Next to Bucheon, we really love the Hongdae area. It’s got so many cool places that we’d have to make a new blog dedicated to it. Today, we want to introduce you to Giocat in Hongdae, which is a cat café. Yes. It is a café full of cats. You order a drink, and then you can play with all of the cats you want. It’s just a matter of if they want to play with you. If you’re interested in going, click here for Directions to Giocat. Finally, since we’re in a silly mood, we have another silly pet video, only this one is of Spudgy Sounding Like a Monkey. Check it out!

  1. The link fot directions to Giocat is not working, how do we get there~~ thankies~!

  2. <3 can you adopted one?
    and do the cats breed or are they all desexed i mean i wouldn't want to go the a cafe and find to cat humpping (just my opinion)

  3. The link to the directions dont work T.T

  4. I’ve been to the bird cafe in Insadong, but I had no idea this place existed.  I can’t wait to go!


  6.  aww so cute! i wish i could go there now…is there a dog cafe also? if there’s a cat cafe there must be a dog cafe…

  7. This does nothing but support my observation that animals in Asia look SOOO similar to Asian people… I am SERIOUSLY not trying to sound racist or anything like that (for pete's sake, my wife is Korean), but come on!!!! — except, ironically, for the Siamese cat. :)

  8. zoooomigosh so cuuuuuuuuute! kinda creepy to be squealing away in a room by myself on new years eve -3-

    but zomg they’re so cuuuuute! spudgy and all the kitties <3

    btw simon and martina.. are you guys a couple? (in case i'm mistaken =..=)

    if you are, you guys are very cute together indeed =3

  9. Omg this was just so adorable. Love it. I love the idea of pet cafes like this and there's one for dogs that was featured in SS501's reality show "Thank You For Raising Me" that looked like fun. Even 2ne1 visited one (looked like the same one maybe?) in their 2ne1 tv season two and Minzy got to walk a dog around the block it looked like. I just love the idea for people who can't afford or have the ability for some reason to have a pet. The cats are adorable. Lol at Spudgy at the end.

  10. LOL love the expression of Spudgy (did i get the spelling right?)! he's soo cute.
    Thanks a lot for posting. I now know where to visit when I go to Korea!

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