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Girls’ Generation’s Hats

February 8, 2013


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Hey! Remember when we used to post Open the Happy sometimes? We haven’t been doing that in a while. You know how crazy things have been, with the studio being set up, these interviews, and our trips to Canada, so we kinda abandoned the channel a bit. SORRY! We didn’t forget about it, though, and we’ve felt bad for not keeping up to date with it.

BUT THOSE DAYS ARE PAST! We’re going to make a more conscious effort now to Open the Happy more often, and just show random videos about us having fun or small clips of our pets doing cute things. Yay! I know we already post something like 5-6 videos a week, but those are bigger efforts, more edited and scheduled. But videos like this are small and easy, so why not?!?

Ok, enough of us doing more random videos: on to the hats! Ummm…we’re not particularly drawn to hats that have lots of swearing in them, but because of the emerging trend in Kpop, we figured that it only made sense that we get some for ourselves. The Chicago Fucks hat is actually a birthday gift from Soo Zee, and that got the ball rolling. Soo Zee said that the hats aren’t random hats, but actually from a semi-popular designer in Korea, and she also read that the designer did Girls’ Generations hats. To which we thought “NO WAY! You’re lying!” Then, a couple of days ago, we were walking around in Hongdae and found the Fucking Chanel hat. Then we saw that the tag on it was the same tag as the Chicago Fucks hat.

The label is called ㅈㅈㅇ and you can buy more of their stuff on their site. That’s about all we know about it. We can’t give you the history of the designer. All we can say is that we were very amused, and want to get all of the swear hats we find in Kpop videos from now on. On a related side note:

Welcome Motherfuckers

…from the image above, you can buy the Welcome Motherfuckers hat here. I like how they have so many different angles on it. Really guise: two angles was enough: twenty is kinda overkill.

Anyhow, if you have no idea what we’re talking about, watch Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” in the video below, and you can watch our review of it afterwards, here!



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