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Friday Latenight LiveChat!

March 28, 2014


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It feels like forever since we did a LiveChat! It’s odd how comforting doing these LiveChats is for us. A nice way to wrap up our week and start out weekend. Though, this weekend we’re filming a special video (when we usually don’t film on the weekends), so it’s not really the end of the week for us yet…but that’s another story. It’s gonna be a fun video and we hope you’ll AWWW at how cute it is :D

Anyhow, let’s give a special thanks to all the lovely people who sent us awesome packages, including:

Sadie from Texas
Emma from Illinoise
Anna and Kuba from the UK

Can I just say…I’ve been waiting to open this big box FOREVER! It’s one of the prettiest boxes I can remember. It’s…colored all over! Look at it! Eep! We didn’t even vote for opening that one. We just went out and did it. Booya! And it was definitely a totally amazing package. Thank you!

Also, I really had lots of fun with this week’s LiveChat. I can’t believe it’s the first time we talked about our loving elbow farts. Yes, that’s something we actually do. Especially in the middle of a serious conversation. It’s like “wait: things too serious: fart in elbow plz.” I think it’s one of the things that make us a bit nauseating as a couple.

And those wallsticking guys were so fun! I have no idea how it looked on camera, though, because I tried looking at the monitor to see if you guise could see it, but I also wanted to watch my guy win. MARTINA CHEATED! My guy was flipping the whole way down, and hers just slid down, clung to my guy, and suplexed him. HOW IS THAT FAIR?

Anyhow, I hope you had as much fun as we did. Thanks for hanging out with us. If you missed out on it, make sure you click on this button here so you never miss em again:



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