Eat Your Kimchi

Friday Afternoon LiveChat Time!

Hello Livechat

Aww yeah! Two LiveChats in a row! Look at us!

On a technical note, for last week’s LiveChat we mentioned how we’re looking into ways to improve the video quality. We got a new system for it and all, and we were totally stoked…but one of the cables broke. YAAARRGGH! So, sadly, we’re still stuck with basic LiveStreaming for this week. Hopefully next week we’ll get a better cable. Ah!

Special thanks to Hilary from Austin, TX for the awesome books! Really, Martina’s been trying to think about a book she can read when we’re in the Dominican Republic. We’re going to be doing lots of playing around in the pool, but also we’ll be sitting outside for a bit, and hopefully reading some books as well. I’m working through the Outlander series SO SLOWLY. The TV show is great, but the books have so much extra stuff in there that really slow down the pace of the book. When the action hits I can’t put the book down, but once they’re doing stuff around the home, whoa I can barely pick the book up. I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5: the great parts are great and the sucky parts are sucky. I’m halfway through the second book right now. The first half of the first half was a bore. The second half of the first half is great! Someone help! I need some consistent writing in my life!

One of the things we didn’t talk about in the LiveChat about our trip to the Dominican (we’re super excited by now, if you can’t tell. WE ALREADY PACKED OUR LUGGAGE!) is this: we’re thinking about how to deal with potential kids that might be there. Supposedly, there’s an ocean trampoline at this place, and I know as adults we should let the kids play, but I’m kinda tempted to jump really hard on the trampoline, and have my heavier weight spring the smaller children off of the trampoline into the ocean, so that the trampoline can be all mine. Is that…frowned upon? How would something like that work? Ha! No I’m just joking. I have to say that in case any angry moms read this blog. IT WAS A JOKE!

Going back to the books talk: we asked on our Twitter and Facebook a while ago if anyone would be interested in a book club in Seoul. We’re still interested in starting that. We’re now just trying to figure out the best way to do a book club. We’ve never been on one, apart from the reading circles we were in for University, but I’m sure a book club would be different than that, no? I’m not sure. We’re still doing research on it, though. If anyone has suggestions for proper book club etiquette and best practices, we’d love to hear em :D

Otherwise, we missed out on yesterday’s adventure video, but it’s coming today, and soon! It’s a bigger, rather more epic video and took more time to edit. But it’ll be up soon. Hang tight! You’re gonna like it, I’m sure :D