Hey guise!

We tried having our weekly Kondoot chat a bit later than usual this week. We’ve been doing everything at 12PM Korean time, but we realized that this might not be ideal for some of you. So we’re trying a different time! Also, there’s the fact that, err, sometimes we stay up wicked late the night before uploading our WANKs, soooo…having to wake up early (and by early, we mean before 12) kinda really sucks sometimes. Boo-urns to that!

Also, we teased you a bit in this fan chat with a pretty cool announcement. Next week we’re going to be on the set of a Music video for an artist/band that you like. Trust me. You know them and you like them! We’re going to get the chance to interview them as well. We’ll come out with the full announcement sometime this weekend. We spent most of our free time this week getting the details and finalizing everything for this event, so we didn’t have time to film this week’s KpopCharts Update or our K Crunch Indie. We should be back with them next week. Yeah!

Anyhow, we’ve got a fanpackage and some fanmail that we’re opening for today’s chat! Thank you Katie from Oklahoma and Irene from Maryland for the awesome letters! Also, thank you so much to Dannielle from Australia for the care package. We are totally going on a TimTam Slam Binge tomorrow. Woot!

  1. i don’t know where i can write with them on friday live chat o: I don’t know if i’m just blind but i can’t find it xD could someone help me please?^^

  2. I’m waiting til Girl Scout cookie season to send you a package~ x)

  3. Martina, you’re Croatian? Me too ^^ Partially, anyway. My grandma is full, although she was born in America, her older brother was born in Croatia. =)

  4. i TOTALLY thought of GD! so i paused it just when you said you were gonna interview someone next (not next anymore) thursday, to find out when this video was uploaded. but i didn’t find it =( came back here and pressed play and martina said it’s not GD! =((
    milo is great by the way! and tim tam too.. yummy yummy

  5. whats your guys’ favorite Korean snack?
    And please say Hi to Ally Custer in Wisconsin<3
    IM THE NUMBER ONE NAYUSTY!!! (that sounded weird) 
    but you guys are part of my day. i watch you videos all the time:) ive actually been following you since you moved to Korea, (NOT in a stalkishs way LOL by the internet) and you guys are the best! 
    Simon and Martina naega jeil jal naga!!! lol

  6. Friends in Canada knew of PSY-gangnam style (non kpop fans!!)

  7. AAAH where do u guys find the Velcro bow??

  8. This seems like a Friday night gig. : )

  9. you know…i wonder if Shinee ever gets doritos from fans, because of you guys…lol. Watch they keep getting them, and have no idea why :)

  10. i believe milo is from colombia. 

  11.  OMG AUSTRALIAN CARE PACKAGE!!!! I’m from Aus too… and for your question about timtams there are like 30+ different types of them over here and they are EVERYWHERE!
    I didn’t know that they didn’t sell half these things anywhere else :/… hmm, now I’m gonna have to think really hard about what to put into the carepackage I wanna send over, half the stuff was already put into this one
    ah this video was so entertaining, love hearing from you guys ^^ (btw Milo is amazingness, practically every child over here grew up drinking that)

  12.  OMG AUSTRALIAN CARE PACKAGE! I’m from Australia, so seeing your reaction to these things made me go laugh so hard, i really didn’t know that Milo didn’t exist anywhere else :/
    but now I have nothing original to send you guys… must find more Australian goodies to send over sometime soon ^^ (btw milo is amazing practically every child grew up drinking that over here)

  13. Yes to opening the chat with Sherlock :D <3

  14. Gangnam style is actually became popular in Norway.. me and my friend heard it that the song was played in a cafe in the town.. ! O.o  So… we freaked out ^^ and a norwegian newspaper wrote about it ! So I was really supriced since K pop haven`t been a big thing here. So i was really happy that the song has became so popular !

  15. Gangnam Style is everywhere. My friends who (BTW) are NOT into kpop, were like; Hey!! You like Korea, right? .. And I was like, HELL YEAH. Then he was like, “check this link out” and when I saw it was Gangnam Style I WAS LIKE WOOOOAH, YOU KNOW THAT SONG, AND YOU LIKE THAT SONG, EVEN THOUGH IT’S KOREAN?! Waa. :D And now all of my friends listen to the song. And I’m Danish btw. 

  16. what song were they singing at about the nine minute mark?

  17. Martina getting a little kinky at the end?

    Nom-ing  Simon’s nipples?



  18. i want to send you guys a package i just didn’t know how to send it to you/ idk your address~ TT-TT

  19. Well shame that I just saw this today… But I thoroughly enjoyed watching you guys digg through your goodies. When is your next chat going to be? You can tell me the Korean Time because I know the time differences between there and here in NY. :)

    Did I mention… You guys are awesome? But you already know that.

  20. LOL That part where you both did the kick walk thing that I forget the name of was sheer awesomeness xD!

  21. Here in Mexico is 6am when in Korea is 8pm

  22. I am Currently A Middle School Student,But I’d like to Study or Teach in South Korea When I am the Proper Age.I’ve Heard Of The Programs ESL,GEPIK,DOB(american Government thingie >.<)
    ,Ect. And I was wondering which Program Would Be Better for Teaching English.Also,If i were to Ask,When I am In High School,If we have an Exchange Program,How would that work?Would I have to Have a Specific Type Visa? 


  23. It’s weird because most of the stuff you got from the package are items that we also have here in the Philippines like Tim Tams, Milo, that fruit flavored candy strips, Nutella and about 95% of that stuff and you can get them all at local grocery stores. :D You should come here. Lots of Kpop too. And we have a local brand (Bench) which is endorsed by Donnghae and Siwon.
    Ok you should come here because I REALLY wanna spazz with you.
    *that’s it for my long commentary. Hihi*

  24. Question for Ukiss! 
    Do you guys plan to hold a concert/fanmeeting in Australia someday?
    Question for Kevin: What motivates you the most in your daily life?

    From: Kissme Yuki Australia!

  25. the caramel lollies are fantales :) read the guess who facts on the wrappers !!

  26. Just wanted to comment because Martina sang the Gummy Bears theme song. ♥♥♥

  27. WHAT U ARE 1.71cm???? really… im 1.70 ok i think simon is GIGANTIC!!!!!…. can you tell me the name of the program where u were mentioned???

  28. um..yeah I’ve been to lotte world before (wasn’t that awesome cos it started raining after 20minutes and everyone went inside and we waited like 2 hours for the pharao ride thingy and that SUCKED(the wait, not the ride) but luckily it was also the day when led apple performed YAY plus we got in for just 18k even though we’re both 18+ and bought the after 4 ticket 8D) 

    Also, Seoul, compared to Cologne/Düsseldorf (Germany) is cheaper as well. SHOPPING PARADISE~ Especially cosmetics and shoes (converse)!! I ended up having to buy another suit case cos I got to much stuff and then obviously had to pay for it at the airport again (90k won >.<) but still well worth it ^_^

    I've been wondering what to send you guise for a long time and now i finally know haha~ just gotta get shopping now, please expect a little something from Germany~

  29. Woah~ really cool to see that your doing some live chat videos :3
    Question: where do I get your adress? cuz me and my friend really love your videos and we made a package for you but we dont have the adress…so how can we send you mail? :O

  30. I love the way you said “Maryland” Martina :) I can tell you are Canadian haha.

  31. malaysia has sooooo many MILO products you can’t even. there’s canned milo drink, milo drink from a box with the strawsies, milo nuggets, milo candy bar, milo freeze where it’s instant milo and you just add cold/iced water, there’s 3in1 milo, the classic powder milo that you got there in the video, there’s milo cereal, milo flavored ice-cream and our McDonald’s here in malaysia has a sundae desert with milo topping called mcflurry milo. not to mention go to any food stall here and you can probably order milo dinosaur or milo tabur (타부르) and it’s basically a milo drink with milo powder on top. some more fancy restaurants have it with vanilla ice cream on top. and some ice cream shops offer milo powder as an option aside from the regular chocolate sprinkles or chocolate chips.

    seriously though, MILO is THE BOMB!! it tastes really awesome. it says it’s a barley drink but it doesn’t taste like barley AT ALL. it’s chocolatey but has it’s own unique flavor. just try it. don’t trust that dude that says it’s revolting. it’s seriously not. haha.

  32. MILO IS AMAZING *___* Lol people usually find it weird, but i just eat it from the bottle by the spoonful, its DELICIOUS!

  33. you guys should have your concert talk show :)

  34. I’m Canadian but had a very British childhood. Vegemite is delicious. I melt cheese on toast or bagels and just dab the top very slightly in strategic places. Excellent with cucumber as well. Absolutely amazing as seasoning rather than a straight-up spread.

  35. Okay I don’t know about non-Filipinos but a lot of native born Filipinos freakin love Milo (Mai-low) including me! It’s totally popular in the Philippines. If you don’t like it, fine but please don’t make it sound so bad because it actually tastes good to a lot of people. *Note! You don’t have to put milk in it! The norm in the Philippines would be just to put two tbsps. of Milo on a cup of hot water. Put some sugar in like when you make coffee. Stir and that’s it. Moms would add milk on the Milo but kids hate it so you might want to try it with and without milk! Good luck!

  36. LOL~~ did you know that Milo came from Malaysia? haha! it’s a chocolate drink that we Malaysian like to drink! (especially kids.. since it’s CHOCOLATE lol) i drink that every morning since i’m from Malaysia~ it’s MUCH more delicious if you mix it with a condense milk + ice~~ ooohhhh~~~ i can already taste it in my mouthh~~~ *___* hahaha!

  37. Eeeeeeee! Dr Meemersworth tail nomming! *spazz*

    And Milo (my-low) is VERY good–it’s a chocolate malt drink. It’s very popular here in the Philippines so we actually also have Milo chocolate bars, cereal, etc. You can mix it with water or milk, add a dash of it to your coffee, or pretty much eat it straight from the can :P 

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