We had to pre-film this video instead of doing it live. Sorry guise! Martina’s best friend is flying down on Sunday, and we’re trying to film a lot of stuff in advance so that, in case Martina and Jackie are out instead of filming, we’ll have something ready to go up. We won’t miss any videos! Martina second best friend is coming soon after that so…uggh, we’ll figure that out as well!

Anyhow, I kinda like pre-filming these box openings. The video quality is better, the audio is better, and it doesn’t lag! We can’t interact with you guise live, unfortunately, but maybe we can figure out a way to tell you what time we’ll be filming, and then record our answers on video? I’m not sure. This LiveStream thing on Google is getting hella frustrating. The big minus about pre-recording: more farting than usual. I’m not gonna reveal who did it, but you can guess.

Thank you to all the special people who sent us lovely packages to play with, including:

Kasia and Paulina from Poland
Weronika from Poland
Sara from California
Elizabeth from Minnesota

I realize that we talked sadly about Meemers, because he was at the vet as we filmed this. He’s back home now! He’s somewhat ok. He’s not cured. He has a urinary bladder disease, and so he has to be on a special diet for the rest of his life, and constantly monitored so that the condition doesn’t become life threatening again (which it was, over the weekend). He’s a bit sad and lethargic because of the medicine that he has to take for a short while, but he’s just as affectionate and loving as before. Poor guy!

On a less depressing note, these packages were super fun to play with. Much respect to Elizabeth for an entirely green package! USNasties, Green region, represent! Quick teaser: we’re gonna be in the US for something this June. Not all of the details are hammered out, but it’ll be for something. Still signing contracts for everything at the moment, but it looks like it’s a sealed deal. I’ll say no more :D

Also, thank you Kasia, Paulina, and Weronika for the lovely packages from Poland. I’m sorry for butchering the reading so poorly. I was never taught how to read Polish! I’m just sounding out all of the words and hoping that I understand what they mean! Eep!

So, yeah! If you liked this video, make sure you click on this pretty button below so that you don’t miss out on any in the future. Huzzah!

  1. yehet_ohora

    I like these live chats. They don’t have to worry ’bout the internet signal. And I want to send them something. LOL. But if they film these before, its not ‘live’ right???

  2. Finally! I can read and write comments at your’s site! OMG GUYS! I Wanted wrote that comment sooooo long time ago. Honestly I thought that ours (mine and Kasia’s) package got lost at the post, because it woudn’t be the first time with package to Korea…

    I’m so so so HAPPY that it arrived! But that how I excepted travel didn’t do anything good to toque and everything else :( that’s sad, because I spend 3 months making this. But I must tell you when you make something with knowledge that you make other person happy, you can sit and sit and sit with joy.

    We was wondering witch bracelets SooZee and Leigh wore. Witch one witch. :D

    Sorry about my poor English grammar skills. And if you want to know how good that toque looked before travel we made a couple of pictures. ( https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.245095175657293.1073741839.155263617973783&type=3 )

    I really really hoped that you enjoy that gift a bit and that you will be wearing that with pleasure :) :)

  3. Tracey Levy

    I was watching this while I was on the treadmill at the gym, thankfully it was 1 am because when it got to the part with the fart I just started to laugh so hard & I couldn’t stop. There was a few hot guys working out as well & they must of thought I was mad.

  4. I thought this was great, but I also really like your live chats. Since you guys have so many packages to open, there would be no harm in pre filming the occasional one just to get through more of them. The fart murder mystery was hilarious, my money’s on Martina – there was way too much laughter going on while Simon was suffering :)

  5. Tyrion Cheddar

    Regarding the fart murder mystery, to help avoid such cataclysms in future, do they have Beano in Korea? Seems like they should in a country whose staple diet consists of beans, rice and more beans. I myself, though I eat a lot of black beans and broccoli and admit to producing some of the world’s most formidable emissions, will only take Beano if they change the name to one of the following:

    1) Fart B Gone
    2) Flatulex
    3) Blow Away

  6. Nongtipa Limson

    Martina, I have that exact same cilantro kit! Don’t worry, they give you a ton of seeds. You’ll need to find a way to transplant your plants from that tiny butt container if you DO grow them in there. Mine shot up real fast but then I accidentally destroyed them trying to move them into a container that would allow for more root growth. They all fell over. LOL

  7. Sara Suzanne Berg

    I’m going to throw my vote in for pre recorded package openings. You could always throw out a time when people are doing it and shoot out questions or something but that’s what tl;drs are for… Lol

  8. Christina Spaulding

    Martina i’ve just remembered! that kind of hat is called a Fascinator. they’re really popular in Steampunk and Lolita fashions.

  9. mokimchiplz

    When I worked on an organic veggie/herb farm in Minnesota (wut up Elizabeth!), we harvested the cilantro about 1″ above the ground and it grew right back in a few weeks. You can also harvest it a bit at a time if you like, but don’t be afraid to clear-cut that sucker. If it has enough water and sun, you can get several growths out of it at least. (Or, as others have suggested, you can let it seed out.)

  10. I worked in a paint your own pottery studio for years, too!

  11. I love you guys! I just recently followed your Instagram and I’m very excited to see what you do next!

  12. I like watching this way :) although it is nice being able to see you guise live! All the best to Meemers! I know how stressful and upsetting it can be when a pet is sick :( my guinea pig Momo has a lung infection, so he’s on meds too.

  13. I love these non-live chats!!! You guys are so funny! Loved the singing greeting card. Where did they get it? Lol

  14. I think your fascinator may have been on backwards. not sure tho. :)

  15. Aww much love to the Meems!

    I like this format. But I do enjoy the interaction of a livechat… Think I agree with some of the others on here in separating the package openings from the chatting. Though that would mean more work in editing so I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t :P

  16. Corrine Yun
    Corrine Yun

    I think it was Martina because she was just laughing, but if it was Simon she would have been sad faced

  17. Tiffany Kay Kendrick

    Simon, I’m not sure it wasn’t you, hence all of the playing it up… but Martina, you seemed so guilty. My mom always laughs the hardest when it’s her fault, so…. Hmmmmmmm LOL

  18. Evil Candy


    I’m a Biology/English major, wanting to go in to Plant Sciences…aka, I’m a gardening freak and a seed hoarder. So when I saw your guises’ reactions to the cilantro, it gave me one HELL of an idea for a package, since I never got around to crocheting the winter package I wanted to make for you guise…

    Mwahahaha. Time will tell on what all I plan!

  19. Luckycat32

    Thank you Simon and Martina for getting my all green package and loving the contents. My mom said from that growing kit you can’t cut them and replant them but you can let them go to seed and get more seeds from them. Or you can pinch the leaves off to help them regrow. But my best bet is to let some of them go to seed to get more seeds to regrow. But I would place them in the sun and water them plenty. If you read the letter you would of known that the green organza bags full of candy were color coded. The ones with the suckers were suppose to go to you guys and the six other ones I wanted them to go to 2PM since I got into them. BUTTTTT!!!!!!!! thats ok at least you enjoyed the package. I’m happy to hear that Meemers is doing better, my cat had the same disease when he was alive. But he died a few years back, he was just an old kitty and he lived a really good life. I hope there was some green nail art for Martina and in Simon’s bandana he had a green lightsaber because the other bandanas with the flowers are for Soozee and Leigh. Martina’s bandana is the one with the butterfly clips. Oh the my M&M’s were from Party City its a store just for party items, the M&M’s are a kick off for the USNasty Green Region’s M&M surprise so expect more to come. I enjoyed watching you open the package I sent and I hope you guys enjoy the lovely candy and the tea and crystal light.

  20. Daniel Tapia

    I lost it when he started screaming “Leeeeigh” !!! XD

  21. Hi~ I posted this on your Youtube page, but I thought I’d post it here as well.
    If you let cilantro go to seed (don’t cut it, let it flower and basically die, but still water it so it doesn’t actually die!) you can take the seed pods which form after the flowers go away, which are called coriander and replant them and it will grow even more cilantro! :D My first plant I had in the spring, seeded around late summer and I just picked off the seed pods and threw them back into the same pot, not thinking anything would happen, but they rooted and I got even more cilantro! It’s a very forgiving plant. :)

    PS. I was the one that sent the Peeps Bunny. <3 Happy Early Easter.

  22. neoncrucifixion

    It’s a fascinator!!

  23. anichronism

    omg I started crying after the hot mess that was the fart explosion
    and then I got really freaked out because I STARTED SMELLING A TERRIBLE SMELLY SMELL OVER HERE
    1. The fartbombexplosion from Korea came all the way to the US
    2. The guy in the back let one rip
    3. Bad fishy smells from the marina wafted through the big open windows
    4. Ghost farts

    I think it’s a toss up between 1 and 4, if you ask me. Trust me, I’m a scientist. ahahahaha :)

  24. Kody James

    These pre-records are great as an extra. the Live Chats are always gonna be the Best, but when time gets tight for you these are great. Now….Fascinators…….SIMON!!!……Hi Leigh….SIMON!!!….Wow All That Green!…see you Monday and Everyone Vote for Lee Michelle for KPMM!!

  25. I like the livechats live because I always think that someone might be watching their package opened live and it feels better knowing that they got to see their package opened live and often voted for to open. (if you get what I’m saying, I have a weird way of describing things) Plus it feels cool when people comment on what items you get and writing about some products.

    I’m really hoping I get to watch the one I sent opened live. I wrote vote for me on it although, I probably shouldve written Easter on the box though…that way to say it’s an Easter package….

  26. Tilde Persson

    Wouldn’t it be fun if the EYK crew did a drinking game :P? Like the time they went on that one trip? My friend and I once made a Running Man drinking game – it was hilarious and we got some of our non-kpop friends into the game as well :D

  27. Lynnette Bates

    lol Martina. It’s a fascinator.

  28. Suzy Pseudonym

    Poor Memes, sounds like he has the same thing as my cat Op. She was diagnosed at 2 and is now totally chubby and happily 12 living the ultra lazy life. There’s always a good side to those things that seem daunting and forever.

  29. hmmm I have to say I prefer the non-live package opening but I also enjoy seeing you interact with nasties. In the regular live chats the package opening distracts you from chatting to people and vice versa. Maybe you should seperate the two, and do the live chats just reading and replying to tweets and YT comments. And if you feel like you need something more specific to talk about, you could have people suggest topics or pick a video or news item to talk about.

  30. Cyber_3

    This was a great video, the packages were lovely. I like when you open the packages on the couch or floor better, it’s more like opening x-mas presents and you stay more focused because you are not as mobile. Also, I can then see what’s in/left in the boxes while you open them so it is more fun for me.

    I don’t really understand where people say that they prefer live chats to be not live or to only livechat about stuff and not do the packages. To me, you kind of need both. If it wasn’t for the fart mystery, this video would have been too straightforward and might have gone boring at times but if you didn’t have the packages to open then just chatting (like what to talk about hmmm?) could at times get boring too. I personally like the live chats LIVE because, even if I can’t interact live due to lack of an account, it feels more special to know that it is really happening now and the reactions and answers on the twitter and youtube streams add an nice extra element to just opening the packages. It feels like we’re having coffee and catching up (on what’s been going on) for the week with the bonus of cool gifts…..although you don’t know what’s been going on with me……But it’s nice to hear what’s going on in the studio and behind the scenes that viewers don’t normally get to see. It feels more like the “real S&M”, as opposed to the “scripted S&M”. It is also neat for me to see all the different snacks and treats – if you like them, I usually go out and see if I can find them here to try myself.

    I hope Meemers is doing better now, sad kitties are so EXTRA sad. Do they even have pet food recalls (or any recalls) in Korea?

    I started wondering how the livechat on Monday is going to go down, given the lags in the last bunch of livechats from the studio. I mean, you’ll be streaming video from viki (unless you download ahead of time), streaming yourself on livechat, streaming out the livechat, streaming the twitter and youtube comments all from home, can your connection handle it? Might be an idea to do a 15 minute dry run first to see how it goes first so that you are not surprised on Monday.

  31. You can replant basil and cilantro. We keep both in our herb garden here in Tennessee (US NASTY BLUE REGION THERE ARE ONLY 3 PEOPLE FROM TN WHUT) and they just regrow in the spring after dying in the winter. You can cut and replant them. I’ve never done it myself. They have color coordinated m&m’s at party city. I used to work there. They were stored under the gift cards it was weird.

  32. I like the non-live live chats haha I feel less left out cause I can never make it to live-chats ):
    On a side note, I live in the US, where is everyone being assigned these region colors? I’m in Wisconsin, does that make me green too?

    • Carley MacKenzie

      Hey there Miho :) Here is the map from the US Nasties official page. Each region also has their own individual page but this is the main big group

      • Thank you! I’ve been wondering for a really long time and then one time I tried googling ‘eyk nasty region colors’…big mistake….

      • thank you! I was wondering myself. Gotta admit, my favorite color is Orange, so I’m a little sad, but only a minuscule amount cause I love all colors and Blue was my previous favorite color. :)
        Actually, my favorite color is really the Rainbow. :)

      • neoncrucifixion

        WOOOHOOO!! I’m in Pennsylvania!! PURPLE REGION!!!

  33. Melissa Renee

    This was really fun! I agree with the other comments about having prefilmed package opening videos and just chat/game/intern tormenting chats…because…my nasty secret…even though I’ve missed every live chat so far…..I rarely ever go back to watch since they are a bit scatter brained. Not that being easily distracted isn’t a prime quality of EYK but it makes watching recorded live chats awkward, confusing (and I feel super left out lol)

    Anywho! Glad The Meems is home and happy. Sick kitties are no fun. Hope he and Spudgy enjoy all the yummy and fun presents!

    Thanks for filming! Looking forward to more!

  34. EesulSarang

    i like the opening packages bit not live. its a lot smoother. less laggy.

    i’ve NEVER been able to interact in live chats, mostly cause it’s either too early or because i may be casually talking and say 3 different things and then i get accused of spamming -_-“” then again, internet is never simple….husband is a software/web programmer. may see if he can come up with something for y’all. >:D

  35. Beccatokki

    That hat type thing is called a Fascinator. :]

  36. Sara Napsey

    I choked on my water because of Simon’s lovely atomic fart. It literally came streaming out of my nose and pooled on my legs xD
    But that’s okay. My family is fartastic and we have different names for our farts: atomic fart, the machine gun, the tank, the bubble pop(named after “bubble pop” by Hyuna) and the sleeper fart. Looking back on this comment, I’ve just realized the ridiculousness of my family. Anyway, I live this slightly better than your live live chats. You guys look much more comfortable on the floor and the quality is much clearer. All in all, I think you guys should do whatever is most convenient to you :)

  37. Tanner Wilson

    You should try to do something funny for South Korea’s World Cup Warm Up Game on May 27th against Tunisia. Maybe like a funny man on the street segment or something thousands of crazy soccer fans as the FIFA World Cup Begins to close in.

  38. Loved the new Friday night chat..the bombing of you-know-who’s Far**ng was hilarious :D

  39. Akira Miyashi

    You should reveal who farted in the next livechat! :D

  40. Starsania

    Maybe you guys could keep doing the pre- recorded package opening and then do Live chat- chats with just chatting every now and then instead. Maybe switch the two out? I’d be down for that. I like being able to see what gets sent to you get in better quality.

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