Ok! So, things on the stability front, I think, are improving. We’re now, instead of transmitting wirelessly, have plugged directly into our router, so that should keep things more consistent. Let us know if you’ve seen less freezing or better quality in this week’s LiveChat. It’s frustrating for now, I know! But, at least, things are getting a lot better from the days in which we could transmit for, like, five minutes, then get booted off.

Anyhow, we’re finally done the Christmas package opening! Great success! Special thanks to all of the Nasties who sent us awesome packages, including:
-Leigh from Laurel, Mississippi
-Madeline (Maddi) from New Zealand
-Kim Corbyn from the UK
-Mara Lee from the USA
-Little Clouds (I’m sorry, I couldn’t read the spelling for your name!) from Hong Kong

We talked for a bit at the end of our LiveChat about the project we’re working on: Beth, who was online for the LiveChat, came to the studio for a couple of weeks and scanned a whoooole lotta artwork and letters that you guise sent us. We don’t throw any of it out. Ever. Everything you’ve ever made for us, we’ve kept. She raised a good concern before she came to Korea, though: how are we archiving all of this? What happens if it ever gets damaged in a flood or fire? So, as part of her Masters of Library and Information Science (I think that’s the program) degree, she scanned and inventoried a whole lotta the stuff we have saved. Not all of it, though, but most of it. We’re hoping now that, once it’s all scanned, we can find a way to put it online, so that you guise can also see the awesome stuff you send us. Maybe it’ll just go on Flickr, or – even better – maybe we can find a way of putting it on the site here. That kind of stuff is a bit challenging to build, but we’re thinking about different ways of saving this all online so it never gets lost!

Side note: Maddie, we just read the entirety of the comic book, and it’s amazing. Please make your career in doing comic books, because this was totally fun. We’d love to scan it and put it online as well, if you’re comfortable with that. It’s like Ouran Host Club, only with us in it. AMAZING! We’re so amazed that you, that – hell – anyone spends the time to do art stuff of us. Thank you!

Ok! We’re gonna get to cleaning up now and starting our weekend. Stay tuned for a WTF video tomorrow, and an Open the Happy video this Sunday. We don’t have an Indie for this week because some things popped up, but we have one filmed for NEXT Sunday. And, just in case you missed this week’s LiveChat, make sure you click the button below so you don’t miss out on them again!

  1. I can never watch your live chat, and I really want to. How can I watch your live chats actually live?

  2. in Germay we have more-or-less-turkish restaurants that sell “döner (kebab)”, which is commenly known was invented in turkey. except it wasn’t. it was invented by a turkish man in berlin. also the same place sells pizza that is nothing like italian pizza. there are people who like it, but they’re really greasy and not for everyone.
    other than that: GEMA sucks. but (now interesting for germans:) Proxtube is the programme you want to have if you want to get around it, it can be simply downloaded for the browser you have, just google it, you’ll find it. and thanks to that I can still watch live-chats (if they’re ever not at a time I am sleeping or (as of lately) in school)

  3. When you guys talk about the internet you always remind me of Jen from the IT Crowd :D




  4. Simon and Martina!! I’m from America and every summer my family takes a road trip. I’ve done all of the national parks/monuments/historical places and I definitely recommend them all! But I’d plan your trip carefully lol, a lot of people underestimate how long it takes to drive xD Come see my country!!! It’s beautiful!

  5. If you go to Boston, you can try some authentic New England Clam Chowder (or is it Chowdah?). My parents live outside of Boston and they have a guest house, so if you’re going that way, you won’t need to make hotel reservations.

  6. That’s the correct name of the degree! Loved working with you guise (which I am sure you are getting sick of hearing). ^ ^

    • Oh, but you forgot the “lol” on the degree. :) I wonder if they will let me add that on the actual diploma and make it official-like. That would be A-MAZ-ING! It’s like the Doctorate of Awesome I gave a coworker so we could call her “Dr. Awesome.”

  7. in texas time what time do they do these live chats?
    cause i always miss them.

  8. Oh yeah, I’m so happy!! For three reasons….
    1. New LiveChat!!! Simon and Martina are probably my favourite people in the world, you guys are always so much fun and I love that you still take the time to do LiveChats with us nasties.
    2. You opened my package!!! I’m so thankful that it actually arrived safely. Hopefully the Christmas coffee will be super tasty, I don’t drink much coffee so I have no idea whether that blend is good or not :p
    3. That comic… :O Words cannot describe how amazing that was. I wish I had the talent and creativity to come up with something like that… Maddi you’re amazing!

  9. This really doesn’t have anything to do with the live chat, but I thought Simon needed to see this article. It solidifies his claim as to why ranch is the best condiment and pairing for food.

  10. The live chats are always In the middle of the night for me. I I happen to be wake I watch live usually, I watch it after i wakeup in the morning or if it’s slow at work. Which is really funny If my boss happens to be around cause she use to think I would just bust up laughing for no reason.

  11. Hi Simon and Martina!
    If you ever get a chance to come to England and you want to do a Pub Crawl I highly recommend that you find yourself a Youth Hostel (YHA) and join a Pub Crawl group! Its freaking awesome you get to meet a bunch of people and your given a tour around the pubs! Me and my best friend went on one in London in the summer and it was so much fun, terrible hangover but hey-ho! :)
    If you ever come over here its a must, its like a right of passage for every English-person!!!
    Really hope you guys come here!!

    • Simon and Martina this is true. I don’t think you can truly call yourself English until you have been on Pub Crawl. Actually whenever I went out with my friends we always did pub crawls, we didn’t get super drunk, but it’s nice to move around and be a part of the different scenes in each pub!

  12. Not sure why Rains I Love You mv was showing but I played cuz I luv. I find it charming….and he sounds good too. Him and his cute white pooch.:)

  13. Please come to Seattle! The Red Nastys will show u guise a good time…..:)

  14. Darn that the live chat was at an unreasonable time for me…(5am in Vancouver..) Hopefully it wont be at an unreasonable time next week.

    My package should arrive soon! Marrtina, it’s a white box with eyk on it and has loads of hello kitty!

  15. Got to watch most of it live this time! Whehoo! That comic looked su-weeet! must have taken a loooong time to make (the colouring alone!), mad props to the author.

    For things with food that I do that are unusual, I put “all dressed” or spicy/cheesy chips in the fridge. For some reason, like cold cheese is better than room temperature cheese, the chips taste better cold (not all cheese is better this way, but some is). Also, peanut butter on hotdogs. I don’t do it often, only if I have no other condiments (protein with protein?), but counter to what you would think, it tastes really good. I’m totally going to try grapes in the freezer though, whether as ice cubes or straight on, that sounds amazing.

    Martina, my sister has the same ice cube trays, they are great for making basil/garlic/pesto cubes for Italian dishes and those trays are perfect for making bath bombs.

    Cyber_3 – it’s going to take, like a month, to prepare this package…hmmmm………..

  16. Hmmmm……..maybe. While closing down wifi devices helped A LOT, going direct-wired didn’t seem to matter. The problem does seem to be at the EYK end because whether I watch the video live or later on the blog (sometimes I do both), the lags are in the same spots. If it was really just a transmission problem, there would be no lag in the video if it was watched afterwards (given a reliable streaming connection) so there has to be a lag in the recording as well. Have you locked down or changed the password on your router lately? Is your password something that is not in the dictionary? I admit that I don’t know much about digital video recording/transmission but are you using the same laptop that you used prior to the problems? Have you upgraded the video quality or software you use for recording? Your video card may be too slow to handle streaming live, even live-ish or you might not have enough RAM or free disk space to buffer your file size with and constant memory switching would definitely slow things down. My first plan of attack on a computer when it comes to speed is always hardware first because it is easier to check, if there are problems with the software, maybe you could look online for help there.

  17. Could you please write down the DA name of the amazing comicbook artist? I really want to “watch” her there!

  18. I missed the livechat since I was at college so I’m watching it now, I keep joining in and shouting stuff so I feel included <3 Also, UK FTW!

  19. When you take a road trip across the U.S. you should definitely stop at the places that Guy Fieri stops at for Diner, Drive-ins and Dives and you should take me with you because I really want to go on a road trip to those restaurants. Also the Minnesota State Fair has a lot of foods on a stick (most of them fried).

  20. Second! Hi guise! I always miss the live chats :( stupid work schedule :(

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