Wahoo! We’ve always wanted to do this for a WANK, and always forget to do so, but now that our almost-finished-being built-studio is rather close by to this place, we saw it when we were walking by and thought “We must WANK there next!” And so we did :D

Now, I’m really trying to figure out the math for a Pulsa Bang and whether it’s cheaper to go to a Pulsa Bang or to buy your own PS3. Here’s the math I came up with:

A PS3 goes for roughly $270. Games are, like, $50 a pop. So let’s say $320 for a console and game. Going the the Pulsa Bang is roughly $3 an hour. So a PS3 and a game is roughly 106 hours, right? But there’s also the perk of having a TV set up for you already, which costs you more if you want to buy a TV yourself. The drawback, of course, is that you can’t play in your underwear, and that you have to walk a longer distance to get to it. Any other flaws, though? I can’t really think of any. The biggest perk is game variety, which – if you wanted to buy on your own – would be the equivalent of roughly 15-20 hours at a Pulsabang.

Ok I think I’m too sleepy to count any more numbers. I can’t maths. I’m a bit sleepy as well writing this post right now. All I know is that it bears a decent conversation to think about the pros vs cons of going to a Pulsa Bang rather than owning a console and buying games yourself.

Side note: these rooms are also sometimes called Multi-Bangs, rather than just Pulsa Bangs. Some Multi-Bangs are a combination of a Norae-bang (which is a karaoke room) and a Pulsa Bang. We’ve been to one before. We only played the Wii while we were there, just cuz it was cool to play the Wii away from home, and also because we were amazed at the amount of pirated games they had on there. WHOA! We know a hacked Wii when we see one, and that place had a solid hundred Wii games on it.

Anyhow, we had super amounts of fun at this WANK, and we hope you liked it too, even if you’re not that into video games. Also, we’ve got some deleted scenes, if you feel like seeing more trash talk! It’s not much, but we bought Americanos there (which weren’t very good) and also Simon makes a lame joke about toenails and fingernails.


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