It’s Friday! We’ve had a big and busy week and we’re ready to wrap it up, so thanks to everyone for hanging out with us this Friday afternoon/night as we opened up a bunch of packages and relived special memories from our childhoods. In particular, special thanks to:

Victoria and Gabriel AND RUTH from Lithuania
–sorry, Ruth, for leaving your name out the first time!
Sabrina and Patrick from Nova Scotia
Carmen and Lucy from Edmonton
Petra and Ines from Slovenia
Tucker and Piper from Michigan

#1) That airplane made me so uncontrollably happy. Whoa. Did anyone else used to get those at Knob Hill Farms? They came in these thin paper packages that had a drawing of the airplane in action. I don’t remember how much they cost. I didn’t have a concept of money back then. But I remember we’d get them right at the cash register, and I’d assemble them in the car as we drove back home, and then I’d stand on our tiny front lawn and throw it around until it fell apart. Whoa. Thank you for unlocking that memory for me.

Sorry if I creeped you out by overreacting about it a bit. I read a lot of Proust when I was younger, and I really love the idea of hidden memories that are unlocked by different triggers of taste or smell or sight. Memories are ghosts that haunt different items, that only make themselves known to you once you’re close enough to them. Or something like that…Proust said it better. I don’t remember the exact wording. I do know, though, that I have to re-read it, though!

#2) I also had the caramel-tooth memory unlocked. I was walking on Valley Farm Road after swimming at the rec centre. I always used to swim there. On the second floor they had a concession stand where you could buy fries and junk. I bought that toffee caramel one day. We were all walking back home when my tooth was ripped out from the caramel. I remember seeing it in the toffee. I threw it all away from losing my appetite. I didn’t eat it since. Seeing it today reminded me of that day. It’s not as crazy sticky now as it was then. It’s softer caramel now. Probably because of too many tooth-ripping reports.

Ok, I’m gonna stop being super nostalgic now. Thanks for the awesome packages. I’m sorry if we didn’t do a lot of talking this week. We were just so heavily into the moment. Whoa. Really guise. Thanks for the fun stuff!

If you missed out on this week’s LiveChat, fear not! Click on this button below and you’ll never miss a beat again! Unless, of course, you’re away or asleep. This button can’t fix that, or can it?! Only one way to find out: click it!

  1. Yayyy! Finally someone buys S&M healthy food! I want them healthy and continue doing funny videos and not die from junk food cancer! Thanks :)

  2. !!! They still sell Tang?!
    What???!!! I must purchase!

  3. Hi! It’s Carmen from the first package, my sister and I are from Edmonton actually! I should have thought to put my comment here, ah…. well my super long comment is on facebook now, as a comment to the video that was posted there. Again, so happy that you two enjoyed the package, I hope you guys notice that the Jack toque hat thing is reversible! And the cashew cluster really are flippin’ delicious, and the tea package is absolutely hilarious. You two have brought a lot of joy and happiness in my life, as I’m sure you do for many others as well. Love you two!! ^^

  4. Puce, the color of a new born baby rat. Thank you Simon for that visual, I shall never forget what puce looks like from this day forward.

    In regards the word crust, I think or at least I know for myself, that the word crust isn’t irksome like moist and puce are, however the word crusty is. That extra letter lends the imagination to a variety of irksome connotations.

    I’m curious to know what that box had written on it. During the first package opening there was a box that said you guys needed to read everything on it, and Simon was going to read it aloud but then it never happened.

  5. I LOVE roller coasters too!!! Love love love love love ‘em…
    But. :( The T-Express here in Korea.
    I was waiting in line with my friends for 15 minutes when an attendant came up to me and was basically like, “Follow me!” And I was like. o_O What the?
    He lead me all the way up to where the train for the roller coaster is. He wanted me to check to see if I fit in the seat belt. …..
    i didn’t.
    /cries epically.
    It was so embarrassing and sad… at least i didn’t have to wait in line for an hour for it though…
    I can’t ride the T-express…. :( :( :( :(

  6. Here!!! A nasty from Argentina! SouthAmerica present!

    OMG Simon! your happiness made me happy too! You were so happy and childish and cute and funny! And all those feelings travelled through the web and made me smile in such a bad day. Thank you guys!

    I want more D.I.C.K.S (ooooh my God, that sounds awful!) I wanna see SooZee and Intern Leigh in more videos, they’re great <3

    • We’re gonna put up another one next week, I think. The Indie special we’re doing takes a lot of work for all of the subtitling, so Leigh and Soo Zee are rather pooped. But they’ve got one filmed and it’s almost ready to go up :D

  7. Lee is just TOO cute.

    Can you stop Lee.

    Seriously so cute.

  8. Edmontonian Nasties! WOAH. CAN WE BE FRIENDS?!

  9. You mention different anime & manga’s that you like. But how big is the Japanese Anime Fanbase in South Korea and do they have anything of their own that they looking to rival it.
    Also, do they have many fans of the US Based Animation series like South Park?

  10. The bunny shirt was a bit scary so I’m going to go with the marvel lol

  11. If only I could remember the sentence my roommates made up of words they do not like which is the only rule so there are both normal words and gross words including moist.

  12. we have a hello kitty/anime/kpop/jpop/video game store at our mall. and i squealed when i saw that they had one of those window things that have the suction cup? anyways, it was a deji toki!~~~~~ i was excitedddddddd. so my awesome hubby bought it for me <3 You're Beautiful is my FAVEEEE kdrama <3<3<3

  13. you look more Korean than Americans lol ( u look amazing in both ways )

  14. suzy….we r the same…im afraid with riding some extreme roller coaster esp the large rollercoaster in everland

  15. We saw you today with my friend when we were looking for the club locations in Hongdae … you were just getting into a taxi when we realized you’re right next to us :D … you looked pretty busy, so we didn’t want to keep you and we just awkwardly stood there XD,.. I couldn’t even “roll my sexy windows” at Simon! aww T_T … it was great though finally seeing you and the EYK studio =) (oh, the sign is just so EPIC .. actually one korean couple crossing the street with us was wondering about what does the sign mean :D) …anyways, I hope we’ll run into you guys again sometime, and say hi at least =) ^^

    • Aww! Sorry we were so busy! Was it at the end of the night? I saw some foreigners out of the window that were looking around confused. Was one of you blonde?

      • Yes, that was us! ^^ :D .. the blond one is my friend =) … oh, but don’t worry about it, it’s only my 2nd week here and I already could see my favourite couple in Korea! Call me lucky ~~ ^^ ..anyways if I ever run into you guys again I’ll definitely say hello! <3
        …..and today's WTF battle was so unfair! :D … poor Martina without a cupcake! That's like rainbow without a unicorn!

  16. The package from Lithuania was from Gabriel, Victoria AND RUTH!!!!! :/

  17. Martina should just cover her body with ranch one day.

  18. Eating Pajeon and only able to watch the Livestream now because I am from Germany.. *snifflez* but yay! Great Livestream!

    and Martina, your Pajeon recipe is awesome! *nomnom*

  19. US nasties = colors, EU nasties = patterns, Asia nasties = Shapes


  20. darn i always have bad timing with the live chats >:( oh well. watching them afterwards means i don’t have to experience the lags and whatnot! :D

  21. ive been missing your livechats lately but super happy i can watch it on the blog. hey gaiz!

  22. Martina~ madam…. where do you get your glasses/frames? *sigh* I miss living in Korea and having such things available to me. Please tell me you buy them online! (^.^)/

  23. Dont like spice and hates roller-coasters? Suzy we should be friends… best friends >:D (not creepy at all)

  24. YouTube comment kinda messy and slow…but I can still can watch Simon and Martina live! (- ^^ -) I need those JJCC teaser. Can anyone drop me an official link? Thanks!

  25. Martina — I really please want to know the name of the fan fiction you’re reading. You can’t describe it then not name it! This is agonizing! ;c

  26. Woah! Still wish we could meet you! We got to meet SooZee and Beth. We are leaving Korea on Sunday. This whole experience has been crazy! -Tucker

  27. Tee hee.. I’m first to comment :P

    Thanks for pronouncing my name correctly when u mentioned my comment on youtube comments. 9/10 ppl pronounce it wrong and I never could understand why..

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