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Friday Night Live Chat

June 21, 2013


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Hay guise!

First off, WE’RE SO SORRY about the technical difficulties. We’re not sure what happened here, since it never really happened on YouTube before, but our stream just died. DIED! We had to make a new one. Here’s the first one, which is only 5 minutes long or so, but it’s where you can see our friend Brendon, who was in our Gangnam Style video from a while ago:

Our real, full, somewhat-error-free livechat, is embedded as the main video above. I hope that one worked properly. We had to scramble to try to get it ready.

As for today’s awesome packages, thanks to:

Kellie, a Canadian in Hong Kong
Ng from Switzerland, but from the Philippines
Teppie and Vicky from Atlanta and Milwaukee
Brenda from Nova Scotia
Jo-Ann, a Malaysian from Melbourne, Australia

Side note: I’m noticing this trend in packages, maybe it’s just this batch of them, of people living in other countries. It’s like, an expat party! We also saw that in other packages. I’m sure we got a package from someone from Canada living in Scotland, and another package from someone visiting Korea, or something like that. Cool!

Also, just for future reference, though we mentioned it in the LiveChat, we’re going to emphasize it again: WE WILL NEVER MESSAGE YOU ON YOUTUBE FOR A CONTEST. Never ever! Don’t fall for any spammers trying to get you to register for any sites. I’m still shocked that someone would do that. Is it because they thought we’re popular enough to be impersonated, or is it someone with a grudge against us for continually calling Batoost Batoost. BATOOOST! Look, there’s a site telling you how to pronounce their name. Don’t get mad at us for it! If it’s on the internet, it must be true. And, uhhmm, sure we might have made that site ourselves but that doesn’t matter…does it?

As for the winner of the Batoost CD, congrats to Yang Yoda for winning. Yay! Send us a message via YouTube so we can confirm that it’s you, and we’ll send out your CD ASAP. And thanks to everyone for watching. We’re going to keep on giving out CDs and other fun stuff from time to time. Maybe something again for next week? Though, I’m not sure when we’re going to do next week’s LiveChat, since we’ve got something big we’re doing Friday-Saturday. Hmm…



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