And thus ends the trinity of Korean bucket games. We started with the Squid Shooter, then had the Dokbokki Jenga Challenge, and now we’re getting rid of our crabs with this bucket of fun. It wasn’t as nerve-racking as the other two games. In fact, this game went by far too quickly without any element of stress. The challenge factor was rather low. It was just a matter of how well you rolled. And in this case the die was definitely in Martina’s favour.

Also, please note: Martina did not know that I rubbed my balls on her fork. It’s funny, because once the video was finished I wanted to upload it right away, but Martina wanted to see it. I tried to suggest not watching it, but she insisted. And, tada! She was a bit upset, but in a joking way. She won the battle, but lost the war…on my balls.

Another thing: please pardon my terrible French. I did laugh at myself a bit when I sang the French remix of Sorry Sorry. That kinda works, doesn’t it? But, whoa, I can barely remember anything from French classes, and I took them from kindergarten up to grade 9. OH! That reminds me, now that I’m talking about Super Junior: we just came from the SMTown concert. We’ve got a lot to say about it. We’re not sure if we should make a Music Monday about it or not, but it was a really fascinating experience, especially comparing it to our YG Family Concert experience from a while ago.

So that’s it for this week’s WTF! We published this right before heading out on a private Eatyourkimchi Road Trip with the crew. We’re rather exhausted from opening up the Cafe, and we needed some time to reconnect. We’ll get back to responding to your comments as soon as we get internet connection! Yay!

  1. Just wanted to leave quick message, It’s my first comment on here and I’m essentially a Nasty Convert, I just get a kick out how freaking funny you guys are. You really really cheer up my day while I’m at work. I hope some day, maybe next year that I’ll come by into Korea. Toronto represent!! =]

  2. Simon got me laughing at “Je suis le French” :’D

  3. Simon and Martina where is this cupcake shop! I am desperate for good sweets here (really just a good cupcake). If anyone would tell me where this cupcake shop is I will indebted forever.

  4. i wonder how martina reacted when she watched all this and saw the part when simon was getting dirty with the fork.

  5. Simon, I’m offended at all, your French was hilarious!

  6. btw Simon is such a sore loser OMG not that he only cheated at Ddeokbokki game and actually like lost 3 times he doesn’t want to accept his fate when Martina beat him fairly. Boo-hoo! :D

  7. OMG you guys are the cutest couple everrr~~!!! >.< i love you guys so much!! and Simon, KARMA FOR YOU!! hahahaha…. next time don't be so evil to Martina! Give her the cupcake, DONT EAT IT BY YOURSELF!! EYK fighting!! :) :)

  8. Just wanted to say that you guys are freaking awesome and funny. I’m busy writing my thesis with the deadline tomorrow and you guys give me the best video’s for a break. Totally stress free for 10 mins!

  9. Oh man I would love to see the SMTown concert video vs. the YG concert!! It would give us fans a lot of perspective going into any kpop concerts in the future :3

  10. Will you guys be uploading a vlog of your experience at the smtown concert?

    • We couldn’t film any footage, but we want to film a video at least talking about the differences. We were planning on filming it yesterday, but we had to go apartment hunting instead, and then signed the contract today. Which means, yay, we won’t be homeless next month, but – boo – we couldn’t film the video. Maybe for another week?

  11. watching Martina throw that cupcake is still as hilarious as ever!

    yay!! would love to see an SMTown concert vid!! i remember your YG one!!

  12. wow, i wanted that game O.O

  13. Yes! A video on your experience at the SMTown concert would be great =)

  14. I realize that with the intense run up to the You Are Here opening you guys deserve a break, but in heaven’s name WHY NOW with Dashan (aka Canadian-born celebrity-in-China Mark Rowswell) currently in Korea? This cultural bridge builders summit needs to happen eventually! Google his name and you’ll learn why he’s someone you guys should meet. You’re each blissfully unaware of each other and your respective accomplishments from what I can see yet you guys and Dashan can learn a lot from each other.

  15. SMTown concert video would be great – I am seeing some disturbing photos of EXO in post box and traffic light costumes? Possibly a good WTF by the sounds of things.

    I am off to the new YG Family concert in a few weeks so will be good to compare notes!

  16. you guys should go to Jeju Island’s “Love Land” for a WANK ;)
    i’m sure some of your older audience would be interested in seeing that, ha!

    cheers from Tx, USA

  17. You should defs do a tl;dr on the SMTown concert vs the YG Family Concert. I don’t know anything about concerts like that, so it would be really interesting to see a comparison/explanation/etc. on them.

    J’adore le français à la fin hahaha

  18. To be honest when I saw the title I wasn’t thinking of crustaceans… /looks around Yeah…

  19. That be awesome to see a music monday about SMTOWN? It looked like you guys were having loads of fun when i was looking at the instagram photos you posted.

  20. i would love to see a music monday about smtown!

  21. Bwahaha no surprise here i knew it would be awesome cause Martina wins even when she looses. I am so glad she won though! :D

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -endless laughing- The puns are endless!

  23. Wow – this was definitely one of the funniest WTFs! You’re so creative with the punishments! kekeke

  24. This game and video: Before the game even started I knew Martina was going to win. Just a feeling. i was right. xD Simon–bad man with the ball scratching, gross.

    SMtown: Holy sheeeet that was so amazing, huh? I glanced around at the right moment and saw Martian since you were in the next section over from me. Wish I could have been able to say ‘hi’ tho. It was like double fandom: SMtown and EYK. So close yet so far… xD

  25. U-Kiss obviously gave you the power to win the game Martina. That power is not to be wasted on a simple kai bai bo. Now you know it’s really power ;)

    BTW, I just spent 2+ hours with you guys. Watched your live chat (I want your foods and Marvel socks!), then listened to last weeks radio show and come onto Twitter to find a WTF waiting for me.

    This was the first time I’ve heard your radio show. It comes on at an ungodly hour here and I didn’t know till today I could listen to older ones online. I very much enjoyed your show and when I need a kpop/k-inde conversation fix from you guys I know where to go. Can’t wait to hear this weeks show.

    EYK crew, enjoy your much needed break and relaxation time this weekend.

  26. Putain Simon, ton français est la cata! Je pensais que les canadiens savent parler français…

    But damn French is hard, I hated it in school. Nice punny title btw, soooo NASTY

  27. “Sucer mes noix.” There you go Simon :D

  28. When Martina threw that cupcake last time… I started cracking up so loudly that my neighbor started banging on the wall to get me to shut up. :D

    Apparently, you couldn’t get rid of your crabs Simon. Next time, instead of fork go for a Lice comb. :P

  29. Ahh the ol’ rubbing-utensils-on-the-balls trick! A classic. Also Simon you should have just repeated Omlette Du Fromage the whole time lulz

  30. How hard did Simon get bumsmacked after he did those horrible things to that poor tiny silver fork?

  31. BEST. punishment.

    Your French though, Simon! XD What would your teachers say?!

  32. ha! i wish the bit at the end had been longer, it made me laugh really hard. A+ punishment

  33. I like the idea of Leigh adding in an Editor’s Comment. More of that please Leigh!

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