Eat Your Kimchi

Friday Morning LiveChat

Dominican LiveChat

Welcome one, welcome all, to this week’s LiveChat, the first we’ve done in a while. We’ve been out of the country for a couple of weeks, and just landed last week, but were too immensely broken from jet lag to be able to do a LiveChat. But now, here we are!

Hey: jetlag is a dirty lover. It’s worse this time than it’s ever been before. Maybe because we’re older than before; maybe it’s because we came from ultra tropical and clean to an urban polluted city. I don’t know. But we feel like we’ve been poisoned by the flow of the moon or whatever it is that causes jet lag. We’re almost better now, though! Almost.

So, we might have seemed a bit over the top for this week’s LiveChat. Next week we will be more tame and polite. We’d like first, though, to thank

Micah Merryman from Oregon
Joana Morais from Portugal

for sending us lovely stuff! Portugal, man: we’d like to live there, maybe. Not sure. We actually know very little about it. I just told someone that we want to live somewhere warm, because warmth causes Martina less joint pain (Dominican Republic was great for that), and we have European citizenship, so where would be warm in Europe year round? Someone suggested Portugal. Other than that, all I know about Portugal is that one of our favourite artists, Panda Bear, lives there. I think. I read a Pitchfork article on him and he talked about living in Portugal (?) and it sounded lovely. So, thank you for the Portugal package, Joana! And thank you Micah for the Pusheen. PUSHEEN! We love Pusheen! I think I like Pusheen more than Martina does. She just says she likes it, but she doesn’t use as many Pusheen emoticons as I do. Word. She needs to step up her Pusheen emoticon game.

Also, thank you to Doza and Evi from Belgium for stopping by the cafe when we were gone and for leaving us some chocolates, which are – interestingly – Martina’s sister’s favourite, but Martina’s sister isn’t here so we’re not gonna share with her. TAKE THAT NICOLE! Well, you can easily buy them yourself, I know, Nicole. But it’s not the same. These are special-er. That’s a word. Stop judging me.

Alright! Back to work we go! We’ve got a busy weekend and a limited amount of energy before the demon moon of jet lag pulls us into its sleepy swells and makes us incomprehensible. See ya!