Wahoo! We’ve always wanted to do this for a WANK, and always forget to do so, but now that our almost-finished-being built-studio is rather close by to this place, we saw it when we were walking by and thought “We must WANK there next!” And so we did :D

Now, I’m really trying to figure out the math for a Pulsa Bang and whether it’s cheaper to go to a Pulsa Bang or to buy your own PS3. Here’s the math I came up with:

A PS3 goes for roughly $270. Games are, like, $50 a pop. So let’s say $320 for a console and game. Going the the Pulsa Bang is roughly $3 an hour. So a PS3 and a game is roughly 106 hours, right? But there’s also the perk of having a TV set up for you already, which costs you more if you want to buy a TV yourself. The drawback, of course, is that you can’t play in your underwear, and that you have to walk a longer distance to get to it. Any other flaws, though? I can’t really think of any. The biggest perk is game variety, which – if you wanted to buy on your own – would be the equivalent of roughly 15-20 hours at a Pulsabang.

Ok I think I’m too sleepy to count any more numbers. I can’t maths. I’m a bit sleepy as well writing this post right now. All I know is that it bears a decent conversation to think about the pros vs cons of going to a Pulsa Bang rather than owning a console and buying games yourself.

Side note: these rooms are also sometimes called Multi-Bangs, rather than just Pulsa Bangs. Some Multi-Bangs are a combination of a Norae-bang (which is a karaoke room) and a Pulsa Bang. We’ve been to one before. We only played the Wii while we were there, just cuz it was cool to play the Wii away from home, and also because we were amazed at the amount of pirated games they had on there. WHOA! We know a hacked Wii when we see one, and that place had a solid hundred Wii games on it.

Anyhow, we had super amounts of fun at this WANK, and we hope you liked it too, even if you’re not that into video games. Also, we’ve got some deleted scenes, if you feel like seeing more trash talk! It’s not much, but we bought Americanos there (which weren’t very good) and also Simon makes a lame joke about toenails and fingernails.


  1. did anyone else notice that those soccer players were clearly being eaten by the vahdanerada? Hey! Who turned off the lights?

  2. hair tutorial please!!!!! Martina you look so adorable!!!!!

  3. Tekken!! Who is your favorite character, guys? :D I’m wicked good with Xiaoyu and Hwoarang!

  4. love you guys, but this wasn’t as interesting as the usual vids.. maybe because you’re looking at the screen instead of the camera? (completely what you should’ve done)! Thanks for telling me what the game rooms are called though, and Martina keep representing us ladies!

  5. OMG. this video had me laughing really hard. I was expecting that Simon would be the badass in video games but it turns out Martina wears the pants …heheheh.

    BTW, @simonandmartina:disqus where can I get Simon’s 8-bit glasses and tshirt? Really cool!

    oh and we have internet rental shops in the Philippines that double as video game arcades too. There are stations set up with different consoles that you can rent by the hour too.

  6. There used to be something like this within a movie theater close to my house. They had booths for console games in an area open to the hallway and there was a large closed room for all the pc games. You had to pay an initial charge for membership, but then it was still pretty cheap per hour after that. Sadly they closed it relatively soon (like within a year) after opening it. Miss it a lot

  7. There were a couple of these when I was growing up in California, but ended up closing in like 1995 or something. The one in my town had current consoles as well as billiards, basketball shooting, pizza and a ball pit. A lot of kids had their birthday parties there.

  8. 84% Head should never be mentioned in a sentence to the nasties, hehe

  9. ROFL I was cracking up everytime Martina headbutt’s Simon xD

  10. Is buying electronics (Laptops, Smartphones, Filming Cameras, Regular Camera, etc.. ) expensive in South Korea compared to Canada or the U.S. ?

  11. I love ur hair style, Martina~ can do a video on how to make it? pleazzzzeee~~ ^-^

  12. I really wish North America had places like this. I would have so much fun XD

  13. If these were to be in the UK, I think my whole uni class would just stay there all day. We’re all just a bunch of nerds. Also it would be more fun than going to the cinema or bowling which seems to be the only 2 things you can do where I live (apart from the pub of course ;) ENGLAND Y U NO HAVE THIS?!?!?!

  14. Haha. Martina, that was awesome, you never disappoint me.

    This would have to be my favorite WANK yet. I need to go to Pulsa Bang now. :D

  15. in Hong Kong many karaoke box have installed Xbox 360 or PS3 inside the room for people to play with while someone else are singing at the same time….but usually only have a default game to play with and cannot change to another one!

  16. I also always win my brother at Taken, but lose Fight Night :D That’s kinda funny ) Thank ou guys for sharing this experience ) I live in Kazakhstan and we actually have these kind of places too, we call them computer clubs or gaming clubs ) But we don’t have that card system yet, that’s a handy one. It was kind of a shock for me to find out that they don’t have such clubs in North America though )

  17. I love watching EYK videos and hearing Simon and Martina mention Croatia <3 (Yes, it's happened a couple of times! haha)
    Almost no one in the U.S. knows what or where Croatia (at least not many people I've ran into) is so I'm always shocked when you two bring it up and then say something like "Omgosh! Someone knows where my family is from!" lmao
    Croatia represent! XD

    Anyway, love you two :] super funny as always! ^_^

  18. What happened to the skipping during WANKs? Or the challenges and the engrish challenge and the pictures of korean idols in ads? Sadface

  19. Way to represent the ladies Martina…we can totally get our gamer on!

  20. I’ve watched this like three times now and I still laugh at it! You guys make such fun, hilarious, informative videos!

  21. The S on the Stage One title looks like its picking Simon’s nose…..lol

  22. i like korea’s pulsa bang, brightly lit and looks pretty tidy. the “pulsa bangs” or “pc bangs” in singapore have really closely packed together computers, poorly lit and looks really shady

  23. Martina looked a little grumpy with Simon whining about her mad skillz. lol. What are each others MOST ANNOYING habits (now or in the past)??

  24. I’m so glad i wasn’t the only one about to die laughing. best WANK ever!

  25. haha I like the name and the clever giraffe picture XD “Girin” like “Kirin” which means giraffe in Japanese.

  26. Am I the only one who misses who you guys used to do wanks? I miss the dice and punishment thing at the end of wanks :(

  27. Yeah! Just that pulsa bag seems to be very open like a PC bang, the two I went to in two different cities were all closed with couches and fluffy carpets and a door and stuff. Not sure how comfortable I’d be if it was that open…

  28. you guys never block while playing fighting game LOL

  29. YAY! i’v been waiting for this wank! I love gaming with my boyfriend and one of the reasons we want to go to Korea is for the professional games. Thanks a bunch for showing how this works!
    Also SIMON I know you play a bit of starcraft, and skyrim, but do you play League of Legends at all?

  30. I always sing that Americano song at work. I work at Starbucks.

  31. I was laughing so hard I was crying at all thee headbutts! I have no clue why someone open one of these in NA. It sounds like it would be a good investment…but would probably cost a fortune to set up…and then it would probably have to be regulated and all the violent games be locked away and then all you would be able to play would be “Puffy Bunnies sing and dance”…

  32. i almost peed my pants laughing when martina’s boxer kept headbutting mike tyson. thank god i was at home when i watched this.

  33. “The drawback, of course, is that you can’t play in your underwear, and
    that you have to walk a longer distance to get to it. Any other flaws,
    though? I can’t really think of any.”

    One flaw would be not being able to save a file so you probably can’t play longer games (unless you can bring in a memory chip?) which tend to be my favorite kind. Still seems really fun though :O Could try out games before buying them too.

    The part with the endless headbutts had me cracking up xD

  34. This is such a good idea. I agree Simon, why don’t we have these in NA?

    I love how while Simon was explaining the snacks, you could hear players in the background making those guttural noises that only come from guys’ mouths when they die epically in video games, lol. Brought back memories from my childhood.

    Thanks for the video! And Martina, I LOVE your hairstyle <3

  35. Tekken is SO MUCH FUN! I always beat my twin sister when playing tekken. But I still haven’t beaten my older sister. Maybe I should learn from master Martina? ^_^

  36. Oh! I enjoyed watching this! If you upload more gaming vids, I’ll watch them!
    A downside I can think of: I like games where you earn new tracks as you win the last one, like Need for Speed, and Super Mario World. Is that possible at a peulsa bang?

  37. I know you don’t feel confident about doing hair tutorials Martina but…I WANT THAT HAIRSTYLE~please! *big puppy eyes*

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