Eat Your Kimchi

The Horrors of Flavored Water

water battle small

Hello everybody!

Flavored water: I know some of you might be fans of it. We have some friends that like it. Heck, even Dan likes it. But for us, it’s not our thing. And I think we were too horrified in the video to explain why. Here’s my chance! So, you know how fruit candy doesn’t necessarily taste like the fruit it represents, but it kinda vaguely does. See, candy is tolerable because it has all that sugar making it tolerable. But if you just take those chemical flavors without anything else to distract you from the chemicals, well then you get horrified looks on our faces. I actually think if you mixed this with Sprite it’d be a lot better. I think it’s kind of like how some people don’t like seafood, but they like lobster, because they actually really just like dipping lobster in butter, because they like butter, because butter is delicious. Hell, if we had these water flavours in butter I’d be a lot happier.

Also, this video was a bit weird, because we were feeling weird. Martina wasn’t having the best pain day, but sitting at home isn’t going to help a lick. Why not go to the park and try a bunch of stuff we don’t like on camera? I realize that we should have maybe done something that Martina does like instead. That was poor planning.

But at the same time, we finally have a video about something we don’t like in Japan! See! It’s possible! We tried and failed with our video on Japanese pizza, but now we finally have a bad video under our belts, and we can go back to eating food we like. Huzzah!

And, I don’t know what happened, but we kinda jumped the shark with the editing of this video. It just seemed like the right place for us to be a lot sillier than usual. It could be because we’re almost done another one of our really high end food documentary videos, and that’s so serious with no room for playfulness that we overindulged in editing this video. Though we both had a good laugh editing it. Hopefully you did as well while watching it. More extra weirdness below :D