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Friday Night LiveChat with Tattoos!

August 30, 2013


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Woohoo! It’s our last LiveChat in Korea for a while! Next week’s LiveChat is going to be in Australia. The week after that…we might be back in Korea but THE WEEK AFTER THAT we might be in another country. Just got the email today. OOOH we can’t say where yet. Gotta wait till everything is confirmed and then we can announce it :D Oh gosh we’re so chuffed!

Speaking of confirming trips, we’re going to be posting our European tour announcement video today. WOOT! We were working on it up until today’s LiveChat. We’re going to upload it as soon as we’re done. Shouldn’t be that much longer, I don’t think! We’ll be uploading it on our bonus channel, the same channel that we do these LiveChats, so check it out there :D

Back to the LiveChat, special thanks to all of the awesome people who sent us packages!

Thomas from Norway
Pop Asia Mafia from Australia
Laurie from Belgium
Natz from Barbados!

Finally! Natz! We opened your package! For those of you who don’t know who Natz is, she’s a moderator on the site, and lays down the law and kicks ass from awesomeness. BOOYA! Well, she sent us her package a while ago, and it’s been sitting here for a while. Now we opened it. HOLY SMOKES THAT YELLOW HOT SAUCE WHOSE NAME I STILL DON’T KNOW! I just know it as fiery hot sauce. Natz, thank you so much for that. Whoa. You’ve made me a very happy man. Korean spice has nothing on that hot sauce. NOTHING!

Congrats to the winner of the Xia CD as well: Dania Padilla Garza! Send us an email and we’ll send you a secret password to message us on YouTube, so we can confirm it’s you and not a Cheater McCheaterson!

Also, if you missed out on this LiveChat when it was live (shame on you!) you never have to worry about missing them again, if you just click on the pretty button below. Well, you will have to worry if you’re asleep during LiveChat time, but…well point is if you’re awake at the time you will at least know when we’re live. Yeah!



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