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Friday Night LiveChat!

November 29, 2013


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LiveChat time! We tried to do one last week and everything burned in a terrible mess of unusability, but today things worked out ok…for half an hour, and then spiralled out of control into unusability. We’re really sorry guise. We’re not sure what’s up with YouTube’s LiveStreaming lately. We’re trying to figure out what’s wrong. We’ll try again next week.

So, for our first little pre-package opening, we’d like to give thanks to:

The Wisconsin Nasties!
Katharine from Austria
Margarita and Amelia from Israel

Again, sorry that we couldn’t do it on camera. But we had so much fun opening the packages afterwards! As did Meemers, who – what the hell – is such a rude cat. It’s not that he wants to go in the boxes, which he does, but he also insists on eating everything that we’re eating. He doesn’t do that regularly with our food, but with these boxes, he was all over us trying to bite the food out of our hands. Next time we open up boxes like that at home, we must feed him beforehand.

For the packages we opened today, we’d like to thank:

Magda from Poland for all of the awesome Polish snacks
The SoCal Nasties James, Lindsay, and Nick

For the SoCal Nasties, we started opening your package at the end of the LiveStream when the internet started melting :( I would have loved for you to see how much we’re freaking out on camera, because the art you guise sent us is absolutely lovely. Thank you!

We’re gonna try with YouTube again next week, and if it doesn’t work again I think we’re going to have to try a different platform. Does anyone have any good recommendations? I heard people mention Twitch TV. Is that any good? The reason we ask is because we used to do LiveChats at a different website, but then we brought so many Nasties over that their server melted. YouTube can handle lots of traffic. Can Twitch? I don’t know. Sorry if that’s a noob question!

Till then, make sure you’re subscribed to see us do more random stuff, like LiveChats and bizarre bloopers from our other videos. Woot!



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