Oh, Martina.

You know, I wrote this first sentence and thought “what if I just left the blog post at that? One sentence. Oh, Martina. Publish.” That’d be enough, I think. If you’ve been watching enough of our WTFs, you probably think the same thing some of the time. Oh, Martina.

But I know there are some people that come to the blog that are new, and leaving the post with only one sentence wouldn’t be that useful to newcomers, who might take this as their last time coming to the site. New blog readers! Hey! Come to this site for the comments! The commenters here are totally awesome, and write a lot more cool stuff than I do! Also, the blog posts offer more insights into our videos and anecdotes that we didn’t get across in our video.

I’m…not too sure how much more insight you can get here, though. This just seems like three unrelated technologies wrapped into one thing. It’s a pen. Got it. Why does the pen need to glow in the dark? Who the hell is writing in the dark? It bends and wraps around your wrist: who the hell needs to keep a pen wrapped around their wrist? I’m guessing the target demographic for this is kids who like shiny things regardless of what they are…and Martina.

Oh Simon.

You clearly have no understanding of the importance of purchasing a thing that has both fashion and pen technology all balled up into one obnoxiously green glowing pig. Yes, I admit I was disappointed that the WHOLE bracelet didn’t glow. I was under the impression that it wasn’t the beads inside that would glow, but rather the pig himself. A glowing pig bracelet? That would make you the hit of any party with your super chill accessory. You’d be the person at the club who one upped everyone’s glowstick bracelets with a glowstick pig. The person who brought joy to Christmas by giving out glowing pig pens. The best mom or dad who packed pig bracelets into the loot bags at a kids party. But the pig head did not glow. Reducing this pig pen bracelet to just that, a pig pen bracelet. Alas, my disappointment in the fact that the pig did not glow was well concealed in this video. I think I put on a strong face and acted all cool. But deep down inside, my glowing pig heart was breaking. BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY SEARCH FOR GLOWING ITMES WHILE I SHOULD BE GROCERY SHOPPING FOR MILK! DO YOU HEAR ME!!??? NEVARRRR!!! *Martina runs away evilly laughing to herself while petting Meemers*

  1. Simon do you have a blog talking about your Jawbone UP experience?? I want one for my birthday but is it really worth it? Hurry! -from a very concerned nasty!

  2. I was so disappointed it didn’t work!!!! :( Glow-Pig, why have you forsaken us. Well.. at least the pen works? Maybe you got a faulty Glow-Pig?

  3. >> sorry Martina I don’t like the pen-bracelet.. It’s a bit bulky and looks like it would be more annoying than practical. The idea of it is cool.. but the bothersome factor is too much.. Maybe it could hook on a backpack or purse strap?

  4. Unrelated to the video: but has any one else noticed that the newly embedded videos.. when you click on them. It takes you to a full screen version of the youtube page instead of just playing?
    So if after you watch the video you want to read the blog post.. you have to click ‘back’ in your history? :
    It’s been that way since last weeks TL;DR for me.

    Anyhoo. Back to the pen video.
    I think both bracelets are really cool. How does Simon’s bracelet calculate how much he sleeps? That’s what I want to know. That seems crazy man. Steps i get. My phone does that. But sleep? Crazy.

    Glowing pig pen bracelet thing. Always cool. For about 15 minutes until you realize it’s really hard to actually use the pen because the barrel? isn’t straight. >> For me anyway.

  5. They should have totally made a strobe light with the piggy head.


  6. So what I gather from these videos is that..Simon has yet to get his milk. Lol. Jk jk.

    I was sad that the whole thing didn’t glow too Martina! But I totally did catch it for a few seconds there. Hopefully the pen at least works for a while and makes some cameos in future FAPFAPs and WANKs.

    Also – proof how much I love you guys….I hate the way google is trying to dominate youtube and man handle all users into getting a google+ account. I despise it and have sacrificed commenting on videos just so I don’t have to to do it. But you guys..you guys…make me want to throw caution to the wind and sell my soul to google+.

    Treasure this…for it is the ultimate love.lol

    ANYWAY! I needed this chuckle! I look forward to you guys and funny videos! It really makes my whole day better.

  7. I have to say Simon won this round.

    I thought the whole bracelet glowed too. *disappointed* The jewels inside glowing was a surprise though. Very interesting.

  8. But guys! the true question is. After last weeks failing of not getting the Milk. Did Martina buy the Milk?


    I mean come on. you are out walking aound and on one wrist you have yoru fancy step counter and on the other wrist you have. dun dun dun a fancy glow in teh dark pick pen. for those time you leave the house and don’t have a pen.

    Makes sense, yes?

  9. I think Simon wins the argument… I mean, do they even sell refills for the pig pen? And when the ink tries out it only becomes a pig wristband! XD

    (To be honest, I’m surprised that the pen actually worked! Usually I avoid buying pens from convenience stores or dollar stores because the ink in the pens they sell is always dry!!)

  10. Oh, Martina! You spelt ‘item’ wrong! :P

  11. If I had that pen, my daughter would totally steal it. Pens one can wear that glow in the dark are totally up her ally. About the only thing that would make it better would be if it was a panda. Or Spudgy. She’d probably steal it before I could open it, if it was a Spudgy pen. :)

  12. I figured Simon didn’t get any milk again :-).

    Maybe the pig needs to sit in the light for 24 hour before it glows in the dark, if not I would ask for a refund, cause it should really glow in the dark.

  13. I was soooooo confused and wondered if it glowed until i read the post. I thought soozee wasnt capable of lying………

  14. Wear it to the club why not, it’s a color that usually glows under black lighting and it wouldn’t have to be recharged to glow really.
    plus where else would you be most likely to run in to your favorite artists? then rocking out in some club down in hongde. ha ha i rest Martina’s case :D.

  15. Ok I want to go back to Korea for two reasons…1. see the Eat Your Kimchi Studio 2. try to buy as much stuff as I can that was featured on WTF :)

  16. Martina needed to charge it more, but I saw a faint glow.

  17. I used to have a plain purple pen bracelet but this is much cooler.

  18. I’m tempted to comment just to take Simon’s side. Why is everyone here taking Martina’s? A thingy that tells you how many steps you made in a day in 1000 times more useful that a silly glowing bracelet-pen (even if it were to glow properly)! Also, personally, I can’t write with a bending pen. If you don’t wear that bracelet everyday, chances are that you won’t have a pen with when you need one. Will you really wear that bracelet everyday??

  19. At my work we keep getting samples for light pens. Different styles too. It is some company that makes pens that have other companies names on it (you know like when you get free pens at a bank?) I don’t know why they keep pushing pen lights, maybe they should be pushing pig-pen-bracelet-lights?

  20. Sorry Simon, but.. I think you’re fighting a losing battle here. I gotta agree with Martina that, despite the disappointment of it not glowing in the dark, a pen bracelet is pretty darned useful. Bonus points for it being shaped like a pig (I love pigs! Maybe because I’m born in the year of the pig… But that’s irrelevant). On the other hand, I don’t really care about how many steps I’ve taken or how long I’ve slept, because the sleeping hours I calculate myself automatically anyway and I know approximately how active I’ve been in a day (plus pedometers always seem to be so inaccurate).

    I’m FOREVER losing my pens, and yet FOREVER needing one – I waste so much time searching for them. But with this? “Oh, Sofia, you need a pen? Let me find one for you.” “SHAZAM SUCKER! I have one around my WRIST!” And then they’d be all in awe of me, and realise that I’m the Goddess that I am and build a shrine to me and worship me. As they should. Yup.

    What would be even better? A bracelet that doubles up as a pen and also has a hairtie dispenser. I WOULD BE INVINCIBLE!

  21. erm, no hating on simon, but martina’s right. I CAN see the glow from the pig pen even from the video, its very faint. simon needs to understand that camera lens and human eyes are totally different. human eyes are more advanced than a camera lens. we only need a small amount of light to see in the dark, where as a camera needs way more light to capture images. we most probably couldnt see the way it glows from the video like martina did, because SHE IS THERE. she didnt see it through a camera lens, we did. another issue is, the moment the light is shut, everything goes pitch black for us, even for the camera, because the sudden loss of light is too fast for our eyes to react. a few more seconds later i bet if you try and focus on the video, you CAN see the faint glow of the pig pen from the video.

  22. I was just thinking, I’m always in need of a pen around the hospital. Nurses stick them in their hair or in their pockets, but I have no pockets!! I tried hanging them on my lanyard, but they keep falling off. Now, a pen BRACELET – that’d be genius!! Amazing, Martina!! What a great discovery!!! ^o^

    let’s just ignore the rule that says we can’t wear anything on our arms for hygiene reasons bleeeehhh

  23. I realized long ago that this place was bangin son! (Ooh, did you like my ‘ghetto’ speech, Simon?) But seriously, this pen had so much potential…if they could make that pigs head glow, I’m pretty sure the person who invented it would be a zillionaire right now! Hehe zillion…is that even possible?!

  24. i love your new hair martina !

  25. I’d pick Martina’s awesome green pig pen over Simon’s boring black wristband~~ besides, YEAH!! What if I see my bias and ask for his autograph!!! of course, the black wristband wouldn’t be of any help! Martina 100pts., Simon 1pt. LOL

  26. simon, its called girls. i would seriously prefer a glowing in the dark pen wrist band cause i am the typical korean girl who adores cute things. or maybe just nearly every girl just adores the cute pigs that glows! Well it was quite disappointing that the pig didnt glow.. i thought it was going to be those glow stick wristband type things but what evs. as long as it is cute and glows a bit.

    • Hahahah I agree. It could be the most irrelevant/useless item ever, but if it glowed in the dark and was cute on top of that… I’d be all over it. Marketers aren’t making enough use of this!

  27. I approve of the green pig pen becauseā€¦ you can use a giant angry bird to attack it!

    I’m still waiting for the technoloy to have that metallic look that 100% had in their Beat mv without hiring a kpop costume designer.

  28. A pen….a pen that glows in the dark? Sure! A pen that wraps around your wrist? sure!
    My question in response to you, Simon, is: Why NOT?!
    Plus, no matter how much someone denies it, we are all attracted to those strange/shiny/impractical/useless objects! So we can stare at them longer.

  29. Both are kind of unnecessary. But at least the pig bracelet tried to have a real life purpose, whereas the other one just “tells” you something about yourself. When you listen to your body (what you should do anyways) and check your alarm clock then you will know wether you slept and were active enough today. Sorry Simon^.^

  30. Actually, if you’re talking about technology, most people write things on laptops or phones. Old fashioned writing is becoming a lost art in my opinion, or maybe I think this because my school gives us laptops to use for note taking etc.

    • You know, I can barely write anything anymore. It’s gotten to the point now that I don’t write for such long periods of time that when I’m forced to sign a document, my hand hurts. Back when I was in Uni, I used to religiously journal. I’d write, every night, ten pages, single spaced, non-stop. I love writing. Now, I don’t touch pens.

      How times have changed.

    • My school’s just the opposite. Printed assignments are not accepted. Only hand-written ones. Sometimes it’s really a pain.

    • Seriously? Your school gives you laptops?! Whaaaa-! Whilst I agree with you on the whole, I don’t think old fashioned writing is ever really going to be lost completely. I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird but I still do a lot of my work using pen & paper, just because I find that it helps me and prefer it. The freedom you have to easily place things wherever you want and draw little arrows off things etc. makes it much easier for me to set up and plan my work and stuff. And then I’ll just type up the final form on the computer. I’ll always choose you, old fashioned writing, my love <3

      • The only reason we were able to have laptops was because of a government grant. I feel the same way about writing. Laptops are convenient, but old fashioned pen and paper is the only way I can really organize my thoughts before writings something. But seeing my teachers switch to laptops for even a simple writing assignment leads to believe this is what society will go to even if it screams laziness.

  31. I approve of Martina’s purchase. Simon, you failed to mention that fact that it is annoying to write write with a pen that can’t keep it’s shape.

  32. Just from reading the beginning sentence from tumblr, I thought to myself, “Martina bought something else at the grocery store.” Though since there was no angry rant from Simon, I’m assuming she randomly went or bought everything you needed along with the piggy bracelet.
    I can totally get Martina’s disappointment. I love pigs and a glow in the dark piggy bracelet would make me the happiest girl in the world. Though how drunk or on drugs was someone to come up with a glow in the dark pig bracelet/pen filled with beads? And why didn’t they also think of making the piggy’s head light up?!

  33. Yep. Would have bought it as well. But really a shame that the pig didn’t glow. :(

  34. “The commenters here are totally awesome, and write a lot more cool stuff than I do!”

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