Another week’s work done and we’re going out to play for the night. We’re lucky tonight because we’re meeting up with one of donators from our Fundraiser! She has finally arrived in Korea so it’s time to take her out for a night out on the town. We’ve already done two of the meet ups so far, and at first we worried that things would be awkward, because we though “who the hell would want to hang out with us” – but they weren’t awkward at all. We had an awesome time! So, now that we’re about to do our third meet up tonight, we’re super excited. And these live chats always put us in a great mood, so we’ll be extra pumped for the evening. SHAZAM! DOUBLE SHAAAZAAAMMM!!!

Side note: remember when we used to shout Shazam a lot? I can’t even remember what videos those were from. You know, we need to get an Eatyourkimchi Nasty Dictionary/Nasty Glossary/Guide to Nastiness or something, because I’m sure that some of you might not have been around with us from the beginning. It’s a shame, because you missed out on some of our big kick phrases, like DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR! Well, make sure you never leave and you’ll never have to worry about missing out on any of our jokes again. Ha!

So we may not have had the chance to open all these packages on camera tonight, but we’ll say a great big thank you now, just in case! We are now pre-opening the boxes/envelopes so that we don’t waste time on camera struggling with knives and scissors. If we didn’t open your package on camera today, we’ll do it next time! :D We’re super excited about today’s fan mail opening because LOOK AT ALL THE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!!! Plus, both Leigh and SooZee are in the studio tonight, so they can photobomb (camera bomb?) the live chat! WOOHOO!!!

Thank you to:

Gabriele from Lithuania
Hayley and Chelsea from Australia
Stephanie from the UK
Jessica from Indiana
Gaglayan from Turkey
Carmen from Connecticut
Benedict and Julie from Denmark
Jessamine from Hong Kong

Now we usually spend some time after the livechat to talk about what’s in the packages, but we’ve meeting our fundraiser donator right away! We gotta clean up the studio so it doesn’t look like a complete mess when they come in. Like, “hey! Thanks for donating! Look at the disgusting mess your contribution has funded!” Ah. No, I hope she understands. Right guise? Right? *shifty eyes*

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