Hey! Remember when we used to post Open the Happy sometimes? We haven’t been doing that in a while. You know how crazy things have been, with the studio being set up, these interviews, and our trips to Canada, so we kinda abandoned the channel a bit. SORRY! We didn’t forget about it, though, and we’ve felt bad for not keeping up to date with it.

BUT THOSE DAYS ARE PAST! We’re going to make a more conscious effort now to Open the Happy more often, and just show random videos about us having fun or small clips of our pets doing cute things. Yay! I know we already post something like 5-6 videos a week, but those are bigger efforts, more edited and scheduled. But videos like this are small and easy, so why not?!?

Ok, enough of us doing more random videos: on to the hats! Ummm…we’re not particularly drawn to hats that have lots of swearing in them, but because of the emerging trend in Kpop, we figured that it only made sense that we get some for ourselves. The Chicago Fucks hat is actually a birthday gift from Soo Zee, and that got the ball rolling. Soo Zee said that the hats aren’t random hats, but actually from a semi-popular designer in Korea, and she also read that the designer did Girls’ Generations hats. To which we thought “NO WAY! You’re lying!” Then, a couple of days ago, we were walking around in Hongdae and found the Fucking Chanel hat. Then we saw that the tag on it was the same tag as the Chicago Fucks hat.

The label is called ㅈㅈㅇ and you can buy more of their stuff on their site. That’s about all we know about it. We can’t give you the history of the designer. All we can say is that we were very amused, and want to get all of the swear hats we find in Kpop videos from now on. On a related side note:

Welcome Motherfuckers

…from the image above, you can buy the Welcome Motherfuckers hat here. I like how they have so many different angles on it. Really guise: two angles was enough: twenty is kinda overkill.

Anyhow, if you have no idea what we’re talking about, watch Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” in the video below, and you can watch our review of it afterwards, here!


  1. I’ve wanted a Chicago Fucks hat since forever. Simon I’ve never worn a hat before but when I saw that Magic Snapback on your head I feel in love that’s a banging f*cking hat man I would wear the shit outta that…

  2. Aaarr, do I have to take an over 20 hour plane flight to get that fucking chanel hat?! I want it so bad, but I can’t travel that far until net summer or when I’m done in school… T-T

  3. uhhh i wanted her to buy that sweater soooo bad… -.- mean simon

  4. I’m pretty sure the Chicago Bulls logo is copyright infringement as well…but who’s gonna enforce it?

    • It will depend if Channel and Chicago Bulls will find out. In a way, it depends how famous this hats will get. And if they do find out, they will probably notify the designer first before opening a lawsuit against her.

    • I guess it would depend on if Chicago Bulls or Channel thought they were going to lose sales because of it. IMHO, these hats enhance these brands in a weird way.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA! I thought it was a Korean name abbreviation thingy. For example, the girl from the company who designed out studio didn’t write out her full name on the wall, but just the first letters from her name. I thought this was the same thing…

  6. ugh i cant find that hat to where i can buy it

  7. The chanel hat is so cute(just like martina)! …except for the curse words
    BTW Simon always seems to have awesome glasses, pixel ones …clear ones… AWESOME!

  8. I think you should now go back and get the Wu-Tang Ghost Busters shirt to wear with your hat.

  9. I live in Chicago, and I would not advise it!!!!

  10. So there you have it… some people don’t know what to sell to get rich.

  11. O… k…. not a very good example they’re setting ..GG… I’m thinking that that website would get sued(not to mention that bull…I’m pretty sure it’s a copyright thing)… sometime in the future… So basically people swear when they’re angry and they can’t “express” themselves better or in this case to look cool??! O.o even if I’m very annoyed by something or just want to be cool (by swearing) I’d just use these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqTHmzMk0Cw XDDD (Seriously this guy could make a fortune making clothes with these)

  12. You guys should be grateful that this website doesn’t censor swear words – otherwise this would be a very lonely thread :p

  13. want to order but dont understand korean T.T do they even ship international? T.T

  14. OMG! Love those hats!!! But I think that I could die for… Well… not really die but, you know what I mean… For BigBang’s “Bad Boy” hats!!! I so want them TT^TT

  15. hehe warning us at the beginning of the video not go further in case we find it offensive!!!
    i personally don’t like swears and i don’t swear myself but i’m totally used to hearing it all the time from strangers and LOTS of my friends haha! i even have some friends who use the f word 5 times in like a 20 word sentence……..literally!!

    but anyway…er cool!! you have the same brand hats like GG!!!
    i have the same top as Minho from their first comeback performance of ‘Stranger’ which they performed along with Sherlock!! hehehehe!!!!

  16. I’m one who personally am a bit unapologetic about when I’m cursing or being myself when there’s adults around. With Children, I immediately get so self conscious about my swearing. I like the hats, I wouldn’t mind having one. I did get a real kick out of seeing them. I wouldn’t mind having the Chanel one and be able to wear it and not worry about family seeing the bottom half. I’m not even a hat person, but I’d wear the shit out of them. I really want one now, curse me being broke!

  17. You guys have the best disclaimers :P

  18. Oh my god they got Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior with the tag Super Sexy under it. My life is now complete

  19. Thank you Korea for being awesome.

  20. The problem is that Jay is American and has already gotten into trouble for things before. Also, he’s pretty unapologetic about the stuff he does. Some people don’t like him because they think he is a stereotypical arrogant American who doesn’t respect Korea, At least that’s how I have been reading the comments. ( also I think gestures like flipping the bird are recognized as rude more easily than written language. It is obvious and blatantly rude )

    On the other hand, these swear words are in English… I remember in one of Simons old school videos one of his students was wearing a shirt with English swear words on it to school. It would be like me wearing a hat saying ぱか and walking around my island. No one here would care because hardly anyone knows what it means.

    Edit: Makes me wonder then how GD’s song That XX was taken in Korea. It is a Korean curse… But is it also used sometimes on television, in dramas and variety show. Also, BigBang’s La La La came out in 2006 and has the words ‘ Real Shit’ in it. I often wondered about that.

    • Well GD was only allowed to preform That XX once and had to change the lyrics, and also his album was rated 19+ and the video also 19+, so in a way while he does swear its not like he is given a free pass

    • Yeah, but they weren’t really idols. Bigbang were.

      But you are right, YG does have a lot more freedom to do that sort of stuff. :-p

      Edit: is it because of the rap/hip hop influence?

      • Have Simon & Martina ever made a TL;DR about cursing in Korea? Because for a cultural that requires so much formalities while speaking, is really weird to see them using hats and t-shirts with curse names. Madeline I’m with you, everytime I see it I cringe _ _”’.

  21. i think chigago fucks was worn by gary from running man
    i dont remember seeing it myself but it was mentioned in a thread i follow about the show
    so hey! double celeb cuss hats!

  22. hahaha so the hats are Ok, but Martina can’t get the Wu-tang Ghostbusters Hoodie? xD I guess you can never have too many hats…
    Looking through ㅈㅈㅇ’s catalogue, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen idols wear the ‘Duck Camo Snapback’ too. But the ‘Cheese Beanie’, I’m sorry but is that a cockroach on a piece of cheese?!?

  23. this art student wants that chanel hat, big time.

  24. Just noticed the sale link in the blog post, my bad!

  25. Chanel is to close to my name Chantel so I don’t think that wearing a hat that’s says fucking Chanel is a good idea…..

  26. LOL

    I was shopping in Myungdong the other day and oh my goodness. the LOLs I’ve seen……

    Sistar19’s comeback stage had a had that said “Beat Freak Dumbass” and I saw that being sold in Myungdong along with other hats that say F*** and other English swear words…..

    Oh trolololololol

  27. Definitely really cool hats! I love the tag

    haha not sure if mom would let me wear them ;____;
    I just called to say…hi~~~

  29. I miss Meemers.. I think he is gone and you wont tell us!!!


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