Holy smokes! Look at the sun being out for so long! We finished the LiveChat AND THE SUN IS STILL OUT! Is this a first? We always do our LiveChats so late at night. I feel like normal people now, operating in normal hours. Can we get a high five for this? HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!

Special Thanks to:

Karen & Mark, and Emilie, and the rest of the USNasties Green section, Midwest, including
–Samara, Mia, Cindy, Irene, Katie and Mateo (good doggies!), Rebecca, Veronica, Austin, Karly, Krystal, Carla, Lexy, Bethany, Claire, Chris, Christina, Leenah, and Caysie.
Kristin from North Dakota
Thea from South Carolina

Lots of US Nasty love today! Big thanks to Karen and Emilie for bringing more light to the USNasties. I didn’t know they were that organized with different colours for sections! Impressive :D

On a side note, I think we’ve finally made it through our Christmas packages! Sorry again for taking so long with these. They’re still good, though! It’s still Christmas in March, in a way! No joke: we were out for pasta in Hongdae two days ago and they were playing Christmas carols in the shop. I don’t think they understand how wrong that was. Also, we’ve become deadened to such blasphemy. At first we’d be outraged. Now, we’ve succumbed to the reality of Christmas carols all year round.

We’re shocked so many people watch Once Upon a Time as well! Is that a popular show? We don’t really know what’s popular anymore. We just heard about it, and saw that the girl from House was in it, so we decided to check it out, and we were totally amazed at how brilliant a storyline this has. It’s really clever. Character development is great. The retelling of fairytales is really fascinating. There’s a lot of depth to it. Check it out if you haven’t already. Damn it’s good! Season 1 is, at least. Not sure about the other seasons yet…

End note: I’m really excited about Neon Bunny’s new video being out. I know we won’t get to do this for Music Monday, and our next few K Indie segments are already pre-shot, so we won’t get a chance to talk about this there, either. I’m just gonna share it here. This is so good. Really, really ridiculously good. It might not be your thing, but this is like Junior Boys for us: sexy, dark bedroom pop. Hope you like it as well.


Ok, we’ll end off on that. We’ve got videos coming out tomorrow and Sunday, so make sure you stick around for those. And, for those of you who missed this live, click on the pretty, fancy pants button right here so you can subscribe to our Bonus Channel for LiveChats and Blooper footage. Yay!

  1. The only shows I used to watch were animes and K-shows, but my sister begged me to watch Once Upon a Time, and it’s amazing, I love Hook!!!!!!!!(he comes later) Now I’m starting Arrow which is also pretty great, need to watch Doctor Who soon.

  2. Heyheyhey I don’t know if I’m a bit late to the game but I think I found Neon Bunny’s official channel? Oh btw thank you so much for introducing me to her music. I’ve loved Oh My Prince since you mentioned it as one of your favorite songs of 2012, and after this song, I’m absolutely in love.


  3. Oh no… I think I have a new and expensive hobby… Two packages down and I already want to send a third one. XD


  4. Simon hated season 2 of The Walking Dead?I loved it and the ending was epic. Season 3 was hit or miss and the current season is pretty good. As for Once Upon a Time, the 1st season is probably the best but I still think the other seasons are good.

  5. Simon, would you REALLY want them to bring back Firefly though? Firefly is such a great and classic series. Its unfortunate that it was cancelled when it was but would bringing it back all these years later really be a good thing? It wouldn’t be the same show anymore. It would have too much to live up to. The series we all know and love is so set in our hearts that I don’t think a new version of it would work out. It wouldn’t be the same. Just look at Arrested Development. I had re-watched that series so many times before they brought out that new season and man was I disappointed. It just wasn’t the same. D:

  6. Once Upon A Time is such a good show!!!!!!! I watch it with my mom when I’m on break from university xD

  7. You opened my package! Yay! And I sent the hat back because I didn’t feel right keeping it when I didn’t pay for it.

  8. BTW, I’m the US Nasty that plays Guild Wars 2. Hit me up on Ehmry Bay :)

  9. How are the US nasties divided? What region color would Kansas be in?

  10. I’ve found twitter to be more reliable for finding posts from EYK. FB algorithms hides their posts too often and the order can be weird based on which posts are most commented on. Twitter just gives you a chronological list of tweets, which i find simpler to navigate.

  11. S&M: In regards to Once Upon A Time – I loved it when it first came out. However, when I found out it was done by the same people who did Lost, I sort of lost all confidence in it. I got really frustrated with the pacing of Lost, and sadly, found the same frustration coming up with OUAT. (I stopped watching it somewhere in the 2nd season) I don’t actually watch TV anymore (I stream online) so I don’t know how hyped and advertised the show was, but since it was the same people as Lost, I’m sure it was shoved down audience’s throats like crazy.

  12. I’ve been looking on the EatYourKimchi channel on Youtube and it shows the start time for the Live Chat in my own time zone (I’m in the US, so it shows up on Thursday)! :) That might be an option for you.

  13. Hey Simon and Martina! 1) holy smokes, on behalf of the US Nasties, thanks so much for the love.
    2) organization wise, thank Rebecca for that. She’s really good with that stuff
    3) There are two Karen’s in the Midwest region, myself, GD CD winner and Facebook admin, and Karen Klapoetke-Poireir. She’s the one with Emily who organized and sent the package.
    4) YAY FOR NEON BUNNY! And I can’t wait for KKI to start up again! Its one of my favorite segments!

  14. I’d like to (sarcastically) thanks the education system for starting school at the same time as EYK Live chats….-_-

  15. You have to watch SortedFood.com they have YouTube vids of most of their recipes. I’ve given up on trying to find current cooking shows on the networks.

  16. I used to play with those chemical bubbles when I was a kid. It was really fun, though unhealthy. My friends and I would join a few bubbles to make a something out of it. :D
    p/s: I keep missing the livechat this year cause of classes…. >.<

  17. For some strange reason theFacebook announcement an hr before it went live didnt show on my news feed. I have no clue what facebook is doing to newsfeed as I was on facebook during all of the night.
    A macaron shop I like on facebook was having problems posting because the same post kept disappearing…

  18. Neon Bunny It’s You has been added to the charts! It’s sad though because they do not seem to have an official youtube channel and it is not on iTunes or Yes Asia yet. Why K bands? Why you no allow non Koreans to find and buy your music easier?

  19. Yay for staying up late for homework! :D

  20. lol, there were 2 different Karens, me and our fearless nasty green leader, who sent letters in our package :) And I am so going to tease my husband for getting a shoutout when he refuses to watch you videos :)
    Also thanks for the puppy shoutouts. I’m crying a little though, because Katie isn’t around anymore. She passed away at the beginning of February. Also don’t feel bad…we mailed our package at the end of December. Christmas tape was the only cool tape i had :)

  21. It was my first livechat that I was actually awake for! I’m not sure if you guys saw me say hi on youtube though since those comments really fly by quickly.

  22. Christmas songs in the middle of March… Well it’s still technically winter and Christmas does seem to be around even in the middle of October

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