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Friday Afternoon LiveChat

May 3, 2013


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Woohoo! Another livechat to get us totally pumped for the day. SHAZAAAM! And we usually film these before we go WANKing, but we have kind of a special edition WANK ready for next week which we shot with Daily Planet. Cool! We’ll tell you more about it next week. For now, though, thanks to all the Nasties whose packages we opened today!

Autumn from California
Amina from England
Vilija from Lithuania
Liz from Singapore
Clarissa from Texas

Also, special message to Iliana from California. WE’RE SO SORRY FOR NOT OPENING YOUR PACKAGE! We really wanted to, but we couldn’t, because we already went WAYYYY over our time frame, which we set for half an hour. Ah! The package is so huge and it would have taken us another half hour to open it. Next livechat, though, we will open yours first. FIRST I SAY! We’ll sing a song as we open it. Then you won’t have to stay for the full chat. Ah! Again. So sorry!

We’re overwhelmed by the flourishing amount of fanmail we’re getting, and we’re surprised that we’re getting more fanmail per week than we can open per week. Maybe we should do two livechats per week? Or maybe we should schedule out a full-day for livechatting? We can have marathons where people come by and play around and we can open packages and share the love with them. Damn! This diet is killing us! There’s so much stuff we wanted to eat! AHHH! But it’s ok. We’re slimming up, getting ready for Singapore and for big audiences and cameras and stuff. Once we’re done, though…BOOYAKASHA! Back to eating bad stuff again!

Though, we don’t want to get back to the stage we were in before. We were just eating all the stuff in the studio when we were busy working instead of heading out and eating proper food. We can’t fall back into those traps. Or, better yet, we should just keep on inviting Kpop idols over and having them eat all the stuffs! That’d be great. uBEAT didn’t eat that much candy when they were here, unfortunately. They had some, though! Some.

What were we talking about again? Not sure. We’ve got a bit of work ahead of us for today. We’re doing the KpopCharts Update and K Indie for today. Saturday we’re doing Spring Cleaning (finally!) and then Sunday we’re going to keep working on re-shaping our Music Monday format. We’ve got some ideas, and we listened to everyone’s suggestions. Gonna see what we can do with it. Yeah!



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