Anyhow, we talked about this a bit for the LiveChat, but – whoaaaaaaa – how many of you have ever been awake for more than 24 hours? It’s awful. For me, it was interesting, because we usually wake up anywhere from 12PM-2PM, and – by then – half of the day is done for normal folks. So for me to be around and moving at 8AM was fascinating. Is this…is this what you people see? I feel like a Vampire who was given the walk-in-daylight ring and begins to remember how normal people feel. Yes I got that reference from Vampire Diaries. No, I don’t watch it, but Martina does, and I see bits and pieces of it from time to time.

Speaking of vampires who were given awesome gifts, special thanks to:

Shelby from Chicago
Taylore from San Antonio
Valeeija from Ireland

OMG we’re so sad that the Sailor Moon wand broke. Why does the post office abuse our packages so much? I think we’re going to have to file a complaint, and maybe take some pictures or something. Totally not cool.

Side note: best of luck to everyone entering the Xia CD giveaway. You give us such awesome stuff all the time, and it’s only fair for us to give stuff back to you as well from time to time. We didn’t do a giveaway in a long time. We’ll do more in the future!

Also, for those of you who are entering your answers for the contest, do so in our YouTube video rather than on our blog post here. Oops! We should have been a bit more clear about that!!

  1. Yay San Antonio!!! My hometown. Nice to know I am not the only Nasty here.

  2. One anime I’d like to recommend is Azumanga Daioh. It is hilarious! I cry with laughter everytime :’)

  3. That’s a good Idea with the Fragile label…
    But I reckon that this poor vine glass also was horribly mistreated, somehow that makes me think maybe this label encourages the abuse of innocent packages?
    I also think that maybe posting a complain would be reasonable.

  4. Sorry about the Sailor Moon wand It looks like it’s in pretty big pieces, so you could probably fix that with really strong glue, like the kind you’d get at a hardware store.

  5. But be VERY CAREFUL with that super glue!!!

  6. So I skipped forward at one point and saw Simon and Martina looking for cards through a newspaper and I think to myself that the paper looks like a San Antonio newspaper (where I live and was just reading before this), but that can’t be. I’m sure a lot of newspapers look alike. I go back to them opening the box and it IS a San Antonio paper! That blew my mind!

  7. sorry for my rendamnes BUT DID YOU SEE seungri’s let’s talk about love teaser aaaaaaa!!!????!!!!!!

  8. Leeeeeeiiiiiigh. You’re so pretty! :D

  9. Hey Simon and Martina. I know you’re already pretty far in Korean, but I noticed that a lot of Hangul posters and books don’t tell you about the extended letter rules. http://vtkaumc.org/xe/files/attach/images/592/218/001/Hangulposter-AboutLetters.jpg
    It’s just a pic. The bottom row is what I’m talking about.

  10. Simon… Is it just me or were you mouthing “f*** you” around 2:40? o.O

  11. Leigh is slowly being taken over by EYK ahaha

  12. Hey guys, I realised recently that I should not watch your livechats on an empty stomach (all the food looks so goooooooood!)

  13. Listening to Martina hum-sing Love Song makes me miss Rain. I thought he was already out of the military, so when do we get new music. Hell, I would just settle for a Hip Song video.

    Sidenote: Honestly, I didn’t even know who Rain was until one of your K-Crunch segments so long ago and now he is my favorite.

  14. When I saw the broken Sailor Moon scepter I was so shocked I bit my tongue real hard…
    it hurts now TT^TT

  15. Lol! The “Wedgie Song” was awesome Martina! Here is a song I made up for my son when he was two, that is similar but more about losing your pants: (sort of to the tune of Mighty Mouse in a deep authoritative voice)

    I’m Super No-Pants-Guy!
    I go around jiggling my bits at ev’ryone
    I’m Super No-Pants-Guy!
    And I will save you with my bum bum bum!

    Gets him to put on his pants every time. Although, might have the opposite effect when he gets older? ;)

  16. But being awake long periods of time is fun. I woke up Tuesday morning at 9am, drove from Virginia to Philadelphia, PA from 9pm and got there at 3am. We unloaded the truck, rested 30 minutes, took a bus back down to Virginia and got there at 2pm, then loaded another truck and drove back to Philadelphia and got there around 4am Thursday… I slept for 15 hours after that. lol Good times…

  17. The wedgie song XD
    Im dying from the laughter guys.

  18. i thought you guys would talk about the hats aswell :C are they here yet? i saw martina wear the pink one and simon wear the mint and blue hat >.<

  19. Guys, I only caught your live chat for a few minutes this morning. But it was just enough time for you to get “What is Love” stuck in my head requiring me to listen to it on loop for my 20 minute commute to work. Not that I’m complaining, but that’s not exactly peppy wake you up music. :-P

  20. Wow it actually on track with audio on your eyk page rather than youtube and twitter… hmm.. interesting

  21. I just wanted to ask. Do we have to buy any tickets for your meet and greet in Sydney? AND! guys! Remember to pack and dress warmly for us! We are sub zero! okay. Not sub zero, but it is freezing over here

  22. It’s so surprising to me that you’ve never heard of Hetalia! It’s super cute, and pretty intellectual even though it really plays up stereotypes — which is fine by me, but could annoy some people, maybe.

    Also, I’ve never heard anyone use the verb “to wind up” more than you, Simon. I guess we all have our things that we say (I say “I guess,” “kind of,” and “just” a lot a lot a lot)

  23. u mean contest* right in stead of concert? xD

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