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WTF – Get Rid of Your Crabs!

August 16, 2014


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And thus ends the trinity of Korean bucket games. We started with the Squid Shooter, then had the Dokbokki Jenga Challenge, and now we’re getting rid of our crabs with this bucket of fun. It wasn’t as nerve-racking as the other two games. In fact, this game went by far too quickly without any element of stress. The challenge factor was rather low. It was just a matter of how well you rolled. And in this case the die was definitely in Martina’s favour.

Also, please note: Martina did not know that I rubbed my balls on her fork. It’s funny, because once the video was finished I wanted to upload it right away, but Martina wanted to see it. I tried to suggest not watching it, but she insisted. And, tada! She was a bit upset, but in a joking way. She won the battle, but lost the war…on my balls.

Another thing: please pardon my terrible French. I did laugh at myself a bit when I sang the French remix of Sorry Sorry. That kinda works, doesn’t it? But, whoa, I can barely remember anything from French classes, and I took them from kindergarten up to grade 9. OH! That reminds me, now that I’m talking about Super Junior: we just came from the SMTown concert. We’ve got a lot to say about it. We’re not sure if we should make a Music Monday about it or not, but it was a really fascinating experience, especially comparing it to our YG Family Concert experience from a while ago.

So that’s it for this week’s WTF! We published this right before heading out on a private Eatyourkimchi Road Trip with the crew. We’re rather exhausted from opening up the Cafe, and we needed some time to reconnect. We’ll get back to responding to your comments as soon as we get internet connection! Yay!



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