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Friday Evening LiveChat Bonanza!

April 4, 2014


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Ok! So, things on the stability front, I think, are improving. We’re now, instead of transmitting wirelessly, have plugged directly into our router, so that should keep things more consistent. Let us know if you’ve seen less freezing or better quality in this week’s LiveChat. It’s frustrating for now, I know! But, at least, things are getting a lot better from the days in which we could transmit for, like, five minutes, then get booted off.

Anyhow, we’re finally done the Christmas package opening! Great success! Special thanks to all of the Nasties who sent us awesome packages, including:
-Leigh from Laurel, Mississippi
-Madeline (Maddi) from New Zealand
-Kim Corbyn from the UK
-Mara Lee from the USA
-Little Clouds (I’m sorry, I couldn’t read the spelling for your name!) from Hong Kong

We talked for a bit at the end of our LiveChat about the project we’re working on: Beth, who was online for the LiveChat, came to the studio for a couple of weeks and scanned a whoooole lotta artwork and letters that you guise sent us. We don’t throw any of it out. Ever. Everything you’ve ever made for us, we’ve kept. She raised a good concern before she came to Korea, though: how are we archiving all of this? What happens if it ever gets damaged in a flood or fire? So, as part of her Masters of Library and Information Science (I think that’s the program) degree, she scanned and inventoried a whole lotta the stuff we have saved. Not all of it, though, but most of it. We’re hoping now that, once it’s all scanned, we can find a way to put it online, so that you guise can also see the awesome stuff you send us. Maybe it’ll just go on Flickr, or – even better – maybe we can find a way of putting it on the site here. That kind of stuff is a bit challenging to build, but we’re thinking about different ways of saving this all online so it never gets lost!

Side note: Maddie, we just read the entirety of the comic book, and it’s amazing. Please make your career in doing comic books, because this was totally fun. We’d love to scan it and put it online as well, if you’re comfortable with that. It’s like Ouran Host Club, only with us in it. AMAZING! We’re so amazed that you, that – hell – anyone spends the time to do art stuff of us. Thank you!

Ok! We’re gonna get to cleaning up now and starting our weekend. Stay tuned for a WTF video tomorrow, and an Open the Happy video this Sunday. We don’t have an Indie for this week because some things popped up, but we have one filmed for NEXT Sunday. And, just in case you missed this week’s LiveChat, make sure you click the button below so you don’t miss out on them again!



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