Woohoo! It’s our last LiveChat in Korea for a while! Next week’s LiveChat is going to be in Australia. The week after that…we might be back in Korea but THE WEEK AFTER THAT we might be in another country. Just got the email today. OOOH we can’t say where yet. Gotta wait till everything is confirmed and then we can announce it :D Oh gosh we’re so chuffed!

Speaking of confirming trips, we’re going to be posting our European tour announcement video today. WOOT! We were working on it up until today’s LiveChat. We’re going to upload it as soon as we’re done. Shouldn’t be that much longer, I don’t think! We’ll be uploading it on our bonus channel, the same channel that we do these LiveChats, so check it out there :D

Back to the LiveChat, special thanks to all of the awesome people who sent us packages!

Thomas from Norway
Pop Asia Mafia from Australia
Laurie from Belgium
Natz from Barbados!

Finally! Natz! We opened your package! For those of you who don’t know who Natz is, she’s a moderator on the site, and lays down the law and kicks ass from awesomeness. BOOYA! Well, she sent us her package a while ago, and it’s been sitting here for a while. Now we opened it. HOLY SMOKES THAT YELLOW HOT SAUCE WHOSE NAME I STILL DON’T KNOW! I just know it as fiery hot sauce. Natz, thank you so much for that. Whoa. You’ve made me a very happy man. Korean spice has nothing on that hot sauce. NOTHING!

Congrats to the winner of the Xia CD as well: Dania Padilla Garza! Send us an email and we’ll send you a secret password to message us on YouTube, so we can confirm it’s you and not a Cheater McCheaterson!

Also, if you missed out on this LiveChat when it was live (shame on you!) you never have to worry about missing them again, if you just click on the pretty button below. Well, you will have to worry if you’re asleep during LiveChat time, but…well point is if you’re awake at the time you will at least know when we’re live. Yeah!

  1. damn it!!!!! I can’t believe I missed this!! >< I was studying for my exams (they start tomorrow x.x) and I lost track of time that day :/ next time! Imma make it next time xD love you guys <3 ^_^

  2. Oh noo!! U guys are going to be in Europe when I go to Korea this fall!!

  3. I have nothing to add, except that seeing you happy makes my day, seeing you makes my day and seeing you kiss makes my week. It’s kinda like.. CareBears. When you guys are happy it gives me so much joy. Yes, I’m a sap. Woo ~ (Kevin)

    • Also, since I was finally able to watch it, I was laughing at your “spoiler”-faces. You make them every time you almost spoil something. I don’t know if you do it on purpose, but this time you did it when you said “If we ever go to Norway.” Which us Norwegians have known for a while now xD Can’t wait to see ya ^^

  4. when do you guys have the live chat? I really wanna watch it live, but whenever I go on Friday I find out it was done a couple of days ago

  5. Some people eat Kangaroo, although it’s not super common :)

  6. OMG CIAO’s story made me laugh so hard. Epic tattoo man that seems all hardcore but likes BOF music :P:P Is there any way to see his tattoo? It sounds awesome! (Is it posted on their FB page?)

  7. BRITISH NASTIES *AHEM* I’ve looked into prices for going to the meet ups and there’s good news and bad news :( The good news is that there are “cheap” flights to the cities – like around 80-90 pounds from where I live to amsterdam and warsaw (it starts from 184 pounds for sweden and norway). The bad news, is that these are often really inconvenient flights – like, 14 hours in total, with 7 hour layovers. However, if you want to, it is possible to travel there for under 100 pounds.

  8. I love how you guys post your livechats so we can watch them. I was so sleepy yesterday I missed it D:D:

    OH MY GWAAAAD! IM SO EXCITED:ddddddddd<3

  10. Black dress shirts or like dark colors

  11. that was seriousally Ninja Soozee

  12. Omg – Someone sent you a Slim Dusty cd?? Talk about cruel and unusual punishment! Why not Silverchair, Powderfinger or Wolfmother?? Or ***anything*** else!!! …. I think you got trolled, guys :P lol

    To me, this is the same as offering my Japanese and Korean friends Vegemite and saying ‘don’t worry, it tastes like chocolate!’

  13. Hey, Martina, Do you watch Teen Wolf (the mtv show) it’s so bad but so good and it’s super easy to get obsessed with :D It’s highly recommended!!!

  14. I haven’t watched a live chat in a while because they’re always somewhere between 2 am and 6 am for me and I can’t stay up that late/get up that early. Any plans to maybe change the times up a little more for nasties who live in different time zones?

  15. Where do you guys broadcast the LiveChats at? I missed it this Friday’s cuz I wasn’t sure which site to go to ㅠㅠ and I was busy shoveling pudding into my face…lol

  16. What are the pretty lights outside your window? 29:18

    • Those lights are from the building across from them. They are always on. Hongdae is a really interesting neighbourhood.


      • Thanks for the reply Natz :D If you wouldn’t mind me asking, how much is the p&p to send a package to Korea? I have friends in Japan who I did a homestay with and I want to send them a bunch of gifts as a thank you, but if I send more than two kilos it costs 70 pounds! That’s like $105 if dollars make more sense haha (I’m english by the way(. Thank you so much if you can reply :)

  17. Can’t wait to see you guys in Sydney!!!

    Just a bit of advice. Even though you may arrive early in the morning, you may have to wait a while as it usually takes about 1 hr to get processed through immigration and customs. (though you guys might get special treatment for being YouTube Stars :D) Customs here is extremely strict and make sure you understand all the declaration policies. Oh and another thing, there have been cases where passengers will take food from the plane (especially fruit or yogurt) and well forget they took it off and got caught by customs and were required to pay a fine because they didn’t declare it.

    At the arrival terminal, there is only a maccas (Australian way of calling McDonalds) and a cafe but there is a big food court in the departure terminal which is upstairs from the arrival terminal if you want a quick feed.

    I would usually recommend getting a Meat Pie and some pie shops will offer you an option to add Mash, Peas, gravy or sauces. Not sure if the airport has these options but you can definitely get a meat pie or sausage roll.

  18. Hi guise it’s Lauri ^^ Just wanted to let you know, watch out with the (as martina called it “dark chocolate”) “Chokotoff” because beneath the little chocolate layer they can become really sticky!! So it’s best to suck on them, not chew! Errm……. you know what I mean! xD *runs away*

  19. thank you so much for the birthday shout out<3 My sister was so happy and so was I:)

  20. !!!! Ayo finally!!!! So excited it was finally opened.

    Bajan ( rhymes with Cajun) pepper sauce contains Scotch Bonnet peppers which are some of the hottest peppers on earth behind some cultivated blends in India and in Trinidad. It is similar to a Habenero but more flavorful. When we say pepper in the West Indies, we mean scotch bonnets. It is used in Jerk seasoning too. When I cook with scotty bons I have to be careful not to touch my ‘ sensitive parts’ for the rest of the day. You aren’t supposed to really touch them with your skin or you may get blisters. Have fun with that.

    Also had a great time watching you try the ‘cheese’ and tamarind balls. Bwuahahah! Please give Leigh her share of the sweets. I sent enough for everyone.

    Must rewatch to see what I missed when the feed cut out. Huzzah!

    • Saw the Do It Best paper and loled. Once I touched my eyes after dicing those peppers and had to receive emergency attention. >_<

      I literally drink pepper sauce so Simon's reaction to it was quite amusing. Rum drinker's mouth. -smug look-

      But YAY the package finally got there! It's a shame that it was the one I watched a day late. :( But oh well!

    • Natz, holy smokes. You had no idea how important that sauce was in my life. Seriously: we had rows of 2 litre coke bottles filled with that stuff. I remember my brother’s apartment now and having it with jerk chicken there. I haven’t had that memory in years. I know what the kitchen looks like, what his asshole cat looks like, what the giant cans of tuna look like, all of these memories that were hidden away are now unlocked because you sent us that sauce. Holy shit I’m all teary eyed. Thank you. Oh man I’m so happy!

      • You are so welcome! Lol. Now I know you like the pepper sauce I can send a 2 liter bottle for you ( yes they still do exist!). Also I attempted to send rum ( Mount Gay Rum distillery in Barbados is the oldest rum distillery in the world. Their motto is ‘ The Rum that made Rum’. ) But it wasn’t allowed. Bah.

        Also the tamarind balls were sent to test your tolerance for sour stuff. You always complain that sour candies aren’t really that sour, but tamarinds are so awesomely sour. Soozee beat you on the sour test.

  21. Sooooo if you are flying into Sydney – Sydney airport is in the middle of Sydney so instead of buying food at the airport you are much better getting on a train to Town Hall or anywhere on the ‘city circle’ as it will only take 15 mins. Or if someone is driving you to a hotel in the city it won’t take too long. Once in the city area there will be lots of places to get breakfast.

    Can’t wait to see you guys!

  22. Okay, I can’t give you specific recommendations on where to eat, since I don’t know where in Sydney you’re staying (it is a big, big city) but here are some things to get you started.
    What I do when planning a trip is find the place I’m staying on Google maps, and then just crawl the blocks surrounding the place, clicking on all of the restaurants until I find a place with really good, local reviews. Then I compare that to other sites, plan transpo, whatever.
    I’d suggest looking at the individual neighborhoods in each city and finding which one has the coolest feel to you guys. That’s how I planned my family’s whole, entire two-week trip to Spain this June, from the apartments we stayed in to the restaurants we went to. But of course, if you see a cool place when you’re just wandering, take the opportunity! Another thing you can do is look at the **comments** on lists of places to eat in Sydney. People are always fighting over which places make the best dish.
    Apparently Melbourne has a big coffee culture, which should be nice for you, Martina.

    Anyways, have fun on your trip! I’m excited for you guys to be able to go somewhere so cool!

  23. I’m so happy someone from Norway sent you brown cheese, I got pretty relieved when you said you liked it! But keep it in the refrigerator, so it doesn’t get all oily and too soft :3 And eat it with waffles! I command you as a Viking!

  24. The reason I miss most LiveChats is because I’m usually sleeping. But I saw this one. :)

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