I don’t think I’ve ever felt so awkward doing a WTF video before. I mean, we’ve done some embarrassing things before, like Martina’s WTF Umbrella Hat video, but this gently crosses over into the line of the perverted, and I’m not sure if I can comfortably play around with something like this without being a bit creeped out and just uncomfortable.

I mean, is this product built for anything but lonely bachelors? I really hope I’m not being too judgmental. Please let me know if I’m wrong and help me see this in a different light! I read a description of it online that says it’s supposed to give you the comfort of a mother, or something, of when you can rest your head in someone’s lap lovingly, but then…why the mini-skirt and white undies? I didn’t even talk about them in the video, but it has underwear! UNDERWEAR! WHYYYYY???!!

Even the animals don’t like it. We wanted to get a shot of Spudgy and Meemers going “Oh Bertha!” the way they go “Oh Beshal!” for the Forever Alone Boyfriend Pillow. They love Beshal. They snuggle with him daily. But none of them is going anywhere near Bertha.

Question: if you’re into dudes you snuggle the chest and arm. If you’re into girls you snuggle the crotch and legs. Who, then, snuggles the head? And, more importantly, where can I buy this head and snuggle with it? Also important to note, I’m not sure what guests are going to think of us when they come to our place and see so many fragmented body pieces in stuffed pillow format and how we’re going to explain it to them:

It's not mine

Anyhow, if you want to get this pillow for a friend – not for yourself, of course, but for a friend! Honestly! – then you can pick one up on Gmarket here. One thing I’d like you to notice about the Gmarket page, though: usually, when you want to buy something off Gmarket, you see the item with lots of pictures of it and it explains all the uses and functions and whatnot. This item, though: nothing. No description needed. Extra pictures would be unwanted. Just…you know more than enough just by looking at it. Ha!

Ok, we’re heading back to Narcon for day 2 of our festivities today! If any of you were with us yesterday, we hope you liked our cosplay. Ha! We had a lot of fun. We should be posting a video of our funtimes soon, so click on the pretty button below right here so that you don’t miss out on any of our videos. Yay!

  1. Um, ah, er, so I should let you know, I watch your videos with the subtitles on pretty often and I discovered an amusing but unfortunate typo within them. At 3:09, did you know you say “I could wrap my whore arm around your thigh”? >.> just so you know.

  2. I am going to create a monster with this and the boyfriend pillow.

  3. For the legs, Bertha. For the torso, Beshal. For the head, this: http://www.kropserkel.com/Images/horsehead%20(9).jpg

  4. Hahaha, oh dear, poor Simon! That Bertha, she is guiding poor innocent men (and some women and penguins) to become pervy. You must have felt so uncomfortable! But hey, do I see a love triangle here between Penguin, Bertha and Beshal?

  5. OMG The ending with the penguin…made me laugh so hard it hurts!!! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard from one of your videos before! Simon, I hope Martina forgives you! ;)

  6. BWAHAHAHA. I feel like I’ve actually seen that before though! That’s so funny though. Poor Simon!

  7. Oh man! I took a trip to Japan back in 2006 and saw a display of not just these exact leg pillows, but also the boob pillows to go along with it!


  8. Maybe you guys could attach Beshal to Bertha and have one nearly complete pillow person? I can see how a pillow with a dip in the center could be comfortable from different angles (so her thighs), but the rest of it… it’s pretty weird. I mean, I can even see why people would want a Beshal- that kind of pillow set up is nice! I stack my pillows in an ‘L’ and sleep in the corner.

    But yea… this thing, haha. Too bad the animals weren’t even into it!

  9. Oh Simon, you start which such a humdinger that there is nowhere else to go but downhill quickly – LOL! Maybe it has panties because it is not anatomically correct underneath? Or perhaps a too-well-placed seam? For Mimbari so that your head is always at an angle? ;) Those “feet” look more like thrusting handles to me. No matter WHAT the culture of sleeping on a woman’s lap (my husband sleeps on mine once in a while on the couch and vice versa), that is still creepy-tastic! It’s the disembody-ment that is the weirdest, I mean, in some ways, even a blowup doll is less creepy because at least it has a head/face….or maybe that complicates things for some people…..ewwww, I have to stop thinking about this…….X[ Please, don’t do more of these, it really crossed that ironic/funny/naughty-perversion line into creepy-perversion, even more so because you felt it AND you said it out loud.

    I can’t tell if it was the discomfort or what, but the video seemed really jumpy – kind of worked with the topic though. Martina’s entrance and exclamation could have been more……dramatic/longer/something – seemed kind of like an afterthought of phoning it in. But Penguin rocked!

    At least Beshal pretends to be a pillow. Bertha, no pretense at all…….

    Cyber_3 – intensely interested in the uni-Spudgy bag……….

  10. I’d think boobies would be more comfortable than a lap…. NEXT TIME!! : D

  11. If you want a girlfriend with good legs and you can’t find one you already know what to buy!!!!


  13. I was laughing so hard throughout the entire video that my sweet cat came up to me to see if I was ok, and then bit the crap out of my neck to get me to stop. Worth it.

  14. it had underwear too? boy i must’ve been blind cause i thought it was a naked crotch the whole time. i don’t know, having to buy smth like that is a sad situation…i think a cushion in the form of an ‘L’ maybe would have been less creepy.

  15. I’ve seen this product on the Ellen show and… yeah I don’t know what to think of it…

    Actually I’ve got a question for men (or women) who are or were in a relationship:

    Men/Women, do you find lying on your lady’s lap really comfortable, or is it the upper chest region that’ s more comfortable?

  16. There is another listing for this where an awkward tween is modeling the pillow. She looks very out of place.

  17. I saw this item online before, but not sure where. When I saw the caption of this WTF, I already knew its going to be hilarious, haha! I wish Martina were there, she would have said something funny about this product.

  18. Oh why did you have to name it Bertha?! That was my great-grandmother’s name. So not right :/

    I think you should leave Beshal and (oh god why) Bertha alone in the get naked room and see if they make little inappropriate cushion babies…

  19. This reminded me of something I stumbled upon a while ago. The lap pillow is rather harmless in comparison. Apparently they make full body pillows with life-like breasts and butts.

  20. Lmao! Cookie blanket!!!!! Oh I laughed so much with this video. Sorry to say this but your discomfort makes for great youtubes Simon. >_< I hope yall are having a great trip, also you both look freaking precious and awesome in your Ouran uniforms!!!!!

  21. Hahaha oh poor Simon! I almost felt bad for you for having to shoot this on your own. Almost. Because it was hilarious.
    You know, I would have imagined the female equivalent of Beshal to be a torso with big, soft boobies to snuggle into. Maybe the manufacturers thought THAT would be too perverted. Because a crotch barely covered by a mini skirt is much less risqué…?

  22. With Bertha and Beshal you could make some Frankenstein monster to haunt the studio…

  23. Is it bad that when I saw Beshal and Bertha, I thought it might be an idea to sew them together? Then maybe wait till Gmarket stocks some head pillows…..

  24. So this link describes the product you used. It actually is still popular even today oh yeah the skirt comes in red and black there is even a maid version of this too. Yeah except without a skirt it just has a lacy apron and knee high socks. No joke! http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/3751417/
    The description of this is uber creepy too!

    “Missing that special someone? Longing for the feeling of comfort and warmth you only from a woman’s lap? Maybe you just want to take a nap and need a pillow? Shaped just like a beautiful woman’s lap, kneeling in Japanese-style, the Hizamakura “Lap Pillow” gives the best re-creation available, complete with your choice of a red or black skirt to top it off. Hizamakura is soft and elastic to the touch, and perfectly suited to lying your head on.”

  25. Hilariously funny…never seen you so awkward before… but the end..WHY? LOL!
    I think Penguin is the pervy one there…LOL

  26. Thanks for the disclaimer, Simon. We were watching it as a family after dinner and I didn’t want things to get awkward haha

  27. Fun but awkward video, there sure are some weird things you can buy. Your cosplay and Q&A yesterday was great even though it was a bit sweaty =D

  28. Hahahahaha, hilarious, who comes up with something like that! G-Market is really the WTF paradise! I think I wouldn’t be able to feel asleep because of awkwardness :)

  29. lmfao the fact you called it bertha it makes me think of my little old grandmother!!! i gotta show her this lol!

  30. Was the video overblown on purpose to hide her cookie?
    Maybe ‘overblown’ was not the correct choice of words…

  31. I’m surprised that I didn’t crack up while watching this. But with the red skirt, all I thought about was the dancers in U-KISS’s ‘Quit Playin’… Apparently Taeil from Block B also has one of these pillows. Though I have a question: why didn’t they just give her like shorts instead of a miniskirt?

  32. Teil from Block B has this pillow!! OMG,I can’t believe you guys found it just now
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSpGi43sQ58 skip to 1:14

  33. See what you should do is sew Bertha to Bashal, and then you’ll have…well, an even creepier pillow probably…

  34. I thought that was going to be some sort of fleshlight meets anime body pillow.

    My mind is a dirty dirty place.

  35. Hmm.. Imagine trying to explain that to… anyone! XD

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