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Friday LiveChat

August 10, 2013


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Let’s start off by saying this again, which we mentioned in the LiveChat: HOLY SMOKES WE’RE SO HAPPY TO BE ANIMATED. We saw the video a couple of weeks ago, and were like LET’S TELL EVERYONE NAO! But we had to wait with their schedule. Ahh! Sorry if we sound a bit too dorky and excited about this. We found it to be ultra cool, and have been talking about it for a while. Ahem. Yes. Carry on!

Anyhow, I’m going to try to write the rest of this blog post with my eye swelling shut. Whoa Martina got me good! While I can still see, let me say special thanks to:

Danielle and the other 120 Netherland Nasties!
Anna-Maria from Costa Rica
Lisa from Austria

Let me just say, whoa, these were some really pretty packages. Like, holy smokes guise! You really put in a lot of effort not only in sending us cool stuff, but also in making the unboxing experience so pretty! Seeing as we’re nerds who are totally into design-stuff (even if we’re not good at it), and we focus on cool packaging for our shirts and hats (for those of you who buy them!) then, long story short, these details you put into the boxes do not go unnoticed. We might not mention it when we’re on camera and totally engrossed in being on camera, but – yes – we notice these things. Thank you!

Quick notice for you Nasties into the Indie Playlist: we’re skipping it this week, unfortunately. A few crazy things popped up this week and we just didn’t have the time to film the segment. So sorry! We should have it up next week, I’d say. This week, though, we put up the Wolverine Review and the Peeping Life video as extras from our regular segments, so hopefully you won’t feel the lack too much. Ah! Sorry guise. We’ll see you tomorrow for a WTF segment, though! Woohoo!

Anyhow, whoa, we ate farrrrr too much stuff in today’s LiveChat. We didn’t have many proper meals today, what with our filming and yesterday’s late night which we mentioned in the LiveChat, so now we’re like kids who ate too many sweets before dinner. Yooooo. So…sleepy. Tummy…sore!

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