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A Tour of G Dragon’s Villa – Dolce Vita

May 23, 2014


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The Good

Happy Martina

Right off the get go, let me say that this is the most gorgeous place we’ve ever been to in Korea. Holy crap. All of the other pensions feel like mud and sticks compared to this place. It’s clean and modern as hell. I feel bad for the other villas around it, which I’m sure we’d freaking love if it weren’t in the context of G Dragon’s Villa, which totally just blow them out of the water. Whoa.

The price wasn’t insane, either. Our room was $150 a night. We paid around that for our last pension we went to. We did get a cheap room, though. Some of the rooms go for $700 a night. SCREW THAT! We like you guise, but we can’t afford to drop that kinda dough to show you what this place was like. Cheap room is good enough room, thx!

The Great

The Villa is gorgeous, but the scenery is really some of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. Layers of mountains as you look into the valley, that little body of calm water. It’s gorgeous. So crushingly beautiful. I could sleep in a tent out there and be happy. It’s really, really nice. Here: we took some photos for you:


Happy Simon

Ok, this doesn’t have much to do with G-Dragon’s villa itself, but it was a lovely story. We had neighbours beside us, who also took a cheapy room. Our lawns connected. This is important to know.

Martina made some Jeon to go with our dinner for the night, but she made too much, so she decided to pack some up and offer it to our neighbours. They were really shocked, not only because we offered them food, but because I don’t think white people make jeon and give it to Korean people. Just saying…

That’s not the best part of the story. A few minutes later, they come over to our area to offer us something of theirs: A WHOLE RACK OF PORK RIBS! Hot damn! It was huge! And totally a not fair trade. We gave them stuff we made out of a package with some of our own extra ingredients. Cost a buck at most. Theirs? A lot more than a buck. Great deal! And, really, such a lovely experience that makes me fall in love with this country a little bit more. Thank you, kind Korean neighbours, for being so awesome.

The Bad

Our room was kinda lacking in some areas. The bed was hard as hell and the pillows were, too. It could just be our cushy-stushy asses that need overly soft bedding, but it was really tough for us to fall asleep. Also, the bathroom door was deadly. You didn’t see this on camera, but one time I tried to get out of the bathroom and the door fell right off and almost landed on Martina. It…needs some upkeep.

Also, as much as I think GD is cool, I don’t really want to listen to his music blasting all the time at breakfast. Sure, for the fan experience, eating breakfast in the G Dragon cafe, watching GD videos everywhere, seeing GD’s piano, big pictures of GD, would be great if you’re a fangirl or fanboy. We’re just like, yeah, that’s enough already. I’d like to just eat my eggs in a bit of quiet, please.

The Really Bad

Angry Spudgy

There’s one thing we want to talk about that really upset us when we were at G Dragon’s Villa: his poor dog, Gaho. We were really excited to see Gaho, because we’re dog people and love playing with dogs, but we were really sad around Gaho. The poor dog is on a chain all day. He has a dog house built for him, but the space that he’s in isn’t big enough for a dog his size. In the morning we see him sleeping beside piles of poop and puddles of urine. In the afternoon he’s put on a short leash and just lays around all day. We didn’t see him walked once.

What’s worse: he reeks of urine and sweat. He wasn’t washed in lord knows how long. You can smell it a meter away from him. The only thing we could think of around Gaho was how sad we were that this lovely, gorgeous dog is here in the countryside, with lots of land to run around in, and a big body of water to be washed in, and he’s chained up to mope all day.

We’re not blaming GD for this. He’s not there to take care of his dog. We’re assuming his schedule became too busy so he gave his dog to the people managing the Villa, and probably assumes that they’re going to take good care of the dog. GD: if you’re reading this, hire someone to play with your dog. Get someone to bathe him. He’s so sad there.

Sad Meemers

Also, we saw a sad cat on a leash tied up to the garbage. He sat in a small box. Every time you walked up to him he’d hop out purring and meowing and begging for attention. I leaned over to pet him and he grabbed onto my finger and licked my hands non-stop. As soon as I tried to walk away he grabbed onto my legs and didn’t let me go, and meowed as I backed away. The cat was covered in mange, with hair falling off his ears and patches of it falling off his body as well.

Why chain up a cat? I don’t get it. It’s the countryside. Let them run free. They’ll go out and get rid of any rats or bugs, and come back to you at night for dinner time and snuggles. Keeping a sad mangy cat tied up to the dumpster is heartbreaking.

We spoke with our friends, Nic and Hugh from MyKoreanHusband about this, and they’ve noticed similar mistreating of animals in the countryside. Animals are just tied up all day and neglected. That just seems to be the lay of the land. Fine. I’m not trying to impose my Western Colonialist ways on Korea or anything that Tumblr would SocialJusticeWarrior about, but I don’t think it’s unfair of me to ask GD to get someone to take better care of his animals, no?

Let us know what you think. Altogether, we still had a lovely time at G-Dragon’s Villa, and it’s one of the nicest places we’ve ever been to in Korea. From now on, if we ever want a weekend getaway, instead of going to a hotel or something, we’re heading out to Dolce Vita. But, that doesn’t change that our first time there we were often quite sad about the animals.

On a less sad note, we’ve got some extra scenes and bloopers from the day. Check em out!

We’ve got a few more videos that we made out of the road trip. Martina’s recipe for Doenjjang Jjigae was really surprisingly delicious, and that should be coming up next week, and the week after that we’ll show you what a Korean Rest Stop/Pit Stop is like. We were far more excited about it than we should have been. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these videos by clicking on this pretty link right here:



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