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WTF – Gel Lips

August 3, 2013


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Welcome back to the second episode of the return of the WTF Korea segment, aka, Wonderful Treasure Find Korea, in which we talk about some of the weird, wonderful, and quirky things we’ve found here in Korea. We’re not sure if these items are common where you’re from. It’s something that we’ve recently discovered: we’ve been living away from “home” for a while now, so our points of reference are starting to become dated. Maybe some of the things we’re fiddling around with here are new to us, but have been in North America for a while. Right? Well, I hope not. It doesn’t seem like anyone noticed the Breast Enhancers from last week in their home country, so I’ll take that as a positive sign.

Anyhow, today we’re playing with something that we clearly didn’t understand how to use: the Etude House Gel Lip moisturizer thingies. Umm, I think we might have missed out on the instructions here, because these things did not work for us. We were under the impression that they would stick to our mouths, rather than fall off of our mouths with the slightest of movements. Turns out you can only use these if you’re laying on your back for 15 minutes straight. I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit too busy to sit in one spot without talking for that long. Did anyone else ever try these before? Are we doing this wrong?

And they didn’t even really make our lips feel that much better. I’d rather put on lip balm in two seconds and carry on with the rest of my life than wear this for 15 minutes and keep my life completely still. It doesn’t really do that much of a better job. And it smells so bad! There’s a cherry scent to it, sure, but it’s just masking the scent of awkward plastic. Altogether, DO NOT BUY.

I’m hoping next week’s WTF will have something we actually enjoy using. Really…really hope so. Whoa.

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