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Eatyourkimchi Five Year Anniversary

May 30, 2013


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Five years ago, on May 30th, we moved to Korea. We arrived in Bucheon, to our first apartment, right beside central park. Our co-teachers showed us our new place, told us some basics about our schedule, and then left us so we can rest from our flight. We unpacked for a little bit, and then went out right away to start exploring the area. We looked for restaurants to eat in, but we didn’t know how to read Korean at the time, so we kept on looking for pictures until we found something that we recognized from the Korean food we ate back in Toronto. Eventually we stumbled upon a Soondubu Jigae restaurant, which had an English menu, and we ordered two bowls for ourselves. We pulled out our small point and shoot camera, which had video recording function as well, and shot our first video.

We haven’t stopped filming since.

Things have changed a lot since then. We adopted a dog and dyed him green, then blue. We taught for 2-3 years, then stopped teaching so we could focus on our videos. We moved to another apartment in Bucheon. We got a kitten who has his PhD. We moved to our third apartment, this time in Seoul, set up an official business, raised money to open our studio, expanded the EYK Crew, started filming interviews with musicians, started travelling to different countries, and we got the chance to meet face to face with some of the Nasties!

Out of all the things that are happening, we’re always happiest that we found a lovely community of people who watch our videos with us, leave comments, and chat with us. Talking with you guise and seeing your support over the years – even when we mess up and say or do dumb things – really keeps us going. We’ve been doing this for five years because of you, and will keep on doing this as long as you’re there with us. Don’t ever think that we take you for granted, if you’re a new viewer or if you’ve been watching for a long time, you’re the most important part of our driving force. Every video we put out has a different goal. We make some videos to make you laugh, we go to locations that we think you’ll find fasinating, we make videos that we hope can be helpful, and we wait excitedly to see the comments and reactions that come in after every video, picture, and blog post. So thank you for all your interactions, support, and Nastiness.

Also, if you like the AMAZING MUSIC we used for this video, you can thank Glen Check. We used the song “Concorde” off their 1집 Haute Couture album.

1집 Haute Couture

We are on good terms with SoundHolic Music in Korea, which likes the idea of us promoting their music, so they let us use some of their tracks. That’s pretty fantastic because Glen Check is one of our big favorites in Korea! We have all their albums!!! Totally awesome! If you want to hear more of Glen Check (and other bands we love and have reviewed before) check out SoundHolic’s YouTube page, their Sound Cloud, and their Facebook.



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