Hey guise!

We tried having our weekly Kondoot chat a bit later than usual this week. We’ve been doing everything at 12PM Korean time, but we realized that this might not be ideal for some of you. So we’re trying a different time! Also, there’s the fact that, err, sometimes we stay up wicked late the night before uploading our WANKs, soooo…having to wake up early (and by early, we mean before 12) kinda really sucks sometimes. Boo-urns to that!

Also, we teased you a bit in this fan chat with a pretty cool announcement. Next week we’re going to be on the set of a Music video for an artist/band that you like. Trust me. You know them and you like them! We’re going to get the chance to interview them as well. We’ll come out with the full announcement sometime this weekend. We spent most of our free time this week getting the details and finalizing everything for this event, so we didn’t have time to film this week’s KpopCharts Update or our K Crunch Indie. We should be back with them next week. Yeah!

Anyhow, we’ve got a fanpackage and some fanmail that we’re opening for today’s chat! Thank you Katie from Oklahoma and Irene from Maryland for the awesome letters! Also, thank you so much to Dannielle from Australia for the care package. We are totally going on a TimTam Slam Binge tomorrow. Woot!

  1. i don’t know where i can write with them on friday live chat o: I don’t know if i’m just blind but i can’t find it xD could someone help me please?^^

  2. I’m waiting til Girl Scout cookie season to send you a package~ x)

  3. Martina, you’re Croatian? Me too ^^ Partially, anyway. My grandma is full, although she was born in America, her older brother was born in Croatia. =)

  4. i TOTALLY thought of GD! so i paused it just when you said you were gonna interview someone next (not next anymore) thursday, to find out when this video was uploaded. but i didn’t find it =( came back here and pressed play and martina said it’s not GD! =((
    milo is great by the way! and tim tam too.. yummy yummy

  5. whats your guys’ favorite Korean snack?
    And please say Hi to Ally Custer in Wisconsin<3
    IM THE NUMBER ONE NAYUSTY!!! (that sounded weird) 
    but you guys are part of my day. i watch you videos all the time:) ive actually been following you since you moved to Korea, (NOT in a stalkishs way LOL by the internet) and you guys are the best! 
    Simon and Martina naega jeil jal naga!!! lol

  6. Friends in Canada knew of PSY-gangnam style (non kpop fans!!)

  7. AAAH where do u guys find the Velcro bow??

  8. i hope its GD LOL

  9. This seems like a Friday night gig. : )

  10. you know…i wonder if Shinee ever gets doritos from fans, because of you guys…lol. Watch they keep getting them, and have no idea why :)

  11. i believe milo is from colombia. 

  12.  OMG AUSTRALIAN CARE PACKAGE!!!! I’m from Aus too… and for your question about timtams there are like 30+ different types of them over here and they are EVERYWHERE!
    I didn’t know that they didn’t sell half these things anywhere else :/… hmm, now I’m gonna have to think really hard about what to put into the carepackage I wanna send over, half the stuff was already put into this one
    ah this video was so entertaining, love hearing from you guys ^^ (btw Milo is amazingness, practically every child over here grew up drinking that)

  13.  OMG AUSTRALIAN CARE PACKAGE! I’m from Australia, so seeing your reaction to these things made me go laugh so hard, i really didn’t know that Milo didn’t exist anywhere else :/
    but now I have nothing original to send you guys… must find more Australian goodies to send over sometime soon ^^ (btw milo is amazing practically every child grew up drinking that over here)

  14. Yes to opening the chat with Sherlock :D <3

  15. Gangnam style is actually became popular in Norway.. me and my friend heard it that the song was played in a cafe in the town.. ! O.o  So… we freaked out ^^ and a norwegian newspaper wrote about it ! So I was really supriced since K pop haven`t been a big thing here. So i was really happy that the song has became so popular !

  16. Gangnam Style is everywhere. My friends who (BTW) are NOT into kpop, were like; Hey!! You like Korea, right? .. And I was like, HELL YEAH. Then he was like, “check this link out” and when I saw it was Gangnam Style I WAS LIKE WOOOOAH, YOU KNOW THAT SONG, AND YOU LIKE THAT SONG, EVEN THOUGH IT’S KOREAN?! Waa. :D And now all of my friends listen to the song. And I’m Danish btw. 

    • You’re Danish??!! :D
      I’m….kinda….Danish…..my great great (great) grandfather was a shoemaker from Denmark :p
      Do you know Nik & Jay? I’m a massive fan~ xD

  17. what song were they singing at about the nine minute mark?

  18. Martina getting a little kinky at the end?

    Nom-ing  Simon’s nipples?



  19. i want to send you guys a package i just didn’t know how to send it to you/ idk your address~ TT-TT

    • Taken from their Facebook info page:

      Eat Your Kimchi
      Bucheon Woochaegook Saseoham #38
      Jung 1 Dong, Wonmi-Gu
      Bucheon-Si Gyeonggi-Do 420-600
      South Korea

  20. Well shame that I just saw this today… But I thoroughly enjoyed watching you guys digg through your goodies. When is your next chat going to be? You can tell me the Korean Time because I know the time differences between there and here in NY. :)

    Did I mention… You guys are awesome? But you already know that.

  21. LOL That part where you both did the kick walk thing that I forget the name of was sheer awesomeness xD!

  22. Here in Mexico is 6am when in Korea is 8pm

  23. I am Currently A Middle School Student,But I’d like to Study or Teach in South Korea When I am the Proper Age.I’ve Heard Of The Programs ESL,GEPIK,DOB(american Government thingie >.<)
    ,Ect. And I was wondering which Program Would Be Better for Teaching English.Also,If i were to Ask,When I am In High School,If we have an Exchange Program,How would that work?Would I have to Have a Specific Type Visa? 


  24. It’s weird because most of the stuff you got from the package are items that we also have here in the Philippines like Tim Tams, Milo, that fruit flavored candy strips, Nutella and about 95% of that stuff and you can get them all at local grocery stores. :D You should come here. Lots of Kpop too. And we have a local brand (Bench) which is endorsed by Donnghae and Siwon.
    Ok you should come here because I REALLY wanna spazz with you.
    *that’s it for my long commentary. Hihi*

  25. Question for Ukiss! 
    Do you guys plan to hold a concert/fanmeeting in Australia someday?
    Question for Kevin: What motivates you the most in your daily life?

    From: Kissme Yuki Australia!

  26. the caramel lollies are fantales :) read the guess who facts on the wrappers !!

  27. Just wanted to comment because Martina sang the Gummy Bears theme song. ♥♥♥

  28. WHAT U ARE 1.71cm???? really… im 1.70 ok i think simon is GIGANTIC!!!!!…. can you tell me the name of the program where u were mentioned???

  29. um..yeah I’ve been to lotte world before (wasn’t that awesome cos it started raining after 20minutes and everyone went inside and we waited like 2 hours for the pharao ride thingy and that SUCKED(the wait, not the ride) but luckily it was also the day when led apple performed YAY plus we got in for just 18k even though we’re both 18+ and bought the after 4 ticket 8D) 

    Also, Seoul, compared to Cologne/Düsseldorf (Germany) is cheaper as well. SHOPPING PARADISE~ Especially cosmetics and shoes (converse)!! I ended up having to buy another suit case cos I got to much stuff and then obviously had to pay for it at the airport again (90k won >.<) but still well worth it ^_^

    I've been wondering what to send you guise for a long time and now i finally know haha~ just gotta get shopping now, please expect a little something from Germany~

  30. Woah~ really cool to see that your doing some live chat videos :3
    Question: where do I get your adress? cuz me and my friend really love your videos and we made a package for you but we dont have the adress…so how can we send you mail? :O

  31. I love the way you said “Maryland” Martina :) I can tell you are Canadian haha.

  32. malaysia has sooooo many MILO products you can’t even. there’s canned milo drink, milo drink from a box with the strawsies, milo nuggets, milo candy bar, milo freeze where it’s instant milo and you just add cold/iced water, there’s 3in1 milo, the classic powder milo that you got there in the video, there’s milo cereal, milo flavored ice-cream and our McDonald’s here in malaysia has a sundae desert with milo topping called mcflurry milo. not to mention go to any food stall here and you can probably order milo dinosaur or milo tabur (타부르) and it’s basically a milo drink with milo powder on top. some more fancy restaurants have it with vanilla ice cream on top. and some ice cream shops offer milo powder as an option aside from the regular chocolate sprinkles or chocolate chips.

    seriously though, MILO is THE BOMB!! it tastes really awesome. it says it’s a barley drink but it doesn’t taste like barley AT ALL. it’s chocolatey but has it’s own unique flavor. just try it. don’t trust that dude that says it’s revolting. it’s seriously not. haha.

  33. MILO IS AMAZING *___* Lol people usually find it weird, but i just eat it from the bottle by the spoonful, its DELICIOUS!

  34. you guys should have your concert talk show :)

  35. I’m Canadian but had a very British childhood. Vegemite is delicious. I melt cheese on toast or bagels and just dab the top very slightly in strategic places. Excellent with cucumber as well. Absolutely amazing as seasoning rather than a straight-up spread.

  36. Okay I don’t know about non-Filipinos but a lot of native born Filipinos freakin love Milo (Mai-low) including me! It’s totally popular in the Philippines. If you don’t like it, fine but please don’t make it sound so bad because it actually tastes good to a lot of people. *Note! You don’t have to put milk in it! The norm in the Philippines would be just to put two tbsps. of Milo on a cup of hot water. Put some sugar in like when you make coffee. Stir and that’s it. Moms would add milk on the Milo but kids hate it so you might want to try it with and without milk! Good luck!

  37. LOL~~ did you know that Milo came from Malaysia? haha! it’s a chocolate drink that we Malaysian like to drink! (especially kids.. since it’s CHOCOLATE lol) i drink that every morning since i’m from Malaysia~ it’s MUCH more delicious if you mix it with a condense milk + ice~~ ooohhhh~~~ i can already taste it in my mouthh~~~ *___* hahaha!

  38. Eeeeeeee! Dr Meemersworth tail nomming! *spazz*

    And Milo (my-low) is VERY good–it’s a chocolate malt drink. It’s very popular here in the Philippines so we actually also have Milo chocolate bars, cereal, etc. You can mix it with water or milk, add a dash of it to your coffee, or pretty much eat it straight from the can :P 

  39. As an Australian, it is very exciting to be able to recognise the stuff in your videos! Milo is amazing! Best Australian food (even better than Tim Tams). And it seems that our country is very divided on Vegemite. You either worship it or you loathe it with a passion (like me). And there are LOOOADS of Tim Tam flavours. I’ll send you some… someday… maybe… if I don’t eat them first *cough* Hope you enjoyed your Australian goodness!

  40. The vegemite reminded me of this tumblr post I saw today:


  41. wow thank you
    im so glad you liked all the stuff i sent over
    btw milo is pernounced my-low
    hope you enjoy all the stuff <3 u

    • Oh was it you? Thank you for exposing them to Aussie awesomeness on the behalf of all us Aussie Nastys :D

      • lol yeah it was me :3
        im so glad they got most of it safe
        my burger rings and koala was distroyed D: after all the effort i put into making the safe D:<
        i sent them a fredo frog too but they didn't show it :O
        i hope i got simon the right brand of ranch XD there where 3 types here D:

  42. i think there goin to meet super junior i dont know why but i have this gut feeling thats really big -_-

  43. PAVLOVA MAGIC is how you make like an instant Pavlova, its a famous Australian cake & you top it with whipped cream and fruits :)

  44. im thinking it might be u-kiss cuz kevin knows and likes them

  45. Gangnam Style is actually how i got my friend into Kpop. When he views Kpop he see’s it as Flower Boys and Big Groups, but then Psy changed his view completely and broadened his horizon ;> I think that Kpop is opening al ittle more to international fans.

  46. Is it Ukiss?!! That would be so awesome! They are coming back to Korea in a month so they have to be filming soon if they want to get it past the new mogef requirements. Of course I hear GD and Shinee are coming back too, which is still cool… just not as cool… :)

  47. aw I’m sad i didn’t see this in time to attend it :( I usually don’t miss these. I love your chats.

  48. if its SHINee i’m going to be sooo jealous xP I didnt even know they were done in japan lol

  49. I’m only 5’1”…..You guys make me feel so short! >_<

  50. Going to be on a set? *o* can’t wait!

  51. My guess is either BIG BANG, Wonder Girls, or SHINee.

    BTW, Milo is sold in bodegas and supermarkets in Northeastern part of NJ and NYC. Definitely going to buy one on Sunday :)

  52. I LOOOVVEEE MILO! Gangnam Style is blowing up in California. I’m kinda afraid that it might surprass Gee. But that’s my opinion.

  53. omo! i have a feeling it’s G-Dragon :D

  54. Vegemite is more of an acquired taste, if you are trying it you need FRESH WHITE BREAD (or any bread but fresh tastes better). Toast it then spread the butter (I think go hard- lots of butter), then the tinest scraping of vegemite on top of the toast = NOMS

  55. Aahaahhahhaha, I missed this but I’ll be there next time!! omg, Sweden says hi!!


  57. YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON AUSTRALIAN FOOD~~~ Simon and Martina, pavlova is a meringue cake, milo is chocolate powder to put in milk it is not a troll food, yes, twisties are like cheesies, if they are in cheese flavour. The top choc works on ice cream and cold things but not bananas, it will just go gooey and not set. The port wine jelly is made by putting hot water into the powder then you let it cool and put it into the fridge then TA-DA! you have jelly. They ARE called Rice Bubbles here and coco pops are just chocolate rice bubbles. Nutella is a STAPLE BREAKFAST here in Australia!!! There are different Tim Tams like double choc, white, dark choc, and recently dark choc mint. They are FANTALES! They are chocolate caramel lollies. Vegemite is EUGGGHHH to me. Spread a LITTLE!!! A LITTLE!! ALLEN’S GUMMY WORMS!!!! Cherry ripes are yummy chocolate/cherry bars. ANZAC biscuits are biscuits from the ANZAC days and they have no egg to not spoil in the war. French fries are just really crispy potato chips in french fry form. Sorry for this long comment~~ I just thought it was MAD that you didn’t know this stuff.

  58. PunkyPrincess92

    so i’ve been thinking about it and i still have no idea obviously, but i think PSY is supposed to be making another version of Gangnam Style……so maybe you guys’ll be there?? i think maybe………
    it’d be WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY freakin’ awesome if it was SHINee!!!!!!!!!! like you don’t even know how much i’d spazz over that!!! i honestly can’t express how much i’d love it!! but i doubt it’s with them….

  59. If it’s with SHINee I’m going to be SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! TAEMINTS FOR LIFE! :)))


  61. :O Could be GD?? He’s filming his MV right now :D ERMEHGERD WHO IS IT?!?!

    EDIT: Okay, maybe it isn’t… /sadface

  62. ASHDGAOIJESASOMG!!! It smells like SHINee o-ô !!! but… can I still hope for FTISLAND? LOL since they’re having their comeback estimated in September :c am I hoping for much? x3 if not I hope it’s SHINee!! Or whoever it is I’ll be suuuuper happy!! >W<

  63. Hello! omg milo it’s an amazing chocolate drink!!!!!…but put it in a blender to mix it ’cause is a bit crunchy to mix it with a spoon! ohhh and drink it cold! milo is way better cold!!! have you tried milo nuggets? it’s not like chicken nuggets but it’s actually crunchy milo chocolate dip in MORE chocolate!!! my sis and I will try to send you one someday soon! we are really big fans of your show! Greetings from Cali- Colombia!

  64. irritablevowel

    They’re both wearing black, so maybe mblaq?

  65. I’m about 96.3% sure that it’s SHINee. The song was such a giveaway. Lol.

  66. my first thought when you mentioned BTS for a MV was Super Junior, since Spy’s MV still isn’t out yet… but then i read some of the other comments and someone said that the Sherlock intro was supposed to be our hint that it was SHINee…. SHINee is what very first converted me to kpop and SuJu is a close second

    *fingers crossed* ….but i don’t want to get my hopes up.

  67. YES!! people I know that dont even know Korean music is talking or saying oppa gungnam style everywhere. I live in the US and it really is getting super popular people are comparing it to LMFAO’s song though.

  68. gonna send you coffee
    from Puerto Rico

  69. Yes I went to lotte world saw it, I went in December and almost died it was so cold but the outdoor was still open. I loved it though.

  70. the smallest nutella i ever seen maybe i should diet too

  71. oh Tim Tams!! They are so delicious!!!!!

  72. Just come and stay in Singapore- we have all the delicious snacks. ^^

  73. i think it’s psy or shinee

  74. We call it a Tim-Tam-Slam when we use them as a straw with hot chocolate (or coffee)

  75. who kpop artists are planning to comeback? ummm…..GD? KARA? That is all I know…

  76. Maybe Spudgy wanted to sing along with Shinee! Oh, I’m curious yeah!~

  77. Have you guys ever heard The Vegemite Song by Amanda Palmer? If not, I suggest you do XD

  78. oh yeh there are heaps of different flavoured Tim Tam’s! mmmm
    and also u were referring to what we Australians call “Tim Tam Straw” :)

  79. Oh man TimTam slams… I’m awfully excited about the whole interview thing, but TIM TAM SLAMS!!!

  80. Simon said beast at the end, thats making me think it’s gonna be beast

  81. love vegemite!!!

  82. i think milo taste a bit chocolaty… its sweet and nice nomnomnom, i have it every morning~~, pavlovas are a bit sweet for my liking, its like a national australia cake, we have it with fruit normally,, nutrigrain is high in iron, so its relatively healthy~~ and yes aussie here


  84. Exo/ Mblaq/ Epik High ? O___O

    • EPIIIKKKK HIIIIGGGGHHHHHHHJJJFSDKJFSAJFWIOEUFSKNKJSDKGHSLKFJSDLKf ohgawd now that I think it might be them, I’m gonna be super disappointed if it’s not. Aaaarggghhh >_< #firstworldproblems

  85. Ugh I wish I made the chat! I can’t believe that there was another fan from Maryland! when ever i’m in the chat and watching the streams I seem to be the only one!

  86. Yum Milo! South African favourite! Best stuff ever. Drink it cold or warm.

  87. Based on my Sherlock instincts, I am betting on 25 Dorito bags!

  88. That’s torture!!! Who could it be!!!!!!!

  89. tim tam straw is the best!!!!

  90. Aww, I didn’t get to see this chat live :c I was still sleeping…

    Whoa guys, congratulations! For some reason I can only think of GD… X3

  91. PunkyPrincess92

    SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! every time i see a packet of Doritos i have to shout SOY UN DORITO!! i kinda like writing ‘soy un’ on the packet too….
    oh man i’m spazzing out!!! who? who? WHO???!!!!! (i’m so curious yeah~!!!!)
    i was thinking maybe it’s GD as well….cos i know he’ll be coming back soon….but he already started filming….then again i don’t know how long that takes!
    rice bubble?? hahaha what??? should stick to the original!!! (i’m originaaal!)
    and mmmmmmm Nutella!!! love it so much!!! it’s so delicious on toast, with the nutella ofcourse and whipped cream on top!!!

  92. Do you have the Wall Street Journal article you talked about? :D


  94. its SUpearls? yeah i thought it was gd i was like yes gd then martina was like its not gd i was like damn!

  95. OOOH finally an australian carepackage has been opened, australia represent! i’m craving timtams but when i brought some over for my cousins in america, they didn’t really like/love em :’( *crushed*

  96. Actually, Its kind of blowing up in America because if you did hear, Justin Bieber and Psy might collaborate. ( Imma kill myself)

  97. This is the most divine, decadent way to eat nutella – grilled nutella sandwich: 2 slices of sturdy bread, smear nutella on one slice of bread, smear cream cheese on the other slice, put sliced strawberries on the cream cheese & put the nutella slice on top. Heat a pan over medium heat. Spread butter on the outside of the sandwich. When the pan is hot put sandwich in pan and cook until golden, flip over and repeat on the other side. Total yumminess!!!!

  98. What if is Super Junior – SPY ? or T ara ? or PSY- Gagnam Style ( re -edition )? !!!!! or EPIK HIGH ? !!! KARA ? ( I first thought it was GD, but Martina said no … )

  99. I’m from Nova Scotia and I’ve seen some people post the video for gangnam style on facebook! And one of my friends said she saw it on ctv news or something like that.


    I love love love love LOVE Milo!!! When I would go on vacation to the Philippines to visit my cousins, that’s all I would eat for breakfast and when I found them in one of those Chinese grocery stores here (I live in New York) I literally had a mental breakdown (imagine EXO’s Luhan’s reaction when he met Donald Duck). I love it cold <3. So I dissolve the Milo powder and some sugar in a little hot water and then fill the rest of the cup with ice and cold water.

    GAHHHHH NUTELLA! Nutella is heaven <3. I get the huge jar when my family shops at one of those wholesale stores and then when I go to school, I never have enough time to eat breakfast at home so I just bring the Nutella with me to school and just eat it with a spoon. Yummmmmmmm. (Such an unhealthy breakfast XD)

    TIM TAMS!!!!! They stopped selling Tim Tams here TT_TT. No Tim Tams in New York D: I want Tim Tams….. sigh. IDK Why but they just did and I've been having cravings for Tim Tams for the longest time…

  101. If it’s GD, I will cry xo

  102. Do you do chat every Friday? How can I join?

  103. 5’7″. PSSSSHHHHH! I’m 5′! You guys are freaking tall. I would look like a CHILD next to you.

  104. before you guys were like ‘we’re Canadian, not American’ when people say you’re american but now I noticed that you say ‘north america’? like ‘I dunno about your country, but in north america’

    now I’m confused.. are you guys talking about the continent? XD

    • When they say “in America” they mean in North America, as in both Canada and the US. I think they say that because a lot of things are similar in Canada and the U.S and it’s easier to say “in America” than “in Canada and the U.S.” Like both Canada and the U.S. call the cereal Rice Krispies.

  105. Vegemite is an acquired taste in Australia. We all start out young on it so as we get older we start liking it. The caramel candies are called fantails. Yes you can get different tim tams: strawberry, coffee, turkish delight, dark chocolate etc.

  106. MILO is really good. I remember we used to have it in Mexico at some point in time but then it got discontinued, probably because we have like 100 other chocolate mix/milk brands. Just so you know our “MILO” nowadays is called “Chocomilk” so you can imagine what that is.

  107. aww i missed it! time differences…good luck with the interview!! and the time difference thing..why not switch off the times every week if it’s not too troubling for you?

  108. As an aussie…i know all this stuff haha it’s so funny watching you two be like O_O AMIGAWD what is all this stuff xD Makes me want to send you more aussie stuff haha..btw Milo is yummy ^^

  109. and what if it’s going to be the second PSY’s MV from his comeback CD? ERMAHGAD

  110. Mel Wasap Bayar

    hmmm come on guys lets think, what artist/band is having a comeback soon, and started filming the music video. 1st thought G-Dragon since allkpop announced he started filming music videos for his album….. hmmm…. any other guesses???

  111. DECAFE!!!!!!!!!! Jinjja! Look into it. There are many decafe brands out there that are just as tasty as the real thing.

  112. OMG VOVOS TIM TAMS AND NUTELLA OH THE GOODNESS!! pity the burger rings exploded coz they are also amazing. And yes, we have white chic tim tams, double chic, dark chocolate, mint, turkish delight, honeycomb, caramel omnomnomnom

  113. The song is a hint right o.O its shinee right o.O OMG TAEMINNNNNNN AAAHHHHHHHHHHH. xD okay no back to normal. but seriously soo excited >.<

  114. hahaha im in korea now so same hour but im from canada and its 8h55am now there~~ :) met you guys at lotte world :D haha i was there yesterday :) hahaha canadian fellows!

  115. JFGHDFJSDRGSFJKHSDFJKF TIM TAMS!! THEY’RE THE BEST THING EVER. Tim Tams have like double choc and caramel versions here in Australia btw. Double choc is great but I don’t think caramel mixed that well with it, but yeah, maybe that’s just me. You never see them getting bought as much as the original and double choc so … yeah, they’re probably not as good to most people. The normal ones are perfect imo.

    Now, excuse me while I make a big long post replying to basically everything food-related in this video LOL. I’m sorry but I have to. I WISH I STAYED UP FOR THIS CHAT DAMMIT.

    Firstly, not food related but Gangnam Style is getting really popular, it got played once on a major radio station here in the state I live in, dunno about elsewhere in Australia though, and I even have quite a few friends who have discovered it yet don’t know much about k-pop at all, and they like it too! xD

    Moving on, Pavlova is like ice cream to me, but tastes no where near as nice, I don’t really like it. The first time I had pavlova I thought it was ice-cream, I was like 8 and I didn’t know better and was very dissapointed. :c I heard Pavlova originated from Australia, not sure though.

    Also, it’s ‘mai-low’, not ‘mee-low’ LOL. You have it with milk, it’s chocolatey and nice. DON’T BELIEVE THE PERSON THAT SAID IT’S REVOLTING! It’s not like vegemite, it’s not something we troll people with here in Australia.

    Wow, I wish I could explain everything to you but srsly, all this is like … so normal to me it’s hard to explain. I died at ‘erection chocolate’ btw. I’ve only had Top Choc on ice-cream so yeah, can’t answer that one. And it’s been called Rice Bubbles as long as I can remember!

    And sorry, ‘Coles’ is a supermarket and it’s replacing lots of stuff with their own Coles products rather than brand-name, and their names for things are ULTRA original. I’d rather buy brand-name really. I stay away from the Coles stuff.

    And those yellow candies, I dunno what they’re called either, but your right, they’re like hard caramel.

    Vegemite is good when it’s freshly spread on toast, but first you have to put butter on the toast, or it’d taste crap LOL. Always put butter/margarine with the vegemite. Or it tastes bad~ I HAVE NEVER HEARD IT GOING ON PASTA THAT IS CRAZY LOL.

    Cherry Ripes are kinda popular, I’m not big on the idea of mixing cherries and chocolate but yeah, people like them.

    ANZAC biscuits are actually eaten usually on ANZAC day, a day that commorates previous wars that Australia and NZ have been in (can’t remember which ones) and the people that fought and died in them, I can’t explain what they taste like but they taste nice. Often mothers/grandmothers make their own homemade ones, which yeah, obviously taste better.

    AND THE POOR CARAMELLO KOALA. :c Caramello Koala’s are amazing, they’re just chocolate shaped Koalas with caramel in the middle, sounds simple but taste great.

    And I’m like 5ft 3, so yeah. You guys are tall. But I’ve told you that a lot. And I want to go to Lotte World. ;n; Cos it was in Protect the Boss. And it seems like fun and I want those cute headbands. And I voted for Jaejoong cos he is my ultimate bias so of course I voted for him. Go Jaejoong~

    Yeah, this comment was long and I am done, yup, bai.

    • Wow….so long xD
      I just wanted to know, which radio station was it that played Gangnam Style? Do you think we could get it on Hot 30 or Take 40 or something?
      I also didn’t think caramel Timtams were all that great.

      And excuse me for always buying supermarket brand stuff, can’t help that I’m poor? xD As their packaging says, ‘Why pay more for basics?’ Loooo~~l

    • Yes! I was so disturbed when they said you can put Vegemite on Pasta! What the hell? I cannot image that tasting very good >.<

    • the anzac bikkies were sent to the anzac’s in the wars (it started in ww1) because they kept for ages and had high nutritional value.
      and yeah, i was like, WTF… Vegemite on pasta… who does that?

  116. how do i watch your live video chats ? like when you are doing it live not recorded

  117. im from RI in the USA its 9:00 AM

  118. omg i hope its suju!!!! for their new video!

  119. Guys, if it’s still not late yet and you haven’t eaten the foods that you got, you gotta check out this video: http://youtu.be/vf7u7iN2O-M She ate/reviewed some food that you got. if you are curious about the taste before eating them, you should totally check the video out :D She also has a Vegemite review~ I’m not promoting here! Haha, I just wanna share :)

  120. B1A4!… I dunno.. that “dancing party time” seems suspicious ><

  121. Marmite is better than Vegemite (imo)
    That tim tams drinking trick is the most heavenly thing EVER
    And Milo is naaaaiseu~ lol

    And they used Gangnam Style as the background music for sports news and they played it on tv a few times and like once or twice on the radio too lol :3



    /wanna troll you guys too with our exotic foods here. T_____T

  124. oh, and two of our local radio stations in melbourne played gangnam style on the radio! that’s amazing!



  126. Everything she sent you was so …normal? I go pass those items in woolies every time I go there. I’m glad all of our food is getting appreciated :) Tim Tams are awesome <3 They come in different flavours like dark choco, white choco, mint, etc…
    I hated Vegemite before but now I love the stuff. Its just that it takes so long to finish the jar though… :L

  127. Well about Gangman style, it is becoming visible in Poland ^^ I don’t mean tv or radio, but you can find it sometimes as a pictures on some popular websites ^^ Just yestarday, one of people I know, who have NOTHING to do with asian culture, like, EVEAR, posted it with comment: To epic to be true. How awesome is that XD
    Greeting from Poland guys ^^

  128. there are a lot alot alot of tam tams in HK and there is orange and grape flavor ^^

  129. Σ(゜ロ゜;)
    Seriously?! You’ve never had MILO?! I can understand you don’t know pavlova, cos it’s an Aussie/NZ thing, but I thought MILO was….really common…I guess not huh o.O
    My friend dumps a few tablespoons of Milo in a glass of cold water, doesn’t mix it much, and then just eats the stuff like cereal. It tastes pretty nice? lol…
    And everything else Danielle sent you feels so….normal? xD It’s cool seeing how appreciated it is….all the stuff I see everyday at the supermarket. Coles lol. Woolies FTW~!! xD
    - Tim Tams comes in many, many flavours. There’s the usual white choco, dark choco, caramel, turkish delight, mint, black forrest, etc…
    - Vegemite is awesome.

  130. Vegemite is amazing!!!
    put it on anything!

  131. There are heaps of flavours of tim tams, my fav is white choc!!!

  132. that awkward moment i still havent joined a kondoot chat. grrrr. someday! XD

  133. It’s so ridiculously exciting seeing Australian food like this hahahaha

  134. How do I participate in these Live chats??

    and I love ur cat soooo cuuutteee!!!
    I love your Pink hair ur Pink nails and Mostly
    ur pink eye shadow

    love eat your kimchi!!

  135. Oh my!!! you got Nutella!!!! I loooooooove Nutella!!! I grew up eating Nutella sandwiches!! Although it is called Nocilla in Spain… But it’s exactly the same.
    We also called those cereals Crispies here, btw xD

  136. for the vegemite – make some toast, spread thin layer of butter then a thin layer of vegemite and melt cheese on top of it and thats how i got my foreign friends to enjoy it =]

  137. it’s a shame about the burger rings.. they are so yummy….

  138. from another aussie i love everything that person posted you!!

  139. Gangnam Style is like the song of the year, a four day convention in sweden had Gangnam Style playing in every corner at all times every single day of the convention, and ppl sang it in the Kpop Karaoke room THUS MADNESS its a great song tho.
    (convention in sweden everything sweden sweden loves gangnam style)


  140. omg I’m going to Seoul to live for a year! I’m arriving next Friday!! Wish me luck!
    And, your interview news is so exciting, can’t wait!! Have heaps of fun!!

    • I’m also from Australia (Brisbane) and arriving in Seoul next Friday! If you are also going to Korea University, that would blow my mind!

      • OMG I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hello well i read you guys are going to Korea University. I’m still in high school im a junior but i really want to go study to Korea. Could you guys help me find some more information because i’ve been looking but havent quite found the info i need.

        • kathryn kessler

          Hey Cindy. I am currently studying at university in Australia, and am attending Korea Uni on an exchange program supported by my university. If you are planning on going whilst at school I suggest you talk to your school directly. If however, you are planning on going on exchange whilst at uni I would suggest you search local university websites and see which ones offer an exchange program with Korea, or contact them directly. If you plan on simply studying at a Korean Uni for your entire course, I would suggest contacting a Korean University directly, websites are a good start. Sorry I wasn’t much help, as I only know the way I did it! Good luck!

        • Thank you for the info :D 

  141. im from Australia and im loving all the stuff you are getting hahaha! Milo is the best!!

  142. thanks guys…u made my day…big love from Romania >:D<

  143. that would be awesome if its GD!!! I have a feeling it is so excited

  144. I wanna send you guys goodies from Singapore!!! I can’t actually send the whole durian fruit over because that would be crazy and the candies taste nothing like durian so I’m going to send my childhood candies and toys!!! :D

  145. I just know it’s SHINee.
    And if I am wrong..

    WOW. My instincts suck. lol.

  146. You guys are soo loud!!! i love you guys, but you accidentally killed my ears…

  147. What if its T-ara? LOL. aren’t they suppose to comeback sometime next week. Aug 15 if I’m not mistaken.

  148. yup! Following you from Italy!

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