right on your first street, it’s not a big main road, it’s just a side street.
3. The street will split left and right but just stick right and you’ll hit Fell + Cole in a few minutes.

It’s about a 10 minute walk from Sangsu Station, not that far at all! I’ve also included the business card with their little map, and check out their facebook page to find out the flavour of the day.


So, yes, this FAPFAP isn’t necessarily Korean food related, but it’s summer and hot as hell, so we used this as an excuse. The thought of eating hot soups at the moment is just stifling, so…ICE CREAM! We were actually about to film another video today and thought “hey, what kind of OTHER ice cream should we eat” but I’m worried we’re just going to over-indulge in it just because it’s summer.

Also, there was another flavour that we hinted at in the video but didn’t talk about much: the Perilla Leaves flavour, which was…interesting. You can see us talk about it more in the bloopers/deleted scenes below:


And, lastly, you should click on this pretty button here to see us geek out over more Korean food in the future. Also, I know we haven’t done a FAPFAP in a while, but we’ve just filmed one recently, and it’ll go up next week, plus we have another big road trip planned for the end of August. Yeah!

  1. Uuh! Ice cream, my true desire. wonder will I find ones like in italy or finland there. by that I mean not that sweet, but with a a lot of taste (: anyway, I bet there are good ones that’ll make my day after ten secs it takes ingesting ‘em. And umm, since I’m loving both coffee and ice cream, which might get heavy on my wallet. Can you actually get big portions of good ice cream or decent fill ups for espresso/filter coffee machines from a local grocery store? wonderful performance, once again :D

  2. To find Fell & Cole, I just plugged in “Fell + Cole 아이스크림 near Hongdae, South Korea” to Google Maps, and it got me the directions. I also remember reading somewhere that Korea has an uber-mapping project going on where they give ground-level walking directions to anywhere there’s a street or foot path, including parks. Wish I could remember the name of the app…anyway, if Leigh or SooZee knows it, that would be an even better nav aid.

  3. I love that this post is tagged as Hyuna lol!

    Ice cream, ice cream. I’ll melt you down like ice cream, ahh~*! :P


  4. I’ve had the opportunity to eat gastronomic ice cream cause here in venezuela there is a ice cream shop which is called “Heladeria coromoto” and it holds a record guinness of having around 1000 flavors.. of course they are not available everyday, around 80 to 100 flavors are available each day.. the ice cream is really delicious and they have some really bizarre flavors! like avocado, spaghetti with parmesan cheese, black bean, roses, beer, and lots of other flavors~ ^^

  5. There’s an icecream place in San Francisco called Humphry Slocombe that produces the same type of icecream. Fell + Cole is actually based off of Humphry Slocombe and there was controversy over the owner of Fell + Cole copying some flavors and naming them the same name like Jesus Juice.

  6. Just sitting here, watching this video and chortling to myself at the fact that Martina was singing “Les Poissons” from The Little Mermaid to the tune of “Gaston” from Beauty & The Beast; both ultimate Disney favourites of mine. Oh, you guise make my day…

    On a more relevant note, however – Simon, you look so ultra super duper happy to have your lovely wifeu on your arm this ice creamventure time. It’s heartwarming to see. :’)

  7. Thank you for another great FAPFAP! :)


  8. An I the only one who noticed the new location of that place was the Tardis???? Anyone? C’mon…

  9. My eyes were focused first on the ice cream and closely following was the editing.
    I would gladly sit and watch [like a creep] you two, Simon and Martina, and in this videos case, Leigh, as you edit. It had clean cuts, great angle variety, loved the complete soundtrack—and side note on that, I think it was around the 1:49 mark that a particular music came in, which I feel like I haven’t heard in a while. Did that make sense? Point in case, it felt nostalgic if that is possible. Yes…
    I’ve been paying more and more attention to how people edit their videos. I am wanting to do videos in the future, soooo watching your videos gives provides great ideas. Of course, I must figure out how this magic is done. Horray for tech adventures!

    Hmm, ice cream. =)

  10. Hey guise did you know who also LOVES Fell+Cole??~
    This was taken early June. Apparently Dara thinks they have the best ice cream in Korea as well because she took her friends Aimee Lucas, Marshall Bang and Riley Tolett there.. :D

  11. This is totally random, but HELP ME! I have to teach one lesson to a couple of middle school aged girls and any teaching tips are very appreciated! Also, I get really really really nervous when public speaking (I’m too quiet), any tips on that are also appreciated :) I’m sorry for being off topic but I thought since Simon and Martina were teachers that posting this here would help.

    By the way, LOVE this FAPFAP:) I like ice cream, enough said.

  12. Omg, Martina your clothes and your hair style reminded me of TBM’s Chibi! You look so cute.

  13. You seem like cool people to hang out with :) If I move to Korea; will you be my friends? :D

  14. I love your glasses Martina :D

  15. It’s funny you chose this particular FAPFAP, as I was just hired at a Gelatoria.
    New job means taste test everything right?… FOR SCIENCE!!!!! XP

  16. How much was the ice-cream? I’d like to go there now that I’m in Korea for 1 month!

  17. I’m an adult! You can’t buy me hot dog man!

  18. Simon, when you have a pretty girl on your arm, you aren’t supposed to take off and leave her behind. Male Fail!

  19. I’ll be in Seoul in a couple of week so will have to check it out. I found it on Google maps for those of you that wanna go check it out

  20. I really wish they had shops like this in the states. WHY AREN’T THERE THINGS LIKE THIS. Basil ice cream? That sounds so cool!

  21. awesome post/video review – read abt it on Serious Eats. (Other interesting spots include Molly’s Pops & Schneeballen)

    will you guys do a korean fried chicken showdown? (makes me hungry thinking abt it!)

  22. The STANK was the funniest WANK.

  23. Maybe I missed it, but how much?
    It looks amazing but is it expensive?

    • I was curious about this, too. I plan on attempting to find this place this weekend, and if I make it, I’ll post the pricing range for everyone else ^^

      • I did a little research online which made things a little bit more confusing because of the change in locations. However it looks to be around ₩4000 for a small tub like the ones featured in the video. But it would be a useful piece of information for budget travellers.

  24. Ah, you two make me laugh so much!!

  25. Oooh, I wish I could try some of these unusual flavors!
    Wanna hear something funny? At work I can eat ice-cream for free (I sell them). Mwahhaha, haha HA! XD I love ice-cream. But the weird thing is that when you’re working in such place, all these ice-cream wonders are not that tempting anymore. Btw, Hyuna’s video should be in the playlist too ;)


  27. This place reminds me a lot of Capogiro’s in Philadelphia. It is technically gelato and does similar things, where they rotate the flavors all the time. AND they even have a Basil Ice Cream which is awesome. I always mention it and people get super freaked out, but basil is closely related to mint, so it isn’t too crazy.

  28. Martina I want your ring. Scratch that I want all of your jewelry. GIVE IT TO ME /grabby hands

  29. Man, that ice cream looks delish! I want to start up a coffee shop with a big tv that plays kpop songs periodically. ^^ Then I can sell great coffee, muffins, cookies, and maybe ice cream too. hehe.

  30. Love how you guise tagged the blog post under “Hyuna” XD

  31. Martina’s nails!! Ever since singapore, do you mind putting up a tutorial, that is if you don’t have them done at a salon/nail bar, they are so cool!

  32. Hey Simon and Martina! I have a good suggestion! Maybe you should do a video (Wonderful Adventure Korea etc.) on the Korean art scene. There is a new budding artist named Shin KwangHo. He was named by Saatchi online gallery as one of “One to Watch”. Here is a Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shin_KwangHo His works are currently on exhibition at the Bien gallery!

  33. It really does make my day when the Eddie Murphy/Dave Chappelle/etc references come out in your videos. Too good.

  34. So its 2:00 Am in the morning, I just watched this and went down stairs and ate nearly half a tub of ice cream,……so yeah thanks for that guys XD

  35. I’m the only one who saw that this post is tagged with Hyuna?

  36. OMG guise! Aimee Lee Lucas and Sandara Park went there 2 months ago! hehe I immediately thought of this photo when I saw your video! :) (Ah hope the link works) http://instagram.com/p/aNZdtfBEp-/#

  37. As usual, you guys are adorable, and you’ve found something delicious. Hopefully I go travelling all around the world one day, and I make it to this place so I can try all their delicious flavours.

  38. I’m asking a irrelevant question here: Have you guys found a new place to live yet?

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