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Final Fantasy Cup Noodles

Final Fantasy Cup Noodles

Hey does this count as a WTF or a FAPFAP? I’m not sure. It’s not really too focused on the food. It’s more focused on the novelty of the item and my having fun with it. And we’ve done WTF videos on food we found bizarre, like the Army Rations, for example. So I think this might be a Wonderful Treasure Find video, no? In that case, let’s all welcome the return of Wonderful Treasure Finds! When the next episode will air, I’m not sure, because we didn’t really plan on this being a WTF, but it is it seems.

Doing a video on Final Fantasy Cup Noodles is pretty late as well, as these came out a few months ago. We just got them today because Martina was on Amazon looking for a new blender since our old blender broke, and then she stumbled into the sale section because as soon as you get her on Amazon she’ll wander there for a couple of hours looking for things that we might need for the house but don’t necessarily need pressingly, and she found the noodle set ON SALE. The whole thing was roughly 20 bucks or so, and so HELL YEAH we bought it. It’s Final Fantasy! I love Final Fantasy! And I don’t get a chance to nerd out over stuff as much as Martina does here in Japan, with the Sailor Moon cafe and all the cute stuff she loves, this was my chance to be thrilled. I wanted to say “enthrilled,” but I thought people might think I meant to say enthralled, and that’s not the case. I have been made thrilled: enthrilled. It’s a new word and I like it.

As for the Noodles themselves, a couple of things impressed me: one, they look just like the Cup Noodles in Final Fantasy XV. It’s quite impressive how they look the same. I felt a lot happier eating them because I loved Final Fantasy XV so much. Second thing: the Cup Noodles actually tasted a lot better than expected. I remember having Cup Noodles as a kid and not really loving them, but they’ve scienced some new flavours into them now and they’re really quite impressive. I have no idea what those beef cubes are but they’re tasty. The shrimp still tastes like shrimp I remember from other instant ramen, and the yellow puff thing is just confusing and doesn’t add a lot to the table, but the noodles themselves are actually quite yummy, too. That is, when you cook them right. They’re not too great when they’re undercooked. When they’re cooked, they have just the right sensation for maximum slurpability, and it makes me wonder if Nissen has different noodle prototypes that they test out in the lab and make people rate according to slurpability. Because the noodles are light it’s easier to pull them up. If your noodles are too heavy it’s a lot more work. But if they’re too thin in an attempt to be light then they can lose flavour and become mushy very quickly. But not these. They got just the right combination for slurpability.

From a Final Fantasy fan perspective, this was really enjoyable to open. Seeing all the bosses at once brought back a lot of memories. Except for Final Fantasy 12 which I played and loved the mechanics of but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the storyline at all. It was weird at the time, and this was before I cared terribly about narrative, and so I’m sure now it’ll be even worse. But for the rest of the Final Fantasy games, I really enjoyed this. Except for Final Fantasy 13 which is the worst ever ever EVER I HATED IT SO MUCH.

Ok, I don’t want this to devolve back into a Final Fantasy talk for me. If you’re a fan of the franchise, let me know which one was your favourite and why, and I’ll pick one and mail out one of these Cup Noodles to you, because I want to share the joy that I felt with this. We’ve actually washed out the cups and kept them. They look really cool. I hope they don’t deteriorate anytime soon. I hope you like them as well if we send you one!

Otherwise, we’ve got some extra scenes if you’re in the mood for more nerdy talk and uncomfortable amounts of excitement. Yay!