Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s LiveChat! We just spent the day filming four different video collaborations that we’re super excited about. Some of you sneaky ones on Twitter and Facebook might already know what we’re doing and who we filmed with. OOH YOU SO SNEAKY! Anyhow, for those of you who don’t know, you can see those videos next week.

Come to think of it, have we been doing nothing but being teases about different videos we’ve been doing? We still didn’t tell you about the Japan video, which got delayed a bit longer, so we’re gonna have to wait another month for that. Eep! We’ll stop being teases soon, I promise! Just this video, the Japan video, and another video that should, ideally, come out after March 10th (according to the timeline we have been given)

As for what we shot today, we’re pretty pumped, and it seems like a LiveChat is a great way for us to end the week. Though, we still have a WTF and DICKS coming out Saturday and Sunday, so stay tuned for that. Woot!

Side note: any of you Nasties here in Korea at the moment? WHOA the smog is really nasty today. Bad Nasty. Not bad meaning good but bad meaning bad. And not Nasty meaning “cool people” but nasty meaning bad. That was confusing. Point is, sorry for coughing so much in today’s LiveChat. I went running today outdoors and I didn’t wear a face mask. I just can’t wear those things. I’ll have a panic attack. I need to breathe fresh air all the time, even if the air is dirty. Does that make sense? So, I ran today with no mask and then I coughed for the rest of the day, including the LiveChat. Sorry guise! It should be better next week, I hope!

Special thanks to all of the lovely Nasties who sent us these fun packages!

Ying from Singapore
Milda, Dovile, and Konradas from Lithuania
Mimmi & Ellen from Sweden
Mimmi & Marie from Sweden

More importantly, what…Teen Top? Emoboys? Really? I refuse to believe it. REFUSE! Teen Top is an acronym for something, but I don’t remember what it’s for apart from one of the letters meaning “Emoboys.” Oh…please…ah. I…can’t.

If you missed out on the LiveChat (shame on you!) make sure you click on the button here below to make sure you NEVER miss them again. NEVARRRR!!!


  1. Bit late, but after reading through pretty mean comments at other places regarding the Mr.Mr. vs SNSD name/title controversy, by all means groups should go for crazy weird acronyms for group names. Then their identity can’t be used thoughtlessly in a different context that neatly wipes out their online existence and searchability in mere hours.

  2. Seriously. I finally got to watch this and you are seriously tearing up over Teen Top’s name omfg X”DDDD

  3. It’s funny that after the livechat i came across this on a totally different website. #swagrid

  4. Tell me about it, I live in Malaysia and the haze is crazy at the moment, I just spent 4 days in bed with fever from the particles and stuff. I want to go exercise but I couldn’t find any face masks! I’ll look again. I can’t wait to go out without coughing.

  5. If I were to believe each acronym band name actually described what the band stands for, I’d probably have given up on kpop a long time ago. I think most of the meanings of the acronyms are picked exactly the same way you randomly guessed the one for ‘Teen Top’. Companies basically come up with a name and then just pick the first word that comes to mind for each letter and expect praises for their ‘cleverly’ well thought branding process.
    By the way, thanks for letting me know about 2NE1’s new releases. I’ll be sure to check them out now that I’m aware there’s actually something out there. A year ago, a new album release would have never skipped by me. I used to search the news for upcoming songs, comebacks and tv performances all the time, but now, thanks to YG’s ‘brilliant’ promotion strategy of constant teasing and empty promises while nothing was actually happening, I just stopped caring all together. If they release something, I’ll start listening to it, cause I’m still a fan of 2NE1, even though I feel the same way as Martina about their latest songs, but other than that, I just don’t give a s&#t about their other activities. Don’t get me wrong, I understand how marketing strategies work, but trying so hard with so little was just plain stupid and as a result, YG’s untrustworthy image won’t get washed out any time soon. Meanwhile, I also liked SNSD’s new song, even though to me it sounds a bit Britney Spears-ish. I’m not crazy about it, but it was an ok song and an interesting video, which I’d expect to be reviewed for KMM.
    Regarding your concerns about over teasing us, don’t worry about it, it’s fine. One month is a reasonable amount of time to promote in advance your upcoming projects. It’s not like you teased us over something that’s coming out in 2 years and expect us to be hyped about it every day since (*cough thumbs up YG cough*) :D.
    I also wanted to ask you about the status of the K-indie segments. Are you dropping them on a weekly basis, or will you start doing them again after this busy streak ends? I know you said we should expect a bunch of stuff featuring indie bands in the near future, but I was still wondering about the K-indie playlist, cause I’ve gotten really found of it. I started out with kpop, but I really got into the whole Korean indie scene thanks to your segment and I wish you’ll continue making playlists, even if they are just blog posts without a video.
    Congrats on the live chat, it was one of the most entertaining ones. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch one live soon. I realized that I used the word ‘about’ so much in this post that I almost started to feel Canadian :D.

  6. Simon! For your hair, try heating it with a hair dryer for maybe 10 minutes. The colour will last longer!

  7. Loved the chat this morning! Actually lost track of time playing Fez. Totally forgot I had a tab open for the chat, so I hit the end sequence in game just as the chat started, and your voices came in with the music. I then spent a very long moment where I thought your voices were totally part of the game (@_@”) it was epic. Also still can’t get over the band name abbreviations… may need another live chat just to recover <3

  8. 2NE1’s title tracks are actually Come Back Home and Gotta Be You
    Crush isn’t getting an MV so far
    but Happy is getting one to be release later
    the unplugged version of Come Back Home will have an MV too

  9. Just a random note – the color effect of Martina’s hair is spelled “ombre” while the Spanish word for man is “hombre.” :)
    yeah, i’m a fashion dork. ._.

  10. I loved the moment of silence for Teen Top…. and I had NO idea they actually had this acronym??! LOLOL.

  11. Aw man, I missed again! Can you please tell me when you guys are going to do another live chat, so I can chat too. :(

  12. Simon!! Draże kokosowe “Korsarz” those are polish candy kkkk and draże doesn’t mean expensive but dragée

  13. No, Burrito does mean little donkey. The Ito added to Burro makes it mean little.

  14. I for one am thinking the TEENTOP acronym is a hoax. It has never been on any of their official releases, so I’m going to keep pretending I never heard it. I checked both of their official websites (Korean and Japanese) and it’s not mentioned on either, it’s not even mentioned on their wiki-page. Also, it’s never been presented on their TV appearances or music videos. Most groups with weird acronym names have verified or promoted the acronym at some point, especially as rookies. TEENTOP seems to have never even insinuated that there is an acronym. I’m thinking elaborate internet gag. Although… it almost seems too ridiculous to be made up…

  15. Do I need a facemask for my Korean adventure starting next Saturday?? I have concerns about the smog (and my uber sensitive airways…*makes cute hacking noises*)…but can probably find a much more stylish and interesting one while IN Hongdae than in North America, huh?

  16. A picture say more than a thousand words…hahaha! Love you guys :)

  17. OK GUISES. who here is going to the SXSW show in Austin, TX on March 13?? I’m driving down from Oklahoma City(6hrs!) it’d be reallyyyy tubular to meet up n watch the bands!

  18. You are friends with talktomeinkorean guy!!! You both are so awesome! Will you be my friends if I ever move to Korea? Pretty please!

  19. Hey Guise! I juuuuuust missed the chat live because I stayed up late to feed the fire last night (freaking freezing!) but I have to say that I’m even more sorry that I missed it live because it was so good. I don’t know why, but it just seemed more fun and lively than usual (spiked coffee? ;) ) , maybe because there were less distractions in the background I felt like you were both actually talking about stuff and stating your opinions and joking around without a million disclaimers. I’m not sure, just….um…..good job? Great fun! I’ll try to be up next time!

    BTW, I have trained a really difficult cat to go outside on a leash (out of necessity) but it is not something I would normally do to a cat. Kittens especially are major escape artists and are more likely to choke themselves within seconds of you turning your back, an older cat, not so much. That said, I would seriously consider trying to train Dr. Meemersworth to go out on
    a leash, it’s safer because he won’t try to run away because he knows he will get outside time, and they usually like it better than a cat carrier. Here are a few tips:

    a) put the harness on correctly – I noticed from your old video of Meemers that you had the harness on upside down, the joining strap goes on their back, not their tummy. It shouldn’t be tight like a dogs, if the body loop is snug enough, the neck loop can be just loose enough that they can’t get a paw in it. Don’t put it on, except for going outside, you want the Pavlovian response to the leash that putting the harness on = happy outside times so they eventually won’t fight you putting it on. Put the big loop over their head and pull it downward and the cat will walk over it (in order to try to escape) and then you put the small loop over their head. It will definitely take some tries and rewards are recommended.
    b) the first few times you take the cat out on the leash, let them run as free as you safely can, you will have to run after them. Eventually, they’ll get the hint that you only pull on the leash when they are in danger. It’s not like walking a dog at all. If you were to take Meemers out the first ~20 times, do it without Spudgy (it will be chaos otherwise).
    c) Let the cat learn what the range of the leash is, keep it long at first, you can gradually shorten it. If the cat misbehaves too much, you can scruff it (or other admonishments you might have), don’t pick it up by the harness or leash.
    d) When you bring the cat back in, take off the harness and give them a treat, even if they weren’t particularly good.
    e) Some cats get trained well enough that you won’t even need the leash any more, they just obey with the harness on, as if the leash were there, but a scared cat will run every time, and it will easily get lost. Only unleash in a safe area.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Hey guise…this was my first actual live Live Chat. Yes, it was verrryyy early in the morning in California but it was worth it, and totally fun to be there live with you! :) And yes, I’m totally watching it again now! You mentioned me a few times and like, I feel like we really bonded there, ya know? LOL! Have a great weekend!

  21. Whe am I always late for live chats?! It’s not fair >_<!

  22. So sad I missed this live! Darn migraines T_T And it was a really hilarious one too. Oh kpop acronyms. Wow. Anywho, have a lovely weekend, guise!

  23. YMGA (Young Men Gangsta’s Association) was an actual hip hop duo consisting of underground rappers Masta Wu and Digital Masta, under YG entertainment. You can check there song WHAT!

  24. I decided to make a list of other interesting group names for you guys XD

    MBLAQ ( Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality)

    SeeYa ( See You Always + See You Again)


    H.O.T. (High-five Of Teenagers)

    Baby V.O.X. (Baby Voices of Xpression)

    BEAST (Boys of the East Standing Tall)

    B2ST (Boys to Search for Top)

    U-Kiss (Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star)

    TRAX (Typhoon of the Rose Attack on Xmas)

    H.A.M (Heart and Mind)

    M.I.L.K (Made In Lovely Kin)

    G.o.d (Groove Overdoose)

    Fin.k.l (Fin Killing Liberty)

    Chi-chi (Creative electronic House Idols)
    -I dunno if you’ve heard of them but they aren’t even close to electronic XD Also, is it true that Chi chi is slang for boobs in korean? XD

    New F.O (New Five Order)

    Touch (The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme.)

    VIXX (Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis)

    I dunno if they’re still called this, but Bangtan Boys were originally Bulletproof Boy Scouts

    Young Men’s Gansta’s association is a real thing XD


    Also, Young Turks club is a kpop group from 2007 XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deem5smhMok

  25. This is blocked in Germany… what the actual f*ck, they’re never usually blocked!
    Ever since I moved to Germany a couple months ago I’d always watch the live chats later on since I can’t watch them live because they’re blocked but this time it’s blocked even now :/ Meh. This sucks. Like 90% of kpop mvs are blocked as well and it pissed me off so bad. Excuse me for the language and slight rant xD

    • The problem with Germany in particular (and I’ve lived there too) is a GEMA-Youtube dispute. It’s all to do with GEMA wanting Youtube/Google to police copyright issues on Youtube & they want to overcharge Youtube for streaming in Germany. The irony is then that it is practically impossible to watch legal Youtube channels in Germany, so people resort to pirated MVs. It’s ridiculous.

    • Yeah, VPNs all the way, it’s the easiest method to fight the system:D. I’ve got a VPN setup for like every major country. Sometimes they can slow down your internet connection, but you can just disconnect them when you do basic stuff on your PC. Tried proxies for a long time and they are effective, but they can also mess with your connection settings a lot. It’s become a bit complicated to get what you want, especially since this ACTA bullshit in the EU, but we’re the internet generation….we’ll always find a way to beat the restrictions.

    • Ah! I’m sorry! We’ve heard people using VPNs or Proxies. Lots of stuff is banned in Korea as well (though it’s got the fastest internet in the world, it’s also got some of the strictest). Try looking them up and getting one set up on your computer. It should help!

    • Can you try using a proxy server? :) x x x

  26. Aaa, I missed the livechat!! Curses!
    It was so funny hearing you “talking” swedish! Hahaha, blaabaer! Blåbær – it’s the same in Norwegian.
    And one of the reasons my best friends is also a fan of you is because of your indie music list! I love that as well, but I also enjoy k-pop. My friend though prefers indie music and classic ballads from Korea. We will both be looking forward to those videos, so awesome that you got those bands to your studio :D

    And I’m going to Korea in less than a month – and I have pretty heavy asthma! Should I get a mask as soon as possible I get there to protect myself from the smog? O-o

  27. Apparently the smog is from China..http://kotaku.com/chinas-pollution-is-making-japanese-air-all-crappy-1531371641/1532270971/+jesusdiaz You should probably get used to wearing a mask, Simon. I’m sure you don’t want to die of lung cancer!

  28. Hi guys thanks for the shoutout during the live chat!^^

    As for Nell’s new album, I don’t have much information but apparently they released an album called “Newton’s Apple” these days. I haven’t listened to it yet but I’m always excited for new music from Nell^^

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