Remember when we climbed up that ridiclously huge mountain? That was on a Saturday. What we didn’t tell you about is what we did on that Sunday. We didn’t mention it before because it was pretty boring: we went to another temple with Martina’s teachers. We’re getting the feeling now that once you’ve seen one temple you’ve seen them all, and unless we go to one that is ridiculously lavish or beautiful they all seem the same. Perhaps the better explanation to this phenomenon is that, in the summer, you don’t want to walk around temples. We’re sure they’re probably far more beautiful when you’re not sweating profusely. As well, we seemed to have got lost. The caretaker of the school stuck with us even though we fell ridiculously far behind (mostly because Martina took a lot of pictures and nobody wanted to wait for her) and made sure we didn’t get lost. He spoke with us in Korean – he didn’t know any English – and we nodded as if we knew what he was saying. Eventually we did get lost, though, and we had to backtrack in order to refind our way. By then we were half an hour late, and the bus was waiting for us.

That much being said, Martina did take some pretty awesome pictures, and Simon made an HDR picture of the temple, and so we decided to post them up on the site. Click the picture above to see them all, or click here to go to the gallery.

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