Yay! Another LiveChat finished. Thanks to everyone who came to hang out with us. If you’re confused by what happened at the beginning of the LiveChat, though, let us explain:

So, without getting into too much detail about how and why, Amber told us that we need to twerk it for our next LiveChat. We’re unfamiliar with “Twerking It” We’ve heard the expression before, but haven’t really seen it in execution. From the brief demonstration Amber showed us, we did our best to imitate it for the LiveChat. I’m sure there’s a much higher degree of subtlety to it than what you saw from our sad display of it, but…well, there you have it. We’ll look into it more, start researching it through any books we can find on the matter, read those books in the dark by candlelight while wearing bifocals, and then display our findings later. Well, maybe not.

Back to the main brunt of our LiveChat, the awesome packages! Thanks to:

Angelica from California
Sheila from Hong Kong
Rima from Romania
Dana from Daegu

More than just awesome food, we got some really great artwork, which we’re really honored to get. We’re amazed that anyone’s inspired to create anything because of us. I’m shocked when we read from the letters people being unsure about what to send us, because they think they’re not good at art. Don’t be silly! Look: we suck at art, ourselves. We’ll be amazed by anything you send us! So please don’t feel hesitant.

Anyways, we gotta get back to scripting and filming for the weekend. Yay! We’ve got our KpopCharts Update coming tomorrow, our Indie Playlist on Sunday, and we’ve got a random Open the Happy video to put up as well, so stay tuned :D

Also, congrats to the MIB CD winners:


Send us a message via YouTube and we’ll send you the CDs ASAP!

  1. Those dolls are so cute :3 And JYJ have twitters… most of the time lol

  2. YOU HAVE TO VISIT SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!! If you do, you should look around in Stockholm, because it is a beautiful city! Especially the old part. And it has to be summer. Not winter. It’s COLD in the winter…

  3. “Welcome to this livechat: ( )^-^( ) Omnomnomnomnomnoms” <– Simon and Martina the next 40 minutes. Guise, don't forget to eat!!

  4. So much Onew love from you guys lately, I’m starting to think he is your second SHINee bias ^_^! Simon and Onew need a chicken date.

    On a side note my roommates and I have dubbed Candy Crush, Candy Crack because of it’s addictiveness and subsequent lack of sleeps.

  5. yepp, shes smart yet shes younger than me, CURSE THIS GENERATION OF SMART EVIL NASTIESS!!

  6. For the love of all things decent, would whoever made those kpop plushies SELL SOME TO MEE??

  7. I am the one who sent the Honey-Sempai mug that ended up breaking. I do have another one for you, but I want to get some more items before I send it off again. -Jenna from Wisconsin

    That first package was awesome! I love those dolls!

    • Oh that is totally okay! You two deserve to be showered with gifts from your Nasties! As I mentioned in the letter I sent last time, you two totally helped me through my tough year of being unemployed. I wish that I could give you as many smiles and laughs as you have given me. :)

  8. I think you guys may need to watch this video a few times. Just sayin’.


  9. if you go to Sweden you need to go to IKEA!!!!!!!!!! :P

  10. Yes Onew has a twitter account that I follow…I’m sure other people have it as well…he puts random sayings and stuff on his account…its awkwardly funny. I don’t really go on twitter all that much however.

  11. Guide to the Hong Kong snacks that you guise asked but was not properly answered. Here goes! (this is not properly referenced, and I am only speaking out of my own knowledge. Just protecting myself from bashing!)

    The first package with no writing: I do not know its English name, but I think it is best described as rice biscuits/cracker. Those are actually deep fried rice mixed with white sesame seeds (sometimes black sesame seeds are included) and peanuts, coated in malt honey. It is a traditional cracker that the Cantonese and Hakkas (branches of Chinese) will have during Chinese New Year. As to why we will eat that during CNY, I have no clue. But that doesn’t stop me from nomming this delicious food. My family and I always eat it with chinese tea (or green tea), because it is a little bit dry to have it eaten alone.

    For the package with chinese writing on it that someone responded saying that you have to suck it hard (sounds a little wrong here, does it?), that’s actually malt candy. The direct translation will be “Ding Ding Candy”, and there’s a story behind the name. During the older days, vendors would make this candy in a big pan-like vessel, and then they would cycle around trying to sell the candy. Because the candy is so hard, the vendor would need to use a chisel and hammer to ‘cut’ out the candy when someone wants to buy it. The knocking sound from the chisel and hammer (the ding ding ding sound) will then indicate that the candy vendor is nearby, and hence candy were then called the Ding Ding Candy.
    WARNING: this candy can be really sticky, so refrain yourself from chewing the candy when it gets softer. I know its hard to resist, but trust me, things would turn pretty ugly (like literally ugly) when it get stuck on your teeth.

    Hope this helps. Can’t wait for more videos from you guise!! =D

  12. So… you guys are going to make a video starring Amber and her sister showing you guys how to twerk? I would totally love to see a dance tutorial on that! :)

  13. Simon, I started playing Candy Crush Saga last week because you mentioned it. It’s a lot of fun and very addictive. And yep, I deleted it 2 night ago because now I hate its evil manipulative ways. It actually gives you more lives at night?!! It knows too much. Glad you realized it too ;)

  14. AH! Never again! Damned trolls ><

  15. Yep, it starts randomly and you have to refresh the page to make it stop. No pause button or anything.

  16. Whoah you guys are actually Friends with Amber! :O *mind is blown* Kakao friends at that. I had to watch this again because the livechat froze during the critical twerking part.

  17. do henry’s in the chart update tmrw??

  18. I would recommend Stockholm (since I live there XD). The city is surrounded by a lot of water, has an awesome archipelago and a lot of parks, plus the city as a rich history.

    There’s a park called Skansen 20 minute walk from the city center where you can se elks, bears, seal, wolfs and monkeys, a typical 18th century manor house, and beside it is Gröna Lund, amusement park where you can go on rides, roller coasters and so on.

    Old Town dates back to the 13th century, has Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, other great old churches and the royal castle and was the place for the Stockholm bloodbath where some 90 people where killed by the king during three days in 1520.

  19. yay i was able to catch this….for like half an hour!!

    aawww those dolls are so cute!!!!

    just wanna say that, Onew’s ‘@skehehdanfdldi’ twitter account is really his!! fans have talked him about it before!
    and if you just read through it, you’ll be able to tell cos of his oddness!!
    oh and his first ever selca on there was with his mom!!!!!! and it was so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I swear my internet hates YouTube (not you guise, but every livechat it cuts it and I just…. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)). That tamarindo thing looked like play-doh when I first saw it x) Those dolls… where can I buy one?

    P.S. Your twerkin’ puts those gifs on tumblr to shame xD

    EDIT: Any Pinoy Nasties on fb –> http://www.facebook.com/groups/529524197106578/

  21. Yay livechats! Angelica, your dolls were so amazingly cute!!! I hope our Junsus and Taemins can play well together :D (I sent in the blue-haired Junsu and sombrero-wearing Taemin from several livechats ago)

  22. I had an awesome time you guise! Really love y’alls dancing skills!

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