The Good

Happy Martina

Right off the get go, let me say that this is the most gorgeous place we’ve ever been to in Korea. Holy crap. All of the other pensions feel like mud and sticks compared to this place. It’s clean and modern as hell. I feel bad for the other villas around it, which I’m sure we’d freaking love if it weren’t in the context of G Dragon’s Villa, which totally just blow them out of the water. Whoa.

The price wasn’t insane, either. Our room was $150 a night. We paid around that for our last pension we went to. We did get a cheap room, though. Some of the rooms go for $700 a night. SCREW THAT! We like you guise, but we can’t afford to drop that kinda dough to show you what this place was like. Cheap room is good enough room, thx!

The Great

The Villa is gorgeous, but the scenery is really some of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. Layers of mountains as you look into the valley, that little body of calm water. It’s gorgeous. So crushingly beautiful. I could sleep in a tent out there and be happy. It’s really, really nice. Here: we took some photos for you:


Happy Simon

Ok, this doesn’t have much to do with G-Dragon’s villa itself, but it was a lovely story. We had neighbours beside us, who also took a cheapy room. Our lawns connected. This is important to know.

Martina made some Jeon to go with our dinner for the night, but she made too much, so she decided to pack some up and offer it to our neighbours. They were really shocked, not only because we offered them food, but because I don’t think white people make jeon and give it to Korean people. Just saying…

That’s not the best part of the story. A few minutes later, they come over to our area to offer us something of theirs: A WHOLE RACK OF PORK RIBS! Hot damn! It was huge! And totally a not fair trade. We gave them stuff we made out of a package with some of our own extra ingredients. Cost a buck at most. Theirs? A lot more than a buck. Great deal! And, really, such a lovely experience that makes me fall in love with this country a little bit more. Thank you, kind Korean neighbours, for being so awesome.

The Bad

Our room was kinda lacking in some areas. The bed was hard as hell and the pillows were, too. It could just be our cushy-stushy asses that need overly soft bedding, but it was really tough for us to fall asleep. Also, the bathroom door was deadly. You didn’t see this on camera, but one time I tried to get out of the bathroom and the door fell right off and almost landed on Martina. It…needs some upkeep.

Also, as much as I think GD is cool, I don’t really want to listen to his music blasting all the time at breakfast. Sure, for the fan experience, eating breakfast in the G Dragon cafe, watching GD videos everywhere, seeing GD’s piano, big pictures of GD, would be great if you’re a fangirl or fanboy. We’re just like, yeah, that’s enough already. I’d like to just eat my eggs in a bit of quiet, please.

The Really Bad

Angry Spudgy

There’s one thing we want to talk about that really upset us when we were at G Dragon’s Villa: his poor dog, Gaho. We were really excited to see Gaho, because we’re dog people and love playing with dogs, but we were really sad around Gaho. The poor dog is on a chain all day. He has a dog house built for him, but the space that he’s in isn’t big enough for a dog his size. In the morning we see him sleeping beside piles of poop and puddles of urine. In the afternoon he’s put on a short leash and just lays around all day. We didn’t see him walked once.

What’s worse: he reeks of urine and sweat. He wasn’t washed in lord knows how long. You can smell it a meter away from him. The only thing we could think of around Gaho was how sad we were that this lovely, gorgeous dog is here in the countryside, with lots of land to run around in, and a big body of water to be washed in, and he’s chained up to mope all day.

We’re not blaming GD for this. He’s not there to take care of his dog. We’re assuming his schedule became too busy so he gave his dog to the people managing the Villa, and probably assumes that they’re going to take good care of the dog. GD: if you’re reading this, hire someone to play with your dog. Get someone to bathe him. He’s so sad there.

Sad Meemers

Also, we saw a sad cat on a leash tied up to the garbage. He sat in a small box. Every time you walked up to him he’d hop out purring and meowing and begging for attention. I leaned over to pet him and he grabbed onto my finger and licked my hands non-stop. As soon as I tried to walk away he grabbed onto my legs and didn’t let me go, and meowed as I backed away. The cat was covered in mange, with hair falling off his ears and patches of it falling off his body as well.

Why chain up a cat? I don’t get it. It’s the countryside. Let them run free. They’ll go out and get rid of any rats or bugs, and come back to you at night for dinner time and snuggles. Keeping a sad mangy cat tied up to the dumpster is heartbreaking.

We spoke with our friends, Nic and Hugh from MyKoreanHusband about this, and they’ve noticed similar mistreating of animals in the countryside. Animals are just tied up all day and neglected. That just seems to be the lay of the land. Fine. I’m not trying to impose my Western Colonialist ways on Korea or anything that Tumblr would SocialJusticeWarrior about, but I don’t think it’s unfair of me to ask GD to get someone to take better care of his animals, no?

Let us know what you think. Altogether, we still had a lovely time at G-Dragon’s Villa, and it’s one of the nicest places we’ve ever been to in Korea. From now on, if we ever want a weekend getaway, instead of going to a hotel or something, we’re heading out to Dolce Vita. But, that doesn’t change that our first time there we were often quite sad about the animals.

On a less sad note, we’ve got some extra scenes and bloopers from the day. Check em out!


We’ve got a few more videos that we made out of the road trip. Martina’s recipe for Doenjjang Jjigae was really surprisingly delicious, and that should be coming up next week, and the week after that we’ll show you what a Korean Rest Stop/Pit Stop is like. We were far more excited about it than we should have been. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these videos by clicking on this pretty link right here:

  1. O_O You have your own special car? Love it! <3

  2. Poor GD’s dog and cat :(

  3. My dog and cat are like my children. That particular breed of dog needs a bath more frequently than other breeds of dogs due to his wrinkles. My sister had one and she had to bathe him at least every 3 weeks. As for his being chained up, I wouldn’t have a problem with It if they brought him into the house for the hottest part of the day at least. Cleaning up after your pet is a responsible thing to do esp if its a housing area. Then again thats just my opinion. I know they do their pets different over there. At least they feed him.

  4. In Lithuania’s vilage you can often see dogs on the chais, special in old people houses :( but cat’s never, they always live free. Very sad that GD’s dog and cat is in that situation, better if they found new home if people can’t to take care

  5. Took me waaaayyy too long to reply to this… but I cannot believe you guise play the ‘guess the k-pop song’ on car trips too. Our version though is that you have to meow the song — try it with Fantastic Baby. We seriously thought we were onto a winner here in terms of cool new games for long car trips, and then we saw this… mew mew meeeewwww.

  6. TooKyute

    Omo! I want a sweatshirt like the one Martina was wearing! So cute!

  7. katcarneo

    Poor animals! As a child in a lower-lower middle class urban neighborhood in the Philippines, I grew up thinking it was normal to have a dog chained, or in a small cage, since it was like that for every family. Also, animals were fed only leftovers, or spoiled food. It was not common to actually buy or prepare food for your pets. I remember in school we were taught that a dog is there to guard the house and a cat is there to catch the mice, nothing about companionship, or love, or animals being a part of the family. I suppose this is also the prevailing attitude in rural areas in Korea.

    When I was eight my family moved to a rural area and that was where I started seeing kids playing with dogs and people petting cats! Now I have a dog and two cats, and they are mostly indoor pets but we make sure to walk the dog daily. A portion of our household budget goes to their food, supplies, and vet care. Those in the older generation would think it’s such a waste, so I don’t let them know.

  8. I’m visiting my Korean relatives for the second time in my life this summer. I totally agree about the treatment of animals here. Pretty much everyone has a dog or two in the country side and they do not take care of them at all and it breaks my heart :/ I wish Korea would do some more about it…

  9. I hope Gaho isn’t left out there during the summer as well. Even though shelter is provided, I can’t imagine the dog surviving the summer days without getting a heat stroke. I was actually very surprised to hear that the cat was tied to the garbage. Do you think it had an owner or was it abandoned there? :c

  10. Haha, this was a really good video! I was worried that the pension would be super disappointing, but I still want to go now! Buuut, it will be for next time I go to Korea, I am going back home to Norway in about three weeks. How could three months go so quickly?! T^T About dogs: My school is really in the countryside, and there are so so many dogs here. All of them go totally bananas when they see you, barking so intense. I’m not really scared of dogs, but whoa, those dogs creep me out. But yes, they are chained the whole day. I have never seen anyone walking or playing with them. Now it’s getting so hot here, I feel really bad for them. And who wouldn’t want to pamper sweet Gaho everyday? A big minus for a great pension :/

  11. Mainy Åkerman

    Seeing the animals chained up made me sad, too. That’s really horrible and disgusting to see. Everything else looked nice but once you showed the puppy, I couldn’t really enjoy the video. Obviously not your fault!!!! Just saying, though. That’s very abusive to the poor boy.

    I want to say I’d totally visit there, and I would, but if only to take the dog and cat home with me. :( That’s just absolutely unacceptable.

    p.s. lol @ tumblrsocialjusticewarriors. Tell me about it. :/

  12. For foods, do you need to bring all your ingredients and all that? Or do they offer/sell them in the villa?
    And for $150 if it for both of you?


  13. Honestly, at this point I don’t see why it matters on who did what. The point that we all get is that the animals are being mistreated in some sort of way, and it needs to be changed. Obviously we need to bring this matter up with GD himself instead of fighting about it in these comments; which won’t help the poor animals at all. Hearing about the cat breaks my heart, as I have one of my own. And GD was lucky I was not there because if I had seen the cat like that I would have let it go. Either that or try to convince my parents to let me keep it { dear lord, if my blessed parents let me keep all the animals I found I’d be quite the animal hoarder! c; } ANYWAYS, I think if we all took to twitter, he would see that most of his tweets are about his dog and eventually find that something is up. GD obviously loves his animals, and wouldn’t just sit back while a bunch of people are telling him that his pets are being mistreated. It doesn’t matter how busy his schedule is, he is a nice kind of person.
    So please, for the animals sake, can we just forget whose fault it is and worry about their safety? We need to inform GD of this matter so it can be taken care of right away /:

  14. Cosmic Cat

    I nearly teared up when reading about the animals. Let them roam freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :’(

  15. Did I hear ‘soju taste test’?? Omg that will be one hell of a video :D

  16. champdepatates

    Instead of me being all happy and fangirling about GD’s pension…I’m just really sad about the mistreatment of animals :( I would’ve volunteered to wash him! or like at least get a bucket and fill it up with water from the lake and splash it on him! UGH it makes me really sad and agitated hearing animals being treated like that T.T It’s because I have a dog and I can’t imagine someone doing that to him!

  17. I think beds in Asia are generally hard. I went to China in high school & the beds in the hotel felt like sleeping on wood. Pretty hard. Glad you had an overall good time at the pension though! :)

  18. GD’s my most favorite idol ever (after TOP of course XD) but it saddens me after hearing about the animals. He should get some new caretakers. I would happily volunteer ^.^… Except I don’t live in Korea… Thanks for the honest tour! It was really fun to watch XD

  19. #setgahofree

  20. ☠Misa☽❤☾Valentine☠

    As an animal rights activist, I completely agree with you guys. Those animals should be taken care of better, and I totally understand that GD is super busy, but it’s his responsibility to make sure his companions are taken care of. I love GD so this was really upsetting for me to find out, and those of you trying to justify the mistreatment of these animals, SHAME ON YOU! If celebrities that are busier than GD can take care of their companions, then GD can do it as well. I know if I was GD I’d be very angry to know that my companions were treated like that. Poor Gaho, Jolie, and kitty :(

  21. can you post more info of how you booked, how you checked in??? Also is the cafe-thing open to the public or just guests???
    thank you!!!

  22. hmm I’m confused, I posted a comment here yesterday and now it seems to have disappeared…
    I was just saying that this is one sexy looking blog post and that I love the poppy-uppy photo captions, are they new? or maybe it’s because I’m using chrome instead of firefox now

  23. Any time I travel abroad and see animals neglected or mistreated, it ruins at least the rest of the day, if not the rest of the vacation for me. In Mexico, I saw a baby jaguar who had probably been stolen from his mother, purposefully kept hungry so that tourists would come and bottlefeed it while they got their pictures taken (for a price). It grabbed the bottle and gobbled down as much as it could every time. And once these cubs get too big, they’re killed. In Taipei’s night markets, there’s a pet section where I saw these sad cats kept on like 2-ft leashes. Every time someone came by they ran towards them, begging for attention, only to be stopped short because the leash was pulled taut, like a cruel joke. With each incident I pretty much burst into tears. Had I seen the tied up cat I would have been tempted to take it with me and bring it to the vet/allow it to roam/feed it a good diet, etc. I’m not sure it would have been missed.

    I know S&M already talked about pet culture and how it just hasn’t reached the same level as it has in NA, but think of your own pet (if you have one). There isn’t an excuse no matter who you are and how busy you are, especially if you have the resources, to make sure your animals are well-cared for even if you have to leave them.

    • I can understand you, since I had a similar experience.

      Once I went to Punta Cana and I was excited to swim with dolphins. But I, naively, thought we would go to the sea to swim near them, seeing them swimming around. But they were in a cage in the sea, and I could see some wounds in their skin, probably inflicted by the grids of the cage. It was a very sad experience…

  24. This was absolutely great!

    However, I totally feel for those animals. :(

  25. We need to kidnap these creatures and make them ours!!!!! GD!! I expected better from you!!

  26. Wow those photos look beautiful, so awesome to be able to see parts of Korea outside the city.

    About the animals, to everyone who is defending GD, I can’t say I agree that he is faultless in this. In my eyes, an owner who does not commit to the responsibility of owning pets, and leaves them with someone else is just as bad as people who openly neglect and mistreat animals in the more traditional sense. There is no excuse for taking on a dog or a cat, only to decide later down the track that you’ll just hand them over when it becomes less convenient for you. GD has always been busy, and if he wasn’t prepared to go the distance, then he should not have become a pet owner in the first place. Animals deserve to be loved and respected, and him being a talented celebrity does not mean his actions are suddenly OK. Hopefully, he will step up and rectify this situation soon.

  27. Wow the area you guys were in is stunning. I want to go to there! I couldn’t stay in GDs pension though after hearing about the poor puppy and kitty. I love animals almost more than people and that kind of stuff makes me so angry and sad. I teared up reading it. I’m so sick of how people treat animals around the world. It grinds my gears! Seeing that puppy and kitty I would be like NOPE I’m sad now and will me staying sad harumph! But at least it was beautiful place and you had nice neighbors and foodings.

  28. Took my little British Shorthair mind a moment or two to work this out… you mean not all kitties like me have it so good? My Mummy was sad when she read this blog post and when I went to comfort her by rubbing my tail in her face she got even sadder. She said that when she was in Korea a month ago she thought about going to GD’s pension but she is glad she didn’t go now because if she did it would make her too sad… or that I would have a new brother or sister cat that she would rescue and bring home to be treated like a princess like me.

    I’m really happy she didn’t go actually. I have enough trouble with the Abyssinian cat they brought home last time when my parents went out for a new ‘brother or sister’.

    But if it was Dr Meemers they brought home, well. Ahem. Tee hee hee. That would be a different question. He is so hot!! **Nobody ouch my Meemers Oppa ever — I will scratch your eyes out.**

    I mean, meow?

  29. How heart breaking. I would travel there just to take care of the animals.

  30. kawaii_candie

    this is a thing?!? omg!! i’d love to go!!! I guess it must be hard for tourists to get to though since you guys had to drive to get there… oh well. fun WANK!

    sad about the animals though… i hope someone tells GD about it! his dog is so cute! T_T

  31. For a second I thought you were actually going to GD’s house and I was so surprised you got permission for that XD -twiddles thumbs- Anywhoo, this video was SUPER entertaining to watch :’) And I feel so bad about the dog (like the situations bad enough but considering he’s in the country, it makes it 100x worse!)

  32. awesome trips u have down there!!

  33. I know this has nothing to do with anything but I was going around back to got get the trash can and I saw this cat when i came back around front sitting under a little bush.The cat looked just like Dr. Memers I thought did Dr. Memers worth go on some secret journey to the states lol. I wish I had a pic but it was just so peaceful I didn’t want to bother it by taking one.

  34. a l l y

    When I was watching your video, I was hoping you would write something about the animals in your post because I was absolutely shocked at how these poor things were living. I really shouldn’t be shocked considering how far-behind on animal protection and treatment Korea is compared to North America. Honestly, I live in the US, and I know that some places would deem this animal mistreatment and the ASPCA would get involved.

    Animals need to be loved and cared for. At the very least, they should at least be allowed more freedom than they are currently receiving. It breaks my heart to see something like this happening, especially when the pension is dedicated to a very influential person who is now setting a poor example for how people should treat animals.

    I’m not sure how much good it will do, but I tweeted G-Dragon about how I felt as though the animals at his pension should be better cared for. Maybe if enough people talk about it, something will get done about it? Ahhhh. I don’t know.

    I’m just really bummed out now. :’(
    Poor puppies and kitties. I’m going to go give my kittens a big hug now.

  35. Martina and Simon!
    Can’t wait for more WANK videos!

    But can you include a map… like on the side to show where you started and where you went? It really helps since I have no clue as to where you are headed besides a name.

    You can even make it cute… you know a little cartoon car moving along a map of South Korea with a big “X” marks the spot to your destination.

  36. Oh, please don’t get too much on those. It’s just a business. No one appreciate or blame for going that place. They just got extra money, so they found a way to rip off his fans.

  37. I look forward to seeing you guys visit more places. Can you guys do a Wank on where to go if you visit Korea and places you recommend. I finally graduated and I am planning to travel after the summer. I had France and Germany on my mind but I’m really warming up to the idea of touring East or South Asia. Can you also do the Wank from multiple perspectives. Unlike a lot of people, I am not one interested in looking at museums and art works and pretending I understand a lick of art. I mean really, I’m tired of giving fake wows at the mona lisa. No offence to Davinci but to me it’s just a nun looking type of lady in a frame… (But it’s like all anyone ever recommends. I’ve had enough thank you. I really prefer architecture and more cultural aspects of countries. I’m a nature, sunsets and mountains gal. I’d like to know places you can hike, famous pubs, palaces, country sides, etc.

  38. how can they forget to treat the animal well? this is really sad T_T

  39. When GD first got Gaho, he couldn’t leave him alone and he lived with him, however because of his insane schedules, he had to give him to someone else to take care of. I just don’t understand how “taking care” becomes chaining him up and neglecting him :(

  40. Can’t wait to see more of your road trips in the EYKmobile.

  41. Enjoyed the tour. It is very pretty there, but I was so disappointed to see Gaho and the cat chained up, but I appreciate that you didn’t edit it out just because it’s GD. I don’t understand the purpose of chaining up a dog and/or keeping it in a little pen at all. Why bother owning an animal if you can’t give it a good life? He certainly has the means to take better care of his pets.

  42. So I guess you guys are not actually going to meet GD? I had the idea that the actual GD invited you to his villa to entertain you and you could of gotten an interview or something.

  43. reading about the dog and cat was sad. u couldn’t walk him or bathe him urself huh? probably not…they’d think crazy fans were trying to steal GD’s dog even if all u wanted to do was make him clean and have fun. sad. :/

  44. I’m fairly new to your videos and really enjoy them. I visited Korea last year and loved it. The scenery at the villa is breathtaking; however it is heartbreaking to hear about the condition of his animals. I could tell from the video that the dog was not kept in great condition. And I’ve never heard of putting a cat on a chain. Hopefully they’ll get better treatment soon. I don’t know anything about GD so therefore have no opinion of him one way or another. I just hate seeing animals poorly treated.

  45. unicornsgalaxy

    Wow. That makes me super sad and super angry about the poor doggie and kitty. They should have tons of space to run around and play in. It sounds like even my indoor kitty who gazes longingly outside has more room to run and jump around in. Plus the Kitty will be fine to roam on his own. He’ll come back.

    Gaho should have a super huge kennel in the back where he can run and play. Gah. This makes me so angry.

  46. Did you ask the staff about the dog or the cat? Did you ask if there is a reason they are chained up? Did you ask if GD owns that cat? From what I’m reading, you didn’t. Please, if you are going to talk about something like this, you should ask questions and present those answers, not just post what you saw and accuse someone of mistreating the animal. If you had asked, you might have found out that maybe he caused problems for the neighbors, or maybe they were worried someone (like, say, a crazy fan) would just walk off with him, or that he would wander away and get lost without constant supervision. You have put yourself in a position where you are the link people have to Korea. YOU are where some international fans get ALL of their information about Korea and the things you talk about there. Maybe, if you are going to talk about something that you considered a bad thing, take a little time to find out the rest of the story, first? I came here because of fans taking what you said and running with it. People are accusing GD of abusing Gaho, they are accusing him and his family of animal cruelty because of a post where you just said what you saw and didn’t say anything about the why, or apparently even try to find out. You own a business, now, and with that comes some responsibility. This was unprofessional, and highly disappointing.

    • Actually, what would have been highly disappointing is if they hadn’t said anything at all because it could risk their relationship with the k-pop industry. By speaking out about what they’ve seen they are sending a message that they don’t care who it is, if they see something wrong they are going to speak up about it.
      I hope they did ask questions too. But seriously, if I saw a cat chained up (even without the mange and a desperation for attention) I would think something was seriously wrong. As to the rest of your rant: They don’t even say that the cat is GD’s, they say that there was a cat. They also don’t say that GD is currently caring for his dog (heck, this is a direct quote: “We’re not blaming GD for this. He’s not there to take care of his dog.”), they say the staff are supposed to be. So rather than aiming a post such as this at them, you should consider reading what has been said and directing fans that are accusing GD of animal abuse to do the same. Who would have thought it, but if you intend to leave an angry comment, I guess reading now comes with responsibility, too.

    • First off Simon and Martina are in independent positions as they dont work for GD or sth so they are free to say anything they want, actually. Second, oh come on no matter what chaining a dog all day is kinda wrong girl, for whatever reason. If the dog needs a safer place then build a bigger cage without chaining him, and hire a dog-walker if possible? and if he misbehaved hire someone to train him! Easy easy. Oh well its kinda sad to see a celebrity’s dogs like Gaho and Jolie in a condition not as good as their owner, you know?

    • Regardless of questions asks, it still does not explain why a dog is not being kept in a clean environment nor in a dog house to accompany his size. Even at least walked… Furthermore, I also found it strange that a cat is chained up. I also do not find it plausible that it would have caused problems for the neighbors. Cats are very independent and like attention at their own time. They tend to return to a place they are familiar with or “home” perse even if they are allowed to roam. If the neighbors or something hate the cat, I doubt it would return to a place it’s shunned from unless it is hungry or something. For instance, we lived next to neighbors that never took care of their cat so it used to come to our house to steal our cat’s food. I also secretly fed it too but it always ate cautiously and ran away and out the window as soon as someone came in. I’m really not buying that there is a legitimate reason to chain this cat that as S&M described was super friendly and begging for attention. It didn’t scratch S or M. Clearly, it’s not hostile. I’m actually glad they spoke about it so the party being “accused” can address it if people call it to attention. Just as we berate Simon and Martina, it could also be a case of neglect. What if indeed this dog is actually being neglected and not looked after properly? In that case, I’d rather even a sasaeng who would take care and love it just because it is GD’s dog walk away with it.

    • Animals are a responsibility too and their welfare is far more important than trying to sugar coat a situation in which their health is potentially at risk.

    • Actually, Simon and Martina have written a balanced and carefully worded post. They have been very careful not to blame GD for anything whilst still presenting an honest account of their experience, both positive and negative.
      They are not responsible for how other people misinterpret their words.

      You’re angry at the people who are accusing GD, but if you read the original post Simon and Martina actually defend him. Be angry at the people who have misinterpreted their words and chosen to lash out. That’s not Simon and Martina’s fault.

  47. What a great first adventure in the very cool EYK-mobile – a nice quiet visit to the beautiful countryside (except for the cafe). Its unfortunate that one of the more memorable parts of the experience will be the sad animals. BTW, I’d love to have an angry Spudgy or sad Meemers on a t-shirt!

  48. The cat’s Maru, he’s a stray cat that GD’s parents found blinded in one eye and wounded, so he was already like that. But I thought they just fed him from time to time, not put him on a leash :( TBH Gaho’s treated fairly well by asian standards, he has his own pen and doghouse, Jaejoong’s big dog is kept in a cage by his parents. I feel like you guys are trying to defend GD, but really, it’s HIS dogs, HE should be responsible to take care of them, or hire someone else to. In comparison to how Taeyang treated Boss and now Homie, GD should be able to do better.

    People in Asia doesn’t have the lifestyle and space to keep such big pets, and even those that do don’t treat them as a member of the family but more as a decorative toy :( Also I’m sure the people at the pension want Gaho to run around, but they have to think of the people staying there who might be scared of even the smallest of creatures (see: Dara), let alone big aggressive dogs like Gaho/Jolie.

    • GD has a really busy schedule. He probably doesn’t know exactly how they are taking care of Gaho. All I know is that when Gaho was a puppy and living with GD, Gaho was getting pampered. I remember watching episodes of 2NE1TV where GD was with Gaho. GD took great care of Gaho.


      • When Gaho was a puppy, he was getting pampered. Now that he’s an older dog, GD doesn’t pamper him?

        I know that’s probably because his schedule is busy, but his schedule was busy when he got a puppy as well. Getting an animal is a big commitment. Just getting a puppy and dumping it when it’s not cute anymore isn’t really fair to animals.

        • Vee

          Preach S&M – I agree with you ! My heart sunk after reading your post.

        • i think that’s really an unfair comment to g. dragon…. nobody knows the living arrangements that g. dragon has at home. his apartment is probably not big enough for gaho and jolie. the pension is a better home for them in terms of space. gd was attached to gaho’s hip when he was younger. to this day he is still posting photos constantly with gaho and jolie. you could tell that gaho was his best friend and security blanket. i am sure that having to have them stay there was a really hard and difficult decision for gd to make. but he made it knowing that his father would be there with them. you were only there for one night when it sounds like his dad wasn’t there. you know when his father is there, he introduces himself. i have stayed at his pension twice. both times, i have seen his father out there with gaho, walking him and taking care of him. and doing the same for jolie. you are positing this after only spending one night there and it sounds to me like the wrong people were working that time… gd loves his dogs. he is aware of the commitment. he’s kept his commitment to them by having them stay in a situation that was better for them then what he could offer. i have even seen gaho hanging out inside with guests. he’s a sweet dog and he’s a very happy and healthy dog. i am sorry that you went there on a day when they were not doing well, but it’s unfair to assume it is like that all the time. and i don’t understand the need to even post about it publicly. you could have just left a note with the desk, or emailed them, or something else more private than this. you are preaching this to people who will never get there and see it for themselves… and this army of people are send him and allkpop mentions with your article. it’s now even hit tumblr. if you had been there multiple times and had experienced his dogs being treated badly, then by all means post away. but doing this publicly after only staying one night… that could have just been an off night for them, that is terrible. you might not directly be blaming g. dragon but this still absolutely reflects on him.

        • Why is everyone forgetting the fact that there was a cat on a leash up with a box to sleep in? I’ve recently read that the cat is blind, that is still no reason to leash it to the garbage. Blind rescue cats are rehomed as indoor cats with owners who understand their needs.

          As for taking happy pictures and posting them on Instagram, does anyone honestly believe that someone in their right mind would post an image showing anything other than that? I’m someone who does speak up about animal abuse when I see it. I’ve seen animals treated well when the inspector arrives and then a week later neglected (and I don’t mean an unclean cage, I mean infection and open wounds), but do you think the pet shop would post those images on their online website? Of course not! I’m not against GD, it’s been established that he wasn’t there to care for these animals, but this rose tinted glasses view of him I’m seeing is getting old quickly.

          Look, from this post the worst thing that could happen for GD is he has to explain why animals that are in his care have been seen lacking, well, care. And the best thing that could happen? Awareness has been raised about what is not an okay way to treat animals; if someone on the premises isn’t doing their job correctly, GD will now know about it; and lastly, the animals will be given a better quality of life. I think all those possibilities outweigh the fact that GD’s image might be hurt for a short while.

        • I agree that it is “unfair to assume it is like that all the time” based on just one visit. However, it seems like you are making an assumption that what Simon and Martina wrote about is not a norm for the dog. That is an unfair assumption because those two times you stayed at the pension could have been the exception instead. Either way, is it really okay for the dog to be treated like that for even a day? Yes, you are right, it does reflect G-Dragon because people who read anything have their own minds to think up their own thoughts and make connections however they feel. However, G-Dragon would not have been reflected on like this if it didn’t occur at all. The reason this happened was because he or someone he (probably) trusted, didn’t pick the right people to look after the dog.

        • As if you know the real reasons why he left his dog at the hands of another person… one thing is clear, those who are in charge of the dog now, they are doing very badly and that’s what needs to be remedied. why not complain to the facilities of the Villa? That’s what’s important here and be a better help instead of discussing the reasons for their decisions when there is no track of it? if this were so, then I ask myself: when asked about their dogs will be telling you the truth? everything is based on assumptions but we don’t
          know the background…

        • what gives the right to throw such big words like ‘dumping’? Fans know about gaho and jolie because they are constantly mentioned thru the years, GD posts pictures walking the dogs when he visits the pension. Also the living arrangements are different from 2009, we know that recently he moved 2 times.Dumping would be if he disposed of them, instead he left them in his father’s care, in a natural ambient with lots of space.Fanaccounts mentioned that he is not constantly in the cage, his father talks to him everyday , takes him for walks let’s the visitors walk him also
          It’s very noble of u to raise the issue (i’m also wandering why u didn’t address it there also) i liked the way u worded the posts but please refrain from making exaggerated posts like these.There are a bit extreme.It just fuels the ones who already started calling him an animal abuser
          On the topic, the situation with animals is not singular to korea.In my country it’s the same, dogs stay in doors if their owners live in the city, in apartments but in the countryside or if they have a house with a yard the majority stay outside in dog houses, in a leash.And they don’t have the privilege of having a heated electric bed like gaho, in the winter. Primarily because dogs aren’t viewed as a member of the family but as guard dogs

        • I use “dumping” because he gave his dog away. That’s dumping, to me. I have a dog and a cat, and I’m busy as hell. I travel a lot, and I work insane hours, and I not for once think about giving my animals away. We moved two times as well. If I’m out of the country, friends stay at our place. If I go to work, I bring the animals with us. I didn’t just give away Meemers when he stopped being a kitten.

          My point is, if you’re going to get an animal, it’s a long term commitment, and if you give him away after he’s out of puppyhood, it just shows how irresponsible you were in getting him in the first place.

        • ” That’s dumping, to me” exactly to u..unfortunately not everyone can just quit their job and make videos on youtube from the safety of their home.And i’ll leave it at that
          Good for u to keep your animals in the same home with u which is different from dumping but not everyone has the same circumstances.i know very well that having no conditions to keep your dog anymore does not equal with not carrying or loving less.Your life will not always stay the same.

        • Yeah, just as dumping to you is “…if he disposed of them”. Fairly the same, I would think. Not everyone can muster up the courage to change environments and take on a new career (with a variety of risks) that is not only very different from their previous jobs, but also their academic education (from what I remember). So, what gives YOU the right to use the words “just” and safety”? The same “what” that gave me the right to say this. By the way, they do not just make videos from the safety of their home, I think I recently saw a video of them in a car, in a dragon boat, and even at G-Dragon’s Villa!

        • DaYoung Yun

          that’s why my parents never gave into me because they knew we would not be able to support a dog in the long term.
          Looking back I’m happy my parents stood firm and did not get me a dog. I know many of my friends that got puppies and kittens and a lot of them realize there is too much responsibility and would either neglect them or give them back to the puppy mills.

        • So I just found this… apparently this was taken 2 months ago…?!


          My heart broke when I read about the cat. I’m a cat lover who recently found out I can’t have a cat because of allergies, so I’m really sad about this. =(
          With all the money he’s got, surely he can pay to have this cat’s health looked after.

        • I can tell that I’m his fan (or fan of his music), but I was really sad when I read about the animals conditions. Specially about the cat, because cats are free animals. You said something that’s the point of the question, “I know that’s probably because his schedule is busy, but his schedule was busy when he got a puppy as well. Getting an animal is a big commitment.”

          As someone said, I read a fanaccount’s about the dogs being healthy and ok, but probably they were written from a fan perspective. The annoying thing about K-Pop is that nobody can tell nothing bad about their idols, that a bunch of fangirls come to defend them. They are human and can make mistakes, as you and me. I hope, after this article, the animals have a better treatment.

        • Or maybe just maybe u should stop before inventing stories . The fan accounts are invalid all of a sudden cuz they are a ‘fan perspective’. So if are a fan u are automatically blind and stupid and a liar. There were pictures with them and nobody saw anything wrong .
          If the animals where healthy and ok while that person was there why should they report otherwise? To feed your bad image about the ‘kpop fangirls’?

        • I’m in the K-Pop fandom since 2004 and I made a lot of friends here, but I know how people like to fight about the slightest little thing. Look at the majority of fansites and see if they tell the truth about the idols or if they choose not post the bad news, etc.

          Yes, sometimes I believe that a considerable part of the K-Pop fandom is blind. Look at you, aggressively saying that I’m inventing stories. You don’t even know me.

          Take a look in the comment section, there’s people asking to Simon and Martina to not talk about this matter, to refrain what they tell, etc. If you don’t agree with what they’re saying, talk about that, express yourself, but not ask people to refrain their point of view, to not talk about it, because it’s censure.

          We admire idols because they are talented, they are funny, they are unique. But they are people like us, there’s no need to put them on a pedestal.

          Simon and Martina talked about something that made all of us feel sad. And I’m expressing my feelings about this article in particular. Feel free to disagree.

        • i’m not ”aggressively” telling u that u invent stories….as far as i remember i said that ”maybe just maybe u should stop before inventing stories” .
          ”You don’t even know me ” true…and also u don’t know those fans either to invalidate their opinion ..see the difference? So as i asked why assume they must be automatically blind and stupid if they are fans??

        • People get upset but all they have to do is watch the video you took the dog is on a dirty pen it looks dirty, nasty and uncleaned, I can imagine the smell just by looking at the place, plus the dog is tied down as if he was going to escape, in the sun all day on a small space… That is animal cruelty even if thousand of fans don’t see it. Yes, he is very talented, he looks good to some girls, he has talent, he is busy all the time but that doesn’t justify his treatment of animals. Animals have feelings and if you treat someone who gives you unconditional love like this how are you treating humans? He can send someone to check on his dog if he cared enough if he hasn’t is because he doesn’t. Plain and simple. I am not saying he is not great and that he is not a great artist or a great rapper or a great idol just a lousy pet owner, if you don’t have anymore time for your dog give him away to a nice family that can care for him, or do the alternative but to have him live his last days on those conditions is cruel. To keep a poor cat on a leash and not care for his wounds and hair is just as cruel, let him go someone will take care of him I bet there is a good person around.

    • My heart is really breaking for the cat, who is begging for affection. I wish there was some way to help him.

  49. Poor dog and cat. :(
    It looks very empty there, made me wonder if anyone even feeds the poor animals. GD should take better care of his pets, especially if he’s going to keep them. :(

  50. “GD: if you’re reading this, hire someone to play with your dog.”
    Me: I volunteer as tribute!!!

    Oh man, I am joining you in the complaint about mistreatment of animals. I wouldn’t know about Korea, but I lived in Malaysia for a while, and animals are seriously mistreated there. The rare animals parks that I went to – I dislike them for that reason – has individual cages for most of the animals, with no companion to play with. Even when there were several of them and the cage was quite nice, they looked lonely and sad as hell. Birds couldn’t fly, because they had a 6 cube meter space to live in. Butterflies were left dead, with visitors taking pictures, just because it was pretty. I remember a gorgeous racoon looking at me with his sad eyes and pressing his paw on the fence – it broke my heart to just leave him like this. Insects and aquatic animals in aquariums press themselves to the side of their tiny cages, hoping to break free. There were deer in a huge place with trees, but almost no greenery, and seeing how eager they were when the visitors came to feed them – as they did in that place – they must not be fed much else. One of them had a swollen wound on his face that was obviously way past infection, and when I told the staff, he dismissed it. There was an ostrich, hardly moving, having trouble breathing, like asthma, and I’m pretty sure its wing was broken – you could see the bone. And the streets of Kuala Lumpur are full of stray cats and dogs that hardly anybody takes care of. Some of them are so loving and friendly, it physically hurt to have to leave them there. And I heard of much worse stories in zoos I haven’t visited.

    Obviously, a lot of people love animals and take care of them. I met a woman who regularly fed stray cats and she told me that they could get sterilised or castrated for cheap at the vet, provided anybody took them there. I went to an elephant forest where they take care of orphans and give them a jungle to live in, train them, and give them jobs to do. They looked healthy, happy and well-fed.

    But it just infuriates me how heartless people can be toward other creatures. I’m not asking them to give them sirloin steak and a king-size bed to sleep in. Just a bit of space to move around, enough food, a decent environment, decent treatment and a bit of love. Hell, if I could, I’d build a giant park for all these animals to live in. That’s what I’d do if I had tons of money!

    TL;DR – I completely understand what made you mad. I try not to think about all of this or it will drive me insane.
    Why though? Love the animals! They’re just like us, it’s all they want: a little bit of love.

  51. I didn’t really know you could actually stay there lol. I thought that was a place GD got for his parents and Gaho. Poor Gaho, no house staff really takes care of him? Maybe they do let Gaho walk around and take care of him when there aren’t any visitors because some people don’t like big dogs around. GD wouldn’t like seeing Gaho all smelly and whatnot TT I do notice on variety shows, where celebrities are in the countyside, that dogs are always chained :(

  52. thesillyone4

    I would love to quit college to take care of GD’s babies!!! ;_;

  53. Damn, Gaho and kitty noooo!!!! ;( That must be heartbreaking. We gonna have to do some missionary trips to Korea about pet care. On the other side they were so cuuuute!! <3

  54. GD’s father wasn’t there when you guys went there? So I guess it’s true other people are taking over the management?… Oh well didn’t you say something to the staff about Gaho & the cat? Cuz that’s just sad. They could clearly run around freely, all the space. I would be frustrated as a dog :p Anyways thnx for reviewing this :) !!!

    • There was a really kind old man there, but I didn’t ask him who he was. There was also another dude there, younger, mid 30s probably, who maintained the place, but he wasn’t too friendly. Kinda just went about his business.

  55. I like sharpies! We had one when I was little. They require a lot of attention! :( Poor Gaho and poor kitty. I can understand a cage and even a leash, but not on a constant basis. Human interaction, play time, walkies, getting a bath, treats, cuddles…. Those are important for any animal!
    My husband and I just got a hedgehog, and we made her cage using two plastic bins. It’s decently sized, and bigger then suggested for hedgies, but it still seems too small when I think of where they live in the wild. So we take her out a lot and give her lots of cuddles and roam time and tons of mealworms. Mmmm, mealies….
    I really love that you guys are super honest about everything. It makes watching your videos better. Don’t beat around the bush and just get it over with! That’s how I was raised….
    I am quite curious, though, about something. My husband and I love to hike and go camping. We heard there’s some good hiking places in South Korea. Do you know anything about that? Maybe, possibly, go out and make a video one day?? We live way over in Washington, where the hiking is great, but I would love to go to Korea for a month or so, and just visit all over and go hiking and camping!! See your awesome studio, eat great food, see pretty places… one day :)

  56. I am so sorry for Gaho, I couldn’t help it but I cried as I was reading that

  57. PunkyPrincess92

    i didn’t guess Rain’s song, but i got PonPonPon!!
    oh cool~~~ Lego version!!!

    ooooh~ the place looks really nice!!
    that’s….a pretty intimidating picture to have stare at you while trying to eat breakfast,….

    well i’m glad nothing bad happened to Martina!
    aaaww poor animals!!

  58. The view is fantastic (baby). Sorry, can’t resist.
    It’s terrible to hear about the dogs and the cat. I’ve read a fan account of a visit to Dolce Vita and they said that Gaho and Jolie looks pretty healthy and happy, but it’s probably looking through GD rose colored glasses. Or probably because GD is there at the time of her visit. I’m sure he’ll be appalled at the conditions his pets were living in if he saw it as you described it.

  59. “Sharpies” are also high maintenance dogs, partially because of their folds, partially because they often have allergies that lead to bad skin and ear infections.They also can be fear biters especially if they are not getting a proper amount of human interaction time. As a former vet tech I feel really bad for both of those animals. I understand that the practice of pets is still a relatively new thing there and that they they are far from family status, as in western culture, in more rural areas. I do find it really strange that the cat was kept on leash considering, I would think, the mental mind set of more rural areas is to let it roam to actually work, provide a service, or earn it’s keep. In the us it still burns me when pets are demoted to potted plant status just because thy had a kid or are moving, “Oops I forgot the water the plant… I should just throw it away.” I can only hope that in the future all cultures will evolve to the point that animals, that are pets, are treated as valued members of the family all around the world.

    • Sharpeis are my favorite breed and I’ve had two. My last one was incredibly social, but I also know that it is not the norm, but as her human, I made it a point to socialize her. It upset me to hear about Gaho because they really are a wonderful breed.

    • Mainy Åkerman

      Exactly. It’s like people in the US who buy bunnies for their kids on Easter, but have no idea how to train them or treat them right. Sad as it is, almost all of those bunnies are then thrown away . Literally thrown away.

  60. this is a really cool experience for you guys. glad to hear the honesty in your feedback about GD’s pension house.
    overall, the place is kinda good to meditate and just be faraway from all the city lights and loud sounds.

    i hope you guys can feature Jaejoong’s Cafe J-holic next time and Seungri’s ANDhere resto :)

  61. was the guy taking care of the pension not there at that time? because if he/she was there then u should probably go talk to them about the dog an cat. maybe they’ll get their act together and start keeping things in check.

  62. Re: The management taking care of his pets, I thought he gave the place to his parents… are they letting others manage it?

    • i dont think the parents live there anymore. because the last time i heard GD stayed with his family and recently moved to another place due to the sasaeng fans wandering around their previous house.

  63. that makes me super sad about Gaho :( I hope they get someone to take care of him

  64. Jolie was actually being bitchy when we went there haha There’s something about DV’s bathroom door. VIP’s door was transparent. TRANSPARENT O.O WHY DID HE EVEN PUT A DOOR THEN. IT WAS FACING THE PATIO TOO. WHAT.

  65. The villa looks amazing but the mistreating of the animals is so sad :( I’m sure, like you said, that GD really expects his animals to be taken care of since he’s so busy with his work. It’s really sad that the management of the place doesnt take that part of the job seriously. Overall it does look like a great place to visit though!

    • Well, hopefully this post, or someone else, can bring it to his attention, and he can hire someone to take care of his animals. He’s definitely got the money to hire a dog walker!

      • well i went to korea 2 years ago and I’m sure every korean is not like that but those I know just don’t know a thing about animals especially big dogs (they take very good care of cute doggies and cat they keep in their flat) they don’t even train them and they expect them to be all cute but not strong and exited (like every dog is when it’s young). I know a few that just gave their dog away caus’ they were AFRAID of them once they grew up …. anyway just to say they lack (or so I think) some knowhow about raising animals.

  66. That’s terrible about Gaho

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