So, the LiveChat was going great for a while…until it stopped. What happened? I’ve got no idea! We were doing so well for a while! We were telling stories! We were eating Jaffa Cakes. And…then kaput.

But, up until then, we had a pretty fun time. Though, I think it might be better if we just stick to pre-recorded LiveStreams now. Or, you know what? We should just travel to your country and do it live! We should just hang out at a table, eat random stuff, and tell you stories about the children we terrorize in bumper cars. We could be like the scary monster stories you tell your children. “Simon and Martina come lurking around the corner in their bumper cars if you tell lies~~~~”

Also, if any of you were at the Las Vegas Nasty party last night, we’d love to hear more about it. Nobody told us! Nobody…nobody invited us :( We’re not cool enough. Oh well. Maybe…maybe one day people will invite us to their parties. One day…

A Special Thanks To:

Liz from Birmingham, UK
Jenna from Wisconsin
Marie from Norway

And we’re so sorry to Liz for not being able to finish your package before we transformed into Robots. We opened the rest of your chocolate filled package and it’s all very yummy, though we’d like to report that giant glorious easter egg melted inside the package on the way here but then reformed into a half egg since it was surrounded by plastic. We couldn’t figure out what kind of half egg it was until we looked very closely and realized it had collapsed on itself and reformed. Hahahha! But still good tasting. :D

ALSO! Our question from the live chat still stands: what foods have you heard that other countries have that you’ve never tried because it’s not in your country? For me it’s probably authentic Turkish coffee. I had some mailed to me and I made it on the stove with the little Turkish pot and everything but I’m sure it would be better in Turkey. Simon really wants to try crumpets! What about you?

  1. Food I’ve never tried? I have never had real ramen, but after seeing Simon eating ramen 24/7 in Japan my curiosity is piqued. It looks so delicious!

    Maruchan of course does not count as real ramen.

  2. Hahah, this is the last place I expected to find a reference to Eurovision!! That makes me smile!

    I live in Central Illinois, and have a party to watch the final every year. I have introduced many people to it here, because it is unheard of in the States for the most part!

  3. When do you stream your live chats… ive been trying to catch on to one, and keep missing them because i don’t know when they come on. i don’t have twitter so….

  4. I really want to try shabu shabu :D Almost did this weekend but the restaurant was so full we gave up after an hour of waiting in line for a table D: I’d also like to try authentic pizza from Italy as well but who knows when I’ll ever be going there!

    Actually, I really want to do a world dessert tour! Like go to each country and try their specialty desserts!

  5. WARNING! RANDOM REMARK AHEAD – So, my daughter is due to start kindergarten in the fall and I was thinking about school lunches and remembered that every time they served us pizza, they also served corn on the side. Every time. That made me think about how you were saying that there is always corn on pizza in Korea.

    Coincidence? What is this strange connection between corn and pizza?

  6. hello…i might be way behind about this…but what app do you use for the livechat sessions?

  7. Potential TLDR Question: With many students in the USA about to start their Summer Vacation. What kind of extended breaks/vacations do Korean Students get where they can take time off from class to go on vacation, do charity efforts, etc.?

  8. Glad you liked my package! I can not believe I lost both rounds of kai-bai-bo! That Mounds candy bar is my favorite. I’m glad the hats fit. I was a little worried that they might not. They look so small in person. Yes, I’ve sent a couple packages over the last few years. I’m the one who sent the two Honey-sempai mugs, among other awesome items. :)

  9. I think might have already been posted, but it is only about a 3-4 hr drive from Los Angeles to Vegas. People do it all the time. Also they are going to be opening a Coco Curry in Los Angeles soon. Might be ready by the time EYK arrives so you can eat and compare. Also if you have some free time you can try Din Tai Fung in Alhambra…super yum dim sum restaurant. Looking forward to being at the panel at vidcon #TeamOrangeNasties

  10. Real turkish coffee would be nice to try but I really want to try real Greek food, and from England crumpets, and real clotted cream. Oh and French cheese and pastries. ugh I could go on forever. I want to go to all the countries and eat all the food!

  11. for a moment i thought you guise were busting out daft punk jams towards the end of the video lol

  12. we do have mountain dew in the UK :> had one yesterday ^^

    • I’ve noticed we’ve started getting a lot more American and Canadian sweets and drinks. I haven’t actually seen a regular Mountain Dew drink though, only Mountain Dew Energy

  13. Those hats man….. sooooo jealousy right now!!!!
    We got mountain dew in England but only recently in the last 2 years or so which is wonderful because its sooo good!!

  14. when soo zee’s hungry it should be food zeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. You sound like your playing on the piano with your voice at the end. I unfortunately missed this one but oh that ending. It also sounds like a robot trying to sing but failing. Souldbe participated in this live chat dang it

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