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WTF – Female Lap Pillow

July 26, 2014


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I don’t think I’ve ever felt so awkward doing a WTF video before. I mean, we’ve done some embarrassing things before, like Martina’s WTF Umbrella Hat video, but this gently crosses over into the line of the perverted, and I’m not sure if I can comfortably play around with something like this without being a bit creeped out and just uncomfortable.

I mean, is this product built for anything but lonely bachelors? I really hope I’m not being too judgmental. Please let me know if I’m wrong and help me see this in a different light! I read a description of it online that says it’s supposed to give you the comfort of a mother, or something, of when you can rest your head in someone’s lap lovingly, but then…why the mini-skirt and white undies? I didn’t even talk about them in the video, but it has underwear! UNDERWEAR! WHYYYYY???!!

Even the animals don’t like it. We wanted to get a shot of Spudgy and Meemers going “Oh Bertha!” the way they go “Oh Beshal!” for the Forever Alone Boyfriend Pillow. They love Beshal. They snuggle with him daily. But none of them is going anywhere near Bertha.

Question: if you’re into dudes you snuggle the chest and arm. If you’re into girls you snuggle the crotch and legs. Who, then, snuggles the head? And, more importantly, where can I buy this head and snuggle with it? Also important to note, I’m not sure what guests are going to think of us when they come to our place and see so many fragmented body pieces in stuffed pillow format and how we’re going to explain it to them:

It's not mine

Anyhow, if you want to get this pillow for a friend – not for yourself, of course, but for a friend! Honestly! – then you can pick one up on Gmarket here. One thing I’d like you to notice about the Gmarket page, though: usually, when you want to buy something off Gmarket, you see the item with lots of pictures of it and it explains all the uses and functions and whatnot. This item, though: nothing. No description needed. Extra pictures would be unwanted. Just…you know more than enough just by looking at it. Ha!

Ok, we’re heading back to Narcon for day 2 of our festivities today! If any of you were with us yesterday, we hope you liked our cosplay. Ha! We had a lot of fun. We should be posting a video of our funtimes soon, so click on the pretty button below right here so that you don’t miss out on any of our videos. Yay!



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