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Friday Night LiveChat

July 26, 2013


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Hay guise!

Just wanted to say, before I start writing this: thanks for hanging out with us tonight, guise. I was totally bummed before starting the LiveChat, and didn’t really feel up for anything at all today. We’re a bit frustrated with trying to find a new place, since our landlord decided to double our rent when our contract with him is up, so now we’re in the process of maintaining our regular filming schedule, planning for our Australia trip, AND now trying to find a new place to move into within the next 2-3 weeks. No pressure! So, I felt a bit mopey before starting this, but being able to hang out with you guise definitely made me feel loads better. Thank you :D

While we’re on the topic of thanking people, special thanks to the awesome Nasties who sent in this week’s lovely packages:

Maria from Estonia
Mahya and Juna from Hawaii but sending from Japan
Nancy from Sacramento
Rebecca and the lovely group of Winnipeg Nasties!
Aaron and Patty from St. Thomas, Ontario

By the way, I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourselves that I’m not going to wear the Pink Hello Kitty shirt out on a Friday night. You would think that, wouldn’t you? Well guess what? YER WRONG! I’m totally gonna rock it. I’m just not sure if Martina’s going to agree with it. But, I’m sure that if we do wind up going out with this shirt on, somebody will notice it, and you’ll surely see pictures of us on Twitter with other people while I wear a pink shirt. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN, PEOPLE!

Leigh’s about to come in now and we’re going to film some things. Yay! We’re also changing something up for tomorrow, so hopefully you’ll be ok with the new things we have planned. Ah! Nervous. We’ve been thinking about different things we can add and change, and hopefully you’ll be ok with some of our decisions. Any guesses as to what we’re gonna start doing? Hmm. Maybe some of you already know…



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