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Friday Night LiveChat!

February 28, 2014


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Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s LiveChat! We just spent the day filming four different video collaborations that we’re super excited about. Some of you sneaky ones on Twitter and Facebook might already know what we’re doing and who we filmed with. OOH YOU SO SNEAKY! Anyhow, for those of you who don’t know, you can see those videos next week.

Come to think of it, have we been doing nothing but being teases about different videos we’ve been doing? We still didn’t tell you about the Japan video, which got delayed a bit longer, so we’re gonna have to wait another month for that. Eep! We’ll stop being teases soon, I promise! Just this video, the Japan video, and another video that should, ideally, come out after March 10th (according to the timeline we have been given)

As for what we shot today, we’re pretty pumped, and it seems like a LiveChat is a great way for us to end the week. Though, we still have a WTF and DICKS coming out Saturday and Sunday, so stay tuned for that. Woot!

Side note: any of you Nasties here in Korea at the moment? WHOA the smog is really nasty today. Bad Nasty. Not bad meaning good but bad meaning bad. And not Nasty meaning “cool people” but nasty meaning bad. That was confusing. Point is, sorry for coughing so much in today’s LiveChat. I went running today outdoors and I didn’t wear a face mask. I just can’t wear those things. I’ll have a panic attack. I need to breathe fresh air all the time, even if the air is dirty. Does that make sense? So, I ran today with no mask and then I coughed for the rest of the day, including the LiveChat. Sorry guise! It should be better next week, I hope!

Special thanks to all of the lovely Nasties who sent us these fun packages!

Ying from Singapore
Milda, Dovile, and Konradas from Lithuania
Mimmi & Ellen from Sweden
Mimmi & Marie from Sweden

More importantly, what…Teen Top? Emoboys? Really? I refuse to believe it. REFUSE! Teen Top is an acronym for something, but I don’t remember what it’s for apart from one of the letters meaning “Emoboys.” Oh…please…ah. I…can’t.

If you missed out on the LiveChat (shame on you!) make sure you click on the button here below to make sure you NEVER miss them again. NEVARRRR!!!




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