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Friday Night LiveChat Party!

June 14, 2013


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Wahoo! We just finished another LiveChat this Friday night, right before we’re about to head out for the night. Totally pumped for the rest of the night. We’re actually tempted to film something now as well. We were thinking about filming a summer night in Hongdae as well. You know, we filmed our video about nightlife in Hongdae a while ago, but that’s when it was cold. It’s warm now! Things are different! People are out and about. The Free Park is transformed. I don’t know. We’ll see if we’re up for filming tonight.

Before we carry on, we’d like to say thanks to all the awesome Nasties who sent us lovely things, including:

Lisa from New York again! Replaced the Girl Scout cookies
Camila and Lucas from Brazil
Gaze and Teru from Ireland
Carmen and Manuela fromSwitzerland
Mauma, Baro, Ayli, Rja, Nana, Alena, Vivienne, Lisa, Laura, and Nabila from Germany

Whoa: those girlscout cookies are delicious. We shouldn’t be eating them all, and we won’t. We’re gonna share them with our friends, because that’s what nice people should do! Except our friends are starting diets now as well. Hmm. Maybe they won’t be able to resist the temptation?

Also, we mentioned in our LiveChat that we’re going to be traveling to Europe soon, to four different countries. We’re not saying which ones yet, because it’s not all set in stone. We’re close to getting it all settled. We gave pictures of our passports so that tickets can be bought, so it looks like it’s gonna happen! Thing is, we don’t want to say where yet, because a while ago, we said we’d be going to Malaysia, and made a video for it, but then that fell through and we never went. That totally sucked. So, this time, we’re not making announcements until the tickets are in our hands, you know? Just know that we’re close to finalizing everything. Yay!

On another note, we’re giving away a copy of Batoost’s “Fiction and Fact” CD. Why? Because you guise give us so much stuff and we feel like we want to give back. So, thank you all for hanging out with us and watching us goof around during our livechats, as we tell stories about how Martina slaps me in her sleep. Marriage…six years…this is what happens to you! Ha. No, that’s not true. Marriage is lovely.

Anyhow, if you want to win the CD, head on over to our review of Fiction and show Batoost your support in the comment section there. They’re coming back in July, supposedly. We’re stoked, and hopefully you are, too. We’ll announce the winners for next week’s LiveChat. Yay!



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