Woohoo! Another LiveChat done :D You caught us today right after we went and got our hair did, which is why Martina’s hair seems so blonde. We’re going back home as soon as we’re done in the studio today, rather than going out to play in Hongdae, because Martina’s gonna add pink back to her hair. Luckily for me, we have some friends coming over, one of whom is a girl, so she can do girly bonding time with Martina and I won’t have to dye Martina’s hair for her. Yay! And, yes, I as the husband of the relationship dye Martina’s hair when she needs me to. That’s love right there, ladies and gentlemen. That’s love.

Special thanks to all of the lovely Nasties whose packages we opened today:

Tiara from New Jersey
Elisabeth from London
Lauren from the Ghetto in the YG Building (and, coincidentally, London)
Maureen and Deborah from South Africa

Sorry for the confusion, Elisabeth, with your packages. Whenever we get our packages, we usually write the date we received them on the boxes, so we can try to open them in order, and the other box you sent came a week later (though you shipped them both at the same time, I’m assuming). Yay!

Side note: I’m totally amazed that Americans (some, not all) aren’t familiar with Ketchup chips. Whoa. I thought that was a universal chip flavor. Not that I’m a chip connoisseur, though I ate a lot of them as a kid. Come to think of it, I’m amazed I wasn’t morbidly obese as a kid. Probably because I played so much basketball. Otherwise, I just ate pounds of junk. I used to drink 8 cans of soda a day. 8 CANS A DAY! How is it I don’t have diabetes? Who knows.

I’ll stop rambling. Ok! So, the moment you’ve been waiting for: how to win the uBEAT CD.

First off, thanks to those of you who watch our LiveChats. We’re just sitting around and opening packages, and it’s much more fun being able to speak with you guise real time. And we’re honored that so many people are sending us such awesome stuff from around the world. We just want to give a little bit back :D

To win the CD, all you have to do is head on over to our uBEAT Kpop Music Monday, and leave your support for uBEAT in the comment section. We want to give the CD to people who watch our LiveChats, but also to people who are KissMes/BeatMes as well :D

We’ll announce the winner in next week’s LiveChat. Good luck guise!

  1. I think you guise definitely need to make a “Blahlahalah! I’m a pancake” T-shirt lol I also think we need a “America is very wide and long shirt” I’d wear that!

    We don’t have ranch chips in Australia(to my knowledge) and I so want to try them after watching Simon go mad for them every other week!

  2. Lay’s is doing a flavor adding contest lately for chips, and one of the flavors in Sriracha. I would imagine that those taste like a spicier Ketchup chip. I think some of my cousins have Ketchup chips where they live, but I can’t remember if it’s the Michigan cousins or Georgia cousins (I would guess Michigan, since they’re right by Canada, but who knows) and I just remember thinking the very idea was too disgusting for words when I was younger. But actually I’ve dipped regular chips in ketchup, and that’s good. =P

  3. You should really watch Gu Family Book Martina! I was addicted!

  4. I am REALLY hoping uBEAT comes out with another album soon~ Hopefully featuring another U-KISS member or two. (maybe Kiseop and Dongho???)

  5. I’m looking to send you a few items? Possibly sometime soon…. If you can answer, can you tell me if:

    -Either of you like LOTR
    -Your 3 Favorite (affordable) things
    -Lamb hats.

  6. simon, i’m pretty sure your CSI music was actually the Final Countdown by Europe
    also we have dill pickle chips in the States. pretty sure they’re made by Lays.

  7. Ohio has ketchup and dill chips only they are sold in just a few stores

  8. I’m pretty sure I’ve had ketchup chips, but fer sure have had dill pickle chips because they are like a staple flavor now. But the whole ketchup chip thing, did Canada have that funky purple and green ketchup?! Huh didja? It was so weird, but I remember having some when I was little lol

  9. it took me 49 minutes and 36 seconds to figure out where in your studio you were sitting, for the first 49 minutes and 35 seconds I though that maybe you had put mirrors in that corridor where the long table is and they were reflecting the windows and everything on the other side, seriously what’s wrong with my brain?

  10. I’m not sure about other places in the US, but we have all dressed and dill pickle chips in Maine…in major chain grocery stores. Haven’t seen ketchup though…

  11. ok, so I’ve been thinking about buying one of your T-shirts for a while now [but new CDs just kept being released…] but this livechat helped me to make up my mind ~ can’t wait for my personally packed by you nasty T-shirt^^ >_<

  12. We have ketchup chips and dill pickle chips in Georgia. They are by Lays.

  13. whe r u guise gonna finally start reviewing kdramas?

  14. That would make a good band name: Monster Nasty Zombies.

  15. hey guys, i have a question for Martina. Question Explanation 1st: i used manic panic to dye the bottom 3 inches of my hair and a chunk of my bangs this cool purple-blue color called Rockabily Blue (this was 6 days ago on (counting the day i rinsed it out) sunday) and my hair is this weird natural compilation of like almost every blonde shade ever :P so on some strands it is brighter than others and it was all awesome even though 3/4 of my neck and the space between my shoulder blades was kinda blue for like 3 days and then my sister and i noticed that the darker parts of my hair that is blue is starting to look kinda black and every time i wash my hair i end up with like purple/blue shampoo bubbles :(. my question is= Does manic panic usually do that? and If not why do you think it might be doing this? also is there a certain way you are supposed to stir the dye before hand? please answer!!! this is really starting to bring me down :(!!

    • odd, i’ve never had the color bubbles after i dye my hair (i use one of their greens in the amplified formula on the same kind of blonde, and you shouldn’t have to stir the dye). my hair’s relatively unbleached but the green comes out pretty uniform in my hair until it starts to fade out. my guess is that your shampoo is too harsh for the dye, but it does take a few days for it to completely set. try looking for a color-safe shampoo at walmart or target.

    • i use manic panic (most of the colors) and if you want your hair to be a uniform color, you might have to bleach it for a few minutes first, even if you have natural blonde hair (it also makes the color stand out more.) If the dye gets on your skin just rub it for a few minutes with hot water and soap, and it usually goes away in a few seconds. To prevent this, I usually tape a napkin around my neck. As for the shampoo bubbles, those usually don’t appear after the 3rd wash. Make sure you’re washing your hair with cold water and sulfate-free shampoo.

  16. we do have ketchup chips in the U.S. but its pretty rare to find i saw them twice in walmart im in iowa by the way

  17. Its nice how they said BeatMes LOL

  18. I live in Alabama, and i have seen Ketchup chips, but not lately. But i have seen dill

  19. What I’ve learned about different cultures: late night taco bell runs are universal.

  20. Man.. I was awake and ready for the livechat since it was only at 2am CA time. But then I knocked out right when it started D: haha. Darn, wanted to actually stream it hahah. Oh wells xD

  21. I I love you Ubeat oppas and I support you guys all the way. I will support you guys all the way and forever stay a fan. Fighting! I really love ubeat and I would really like this album. I love kpop and became a kpop fan maybe a year and some months ago.Kpop helps me become happy when im sad or mad. It really helps me.I would love to win the album. There are no kpop stores where I live either.

  22. one thing one thing. Nasty do send you guys a lot of food and UNUSUAL stuff

  23. haha i think many people would die if ukiss or ubeat “dingdonged their doorbell” and gave them a cd… XD

  24. guys, I missed it again *lies at the corner of my room curled and meditates, I missed it again I missed it again

  25. Woke up remembering what I wanted to say. Ya’ll always mention that Spudgy is such a picky eater so I always think it’s marvelous that Eric Nam managed to bring Spudgy a treat that he liked.

  26. there are ketchup chips and dill pickle chips in Michigan since we are so close to Canada. ^_^ we also have Tim Hortons! <3 i haven't seen the other chips Martina was talking about. but it sounds delicious! my favorite chips are salt and vinegar. but they sometimes burn my throat if there is too much salt or too much vinegar. ;)

  27. Hang on, guys, I don’t get it. I’ve been living in Canada for almost 8 years now and I’ve never seen all dressed potato chips. I would see ketchup flavored chips but I don’t think the make those anymore ’cause I haven’t seen ‘em since like elementary school. Can’t complain though, I’ve never liked those anyway haha.

  28. aaaww you got a Usa-chan backpack!!!!! (ahah i was gonna send you that when i send you something one day!!)

    awww Martina’s water balloon story reminds me of when i was in Secondary school and me an my friends did that!! (even though we weren’t allowed to of course!!)

    hey your dream is like that part in World War Z when they were in South Korea!!! darn that phone (and his wife!!)

    whoa that’s cool Simon with you being able to wake up from your dream when you want!! i wish i could do that when i have nightmares!!

    you got stickers from Paperchase!!! that is my fave shop!!! i spend WAY too much time in there!!!

  29. Gah, I hate when I miss the live chats. I still watch them, but it makes me sad when I want to reply to your questions but then I realize it’s not live D': … I don’t even have an excuse for missing it. I’m in the same time zone!! lmao and I don’t have a life. Sigh, oh well.

    But I wanted to say; Simon, I’m from California (Central Valley) and I never even heard of Ketchup Chips until I started watching your videos earlier this year lol. Of course I don’t even like Ketchup with my fries, I used to dip my fries in my chocolate shake… Yes, I did that. >_>

  30. Hi EYK crew, is the fanmail address on eatyourkimchi.com correct? It still says bucheon so I was wondering if you guys have a different address in Hongdae?
    -A nasty from Delaware

  31. I really like your hair like this Martina. ;) Have you ever thought of getting this hairstyle for longer? I REALLY like that light blonde on your beautiful blonde hair XD. Keep the good work guys!!

  32. i missed the live chat. just wanted to comment on ketchup chips – my friends in the US always MAKES me buy 10 bags whenever i drive down to NYC from Etobicoke. there’s a heinz version of it out since last year, if memory serves me right.

  33. all these hello kitty stuff the nasties sent martina reminds me what happened recently in Singapore. There was this exclusive fairy tale hello kitty toys released from mcdonalds that created a huge craze here, people queuing overnight outside mcdonalds for the toy. prices for the hello kitty plushies sky rockected on ebay. i wonder if there is a Singaporean nasty crazy enough to send the whole collection to martina.


  34. Martina your laughter is the best XDDD <3

  35. Why are you guys so squished? What program are you using?

  36. And it also would have been fun to see you try to pronounce my name the norwegian way :D It’s on one of the cards. I tried to explain it using other words but it all depends really on how you pronounce those words!

  37. I did send them at the same time yeah. I’m happy they finally got there! I sent them like a month ago :P I wish I could have seen when Soo zee and Leigh got to the middle of the sour candy! It gets kinda really sour again in the middle :D Hope you guys enjoy everything, I had a lot of fun making the packages! :)

  38. Hey EYK crew, just a quick question, what editing program do you use for your videos? (Sorry if this is in your question/answer section already..)

  39. So the South African package came from Hong Kong? Like, Maureen and Deborah are South African, but live in Honk Kong, but managed to have access to Simba chips? *confused*

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