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We’re Going to Australia!

July 18, 2013


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HOLY SNAP! YOU AUSSIE NASTIES! We are coming to see you! Sydney and Melbourne! Wahoo! If you’re better at reading than listening, here’s the info you need to know:


September 6th, 4:00PM, at the Korean Cultural Office.
We’re going to be doing a meet and greet for an hour. Come on out. Let’s see you there, Sydney! There’s gonna be an after party with food as well. FOOD! Yes, food. That’s, like, the best part of it all. Food. We like food. We can’t stay the whole night, unfortunately, because we’re flying out that night to…


September 7th, all day, Federation Square
This is the big event. It’s the 2013 KWave Festival. There’s gonna be food stalls. There’s gonna be performances. We’re gonna be there doing a Q&A and a meet and greet. We’re gonna be taking pictures with you Nasties. Soo Zee’s making special T-Shirts just for that event, if t-shirts are your thing. It’s gonna be big, and we’re totally excited to go! We really hope to see you there! Read more about it at the K Wave Festival Website.

This is amazing. We’ve really wanted to come out to meet you guise in other countries. Australian Nasties have a special place in our hearts. Most of our audience is in North America, so when we’re up at 4AM publishing videos, it’s a decent hour in North America, but when we read tweets from people from Australia, where it’s 5AM, we…we know dat feel. We know dat feel. You talk to us when it’s late and can sympathize with us when we’re sleepy. And now, we’re gonna be able to meet up with you all face to face!

And, I know some of you are going to ask about Leigh. Is she coming? Sadly…no. She was invited to come, and was toooootally going to come. It was part of the plan. We were going to Eatyourkimchi Crew it up. But then she got into a grad program here, and her first week of classes are during the trip, and she has to go to those classes. They’re unskippable. Oh noes! So, we’ve been teasing her this whole time, though we do feel bad for her as well.

Thank you so much to SQ Entertainment for hosting and organizing the event. As you all know, we’d love love LOVE to come visit you around the world, but it’s not something that we can organize ourselves. Event planning is just beyond our capabilities. SQ Entertainment has been supremely professional in handling everything and in setting this up, and we’re both totally stoked and lucky to be a part of this event.

Side note to you European Nasties: we’re also working on a trip to Europe in October. WOOT! We’re going to a couple of countries for some awesome events (which, yes, we’ll announce soon!), and we’re totally open to coming to a couple of more, if you remember our Facebook poll from a while ago. Maybe Poland? How about England? We’d love to come to visit you awesome Nasties in whatever country you’re in, but we’re having difficulties setting up venues there. It’s not something we can do over the internets, you know? We’ll already be in Europe for two other events. There’s no reason for us not to stop over where you are for a couple more! So, if you’re an event organizer and interested, or if you’re a uni student and can arrange a space for us to meet up at you campus, like what we did in Toronto a while ago, send an email to Aina, and hopefully something can be worked out!



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