Hey guise!

We tried having our weekly Kondoot chat a bit later than usual this week. We’ve been doing everything at 12PM Korean time, but we realized that this might not be ideal for some of you. So we’re trying a different time! Also, there’s the fact that, err, sometimes we stay up wicked late the night before uploading our WANKs, soooo…having to wake up early (and by early, we mean before 12) kinda really sucks sometimes. Boo-urns to that!

Also, we teased you a bit in this fan chat with a pretty cool announcement. Next week we’re going to be on the set of a Music video for an artist/band that you like. Trust me. You know them and you like them! We’re going to get the chance to interview them as well. We’ll come out with the full announcement sometime this weekend. We spent most of our free time this week getting the details and finalizing everything for this event, so we didn’t have time to film this week’s KpopCharts Update or our K Crunch Indie. We should be back with them next week. Yeah!

Anyhow, we’ve got a fanpackage and some fanmail that we’re opening for today’s chat! Thank you Katie from Oklahoma and Irene from Maryland for the awesome letters! Also, thank you so much to Dannielle from Australia for the care package. We are totally going on a TimTam Slam Binge tomorrow. Woot!

  1. You’re Danish??!! :D
    I’m….kinda….Danish…..my great great (great) grandfather was a shoemaker from Denmark :p
    Do you know Nik & Jay? I’m a massive fan~ xD

  2. Taken from their Facebook info page:

    Eat Your Kimchi
    Bucheon Woochaegook Saseoham #38
    Jung 1 Dong, Wonmi-Gu
    Bucheon-Si Gyeonggi-Do 420-600
    South Korea

  3. I’m Canadian but had a very British childhood. Vegemite is delicious. I melt cheese on toast or bagels and just dab the top very slightly in strategic places. Excellent with cucumber as well. Absolutely amazing as seasoning rather than a straight-up spread.

  4. As an Australian, it is very exciting to be able to recognise the stuff in your videos! Milo is amazing! Best Australian food (even better than Tim Tams). And it seems that our country is very divided on Vegemite. You either worship it or you loathe it with a passion (like me). And there are LOOOADS of Tim Tam flavours. I’ll send you some… someday… maybe… if I don’t eat them first *cough* Hope you enjoyed your Australian goodness!

  5. The vegemite reminded me of this tumblr post I saw today:


  6. wow thank you
    im so glad you liked all the stuff i sent over
    btw milo is pernounced my-low
    hope you enjoy all the stuff <3 u

    • Oh was it you? Thank you for exposing them to Aussie awesomeness on the behalf of all us Aussie Nastys :D

      • lol yeah it was me :3
        im so glad they got most of it safe
        my burger rings and koala was distroyed D: after all the effort i put into making the safe D:<
        i sent them a fredo frog too but they didn't show it :O
        i hope i got simon the right brand of ranch XD there where 3 types here D:

  7. the anzac bikkies were sent to the anzac’s in the wars (it started in ww1) because they kept for ages and had high nutritional value.
    and yeah, i was like, WTF… Vegemite on pasta… who does that?

  8. aw I’m sad i didn’t see this in time to attend it :( I usually don’t miss these. I love your chats.

  9. I’m only 5’1”…..You guys make me feel so short! >_<

  10. Yes! I was so disturbed when they said you can put Vegemite on Pasta! What the hell? I cannot image that tasting very good >.<

  11. Going to be on a set? *o* can’t wait!

  12. My guess is either BIG BANG, Wonder Girls, or SHINee.

    BTW, Milo is sold in bodegas and supermarkets in Northeastern part of NJ and NYC. Definitely going to buy one on Sunday :)

  13. Aahaahhahhaha, I missed this but I’ll be there next time!! omg, Sweden says hi!!


  15. EPIIIKKKK HIIIIGGGGHHHHHHHJJJFSDKJFSAJFWIOEUFSKNKJSDKGHSLKFJSDLKf ohgawd now that I think it might be them, I’m gonna be super disappointed if it’s not. Aaaarggghhh >_< #firstworldproblems

  16. so i’ve been thinking about it and i still have no idea obviously, but i think PSY is supposed to be making another version of Gangnam Style……so maybe you guys’ll be there?? i think maybe………
    it’d be WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY freakin’ awesome if it was SHINee!!!!!!!!!! like you don’t even know how much i’d spazz over that!!! i honestly can’t express how much i’d love it!! but i doubt it’s with them….

  17. If it’s with SHINee I’m going to be SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! TAEMINTS FOR LIFE! :)))

  18. :O Could be GD?? He’s filming his MV right now :D ERMEHGERD WHO IS IT?!?!

    EDIT: Okay, maybe it isn’t… /sadface

  19. Hello! omg milo it’s an amazing chocolate drink!!!!!…but put it in a blender to mix it ’cause is a bit crunchy to mix it with a spoon! ohhh and drink it cold! milo is way better cold!!! have you tried milo nuggets? it’s not like chicken nuggets but it’s actually crunchy milo chocolate dip in MORE chocolate!!! my sis and I will try to send you one someday soon! we are really big fans of your show! Greetings from Cali- Colombia!

  20. They’re both wearing black, so maybe mblaq?

  21. YES!! people I know that dont even know Korean music is talking or saying oppa gungnam style everywhere. I live in the US and it really is getting super popular people are comparing it to LMFAO’s song though.

  22. gonna send you coffee
    from Puerto Rico

  23. Yes I went to lotte world saw it, I went in December and almost died it was so cold but the outdoor was still open. I loved it though.

  24. the smallest nutella i ever seen maybe i should diet too

  25. oh Tim Tams!! They are so delicious!!!!!

  26. Just come and stay in Singapore- we have all the delicious snacks. ^^

  27. We call it a Tim-Tam-Slam when we use them as a straw with hot chocolate (or coffee)

  28. who kpop artists are planning to comeback? ummm…..GD? KARA? That is all I know…

  29. Maybe Spudgy wanted to sing along with Shinee! Oh, I’m curious yeah!~

  30. Have you guys ever heard The Vegemite Song by Amanda Palmer? If not, I suggest you do XD

  31. Oh man TimTam slams… I’m awfully excited about the whole interview thing, but TIM TAM SLAMS!!!


  33. Ugh I wish I made the chat! I can’t believe that there was another fan from Maryland! when ever i’m in the chat and watching the streams I seem to be the only one!

  34. Yum Milo! South African favourite! Best stuff ever. Drink it cold or warm.

  35. Cherry ripes sucks! Turkish delights much better and Malteser..

  36. That’s torture!!! Who could it be!!!!!!!

  37. Vegemite gross. Taste like menthol balm >.<

  38. Try Sip Ah! A flavoured straw.. I think it’s from aussie too

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