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Forever Alone in Korea

May 28, 2014


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So, in our video we talked a bit about what it’s like to come to Korea without a partner, and how Korea is a very social place with not that many things you can do on your own. There are a few things you can do on your own, like – errr…batting cages? – but for social outings, winging it on your own isn’t really that doable.

We’ve talked about Dating in Korea for a TL;DR a while ago as well, but that was more about what you do when you’re in a relationship. For finding someone with whom you can get into a relationship, though, we didn’t really talk about that. On that note, our single friends have been using Tindr a lot. Tinder? Tindrr? TNDR? I’m not sure. I know it’s cool for tech companies to get rid of the second last “e” in their brand name. Whatever. Point is, supposedly it’s really growing here in Korea. We’ve never used it, but our friends have shown us how they flip through pictures and stuff to hook up with people. So, there you go. Check that out. I wish I could tell you more info about it but that’s all we know!

I’d also recommend, err, not going to English speaking forums in Korea. They’re mostly filled with embittered expats. Steer clear. They sometimes offers useful information, but the balance of vitriol to usefulness heavily weighs in favour of the former. Steer clear.

We know people that are involved in lots of Facebook groups in Korea, and that’s how they get involved in different communities. We don’t use Facebook enough to recommend any of its services, though. We talk to you guise on our Facebook page, but Martina doesn’t own a Facebook account and I only use mine to talk to you guise. It sounds odd, I know. I just never got why Facebook became such a big deal.

Anyhoodledoodle, so, what’s it like flying solo where you’re from? Though there are some things in Canada that it’s a bit weird to do alone, like dine at a fine restaurant, for example, it does seem like you could do more alone in Canada than you could in Korea. I’ve never seen anyone go to a movie alone here, for example. What’s it like where you’re from?

Anyhow, we’re publishing this now as we’re waiting in Incheon airport for our flight. We’re boarding in an hour! We’re gonna try to comment as much as we can here before we get behind the Great Firewall of China. Hopefully we won’t have any issues publishing our FAPFAP tomorrow. Hopefully!

Side note: potential friends in Beijing, wanna, umm, hang out? I’m not sure how or where or when. We’ll get our schedule tomorrow after we land. We have our presentation Thursday morning, but I’m not sure what we’re up to after then till Saturday night. There’s a Korea festival happening, supposedly? Anyone going?



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