Five years ago, on May 30th, we moved to Korea. We arrived in Bucheon, to our first apartment, right beside central park. Our co-teachers showed us our new place, told us some basics about our schedule, and then left us so we can rest from our flight. We unpacked for a little bit, and then went out right away to start exploring the area. We looked for restaurants to eat in, but we didn’t know how to read Korean at the time, so we kept on looking for pictures until we found something that we recognized from the Korean food we ate back in Toronto. Eventually we stumbled upon a Soondubu Jigae restaurant, which had an English menu, and we ordered two bowls for ourselves. We pulled out our small point and shoot camera, which had video recording function as well, and shot our first video.


We haven’t stopped filming since.

Things have changed a lot since then. We adopted a dog and dyed him green, then blue. We taught for 2-3 years, then stopped teaching so we could focus on our videos. We moved to another apartment in Bucheon. We got a kitten who has his PhD. We moved to our third apartment, this time in Seoul, set up an official business, raised money to open our studio, expanded the EYK Crew, started filming interviews with musicians, started travelling to different countries, and we got the chance to meet face to face with some of the Nasties!

Out of all the things that are happening, we’re always happiest that we found a lovely community of people who watch our videos with us, leave comments, and chat with us. Talking with you guise and seeing your support over the years – even when we mess up and say or do dumb things – really keeps us going. We’ve been doing this for five years because of you, and will keep on doing this as long as you’re there with us. Don’t ever think that we take you for granted, if you’re a new viewer or if you’ve been watching for a long time, you’re the most important part of our driving force. Every video we put out has a different goal. We make some videos to make you laugh, we go to locations that we think you’ll find fasinating, we make videos that we hope can be helpful, and we wait excitedly to see the comments and reactions that come in after every video, picture, and blog post. So thank you for all your interactions, support, and Nastiness.

Also, if you like the AMAZING MUSIC we used for this video, you can thank Glen Check. We used the song “Concorde” off their 1집 Haute Couture album.

1집 Haute Couture

We are on good terms with SoundHolic Music in Korea, which likes the idea of us promoting their music, so they let us use some of their tracks. That’s pretty fantastic because Glen Check is one of our big favorites in Korea! We have all their albums!!! Totally awesome! If you want to hear more of Glen Check (and other bands we love and have reviewed before) check out SoundHolic’s YouTube page, their Sound Cloud, and their Facebook.

  1. You guys have set the standard that the only kind of relationship I want with a significant other is if it’s as sweet and awesome and fun and yours. :) <3

  2. I just found you guys tonight. Which is awesome, because this post is really helpful for catching up on your adventures! It’s my dream come true- two amazing, friendly people sharing the wonders and mysteries of another culture in a way that no other source has really done before. I’m also studying to be a teacher so it’s cool that you taught for a while. Thanks for existing!!

  3. I’ve got water in my eyes now ;_;


  4. Happy 5th anniversary! Thanks for all the fun W.A.N.Ks, F.A.P.F.A.Ps, and TL;DRs :D

  5. Gemma Deacon

    Aaaa my feels! So many nostalgia feels! Even if it was just 3 years ago I started watching. But you can get nostalgia feels in 3 years right? I remember watching back when you were living at an officetel, the WTFs, the early music mondays. It’s so fun and awe-inspiring seeing how far you have come in such a short space of time. I hope you continue to grow in the future! /)*3*(

  6. Awww… Congratulations on 5yrs and may there be heaps load too come ^=^! Btw I’m a longtime follower but a newb at tech and social media and I just recently figured out posting comments and I think I got a bit too excited on the past posts I’m catching up to ^^’

    I remember seeing you guise first when I was watching running man (still remember your reactions to that mystery sauce, as a daughter of a retired caterer and still awesome cook all around, I was cringing at what they were doing to that sauce ~~’ *shudder*)

    Then later on I don’t remember exactly what I was looking for but then I saw one of your videos on a how to something but I know it was about food for sure and then it was kpop! And from there I got into this universe of kpop kfood and nasties with people that I can relate to… I grew up with Sailormoon cartoons too! With a lot more animes like Dragon Ball, Voltes 5, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakusho and a lot more in the mix!

    I love how you gave honest opinions about the kpop songs and videos because I gotta admit I am associated with a fangurilla who did intro me to kpop in the first place, so I must not judge too harshly, and I swear most of the time I will also make fun of it and I would get frustrated with their engrish

    Anyways, what I’m trying to say is thank you as well for continuing to entertain us with your quirky jokes, honest opinions and nuggets of wisdom!

  7. Awww… Congratulations on 5yrs and may there be heaps load too come ^=^! Hi I’m a long time follower but just recently getting the hang of posting comments so I think I’m getting too excited with the past post I’m catching up on ^^’

    I remember seeing you guise first when I was watching running man (still remember your reactions to that mystery sauce, as a daughter of a retired caterer and still awesome cook all around, I was cringing at what they were doing to that sauce ~~’ *shudder*)

    Then later on I don’t remember exactly what I was looking for but then I saw one of your videos on a how to something but I know it was about food for sure and then it was kpop! And from there I got into this universe of kpop kfood and nasties with people that I can relate to… I grew up with Sailormoon cartoons too! With a lot more animes like Dragon Ball, Voltes 5, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakusho and a lot more in the mix!
    I love how you gave honest opinions about the kpop songs and videos because I gotta admit I am associated with a fangurilla who did intro me to kpop in the first place, so I must not judge too harshly, and I swear most of the time I will also make fun of it and I would get frustrated with their engrish as well ><" oh and also luv that you guise intro me to k-indie songs coz they're awesome! Right now I'm still into IdioTape and Moofbooty and my friends be like 'this song is awesome, who this?' (And yes we make fun of our engrish as well) and I got a friend to be an avid follower of yours… Woah this getting long…
    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is thank you as well for continuing to entertain us with your quirky jokes, honest opinions and nuggets of wisdom!

  8. I love you guise!! Thank you for all your hard work these past 5 years!! There are no amount of words that can describe how much you mean to us Nasties :’) Every time I watch you guise I always have a smile on my face :) If i’m having a bad day I always go to your website ’cause I know it will make me feel better to see you guise so lively and happy and I manage to get that smile on my face all the time ^^ Happy EYK Anniversary!! :D

  9. I remember watching how to dance k-pop style 2009… man I miss dramatic reading of engrish!
    WTF and How to Dance K-pop Style are the segments I miss most!

    Ahh… #1 BEG Abracadabra… 2013 Gentleman?
    same dance… dance inception!


    you are a part of my nasty life nasties love you

    feliz aniversario happy happy! do not rank my English here

    Glen Check YES

  11. Happy 5th Anniversary!!!! I may only be a Nasty for a few months (my first song was “i wish” from ft island <3) but I have almost watched every single video of yours. It´s difficult to find friends who are as obsessed with Korean music as I am. (because in Europe K-Pop isn´t really well known, except for Psy of course) And sometimes you want to share your opinion on a song or want to know the opinion of another person, which proves to be quite difficult, if all of your friends listen to mainstream music… Therefore I am really grateful to both of you. Even though I don´t know every single song you review, it´s still fun to watch it. I especially love the ft island (obviously), Big Bang/ G-Dragon, and 2ne1 Music Mondays. Keep it up.

  12. FIVE YEARS!!! Holy smokes guys.
    If that’s the case…..I’ve been here about three or four years of those five. :D

  13. When I got to this “We haven’t stopped filming since.” I was already emotional… like T^T

    I love every word you said, it’s honest and meaningful. Thank you guise for being yourself all the time, for respecting different ideas and points of view, for let us to get to know you better. It’s not easy to open your family to complete strangers, you know?
    I started watching you back in 2009 and I didn’t understand much of it at first but I fell in love with the way you were: a little geeky, a little crazy but specially that unique sense of humor that made you my favourite videos to watch and re-watch sometimes all night, laughing at Simon’s jokes or Martina’s funny faces.
    I really appreciate everything you do, it’s hard work but you make it fun and I think it’s admirable that you’re doing something you love and have fun doing so at the same time… not all people have that much luck. You made it this far by being yourself, I think that’s the key of everything in life. Yeah maybe some people don’t like you but you know what? That tells you you’re doing ok. Like Kurt Cobain said “I rather be hated for who I am than loved by something I’m not” or something like that xD
    I dunno… my motto is always being yourself… except if you’re batman, then be batman xD
    Anyways, guise… All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS and let’s make it 5 years more, ok? Naties are here to salute you and support you!

    I love you, guys, the EYK crew… no, better the EYK family <3

  14. First off, I want to thank you guys for nurturing my love of my K-Pop and Korean culture. You weren’t my first exposure to the lovely world of Korea (MNet America has that right XD), but it was you guys that really got me going on the path to becoming a real lover of Korea :D From the first Music Monday I saw (BILASA!!’s Baby I’m Sorry), I was hooked!! You guys were hilarious and if it wasn’t for that video, my loves of the K-Pop would have just been another phase I was going through. I honestly wish you guys were start that EatYourSushi website and start doing J-Pop reviews; there’s so much good J-Pop out there, but I don’t know where to start and y’all were my guiding light into K-Pop, so… *cute adorable adorable eyes that you cannot say no too* Please :3

    *ahem* I also want to say thanks for just being awesomely humble and so loving to each other. In today’s world where famous celebs act like gods and marriage is in such a horrible position, it’s nice to see such a bright light that says, “NO!!! NOT ALL CELEBRITIES ARE GRUMPY, AND NOT ALL MARRIAGES ARE TERRIBLE!!! LOOK AT US!!! LOOK AT US!!! DO YOU SEE US BEING GRUMPY?!?!!? NO!!!” You guys definitely deserve all the subscribers and all the views and all the love (hell, I think you guys need moar, because you’re just that awesome XD) :D So… OOOHHHHHH~ YOU SO NASTEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  15. Made me kind of sad but in a happy way… nostalgia :)

  16. I’ve been a fan for 2 whole years now and I could write an insanely long post about how much your videos mean to me, but I just decided to sum it up in a few words….

  17. You need to interview Glen Check!

  18. That was so cute.

  19. Emilie

    I can’t wait until I find my very own Simon. :3

  20. that was so emotional . i’ve been watching you since 2009 because of super junior and that was a lovely coincidence and since then I was enchanted by your karizma and your funny and personality , I hope more and more for you , u deserver it . excuse my mistakes I am not english speaker I am from saudi arabia , hug and kisses from there

  21. Happy Anniversary! I’m a new nasty and I look forward to many more of your videos. Fighting! ^-^

  22. Its your 5 year anniversary in Korea, and I just got your polaroid in the mail What a great EYK day.

  23. Raine


  24. Best video ever! I will watch this every time I am sad so I can be awesome instead. Great song too. I bought the cd that has this song on it because I wanted to play their song Flashback with my graduation slide show. Unfortunately, I forgot how crazy long it takes to ship things from Asia so I had to choose another song that was available on iTunes. But when the cd came I really loved this one and thought it actually would have been better.

  25. Stephanie Dubuque

    Aww man the feels watching that montage was awesome! So proud of you guys! I wasn’t there right from the get go but I have been following you for over two years and I can’t believe it’s been that long! You guys always make my Mondays and every other day of the week when you put up another video! I don’t know what video it was that lead me to watching one of your teach kpop dance videos and it made me curious so I clicked on the channel and started watching all the videos you had at the time. I miss the WTF videos but I love the KMM, TL;DR, FapFap, and Wanks.
    I think I enjoy watching you guys so much because you aren’t afraid to poke fun at yourselves and are honest, humble, and down to earth. You put your hearts into all that you do and it shows. I can probably type until my fingers fall off but I don’t think anything I put down into words will truly express how touched I am by you guys. I honestly can say I don’t have many people to look to as inspiration but you guys without a doubt are two of the most important role models to me. I might not have much to offer in showing my appreciation but I will continue to follow you for as long as you guys continue doing what you’re doing. So Happy 5th Anniversary and here’s to many many more!

  26. Cyber_3

    Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to write a novel but then my posts end up disjointed and perhaps confusing because I can’t type enough to express myself properly. So here is a little fanmail on your anniversary.

    Dear Simon and Martina,

    I feel myself so lucky and privileged to be just one of the so many people around the world that feel connected to you. Without intending it you have drawn in and created a your own group/society/family of people that all enjoy a lot of the same things and above all, laughing and loving. I guess that we’ve all felt kind of geeky or alone or even misunderstood at times in our adoration of certain things and now you’ve brought us all together so that we can share our common interests and even bits of each other. You’ve even introduced us to many new loves. I don’t think that tourism S. Korea could pay enough money for an ad campaign better than you and I don’t think that you could go for more than a day in any country without someone wanting to hug you. It’s a wonderful thing you have done, are doing, and hopefully will continue to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart which this video just helps to overflow with love and LOLs.

    I started by watching Kpop Music Monday and then branched out to TL;DRs and then on to WANKs and FAPFAPs. I then started making my way through the archives of all the types of videos. Frankly, I am convinced that you could talk about chopped liver and make it sound exciting and hilarious and probably even delicious. I guess that by not watching systematically or sequentially, I must have missed a lot because there are quite a few of clips in the video that I don’t recognize. Feels awesome that there is still so much more for me to watch for the first time. I do watch certain videos again and again, especially when I need a pick-me-up. Any of your videos is pretty much guaranteed laughs. Even weird ones like when you surprised your parents in Canada – I couldn’t help but giggle in anticipation the whole time. You guys film some of the weirdest moments, I mean that in a good way, the stuff that is real and personal and you put yourself out there and its endearing and adorable…..and manly? ;) I also watch all the livechats, even when I miss them live because I appreciate the ridiculous effort and postage paid that it takes to send that fan mail. I am envious of those Nasties, perhaps I will feel that I have something sufficient to say or send that makes it worth the money. In the meantime, I hope my cheap words here can let you know that it’s a great and precious thing that you do and I really appreciate it……..Please don’t stop. We’ll all go one without you someday if we have to, and maybe we’ll even have each other to help manage, but you make our lives so much brighter by being yourselves and bringing us together.

    Cyber_3 – meant this to be funny and somehow it turned out all sappy….ah well, never drink and type :P

    p.s. When I started making dresses in 2009 – I first did a lot of google image searches on the competition and for “Toronto” and “wedding dress” I kept getting the same result of this photo again and again for a “wedding couple” that stayed at The Gladstone in Sept. 2004? I didn’t understand then what the hype was that had lasted 5 years but I recognized you from your photo in your TL;DR for your wedding and then I understood the hype from your story. From the moment it was formalized (or perhaps even before), the internet would know the names and faces of Simon and Martina Stawski – cheers! ^_^v

  27. Happy 5 Year Anniversary Everyone!!!! :3
    It’s already been 5 years and EYK has grown so much since the beginning. Things that may have seemed impossible when EYK first started are starting to come to (like EYK becoming an official business Yay!!). I’m so proud to be a nasty and a part of this community. S&M, your videos gave me a new appreciation for Korea, which I will and am always thankful for. I’ve come to love Korea so much that I’ve already begun making plans to study East Asian Studies in University (this upcoming fall) and spending at least a year for study abroad in Korea(a dream come true!). I hope that, in the future when I do go to Korea, I’ll have the chance to meet you awesome people! I regard you guys as even bigger celebrities that K-Pop Idols (in my eyes XD). Thank-you for all that you’ve done so far in helping people from around the world learn new things about Korea and Korean music. I hope you and EYK continues to prosper and be happy and I will always be a Nasty4Life! Thank-you again! =D

  28. Happy anniversary you guys! We were both celebrating this day! My birthday is on May 30th!

  29. *sniff* Happy Anniversary, Eat Your Kimchi! Thank you for being a major part of my Kpop and Korean Culture education :) While the content of this site IS interesting, what keeps me here AND coming back is the dynamics between the two of you and the rest of your Crew. How awesome is it that I can have almost-daily video dates with fellow dorks and geeks?!

    So happy for you guise and can’t wait to see what you’ll cook up next! :)

  30. Congratulations Simon&Martina~ I haven’t been here since the beginning but I’ve been a NASTEEEH for quite long (3 years if I’m not mistaken) and I have to say that you guys are truly amazing. You bring so much joy to my life and also never fail to bring a smile to my face. It’s such a joy to watch EYK on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays ^^ EAT YOUR KIMCHI COMPLETES MY WEEK AND DOESN’T MAKE IT AS CRAPPY I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. I would tear up right about now but I’m soulless and emotionless so I don’t think it’s going to be possible.

    Back to ahem my congratulations – I remember when I first saw your videos, I thought you were awesome because of the love between you guys and foreigners living and documenting their experiences in Korea and the culture there – HOW AWESOME IS THAT. As I watched more and more of your videos I found out a lot and grew to love you even more. For starters, TORONTO REPRESENT HOLLA. Another thing is how SANE you seemed to me. The only fandom I knew back then were prissy pre-teens who were nearly sasaeng. EYK provided me with a community where I could properly share my thoughts and read other peoples’ real opinions. SO ANOTHER BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU, I PROBABLY WOULD BE FANGIRLING TO NO END, JUST CARING ABOUT HOW IDOLS LOOK.

    So I realized this is getting long and I should probably finish an essay for school but I just have to list one more thing. I love how you guys appreciate EVERYTHING. You’re also not afraid to share your thoughts or speak your mind. You know your own thoughts clearly, your right and your wrong and you stand by your own opinion firmly. I find that I look up to you because your morals are amazing. They’re very sensible to me and hearing them makes me glad because it shows that there is some good in this world, still.

    So ayyyy gurl, if your ever back in Toronto – CAN I BUY YOU A DRAANK? -rolls down my sexy windows-
    Thank you once again for making the amazing videos, cheering up my week, creating a wonderful community, inspiring me and most importantly, for being so nasty <3

  31. wow 5 years huh…I’ve been a Nasty for 4 of those and I have loved every single moment of it…Thank You SIMON AND MARTINA!!! Thank you for taking the time (which is a lot, I’m sure) to shoot, edit and post all these lovely videos and for reading our comments and crazy conversations sometimes…and yes, there will be more and more of these wonderful years for all of us…again, thank you for caring enough about us Nasties to continue with our demands for KMMs, F.A.P.F.A.P.s and W.A.N.K.S and anything else you guys make and we shall fall in love with XD…Congrats!!!!

  32. :’) thank you!!! I really hope to meet you guise one day, so until then keep being nasty!!

  33. KATHyphenTUN

    I made a nasty birthday cake for myself, but I also had the intention for it to be our nasty 5th anniversary cake! I know Simon and Martina got to see it, but I thought I would share it here as well for the rest of the nasty community to enjoy!!
    If you want to see more angles or close ups you can visit my deviantart account here http://puppichu.deviantart.com/gallery/39213906

  34. KATHyphenTUN

    The feels!!! Anyone else get goosebumps?
    Congrats on so many wonderful years!! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead!!!

  35. I remember when I wake up in the morning .. and thought “what a boring life” until I met you … I can not explain, but know that you are there makes me happy, makes me want to go out and live! You inspired me to live in a positive way, and be happy in my own way! You may not know but in times of sadness, boredom, anger, watch your videos makes me forget it all and be happy! One day I hope to meet you guys in Korea (even though my mom says it’s just a dream and will never happen) And Martina one day I will make a clothes collection inspired in you because I think you are VERY stylish! Love U guyzzz ♥_♥ from your Brazilian fan: Me :)

    • Don’t listen to your mum! (well, not about this :P) My mum said when I first became interested in Japan that it was just a phase, I’d grow out of it, or I’d never get there. But you know what? Now I’ve been there 4 times and I’m going again on a six month exchange next year! I studied really hard to make it happen, and it did :) I’m hoping I can go to Korea too and see some of my favorite K-pop bands in concert :) So keep fighting! :D

      • ahahhaaha I know !!! But I still try to show her then videos and tell her that live (or visit) Korea isn’t bad… cuz she’s worry that i would not feel comfortble there…. and when I show her the tl;dr vids she goes like “This two are probably kidnapped and forced to say that Korea is cool…. Imagine if u go there and they kidnap u too… oooh no baby u knot going” hahahaa poor mom and her imagination :)

        • Sandeul Baro

          My mom said that I wouldn’t like it there and maybe I should visit somewhere else before Korea…and I said NOPE! ^^ I really want to go to Korea and see my fave bands, eat their food, go to amusement parks, go to Hongdae, see the EYK Studio (and possibly S&Min public ^^), go to just anywhere there! but shes worried about weird people there and NK blahh blahhh…I told her that there are weird people everywhere you can’t escape that and I also told her that SK doesn’t care about NK, they just go on with their day like normal. Ohhh moms how we love there input :P

        • Daniela Vargas

          :D so see u in Korean … Someday Hhahahahaah’ *-*

        • Sandeul Baro

          YESS! :D

    • Heya. Thank you for writing this. I’m glad our dorky antics have been somewhat inspiring. We’ve always thought that there’s no reason to be bored. Go away. Do something different. There’s a world of opportunities out there. Sure, you might not have the same comforts you’re used to, but it’s comforts that make people bored. Be happy in your own way :D

  36. I’m sooo glad you guys moved to Korea and started making videos. Watching them makes me want to visit and helps people understand that there is soooo much more to South Korea than Kpop and Kdramas. I love you guys and I’m praying for you all. =]

  37. Sheila Muñoz

    5 Years~!! You have go a long way~ and I was here just for a year~ you are awesome!!! keep going and entertaining us with all your videos :DD

  38. Wow guise!

    I’m a newer Nasty (5 months in the Nastiness) who decided to give K-pop a serious look after/during the Gangnam Style craze. Although Psy lead me into K-pop, SHINee lead me to you and your awesome videos. I was watched the SHINee Sherlock video and after my mind was blown at the amazing choreography, in the list of recommended videos there was a picture of a man in a wig and Taemin right beside him with the caption “I see no difference”. So I click on it and watched my first KMM ever. Later in the month I decided to watch that epic review of the song again but this time on the EYK website…then some magic happened and somehow the Shabu Shabu restaurant FAPFAP started playing. I was confused and amazed and drooling at the video…then for the rest of the week I was on Winter break from Grad school I watched EYK vids.

    You two are amazing and an inspiration to all of us Nasties and give us a window into a world many of us would not be able to see or understand otherwise.

    Thank you!

  39. Holy flying mangoes! It’s already been five years?! O_O Time sure does fly by.

  40. Sooooo, I just started watching EYK. And by ‘just started’ I mean watching 13 hours of this stuff non-stop on this past Sunday. I love it! I am not sure if this is where I ask the questions for TL;DR, I am more sure it is not though, but I am going to ask my question: In a Noona-Dongseng relationship which trumps the other – age or sex? If this is not the correct forum for question asking I am open to directions as to where. Great job, Simon and Martina! I am officially a Nasty *said while doing Simon’s head swivel* (as my sister stands in the corner of my room cranking the window)

  41. Even though I only recently became a Nasty (I first watched a video in September of 2012) I really want to thank you two for this site and all your awesome videos.
    I wanted to teach English overseas and I had decided on Asia, but I didn’t know which country I wanted to go to. I watched Simon’s two videos on teaching middle school lessons, which led into watching EYK videos all day! I think I was hooked within 12 hours.
    Now, I’ve been offered a job with EPIK and I should be there in September teaching! You guys made life in Korea seem so awesome that I wanted to experience it. But you also made the prospect of moving to a foreign country where I don’t speak the language or know the culture very well less scary with your insights and your humour.
    We have a lot in common (I’m also from Toronto and an English major) so I related to you and thought “They can do it, I can do it.”
    So, long winded story short, thanks for everything. Keep being awesome.
    Lots of Nasty love from,
    Rachel from Toronto around Bloor/Jane

  42. I LOVE YOU GUISE AND THIS COMMUNITY SO MUCH. Seriously, I’m proud to say I’ve seen all those videos and I can’t wait to continue to watch Simon and Martina and this community grow. Ahh so much nasty love.

  43. Watching all of your anniversary videos, YOU GUISE ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN EVER :3 What are these things falling out of my eyes? Is that water? What’s that, you say they are tears? Why would I be crying, I’m not sad! Are they tears of joy? You guise bring so much happiness and entertainment to my life. I can’t remember what my YouTube life was like before I found you. The two of you introduced me to so many thing Kpop, and I’m so grateful for it. Through some of my darkest days, you two have been that ray of light, putting even the tiniest of smiles on my face. I love you guise. I can’t even type the word “guys” anymore without it turning into guise. There are so many references that I make in real life that my friends just don’t understand, and I feel like it’s an inside joke between you and all of the Nasties out there. Have I also mentioned that I love our family of Nasties? Because dammit, I love all of the members of our “fandom.” We are the best. Here’s to five years, and so many more in the future. You guise are the best :3

  44. Congatulations! Thank you for always giving me something to look forward to. x

  45. We love you guise!!! Thank you for entertaining us, educating us and inspiring us. You bring joy to soooo many people. My days wouldn’t be the same without my daily dose of eyk. Our lives are better and more fun because of YOU.

  46. and this is the point where i get all emotional and cry.
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Really and truly you guys have helped me smile on days that i felt like sitting in a corner to cry.

    I don’t think i’ll ever forget when i stumbled across you Beast KMM for Soom. It was before itunes really had any decent amount of kpop. I wanted to buy the song, but the only thing that came up on my itunes store search was your video. I spent the day watching and laughing, and getting in on inside jokes. I saw that Korea wasn’t just ‘Personal Taste’ & ‘Boys Over Flowers’ (hulu brought me into kdrama and kpop and then finally Korean culture as a whole with your videos)

    My mom and i were already pretty close with each other but after i started college in 2008 and went through some really hard personal problems with my health it was hard at times for us to get along, and we were both really sad. But i started watching your videos (2010) and she could hear me really laughing again and enjoying the little things in life. (crap now i’m really crying)

    Your videos every week gave my mom and i something to laugh together about again. Although i still have problems with my health I’m not as worried about them as i once was.
    (Now my mom is pretty much determined to send me off to S.Korea so that i can experience it for the both of us.)

    thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    • OH HELL! NOW I’M CRYING. I’m trying to script for the KpopCharts updates and be funny, and then I decided to read some comments, and now I’m useless. THANKS A LOT!

      No, but really, thank you for writing this. I’m glad not only that we could be a part of your life, but that you could be a part of ours, because we wouldn’t do these videos if you didn’t watch them.

  47. Happy 5th anniversary!!! I really appreciate everything you have done. I haven’t really been with you since the very beginning (I’ve been since summer of 2011) but I gotta say that you guys are the best. You cheer me up when I’m feeling stressed and all I gotta say is thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done during all these years.

  48. i cant belive is 5yr already
    time go fast when you have fun

  49. Thank you, guys…thank you for your hard work, for your kindness, your liveliness, your playfulness, your nAAAstiness, your innocence…thank you for opening a new world for me, for tens of hours of laughing and good mood and all smiles that you bring to faces of people all over the world…thank you for encouraging me to discover the world…thank you for your existance! I love you, guys! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!)))))

  50. thisisjustforfunval

    Happy 5th year anniversary! Thank you for all the wonderful laughs you’ve brought me, for the amazing Korean music (kpop and indie) that you have introduced me, for a window into Korean food and places to visit. Just thank you for everything that you do. When I found you guys I was at a loss on where to go further with Kpop, I only had two bands SS501 and U-KISS (0330 is how I found you guys) and since then my music collection has expanded and my world grown. I got all misty eyed reading your blog post, I’m a Nasty going two years strong (wow its seems like much longer, in a good way, probably because I’ve seen every video you’ve posted.) Watching your 5 yr montage sent me back to rewatch your interview with MBLAQ. I’d sort of forgotten that G.O.’s love for you guys cause me to in turn notice him and ultimately fall for his manly charming ways. Anywho, what I’m trying to say is you guys are awesome, I love ya both, Spudgy, Meems, Soo Zee and Leigh, keep on keep on always are Nasty Masters! :D

  51. This video was so full of memories, I have been following you guys for over a year and I can tell you the hours that I spent watching your videos have been worth it. I stumbled on your videos when I was doing research about teaching in korea, but also during a time of my studies when all I wanted to do was sit at home and do nothing. It was so fun to sit and watch what life was like in korea first hand through videos and not through reading books.

    I am so happy to see you progress with EYK and I hope for all the best for the years to come.

    Keep making awesome videos!!!!!!

  52. PunkyPrincess92

    T_T aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! *sniff sniff* it’s lovely to see how things have changed for you guys!! i’m so glad of the day i discovered you guys (SHINee Japanese Replay review!!!) and ever since i’ve been addicted to your crazy and weird videos!! (in a good was of course!!)
    congrats on the 5th anniversary!!
    next year you should get SHINee for your 6th anniversary (since it’ll also be their 6th and both your anniversary dates are so close) and have a fantastic elastic party!! and then Simon can have a dance off with Taemin!! (yeah…like that’ll ever happen…. but i can dream!! i mean….it would be AMAZING if it ever did happen!)

    on another note, my friend just got married today ahaha!! so that’ll be another anniversary i remember on this day!!

  53. Seriously guise 5 years and counting, congrats!! :D
    I feel so happy and content watching your videos I can’t wipe the smile off my face, thank you for making all of the nasty’s days better with your dorkiness and adorableness(?) yeah…umm anyways keep on going I will on supporting you any way I can ^^

  54. It’s so weird to think it’s been 5 years already. It feels like just last year you guys started f.a.p f.a.p and W.A.N.K and yet it’s been this long. I hope to see more and Congratz on you’re anniversary!

  55. In honor of your 5 year anniversary, you guys should talk about any changes you’ve seen happen in Korea and yourselves over the 5 years (if there are any haha) for your next TLDR. Maybe make a reflection video and make it all sentimental and stuffs so we canz happy cry! ;A;

    Thank you two for an amazing 5 years! I hope I get to see many more :]
    Love you guys! <3

  56. Too much memories in one video! *cries* We should be the ones to be thankful!
    Thank you Simon and Martina! You’re the best and so nasty!=D

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  60. Angelina Widener

    Happy 5 year anniversary !!!
    Thank you so much to you two for all you have done so far and everything you do for us Nasties every day <
    I hope that when I come visit Korea this summer I'll get a chance to see you, it would be very special <3
    For more than 2 years I have been following you guys and I can say that so far in my life this was one of the best things I have ever done ^.^
    Love from a French Nasty to all the EYK crew + Spudgy and Meemers <3

  61. Thank you so much for all the super hard work you have put into all the videos and the awesomeness of all you have done and while I am a new k-pop fan/Nasty (since last October), y’all have helped me spread my wings culturally and musically. I have finally gotten out of the repeat Country music cycle so popular where I live (don’t ask how I can love country and k-pop, it’s weird I know) with KMMs and you guys have introduced me to so many new bands and song, more than I ever thought existed. And I really appreciate getting to see a culture so radically different from the sleepy little town I grew up in where everyone knows everyone and all their business. It really has inspired me to make something much better than myself and to grow and see how much I can accomplish.

  62. I love you guys. You deserve more. Keep on going. We are on this journey together.

  63. I feel like I should write something really profound here… but I’ve got nothing. So I’m going to go with:

    Thank you. <3

  64. Loved this video. Thank you for all these 5 years of adventures :) To all the Nasties really! We are a big big family!

  65. This warmed my nasty nasty heart :)
    Love you guys (is that weird to say without having met you?) and here’s hoping for more awesome years to come!!!

  66. Guys Happy 5th Anniversary…. also… Thank You, everything you do makes my days brighter.

  67. Wow, 5 years, I can’t believe it!

  68. Congratulations, guise! You’ve acheived such a great success just being your dorky selves, it’s really inspiring :) Ah, my feels~ This video reminded me of how often your vids made me smile, sometimes even laugh out loud – oftentimes making my day better when I felt like crap. I’ve been watching EYK videos since January 2012 (the first one I saw was KMM for SuJu M’s Perfection) and even though there were some decisions / opinions / responses / other stuff I didn’t like, I’m sure I’ll continue to follow EYK, because I like what I like about you more than I dislike what I don’t like (does that sentence even make sense?) and I’m happy to be a part of the Nasty community on this page :)
    P.S. You moved to Korea on the day I became legal age ;)

  69. Congrats! I loved the double cookie bite. :P
    Keep up the good work and keep having fun!

  70. I remember watching my first EYK video during my first year of college. My poor roommate had to put up with me excitedly rambling about how cool you guys were, and how much I wanted to go to Korea and try the things you were showing us. I was excited to watch each KMM and loved all the TL;DR, FAPFAP, and WANK videos. Your videos were a bright spot in a turbulent period of my life, and you still are. You’re also inspiring to anyone who has no idea where their life is going to end up, because even though you guys went to college and became teachers, you’re doing something fun that you love with the internet (everyone’s dream!! lol). Thank you for all that you do, and congratulations on five years! We love you, Simon and Martina!


  71. Simon and Martina,
    To start off I have to give you my congratulations for your five year anniversary, and your videos make me feel happy on a daily basis. I started watching your videos about two months ago and haven’t stopped since. You have made such a huge influence on who I am and what I have become in this short time period. I was on the fence about what I wanted to do with my life and my future, and was contemplating on whether or not I should be a teacher and what country I should live in. After stumbling onto your videos accidentally, I have been hooked and decided that Korea will eventually be my place in this world. Keep up the fantastic work, never stop posting your videos, and most importantly…KEEP IT NASTY!!!!!!!!

  72. Wow, I didn’t expect to get emotional over this o_O This is one of those times when I realize just what an enormous impact Eatyourkimchi has had on my life. It’s astounding. Like… what would I do without you guys? You’ve literally changed my life – gave me the courage to pursue a career as an ESL teacher. I don’t think I can find the right words to express how thankful I am for all your hard work and dedication to your fans. Keep on being awesome!

  73. Happy 5th Anniversary!!! My daughter and I are new to EYK and are really enjoying all of your pointers about getting around in Korea and understanding the culture as we are relatively newly minted “Korea-philes.” As we get closer to our trip to Seoul, we’ll definitely be visiting EYK regularly. Besides, you two are just too damn adorable to resist!! :-)

  74. I know you probably don’t read every single comment, but in the off chance that you read this one, I wanted to say how much I really truly enjoy watching you guys. I was introduced to kpop a little over 2 years ago, and now it’s virtually all I listen to. My husband never showed that much interest in it until I found you guys and started watching Music Mondays. Ever since he watches every single video you guys post with me :) so in a weird way you have brought something into our lives that we can laugh and enjoy together, and thus bringing us closer. My husband is in the Navy and we move a lot, so it’s lonely and at times isolating. You’re videos bring us joy. It may sound sappy, but thank you for doing what you do. Sometimes all we need is a laugh to keep us sane, and you succeed in bringing forth the most unattractive forms of laughter (snorting, wheezing, and what not)

  75. Shelley Beh

    T.T time sure flies.. thankyou for the informative videos, the hilarious ones too. Thankyou for the tears, the laughters..sometimes both :) you guys are awesome and words cannot express how thankful I am for all your hard work and effort you put into everything. Love you guys xoxo

  76. Love you guys sooooo much! You guys have inspired me to do so much more in my life and have helped me become a better person. I really thank you guys for everything you have done. Thank you and saranghae! <3

  77. Happy

  78. Thank you for everything. Seriously, you guise are a bridge for a lot of people when it’d otherwise be very hard to experience Korea. Some people won’t ever get to go. Thank you for giving all of us your time and energy and cheerfulness. <3 Nasties 4 lyfe ^w^

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  80. this video made me cry :(((( thank you EYK for everything <3

    you always make me laugh and I've been watching your videos since you filmed in your first appartment

    …..((( I am so jealous when you have your husband&wife moments, I wish I could have such a cute boyfriend like Simon too :"( )))

    will keep supporting you

    always fighting <333

    I am so curious about your future, hope we can see you both for another 5 years and longer <3

  81. Congrats! I remember every moment from those videos! Thanks for the wonderful memories thus far, and here is to many more to come! Cheers! Love you two! Also the Spudgy and the Meems!

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  85. This post/videos made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside lol anyway, you guys are inspiring. I feel so happy to see how far you guys have come, especially since all this that has happened wasn’t even planned! Started off as school teachers, then to youtube stars! :) Interesting where life takes ya, isn’t it? Sometimes you just gotta sit back and contemplate on all this…it’s unbelievable! You guys are AWESOME! KEEP IT UP! :D

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  88. The song in the last video, what is it called and who sings it? I must know!

  89. Thank to you guys for every smile you take out from people, even when we are to the other side of world, . . . GRACIAS, por alegrarme cada dia, cada semana, toda mi vida, desde el primer momento en el que hice clik en uno de sus videos, no pude detenerme, asi que le agradesco por todo elt rabajo duro que realizan.

    Love you guys, thanks for all the amazing work you have done, and will make.
    Lots of love
    。 ◕ ‿ ◕ 。

  90. Got a little teary eyed there… ^_^; I love u guise so much!!! you’re the best, I’m always eagerly waiting for whatever new adventure you’re to embark upon together :D I have been following u guise for over 2 years now and it’s mind-blowing all the changes that have happened in the meantime! + the growth of the NASTY fanbase is unbelievable *_* so much nasty love out there~~~ please never stop making videos! <3 PS: maybe I'll run into u guise next year, I'm going to Ewha university as an exchange student! WOOT WOOT ^o^

  91. OMO! I miss your first apartment! Watching KMM grow and evolve…meeting Mordeny Present for the first time…listening to Martina GUSH about TOP…ahhh good times. Thank you for all you do for us, we love you!

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  93. The first video I ever watched was the Ddung cream WTF video, and It’s been magic ever since… Thank you for five years of happy nasty endearing videos.

  94. Angela Cheng

    Happy 5th Anniversary!!! I just only started watching your videos sometime this year and I’m glad I did! You guys make me crack up so many times and I hope to see more videos in the future! :D

  95. Awww you guise are amazing and each one of us nasties is so blessed to have you! Keep doing what you love, we’ll support you all the way.

    I first found you guise about five months ago, and ever since I can not stop watching your videos. I feel sad if I haven’t seen on through the day and you really brighten this lonely nasty’s life up. Some friends say i’m a lot like Martina and that makes me smile, I hope to find a “Simon” of my own.

    Love you guise! <3

  96. I love all of your videos and I hope you will make videos for many years. Once a nasty always a nasty ♥~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  97. Simon and Martina you guys inspire me to do my best and try to find what makes me happy. I will continue watching your videos as long as you keep posting them. You have now made yourselves a part of a huge family across the globe! The Nasty Family! <3 <3 <3

  98. Woohoo! Happy 5th Anniversary EYK :D It was so sweet to see bits of all the videos you guise made! Made me miss a lot of segments like Wonderful Treasure Find and How to Speak Korean. I hope you guise can bring them back once in a while because they’re just as amazingly naaaasty as the rest! I remember my first EYK video was Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl Kpop Music Monday. I think that was the first KMM you guise did..right? I stumbled upon it when i was looking for kpop podcasts on iTunes, and i discovered your podcast. I watched all the videos on there and then found out you guise had a youtube channel and a blog and a twitter and a facebook and my stalking began!! *-* mwahahaha

  99. As for the English, I give you a 4.99 out of 5. “fasinating” ahem ahem. hehe anyway HAPPY 5TH YEAR IN KOREA~

  100. Hi Simon & Martina! I still remember the very first clip I stumbled upon was the KMM on SNSD’s hoot, somewhere around October 2010, and ever since, I’ve been hooked on your videos! Your videos have never failed to entertain and amuse me with your hilarious antics, be it KMM or FAPFAPs or even TL:DRs. Although it was kpop that led me to your videos, I’ve also had an attachment with Korean culture and tourism and even till today, while my interest in Kpop has dipped for various reasons, I still find myself eagerly awaiting new videos including KMMs because of the interesting perspectives you guise provide! So keep up the creative wacky juices and I hope you guise continue what you love doing as always!
    From Singapore.

  101. Thank you for the fun, the jokes, the useful information, the nastiness and 5 years of helpting the world to discover Korea!

  102. Happy 5th anniversary Simon & Martina! ^____^

  103. Wow! So lovely to see all the memories! I want to write a huge paragraph on how much I love you guys, and that I hope you will continue to do your videos for ever, but I don’t know how to put it into words.
    You don’t know how happy you make me especially even if my day’s been bad, and making me look foward for monday instead of hating it. LOVE YOU SO MUCH for doing all those interviews with KPOP bands (especially U KISS and uBeat), and beeing our little window on Korea.
    AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THE BEST MUMMSY&DADDY to Spudgy and Meemers and taking in SooZee and intern Lee, they’re brilliant and I hope we’ll see them even more.
    Thank you so much for doing this for 5 years!
    Live long and prosper!

  104. Alison Smith

    Awwww. I’m all teary eyed now. Congratulations on coming so far & thank you SO much for sharing so much joy with all us Nasties!

  105. Happy 5th Year Anniversary! I love you guys so much! It’s never been more fun to be so nasty. Thank you for making awesome videos and sharing them with us. :3

  106. haruchi

    Congratulations! :D I’ve been watching your videos since spring 2011 and… has it been that long time? haha I really feel like if I would meet you guys on the street I could totally talk to you guys easily since it feels like we’re friends. I might not always agree with you but does it matter? Nope, not to me because most of the time I enjoy your videos. I’ve learned so much and laughed a lot. I’ve found new artists (special mention to B1A4 who I gave more attention after that Bilasa joke on the first KMM of them back then). So, thank you and good luck for years to come~

  107. poodle

    Watching this makes me realize even more how much I appreciate what you guys and what you share with us internet strangers. I get so much joy from watching your videos and, although it seems weird, I feel like we’re good friends. So proud of what you guys have accomplished. Congratulations for 5 years of Nastiness! Best wishes for the years to come!

  108. YAAAAAY! Happy 5th anniversary!!!

  109. You guys are such an inspiration. Happy anniversary!

  110. Cyber_3

    Congratulations on five years of Nasty Greatness! Whehoo!

    Just wanted you to know that the other day my hubby (who does have a youtube acct) admitted that he was a subscriber (CLOSET NASTY!). I think that there are lots more male Nasties out there than you know, they are just quieter……like say at the airport. Girls just like to scream, I don’t know why, we just do – LOL!

    I am glad especially that you have come so far from being hermitted in your apartment to spending your days with friends and getting out more – that can only lead to more fun for everyone! I think that you got really lucky with Korea because originally I would have picked Japan first (likely for some of the same reasons as you like it) but you have made me realize that Korea has a lot more to offer culturally, musically, even in every day life. While it’s not perfect, I think that there are lots of ideas that make it less uptight/wacky than Japan. I always wanted to live in China/HK but ever since working there and growing my cultural knowledge, I think that I am MUCH happier just visiting but maybe Korea would have changed my mind. My old company did the Incheon and Busan trains but I sadly never worked on those ones. It’s great that Korea is so close to so many cool/small countries you can visit within a couple of hours, I think it’s the perfect headquarters! Your Signapore vlogs were cool but I would enjoy seeing a trip where you’re not so busy. Maybe China is hard to enter, but Taiwan or HK might be easier.

    I’ve only been a Nasty for a year now, but you guise are really nice and fun, I hope that we can someday be real friends Moving forward with eyk, it seems like there is a lot in flux around you and little time to think. Did you ever actually go on a honeymoon? Maybe as you ponder your future, you should go to Bora Bora for two weeks, turn off the camera and stop to smell the flowers. After 5 years – you deserve a vacation! I am sure that you will come up with a great path choice! Let the rest of the crew hijack the studio for a couple of weeks (a la “Prisoners of Gravity”) and see what happens, you may get a pleasant surprise – or a lot of laughs at least! ^_^v

  111. Oooh the warm fuzzies watching this! Must write quickly (at work, being sneaky) but I love you guise and your videos and your animals and your crew (hey Soo Zee and Leigh! And occasionally Ryan and other friends!) and all that you share with us Nasties!!!

  112. Thank you so much and happy five year anniversary, guys!

    I started watching your videos in 2009, and since then I’ve grown more and more fond of you. At this point it’s almost like you’re family, and I could not be more proud of how incredibly far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished.

  113. Ahhhh, all the anniversary videos were so good. You guys have worked so hard and shared so much with all your fans. Thanks for being awesome. (*virtual fist bump*) ;D

  114. Ely

    Happy 5th anniversary!!! :D Thank you for 5 years of nastiness and awesomeness! I’m so proud to be a nasty! The video is so cuuute! ^_^

  115. That made me smile so much.
    Congratulations on all you’ve done so far.
    You guise really helped me when I moved to Seoul with your videos and helped me develop my love (borderline obsession) with kpop.
    Thanks for being so amazing and nasty.
    I never miss a vid and I’m sure I never will.

    Here’s to many more

  116. I’m so happy for you guys!!! I toast for these 5 years and I really wish you good luck. Your work make us, all your viewers, really happy!! So I hope these 5 years will continue anothe 5 and so on…. ^_^ CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3
    *sorry if my English isn't good but I'm not a native English speaker* :S

  117. can’t wait for the day you guys get to interview YG Artists and I’m sure that day will come!!!! CONGRATS GUYS ON THE 5 YEARS OF FUN JOY AND LAUGHTER (‘:

  118. Happy 5 year anniversary guys~!<3

  119. CONGRATS GUYS!!!! I love your awesomely nasty videos :D
    much love from the Philippines. <3

  120. HAPPY 5 YEARS TO EATYOURKIMCIHI ! wow honestly I can’t remember it has been that long ! Watching this video made me emotional. I mean you guys have definitely grown bigger and better and…. NASTIER ! Admittedly started watching your kpop music monday videos for kpop reasons. But over time I started watching EYK videos just for you guys !! I love you guys ! in a non creepy way ! I love how you guys have a NASTY fanbase! Its really nice to see how fans come together through you guys! Im from Singapore and i missed you guys while you were here coz of exams :( And I was so suprised to see so many SGNasties at the airport waiting for you guys through the vlog ! I had goosebumps! All this while I thought I was the only SGNasty who knew about you guys! Was so happy to know there are more fans out there!!! AHHH is it kinda weird for one person to spazz alone ?


  121. I’m looking forward to at least 5 more years :D god bless!!

  122. happy B dayyyyy!!!!

  123. Glen Check is AWESOME! I love their remix of SHINee’s “Hello” for the collab album SM did with 10 Corso Como. xD

    You guuuuise. This post made me tearyyyy. As I’ve said before – and am happy to say again – the first thing that drew me to your videos was your commitment to yourselves; to be your own people and to have your own opinions, critics be damned.
    축하해요. You deserve it.

    It’s true you’ve both definitely grown less shy and afraid of being funny and downright silly in front of the camera from the time you shot your first video, but it’s a great thing to see because it just allows us to read your love of Korea and your desire to share your lives with us. It makes the whole wide world seem less scary, because well. At least Simon and Martina are here to walk you through it, one video at a time. :)

    ….Whilst eating all the foodz. Worldwide nom consumption has begun!

    • Glen Check’s remix of Hello is the only way SM is getting me to listen to that song XD I am not afraid to be all cutesy and what not, but it’s just downright weird listening to that song…

      • Why? LOL I love “Hello”! It’s really nothing like any of SHINee’s other songs (although the video was somewhat odd but adorable) and has that uncanny ability to pop into your head at the most random moments and get you singing the chorus without intending to. (Glen Check’s remix, however – GOLD. Pure gold.)

        Somehow though, I think you’ll appreciate this. xD

        • Josh Chinnery

          Well, I can’t really get into SHINee pre-Sherlock, so I suppose I shouldn’t single out *just* that song. The beat isn’t really that bad, and their singing is decent, but it just doesn’t mesh well to me. Also, your YT link 404′d :3

        • Dang YT links! Sorry about that. Try this:

          Really? No Replay? No SHINee World (okay I don’t begrudge you that one)? But AMIGO? Lucifer? Ring Ding Dong? Obsession? Shout Out? Get It? It’s not often I come across someone who isn’t a fan of SHINee’s earlier works, or at least not much a fan of Lucifer (in all honesty, I used to really dislike that song), lol.

          I hope you enjoy the parody and find it easier (or more enjoyable) to listen to “Hello” in future. xD

        • Josh Chinnery

          Oh Lawd… You know, I love how Simon and Martina say that Hello is too good a dance for SHINee, and yet I’m pretty sure most other boy bands that try to attempt that would be horribly out of sync (I know I would XD). Anyway, I kind of sworn off early SHINee, because I couldn’t take it seriously; it just didn’t sound all that great to me. Perhaps I’m just tripping because I listened to Lucifer a few weeks ago (and Hello just now), and it didn’t bother me as much as it did before. I won’t go around proclaiming that I love SHINee now, but XD

        • And I’m sure were they to perform it today, it’d be that much more flawlessly executed! They’ve come a long way in terms of dance formation, that’s for sure.

          If you haven’t already, I highly suggest giving the entire Lucifer album a listen (or the Hello repackage; same album, three new tracks). “Obsession” was written by Jonghyun and it’s a really powerful, emotionally gripping song; Minho’s rap segments in “Shout Out” are note-worthy and that song is one of my favourites. Even though “Ring Ding Dong” was the first song to introduce me to SHINee, it’s difficult to say it’s still my favourite SHINee song… “Spoiler” is just so damn good. ㅇ ㅅㅇ

          Ay, nothing wrong with loving SHINee! Come to the dark side, Josh. Don’t be so serious. :P

        • Josh Chinnery

          The fact that I like K-Pop (much less groups like Super Junior and SNSD who are more models than actual performers) goes to show that I’m already in the dark :P Anyway, I shall give Lucifer/Hello the album a listen. I mean… I’m already going back to J-Pop; might as well swan dive in the deep dark side :3

        • If I start talking about Super Junior, I’ll never shut up, so. Glad to find another fan. lol As for J-Pop, it’s where my roots lie. If it weren’t for all my years in J-Pop and Japanese culture, I’d’ve never discovered K-Pop. /grateful

          Let me know what you think!

        • Josh Chinnery

          Idk if I’d really call myself a fan of SuJu, but that’s neither here nor there; I enjoy their music, so whatevs :3 And I actually started listening to some K-Pop (2PM and a little SHINee, as ironic as that sounds) when I was deep into anime and J-Pop around the middle of 2011. And it was sometime around May 2012 that I happened upon MNet America, and here I am XD The K-Pops fascinated me (I can’t remember the first song I listened to, but I know I was laughing my butt off at the engrish and bad rapping :3), and I liked it a lot.

        • You must have seen plenty of Danny from L.A. then. xD You, good sir, are awesome, and don’t let anyone tell you different! You seem like someone who needs to see themselves deeply rooted in something before calling themselves a fan, and I both admire and appreciate that. /slow applause

          Also, at the risk of sounding like a creeper, that baby in your DP is soo freakin’ adorable. ;~;

        • Josh Chinnery

          I do watch a lot of DFLA XD I was kind of pissed that they abandoned Hello Pop for this new show called Pop This Way; that was the first time I actually watched a Music Monday (BILASA!!’s Baby, I’m Sorry, to be exact), and I absolutely *had* to watch more!!! So here I am ^^ Honestly, K-Pop has taught me a lot about the nature of what a “fan” is. Not to sound too deep here, but I listen to a lot of K-Pop bands, but for about 95% of them, I can’t even tell them apart (yes, I’m very aware of how sad that is; please don’t judge me >_>). How can I call myself a fan of a group when I don’t even know who is whom when I see pictures or listen to their music? How can I call myself a fan of a group when I only really want music from them? It’s just a little thing that I muse sometimes; I’ll only call myself a specific group’s fan name when I know *all* them members in the band and can tell them apart when they sing/rap/speak/et al. Because I don’t think it’s really fair to say I’m a fan of something when I know next to nothing about it, or if I have next to no interest in it. That’s why I’m kind of cautious of calling myself an anime or J-Pop fan again. I’m getting back into both (and I’m glad I am), but I feel like I’m not as connected as I once was, if that makes sense. I also cannot stand Ayumi Hamasaki’s voice XD Hikaru Utada is the true queen of J-Pop, in my opinion :3

          Btw, that’s my nephew in my picture :D I’m surprised someone hasn’t msg’d me asking if it’s my kid XD

          EDIT – I cannot stop watching the Hello parody; what have you done to me Y_Y

        • Haha! I’m glad it had just the effect on you I planned. Srsly though. How many lines did Jinki have. xD (Ayominho’s channel actually has great parodies; not just SHINee, but B2ST, MBLAQ, 2NE1 and U-KISS as well! Check ‘em out, you’ll sprout abs from all the laughter. I guarantee it.)

          Oh I figured it might be your baby cousin or nephew, as you said. I hope you don’t take offense to this but you seem young enough so as not to have offspring to care for just yet lol. Either way, he is adorable. And I do see the resemblance. :)

          Actually, I agree with you. There is the other side of the spectrum where people just rote learn the names of every member, listen to every song and hunt down every piece of information on the group or artist that’s available and then call themselves a fan. But what qualifies a fan, really? Knowledge? Seniority (time spent knowing group)? Money spent? The lines tend to get blurred when you cross from the Western world over into Southeast Asia. For example, I’ve known about TVXQ since my J-Pop days (c. 2006-2007, before I even knew they were K-Pop, much less the existence of), yet I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore Cassiopeia. These days, I follow more of Super Junior’s activities though I’ve known of them for exponentially less time. I would still call myself a fan of both groups. I do agree with you that there has to be some interest there, but at the same time I don’t think you have to know every single Girls’ Generation member’s name in order to call yourself a fan of their music. You know? (In my case I just have insane memory so I can recall names and faces really easily, but with all the rookies I’m sure one day I’ll just explode.) xD

          With all of Ayu’s albums and singles, you’d hardly think she’s as young as she is, and she certainly hasn’t aged past year 15 when she dropped out of school and Max Matsuura took her under his wing. Seriously. She and Gackt are just made of miracles because those two look the same to me no matter what. As for Hikki, my heart bleeds at her hiatus but I cling to her gorgeous discography (the songs she’s done for the Neon Genesis Evangelion OVAs have been my absolute salvation) and I totally agree with you that she’s one of the best, if not the best. Ever since I heard “Simple & Clean” in Kingdom Hearts, I have never looked back. What a ride.

          Side note: What a stunning conversation we’re having here on the EYK 5th Anniversary celebration post. This is why I love this community. xD

        • Josh Chinnery

          You’re an evil genius >_> I’m totally hooked on the Hello parody and I peeped one about Onew without his chicken, and the Taemin rambling on about knives. Who knew the maknae was the crazy one XD (Idk if that was one of that Ayominho’s, but it was hilarious) Anyway, I really should stop saying I won’t listen to so-and-so song or band, because I always end up listening to it and loving it. It’s starting to get ridiculous now XD (Although, I honestly can’t take Juliette seriously now that I know that it was a Corbin Bleu song; I did my earnest to repress all memories associated with High School Musical and anytime I think of that darned song they come back -_-).

          You know, one of those days, I’m going to take the idea of the “fan” and write a paper or something on it. Once you really get past the textbook definition and really get into the psychology of the fan (I’m sounding so crazy right now), it’s so interesting. Idk, I just like to think in depth about this thing kind of thing. I suppose I am crazy XD

          Okay, I’m going to sound so mean saying this, but I must unleash my opinion (yes, IT MUST BE UNLEASHED!!!)!! I don’t think Ayumi H is all that pretty. Mostly because she looks like she gets fed once a week (her You and Me video has the girl looking all kinds of unhealthy), but there’s just something about her that I no like. And btw, her visual is not the reason why I don’t like her; her voice is. She can be the best songwriter in the world, but if she can’t bring the heat as a singer, then she needs to stay a songwriter. Just my personal opinion. I think Taylor Swift needs to do the same, while taking some singing lessons, because her live vocals have not been getting better (in fact, I cringed real bad during her We are Never Ever Getting Back Together and Red performances; Red is my favorite song off the album >_>). And this applies to me, as well. I’m not standing here on my high horse judging everyone and their mother for their singing, because I obviously have those guilty pleasure songs that I like that have less than stellar singers, and I myself am trying to become a singer-songwriter (Got the songwriter part hooked up :3) but I need to work on my vocals too. They’re decent, but they ain’t blowing any minds, which is why I’m not stepping on a stage anytime soon… I am not going to be that person that continues the tradition of poor pop music for profit >_> /soapbox

          *ahem* Now that I have all of that out of my system, allow me to fanboi (because once again, fanbois don’t fangirl :3) over Queen Hikki :3 LIKE OMJ, SHE’S SO AWESOME!!! I don’t know what got me into her music (probably my Kingdom Hearts soundtrack fanaticism stage), but I’m so glad it got me hooked. The first album of her’s I listened to was “This is the One”, and I blew that thing to kingdom come :3 Then her first singles collection (where I discovered the amazingness that is the original Automatic), then Ultra Blue, then a bunch of other stuff, and boom… I am an official Hikaru U stan XD I was sad that she went on hiatus, but we all need breaks, and at the end of the day, I can’t fault the woman for taking off. She pours so much into her craft that she just needs to stop for a while so she can get refueled. I just love how she basically tossed out that song for Eva 3.0, and everybody ate it up like it was candy. I love how it went number 1 on the iTunes JP Charts and number 3 on the Oricon Weekly Charts :3 All in all, it was a nice reminder of why I fell in love with her music. She’s so soulful and passionate. Even when she’s doing a generic pop track, she still throws her all into it. It’s rather refreshing ^^ And dat voice… I have no words XD I would totally love to have seen her live, because dat voice… *creys tears of admiration* DAT VOICE!!!!

          *ahem* I’d just like to say that I am almost 20, and when I was in high school, there were kids my age and younger having babies, so… Dis world be cray XD I am totally wrapped around that little boy’s little pinky; he cries and I’m catering to his every whim >_> I don’t like seeing crying children. And I totes agree that the EYK community is great for having conversations and actual discussions :D Not the usual, “THIS GROUP SUCKS” or “OMG, OPPA/UNNIE/HYUNG IS SO AMAZING!!! SARANGHAE!!”, but actual reasons why you like/dislike something. It’s nice and refreshing :D I love being a Nasty; it’s the one group that I *would* wear on my sleeve, even if there are people who don’t like S&M XD

  124. Congratz!!! ^_^ hope you continue enjoying what you are doing and thnx for the wonderful, awesome video’s ^_^

  125. Congratulations from your oldest NASTY fan! :D

  126. happy anniversary, I can’t believe it’s already 5 years, all the best :)

  127. Happy Anniversary guys! I’ve been watching your videos since 2011 and I am so happy to see you grow, open a studio, interview myfavourite musicians <3 and the most importnt things I see how you always stay true to yourselves, it is so important for me. I love you guys and I wish you all the best <3 <3 <3 STAY AWESOME! :D and if you visit Russia one day the drinks are on me! /*rolls down my sexy window :DD



    (Moscow, Russia)

  128. Happy Five year anniversary!! I’ve only been watching for a year and a half or so, but <3 I've seen a lot, if not all, of your videos and you guys are so energetic about Korea and have great personalities. SOBSOBCRYCRY. hwaiting! Thank you for keeping me interested in this new culture and broadening my view. Here's to several more years!!!

  129. Congratulations! I am so thankful for everything you guise are doing. Your videos always put a smile on my face ^_^. Good Luck and here’s to many years to come! ^_^

  130. ….why do you do this to me. You think I don’t cry enough as it is. Huh. Huh. HUH??!!!



    I rub yu. *sniffles*

  131. Congratulations!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  132. Emily

    Your anniversary is on my birthday! Congratulations on your work so far and good luck continuing it!

  133. Congratulations Guys :) Thank you for all you hard work over the past 5 years! Sending you love from all your Australian Nasties

  134. What a lovely video. I’ve been a viewer almost the entire 5 year span, my how time flies. The past few months I finally turned my husband onto your videos. He’s a big fan of Dr. Meemersworth although my cat does not approve of his pappa cooing over another kitty.

  135. I’ve been with you guise for 4+ years now… And I feel so happy that EYK has grown into something so massive and so loved.. it feels so great to be part of this big family, so great that I wish I could give the EYK crew and every nasty a nice little squishy hug ; u ;

  136. *Sniffle* Huge congratulations on five years, guise! May the next five be filled with nastiness… and free food! I’m going to check out more Glen Check now.

  137. Nasty Cafe PLEASE GUYS MAKE THIS HAPPEN on the tenth anniversary :))

  138. Amazing. Thank you for making these. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  139. I’m actually sitting here crying, I can’t take this ;;__;;

  140. happy 5 years!!!! and yes, here’s to many many more…

  141. Awwww. That was short but sweet. Thank you so much guise for everything you’ve done for us. I can’t thank you enough for the amount of times I relied on you (and the Spudgy and the Meems) to get me through my slow and sometimes hellish days.

    I remember becoming a Nasty just last year. I don’t exactly remember the first video of you that I watched but I strongly suspect it to be the Wonder Girls’ Be My Baby (yes, that was 2011). I got curious about you when people left comments about you in Allkpop. And a myriad of people would thumb up these comments. I felt left out because I didn’t get what they meant. LMAO. So I searched high and low and watched video after video after video (and more videos) of you.

    Also when I got to know you and this Nasty community, I was going through a very tough time. I stopped going to school that time because I was hella sick and I even had depression and panic disorder issues. So I was pretty messed up. I clung to Kpop that time to escape my misery. But the forums I visited then were so full of disrespectful and seriously annoying trolls that eventually made me more depressed. So when I found your channel, I stayed for good and I have no regrets at all. And soon enough, I became an active Nasty through Facebook and now, in this blog. Even when I eventually came back to school, I never stopped watching your videos because you became my depression cure or something. I enjoy laughing to your silly jokes, cheesy covers of Kpop songs, nasty dances and everything in between.

    So for that, THANK YOU so much. Or in my native tongue, MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT. :D Stay awesome and nasty for life!

    PS: I just made an essay. Mian. :P

    • It seems like Simon and Martina are our anti-depression, anti-panic disorder daily medicine… Glad to know they help others like me…. (Not glad that you have these things too though…. T.T)
      Therefore, no “thank you” is big enough for ya guise!! Wish I could give you, and all the nasties a hug!! ^_^
      And a big hug for all the Eyk team, and Spudgy and dr. Meemers offcourse!!
      Stay Kimchi!!! ;)

    • …*small voice* yay another person who uses eyk as their antidepressant…can we be friends? :D

    • Another Filipino Nasty! yaay! The first video I remember watching was The Korean Home Plus video mid 2011 and then I just got sucked in their channel. At first, I only kept on clicking the sidebar and not really checking the blog posts (I didn’t know they had blog posts) . But when I discovered the site I was like :O THIS IS AWESOME! Then I shared these videos and she got addicted to EYK as well. :)

  142. im so happy i found you guys two years ago T.T you really make my day and help me connect to korea on a deeper level, i wish i could one day come to korea so i could thank you :3 you’re like a second family for me – i feel like i grew (and am still growing) with eatyourkimchi :3

  143. Best video ever!

  144. awww congratz guys~! FOREVER A NASTIE

  145. you guys are so cute.


  147. Your relationship is unreal, so envy worthy. Watched your first Korean meal, and we can clearly see that you’ve learnt alot! I hope to learn more with you to! Happy 5 year EatYourKimchi anniversary~! ^-^

  148. Happy Anniversary!!! Glad I found you!!!

  149. Felicia イヅル

    Great editing and song! Happy 5th anniversary Simon & Martina! ^____^

  150. OMG HAPPY 5 YEARS :D WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT ^^ I am sooooo happy being a nasty. What would I do without you guys to brighten up my days :’) I hope you guys enjoy and keep making amazing videos :DDD EYK HWAITING~ SOOZEE AND LEIGH HWAITING~ SPUDGY AND MEEMERS HWAITING~

  151. Today is my birthday and you guy’s five year anniversary. It seems like a great day for celebration. Congratulations EYK. Thank you for the awesome videos :)

  152. we love you guys! THANK YOU FOR 5 YEARS OF NASTINESS!

  153. U guise are like the sweetest married couple I’ve ever seen.

    Hope to be able to follow u for many years to come! (And I wish u so much happiness~!)
    Happy 5th anniversary ^^

  154. brilliant video!!!!!!! Your videos had an important place in my choice of coming one year in Seoul!! (i mean my mum seems to be less anxious finally seeing what Seoul looks like, and how awesome it seems to be!!!)

  155. wow. i can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. i’ve watched you guys since the beginning, and i’m so proud to be a nasty. HAPPY 5 YEARS GUYS! :D

  156. Happy 5 years guys!!

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