This is the Mr. Freeze game we play with each other, almost on a daily basis. Why? Because of this video:


Some of you might actually remember we used this clip in a really old video we did, back when we didn’t care about copyright and just copied everyone (woot woot!). In fact, I can’t remember what video that is. +100 points to the Nasty who can find it!

Point is, we play this game all the time. Martina always wins, but I’m sure that she’s cheating. She just pluralizes the words to make them different. I’ll say Freeze, and she’ll say Freezes. LAME. That’s not creative at all. Oh, and if you don’t know how to play the game, the first person to repeat another person’s answer, or to not answer within 5 seconds loses. It’s like Categories, if you’ve ever played that. Except the Category is Mr. Freeze, and the game happens whenever and wherever throughout the day. Yes, this is the random stuff we do in our marriage, ok?! Don’t judge us!

Anyhow, umm, I’m not sure what else to say about this freezy foam. It smells like chemicals. It’s cold, yes, and when you take it off of your skin afterwards your skin feels cold. But something about this seems very…unsafe. Feels like there’s chemicals in here that have adverse side effects, like making your nails fall off or something. My nails are still fine, for now. I’m worried if the label said something in Korean that we should have
paid attention to. Come to think of it, we barely ever read the labels of any of the products we play around with. Some of them, of course, don’t have much danger to them, like the banana holder. It’s not like the banana holder’s packaging would say something like “WARNING: Shaking Banana Holder may cause JAUNDICE.” Of course not. But this freeze foam thingy: I’m sure it’s got some kind of warning that we should have been aware of. SOOOOOO ZEEEEEE!

If you want to keep up to date with the progression of my nails and to see whether they fall off or not, you should definitely click on the button below. It’ll also save your nails from falling off. Or so I’ve been told. I didn’t read the packaging label closely.

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