Wahoo! We just finished another LiveChat this Friday night, right before we’re about to head out for the night. Totally pumped for the rest of the night. We’re actually tempted to film something now as well. We were thinking about filming a summer night in Hongdae as well. You know, we filmed our video about nightlife in Hongdae a while ago, but that’s when it was cold. It’s warm now! Things are different! People are out and about. The Free Park is transformed. I don’t know. We’ll see if we’re up for filming tonight.

Before we carry on, we’d like to say thanks to all the awesome Nasties who sent us lovely things, including:

Lisa from New York again! Replaced the Girl Scout cookies
Camila and Lucas from Brazil
Gaze and Teru from Ireland
Carmen and Manuela fromSwitzerland
Mauma, Baro, Ayli, Rja, Nana, Alena, Vivienne, Lisa, Laura, and Nabila from Germany

Whoa: those girlscout cookies are delicious. We shouldn’t be eating them all, and we won’t. We’re gonna share them with our friends, because that’s what nice people should do! Except our friends are starting diets now as well. Hmm. Maybe they won’t be able to resist the temptation?

Also, we mentioned in our LiveChat that we’re going to be traveling to Europe soon, to four different countries. We’re not saying which ones yet, because it’s not all set in stone. We’re close to getting it all settled. We gave pictures of our passports so that tickets can be bought, so it looks like it’s gonna happen! Thing is, we don’t want to say where yet, because a while ago, we said we’d be going to Malaysia, and made a video for it, but then that fell through and we never went. That totally sucked. So, this time, we’re not making announcements until the tickets are in our hands, you know? Just know that we’re close to finalizing everything. Yay!

On another note, we’re giving away a copy of Batoost’s “Fiction and Fact” CD. Why? Because you guise give us so much stuff and we feel like we want to give back. So, thank you all for hanging out with us and watching us goof around during our livechats, as we tell stories about how Martina slaps me in her sleep. Marriage…six years…this is what happens to you! Ha. No, that’s not true. Marriage is lovely.

Anyhow, if you want to win the CD, head on over to our review of Fiction and show Batoost your support in the comment section there. They’re coming back in July, supposedly. We’re stoked, and hopefully you are, too. We’ll announce the winners for next week’s LiveChat. Yay!

  1. They usually vary the times and sometimes even the days. I find that they usually like to livechat before they go film a WANK or FapFap. they say it gives them energy. Most of the time those videos are filmed on a Friday night. However, I have seen live chats on different days.

    They usually try to vary it so that different audiences will get a chance to join in the live chats without having to stay up till silly o’clock all the time. Sometimes it works out that it is the best time for the European audience, other times they catch the California crowd at a good time. The last few times have been bad for me so I did not catch them live, but sometimes I luck out and can watch them live.


    To find out when the live chats are happening, follow them on twitter or Facebook. They usually announce it the day before and will post a warning an hour or so before the chat is scheduled to start.

  2. Ouuuu. My friend got a shoutout and the Torontonians commenting about exams were me and my friend xD We were watching in the middle of English class lmfao. YEAH. Exams. Damn it. Live chatting is fun >< I get to see so many interesting goodies from around the world ^^ I should probably start assembling my care package too lol

  3. WOOOO LOL YES i started watching them when they were almost ending :C

  4. Hahahaha I so much cried from laughing when Simon told us that Martina had slapped him in the face. :D It was GREAT!!!!! Me and my guy also slapps eachother all the time. Dont know how many times I have woked up from him hitting my face XD

    Hahahahaa – fart – hahahah your great *crying while laughing*!!!!!Your not alone in this world Martina :)

    :O EYK European Mini Tour!! I have to now when and where… Need to get days of work if you visit Sweden!!!! :D PLEASE come to Sweden!!!!!!!!! I would have to take an extra travelbag with things to give you :D

    Oh btw, IF your going to Sweden – you should try swedish sweets/candy that you can pick different kinds yourself! We call it “lösgodis” – do anyone know if there is sweets like that anywhere else in this world!? :)

    Oh, in Sweden you dont have to buy popcorn or candy before you se the movie, and they definitely dont look through your bag.. if they did they would be taken down… ;) We DONT have all that different kinds of popcorn (it sounds GREAT and really delicious :O) – but we do have millions of other sweets. If you go to a store called 4-gott (4-good (?)) – they have everything you can think of. So many different types of candy! :O

    Big thank you for the vids – your the best guys, lots of love and fighting!!

  5. Hey Leigh, Baerlin in Jongno has currywurst! It’s a bit pricey but if you’re desperate check it out!


  6. You need to go to Itaewon, put the Hamilton at your back, cross the street on the right and pass Gecko’s to end up at Chef Melitt’s Austrian deli downstairs and restaurant upstairs.

  7. Simon, when my parents were first married, my mom woke up that way, too!
    My dad was dreaming about guys chasing him, and in his dream he stopped, turned around and … in real life, he grabbed my sleeping mom around her neck and punched her right between the eyes! She got two black eyes from it, and he told people she had an accident when helping him put a new engine in the car.
    She never let him live it down. 45 years later, we’re still telling that story! Sorry, Martina; your grandkids are gonna know about this.

  8. I’ve always known you guys troll our YouTube pages to see if we are real fans but that kinda sucks for me, I don’t really utilize my YouTube account. I watch A LOT of YouTube, but via links and searches online, rarely through YouTube and am terrible at liking videos.

    Okay out load thinking done. Great live chat, I wanted to catch you guys but I had to head of to work when it started. Hey Simon do you suffer from allergies? I get dry, raspy throat that causes lots of coughing from my allergies. Also sometimes when my asthma flares up it just feels like I have a dry throat. Imagine my surprise when my doctor told me that. Anyway my point was maybe your coughing is cause by allergies. I should have dinner, I’m not writing coherently lol

  9. Wisconsin represent!!!! Wisconsin has the best cheese too! I’m obviously from Wisconsin.

  10. Hahahaha the stories of your early married life cracked me up. MOAR! MOAR, I SAY!

  11. I think they’re strung between lamp posts/trees.

  12. Considering how hard it is to get Kpop CDs out here, that thing is going on a golden pedestal next to my stereo if I win it. :)

  13. I slept through a live chat..again… :'(

  14. Hey, peeps from Hannover, when are you meeting up next? I think I know
    the bubble tea place you go to (is it the one across the Ernst August

    • Well, that´s a bummer! The bubble tea place across the EAG isn´t as big as the other one, but I definitely remember some K-Pop videos when I was there (I surely embarrassed my boyfriend when I tried to jam to them :DDD).

  15. To this day I still want that cat bus pencil case.

  16. I forgot that I had left the livechat window open and when I came back home and opened the door, all I heard was this loud farting sound and someone (Martina) yelling! LOL! Freaked me out, I though someone weird had broken in while I was gone. Here are a couple of helpful hints based on what I saw in the livechat:

    Candy Crush: Simon, do you find that telemarketers are calling you shortly after you close the game? Or at times when you had closed it previously? Or robo-text-messaging you at those times? Does it feel like when you are very tired, somehow the game gets magically easier so that you keep playing when you should be going to bed? Or that when you’re on a good roll of 4-5 levels, suddenly the next level seems so much freaking harder? Shhhhh, it’s not your imagination. Even if you clear your data and cache, the data collected on you about your progress and times of playing and what not are still stored wherever Candy Crush comes from. They are watching you, learning your habits and selling this information to advertisers. You will never reach the end, the game specifically is meant to keep you playing. It will suddenly get so impossible that you’ll never finish it and you’re not near the end yet. Don’t believe me? This specific game was actually mentioned for this on CBC Radio “Spark”, the episode 219 on “Big Data” (I don’t know if you can do it from Korea but there is a free podcast – very interesting show). Do yourself and your life a favour and just delete it. In a couple of days, the jitters will be gone and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. It’s the heroine of online games, even the soundscape changes to change your mood. DELETE IT! You won’t be sorry!

    Dr. Meemersworth: He is a male grey and white cat. I have had 3 of these cats from completely different cities and at different periods in my life, and they are all the same (scottish fold or not) so here are a few things you should know about your cat: He will be the most mischievious and the most sucky (and in sucking up all the time) cat evar! If he is meowing like a little baby, especially in the middle of the night, it’s because he wants attention. And lots and lots of it. And he will whine and get into trouble to get it. It will be EXTREMELY hard to resist, but don’t give in, find a way to train him out of it or you will have many sleepless nights. He will eat weird things, some of which aren’t even really edible. All of mine have eventually come around to liking to gnaw on bath towels, but foam is another popular treat. I think they are cleaning their teeth. He will likely always be nocturnal, they have a very hard time being awake in the daytime. If your cat is very sleepy when you want to go to the studio, try to wake him up or throw him in the carrier while he is asleep, it’s the only way to get him out of it. Also, this helps to keep him sleepy when you want to sleep so he doesn’t bug you so much. These cats tend to be loners but in a weird way. They like to play with others but usually can handle being on their own much better than other cats. They are easily traumatized if their mother figure is away for too long though. They are explorers and love to climb. These are the cats you’ll see 5 county miles away from their home or 50 apartment balconies away. If you can get a leash on him, take him outside, he will eventually love it and it will improve his personality and make him more eager to get out of the apartment when he can. These are some of the easiest cats to train. Sing out “Treat!” every time before you give a treat and maybe even rattle the package. Soon enough, whenever you do this, your cat will come when you call – perfect for getting him to the studio. The males of this colour are very muscular, especially around the shoulders, and they will be heavier than some other cats. Also he was just fixed this year so he will be a little confused and depressed and overeat – play with him a lot to get him going again and he will lose the weight within a year without dieting. Getting another cat might keep him occupied (because Spudgy is too old to play much) but he may get really jealous if the mother figure pets another cat…..just like Spudgy is doing with Meemers now. I don’t think you want two to three animals behaving like brats in the same apartment ;)

    Hope this helps. Great Livechat!

    • Haha! I’ll check back on you in a month and see that you’re still at level 198 ;)

      There are only 215 *advertised* levels, what about the bonus levels? The get-free-credit-levels? The you-can’t-put-this-down-evar levels? I TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from, I am a completion-ist too (glances over at comic book and manga collection, dvd collection, online download collection, games completed pile) but I wouldn’t bother to warn you if I didn’t know how much of a trap this game is. See, I helped design the internet security for Canada Trust, I’ve built train systems that have to adamantium-tight from internet and wifi infiltration, I have a sister who owns a multi-million dollar advertising company, who’s husband develops apps…..I am not wearing a tinfoil hat, I know what I’m talking about. This is the NEW wave of games/apps. I try to keep my personal online foot print very limited for a reason, and this why. Even with my phone rooted with added protection, it got to my contact list and my e-mail list and was obviously able to pattern my calling patterns, it even got to my home phone patterns and I am not even with Bell. I don’t have Facebook but considering that it gives you an option to gain more lives if you friend/like on Facebook, I can only imagine what information/contacts it is stealing, tracking, and cross-referencing from there. Seriously, seriously, there are VERY sophisticated algorithms behind these games. There are whole university departments dedicated to learning what aspects of sight and sound will cause people to become addicted. The input you give it is used to modify your behaviour to cause dopamine reactions (pleasurable reactions) in your brain to addict you just like a drug like cocaine would. That wrapper crackling sound for making a cross out of candies? Textbook Pavlovian response tactic. Selling this information and the way you use the internet and how you interact with people and businesses on it is where the big money is at. Billions of dollars. I am not kidding that you will have withdrawal reactions to it when you stop playing – for days!!!!!!! (Martina, give him lots of hugs!)

      If it was just a “hah! this game is so much fun it’s addictive!” I would totally never try to caution anyone from having fun. Stick to games that you can play totally off-line if you can, because all the new cool ones with have this aspect. Sigh……;_; Thanks for being so polite about my post. You can do it! The longer you wait, the worse it will get.

      • It is TOTALLY creepy, the creepier thing to me is that this is just one aspect of this new wave of subliminal control (or not so subliminal……).

        After Simon mentioned playing Candy Crush in one of the videos, I gave it a try. It is an AWESOME game. Too awesome. Even when I realized what it was doing to me, even after my husband suggested that I delete it several times….somehow it’s the curse of hubris when you’re smart where you figure it won’t happen to you and that you can totally beat it (and especially beat it without paying money). When I realized how late I was staying up every night and how I actually had extra lives (I kept dying but somehow could keep playing) enabling me to do it – which weren’t my imagination due to sleep deprivation, I deleted it before I could think twice about it. I jones-ed for it for a good 3-4 days – playing it had become such a pattern in my day to day life – but once I got past that, I realized how much more time I had to get stuff done and how much better my sleep was. I had even got to the point where I would clear my data pretty often and start from scratch rather than wait that stupid time just because I enjoyed playing the game so much at any level but even that made it worse overall because it gave the game more control-time over me (building up my addiction) than if I had just waited or quit. There really are algorithms for dropping the candy in in patterns that are favourable for matching and those that are not. Isn’t it odd how sometimes you can clear several columns and yet when candy is dropped in it gets match after match without you doing anything and at other times the whole board has to be re-sorted for any matches at all. When the more you fail, the harder it gets, the more desperate you get to not fail, the longer you ponder your moves – this is how they get you. After you wait your “timeout” time, suddenly that level that was freaking hard to clear is much much easier, it’s not because you got better or figured it out, it’s because it got easier to give you a dopamine rush so that you remember that playing and succeeding is pleasurable. So you keep coming back again and again for that feeling, no matter the bad feelings you have for the game. That is addiction.

        In deleting it, it’s not that you’re failing to complete the game, it’s that you’re failing to fall into the trap.

  17. I soooo wanna send you guise a package one day. :3

  18. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like their mind is being messed with by posting a comment for a CD in a review that also had a CD giveaway?

  19. I loved the WTF segments. I actually bought my daughter the training chopsticks from those. She still uses them.

  20. I liked the new spot too but if you backed the camera up a bit, it wouldn’t make it so easy for Simon to steal stuffs ;)

  21. I loved how the new angle had those cool light effects in the windows behind you. :)

  22. so…u hvnt come to malaysia yet??? i thought u had came here for university event bla bla bla long time ago…. i try to find ur vid come to msia but i didnt see any in ur blog…

  23. That is so true! I really loved the new angle.

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