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Forever Alone Boyfriend Pillow

May 24, 2014


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Right off the get go, we have to tell you that this pillow is now a permanent part of our family. We don’t ever use it ourselves. We snuggle each other. Spudgy, however, does not have someone to snuggle with. Meemers would seem like the prime candidate, logically, but he’s a kitty and nibbles anything in his vicinity. When we brought this pillow home after our trip to G-Dragon’s Villa, however, Spudgy instantly fell in love. He snuggles on this thing all the time. ALL THE TIME. We even have a voice now for him when we see him snuggling. “OH BESHALL!” is what he says, in those flirty voices that people have, like “Oh, you!” You know what I’m talking about?

Anyhow, Spudgy snuggles on this even when we’re not home. It’s sad, because when we’re not home, Spudgy sleeps right by the front door. He’s not good at being alone. So we put Beshall by the front door, and he sleeps on that all day. OH BESHALL!

Interestingly related, though: we filmed this video while at G-Dragon’s Villa, but I remember back when we did the YG Family concert, they were selling GD versions of this pillow, and they sold out. Oh, you VIPs. Seriously: how many of you bought a GD Boyfriend pillow, or how many of you WOULD buy one? All of you, right? RIGHT?

Hey: if you want this pillow, we’re not gonna judge you. We’ll even help you: pick it up here if you want one. It’s actually quite comfortable. Spudgy approves!

You know, with technology and the future advancing so rapidly, I know there’s gonna be a time where robots will take the place of lovers. They’ve already got some stuff out there. How much longer till they become a respected source of intimacy? And how much longer till it becomes inappropriate to make fun of people who love robots/human surrogates? Historians might look back at this post like “look at the bigotry, back when non-human love was ridiculed!” The future, man. It’s coming.

Click on this fancy pants button below if you want to snuggle a Spudgy. For every click, three Spudgy snuggles will be awarded!**

**Well, awarded to us, rather than you. I’m not sure how you can snuggle Spudgy, if you’re not close to him…



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