Another week’s work done and we’re going out to play for the night. We’re lucky tonight because we’re meeting up with one of donators from our Fundraiser! She has finally arrived in Korea so it’s time to take her out for a night out on the town. We’ve already done two of the meet ups so far, and at first we worried that things would be awkward, because we though “who the hell would want to hang out with us” – but they weren’t awkward at all. We had an awesome time! So, now that we’re about to do our third meet up tonight, we’re super excited. And these live chats always put us in a great mood, so we’ll be extra pumped for the evening. SHAZAM! DOUBLE SHAAAZAAAMMM!!!

Side note: remember when we used to shout Shazam a lot? I can’t even remember what videos those were from. You know, we need to get an Eatyourkimchi Nasty Dictionary/Nasty Glossary/Guide to Nastiness or something, because I’m sure that some of you might not have been around with us from the beginning. It’s a shame, because you missed out on some of our big kick phrases, like DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR! Well, make sure you never leave and you’ll never have to worry about missing out on any of our jokes again. Ha!

So we may not have had the chance to open all these packages on camera tonight, but we’ll say a great big thank you now, just in case! We are now pre-opening the boxes/envelopes so that we don’t waste time on camera struggling with knives and scissors. If we didn’t open your package on camera today, we’ll do it next time! :D We’re super excited about today’s fan mail opening because LOOK AT ALL THE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!!! Plus, both Leigh and SooZee are in the studio tonight, so they can photobomb (camera bomb?) the live chat! WOOHOO!!!

Thank you to:

Gabriele from Lithuania
Hayley and Chelsea from Australia
Stephanie from the UK
Jessica from Indiana
Gaglayan from Turkey
Carmen from Connecticut
Benedict and Julie from Denmark
Jessamine from Hong Kong

Now we usually spend some time after the livechat to talk about what’s in the packages, but we’ve meeting our fundraiser donator right away! We gotta clean up the studio so it doesn’t look like a complete mess when they come in. Like, “hey! Thanks for donating! Look at the disgusting mess your contribution has funded!” Ah. No, I hope she understands. Right guise? Right? *shifty eyes*

  1. Can somebody tell me how to get on the livechat with Simon and Martina when they start airing theirs? I can’t figure it out, but I would love to part of a livechat with them. Much appreciation to the person(s) that can answer my question.

    • follow them on Facebook or Twitter .. a day before they announce they will have a livechat and then 30 mins before they start it they remind us and post the link to YouTube so you can join them…check every Wednesdays or Thursdays and you will see a link to their livechat

  2. guys, for the record, i mispronounce R and L as well ;u; i’m learning japanese and it does happen really often TuT so i feel you ;A; and it’s pretty frustrating cause it happens to me when i’m speaking spanish as well (i’m mexican) T vT;;

  3. This has probably been answered somewhere, but I’ve been looking quite a bit and can’t find out, and this seemed like the best place to ask, so sorry in advance.
    I want to send Simon and Martina fan mail! However the address on the site says Bucheon even though they’ve moved to Seoul now. So, uh, anyone who has recently sent them something could you help me out?

  4. Apparently kindereggs were illegal in the US until very recently because of the FDA laws on hazards in food, toys included. … Really speaks to our country’s lowest denominator.

  5. Learning another language…..golly where do I start. Today I was studying Korean and I kept writing ㅅ instead of S &ㅏinstead of A when I was making notes in english to go with the korean. :O

  6. I’m learning russian right now so when I try to write in swedish after class I write swedish words but with russian letters…

  7. Martina. whenever I see your hair its gotten like, an inch longer. Can you tell us how you take care of your hair?

  8. may i know which livechat was the package with ouran mug?

  9. Yes.. I was learning Mandarin Chinese and when I saw words i’ve never seen before such as those darn chemistry formulas, instead of reading it like I normally do, i try sounding it out by the pinyin. Also, nowadays, i fumble over my words when speaking in English and I sometimes let out a few words in Mandarin towards my friends who don’t know Chinese xD

  10. a kinder joy is basically a kinder bueno, that’s what my friend told me cause I said to her I’ve never heard of it!

  11. japanese has a similar r/l problem, but i also get a thing when reading vowel combinations or double consonants, and wven the way i read vowels gets affected… there was some mocha cheesecake, and i was like, what’s mocha [reading the cha like in charizard]…. twas my public shame

  12. Hey guise! I’m soooo glad you liked the package! And that was some awesome pronounciation of my very VERY difficult name! But it’s spelled as Çağlayan :D
    I can’t wait to hear your opinions on Turkish coffee. (Especially Martina! The coffee was specifically for you, girl!) ^-^ If you like it, I’ll send you refills and of course some Turkish delight to eat with. *(^-^)/*
    oh, Simon, I hope the t-shirt fits you! I was reaaaaally nervous while buying it. I had attached a note, but incase you missed it, it says “İstanbul Gentlemen” on the shirt :D

  13. Bilasa confirmed their comeback for May!!!!!!!!

  14. When I practice German, I often pronounce my English W’s as a German W (with a v sound) and then it gets really embarrassing and then my German teacher is just like “go home Ben.” So I understand what you mean by getting the letters and whatnot confused! It’s freaking annoying lol

  15. I should’ve watched this! I live in HK! Black sesame pudding is actually pretty good. My dad really likes it.

  16. Hey Simon and Martina, my Chinese class totally has the language fumble problem. We do not have the mispronunciation in English yet, but we always mess up our sentence structure when switching between English and Mandarin.

    In Chinese, the grammar structure is Subject+ Verb+ Object. However, when you want to add something like the time of day you have to put the time before the verb. So in English I am going shopping tomorrow is rearranged as I tomorrow go shopping.

  17. oh man those oreos cracked me up xD… its time to buy the lotto. martina won the kawi, bawi, bo dun dun dun,…!! mmm my favortie gummy candy brand is haribo…but i hate licorice and I never had a good experience with banana flavored candies o.O;..

    since you love dark chocolate..whats your favorite brand?? ever tried lindt?

    did soozee do something with her hair..yeppoyo…

  18. I like how Martina smells everything XD

  19. I missed seeing intern Leigh! So yay for the seeing the whole EYK crew together! :)

  20. Hai thar guise
    1. Martina I like your earrings
    2. Simon I like your shirt. Plaid FTW
    3. The eye thing from Istanbul I think is an “evil eye”. It’s supposed to ward off evil or something. My dad got me one when he went there for a business trip. Yay.

  21. I’m in a fourth year Spanish class at school and it’s my last period and sometimes when school ends me and my friends’ brains don’t switch back to English very quickly so, just today, I was walking in the halls after class and nearly ran into somebody and instead of saying “sorry” or “excuse me” my brain went immediately to “Lo siento!” And I was like… D: What if that person isn’t taking Spanish and has no idea what I meant…! I love learning other languages, though. I’m willing to sacrifice my English for being a polyglot. xD I haven’t mastered any language yet, but I can get really good at pronunciation and it does make my English wishy washy (it doesn’t help that I have a mumbling problem eithere haha). My “L”s and “R”s are getting so flexible beacause of Japanese and Coreano. …I just spelled Korean the Spanish way didn’t I? O_o *facepalm* I’m also starting to get my “b”s and “v”s mixed up because the sounds so similar in Spanish and my brain trips over itself when I try to say cow in Spanish and it sounds like fool in Japanese (or Martina’s grandmother). So yeah… I’m saying goodbye to my days of perfect English. <:D My spelling is falling apart too… It was my best subject back in elementary but I keep makign typos this year. Anyway… I think it'll be worth it in the end. :D

  22. i am so sad i can’t send my package yet but to make it super epic it wont becoming until around May. So please when you see a package from winnipeg all 4 of you i hope are at the studio.

  23. You guys have no idea how much you look like a family (maybe that’s just me)
    Martina is the mama
    Simon is the dad
    Soozee is the eldest daughter
    and Intern Leigh is the baby of the family

  24. ohgod the language learning D:
    i swear, i think in like four different languages o_o
    one day i needed ‘hello’ in english (yeah, it’s that bad) and i was like “tere (estonian), anyeonghaseyo, straztvutje(russian)… WHAT IS IT IN ENGLISH?” and my friend was like “you mean hello?”
    …yeah >_>

    • Me TOO! Especially after either my cinese class, or when im with my friends that speak korean or french or something, ill take like four tries to say something right. And i end up saying crazy sentence like “xie xie para ni ayudar”

  25. guys its not gaglayan it is çağlayan, i am from turkey and gaglayan doesn’t sound so good in turkish you know? just wanted to say that :)
    and istanbul beyefendisi means istanbul gentleman and i found this pretty hilarious because psy’s new song gentleman just came out :D
    love you guys greetings from turkey ^^

  26. OMG I want a nasty dictionary too! With dates. I love dates. Then I can click on videos. I’ve only been a nasty for a few years.

  27. guys its not gaglayan it is çağlayan i am from turkey just wanted to say if he saw it he would be pretty sad :d

  28. I was planning to go to China (didn’t happen though :( ) and so I was studying Mandarin and Korean at the same time last year. Every time I tried to pronounce words with l or r in Mandarin I’d pronounce them the same was as in Korean because my “foreign language study mode!” was always activated for Korean and nothing else D: I also had a really really hard time remember if characters started with an l or an r in pinyin because my brain was basically like “it’s an r/l so no difference” and I just couldn’t commit the correct pinyin to memory. I don’t think I’ve had many Korean-English mix ups other than if I listen too much to Korean singers singing an English song, then I try to sing the English song properly, I end up singing it more like the Korean singer even if I’ve known the song for a long time (most notable mistake happens with 98 Degree’s My Everything. I’m looking at you, Donghae :|)

  29. Yes, in my opinion, black sesame dessert is one of the popular desserts from Hong Kong, but it tastes much better when you actually go to a dessert place to try it. I think because the Nasty/Nasties couldn’t take you there but wanted you to try it, the next best thing was to send the instant one to you. I think my favourite Hong Kong dessert is Mango Pomelo Sago (杨枝甘露). Anyways, if you ever go to Hong Kong, I would suggest trying the desserts there as well!

  30. Dothraki Man Warrior, you shazamed…like a man.

  31. ahahaaa loved it when Simon said he kicked KWill out the window!!!
    that is one WEIRD Kinder Egg!!

    i just found out about Digipedi too!!!! okay well like a few weeks ago!!! i love them!! i love ‘em so much i even included them in my Uni work about their awesome videos!!! i was freakin’ out an spazzing when i found out they were behind Primary’s ‘See Through’ video!!!! and i was laughing a lot since they made that Orange Caramel ‘Lipstick’ video cos i was instantly reminded of you guys!! (sos for not tellin’ you guys about it before!!)
    oh and i thought they probably made the new ZionT ‘Babay’ mv ..but i guess they didn’t!!

    ahahahahah those oreos name!! *goes into oreo chant from Wreck It Ralph*
    when i speak in Bengali i’m like that too Simon!! and i also end up saying sentences in the the wrong order cos i say it in the order i would in English!! and then my parents and grandma would tell me off heehee!!
    your robot is e~vil!!!

  32. We have those kinder joys in Spain as well. But I still prefer the Kinder eggs. They’re soooooo much better, in my opinion hehe (we call them Kinder Sorpresa because they have a surprise inside… xD). And there are also bars of chocolate called Kinder Chocolate, do you know about those?

  33. Whoa! Martina asked when bilasa was coming back and now it is confirmed they are coming back in May!

  34. How come you don’t use the contest app on Facebook for your contests?

  35. Your childhoods must have been so miserable without Kinder eggs D:

    • We had Wonderballs for some time until those were banned too. Not quite the same though. On the inside of the chocolate ball was a small delicious hard candy. They got banned because morons gave them to their toddlers who could choke on the small candy pieces (and yet small candies aren’t banned completely! Just because our government thinks we’re too stupid to realize there are small hard candies in the chocolate ball even though it says it all over the box). We actually have something similar to a kinder egg now, called choco treasures. I haven’t had one because they keep getting sold out. The reason they’re allowed to be sold here is because the prizes are so big that it’s not possible for someone to choke on them. If kinder eggs really wanted to, they could alter their prizes to fit our dumb laws and then they could enter the American market as well.

  36. Oh Wow… I havent missed a single live chat… UNTIL TODAY! BOOOOOO!

  37. Are guys going to do Drama segments in the future? Random Question >.<

    • Not sure yet. We’ve got some other projects we’re working on at the moment and trying to get those ready for – hopefully – May. Once those are off our plate, we’ll see where we can go from there :D

      • Omg!! You guys replied to me lol I got excited since I have always wanted a reply ahhhhh >.< and 13 days ago I can't belive I just saw this /….
        Oooh alright… well anyways thanks for your hard work and for entertaining us ^-^

  38. I’m so pooped I just missed this! Anywho. I’ll probably comment later on, but my Dad (Canadian, no Korean background) Doesn’t wear his wedding ring either. This may be just because he finds it uncomfortable to wear, or because it’s hard to wear while doing the kind of work he does. My Mom on the other hand wears hers all the time, and sometimes helps my Dad out on big jobs that he has (You’re argument is invalid Dad!)

  39. :O Someone must create an Eat Your Kimchi Nasty Dictionary! :D That would be awesomee
    I’m (so) curious (YEAHH~~). How much did the donator (that you guys are meeting up with) donate?:p
    Another Question: Can you guys post some videos from your apartment? its been a long time since we(nasties) saw it.

    by the way, I LOVED the ending pic for this livechat. :D

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