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Friday LiveChat Nostalgia Bomb

March 14, 2014


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It’s Friday! We’ve had a big and busy week and we’re ready to wrap it up, so thanks to everyone for hanging out with us this Friday afternoon/night as we opened up a bunch of packages and relived special memories from our childhoods. In particular, special thanks to:

Victoria and Gabriel AND RUTH from Lithuania
–sorry, Ruth, for leaving your name out the first time!
Sabrina and Patrick from Nova Scotia
Carmen and Lucy from Edmonton
Petra and Ines from Slovenia
Tucker and Piper from Michigan

#1) That airplane made me so uncontrollably happy. Whoa. Did anyone else used to get those at Knob Hill Farms? They came in these thin paper packages that had a drawing of the airplane in action. I don’t remember how much they cost. I didn’t have a concept of money back then. But I remember we’d get them right at the cash register, and I’d assemble them in the car as we drove back home, and then I’d stand on our tiny front lawn and throw it around until it fell apart. Whoa. Thank you for unlocking that memory for me.

Sorry if I creeped you out by overreacting about it a bit. I read a lot of Proust when I was younger, and I really love the idea of hidden memories that are unlocked by different triggers of taste or smell or sight. Memories are ghosts that haunt different items, that only make themselves known to you once you’re close enough to them. Or something like that…Proust said it better. I don’t remember the exact wording. I do know, though, that I have to re-read it, though!

#2) I also had the caramel-tooth memory unlocked. I was walking on Valley Farm Road after swimming at the rec centre. I always used to swim there. On the second floor they had a concession stand where you could buy fries and junk. I bought that toffee caramel one day. We were all walking back home when my tooth was ripped out from the caramel. I remember seeing it in the toffee. I threw it all away from losing my appetite. I didn’t eat it since. Seeing it today reminded me of that day. It’s not as crazy sticky now as it was then. It’s softer caramel now. Probably because of too many tooth-ripping reports.

Ok, I’m gonna stop being super nostalgic now. Thanks for the awesome packages. I’m sorry if we didn’t do a lot of talking this week. We were just so heavily into the moment. Whoa. Really guise. Thanks for the fun stuff!

If you missed out on this week’s LiveChat, fear not! Click on this button below and you’ll never miss a beat again! Unless, of course, you’re away or asleep. This button can’t fix that, or can it?! Only one way to find out: click it!



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