HOLY SNAP! YOU AUSSIE NASTIES! We are coming to see you! Sydney and Melbourne! Wahoo! If you’re better at reading than listening, here’s the info you need to know:


September 6th, 4:00PM, at the Korean Cultural Office.
We’re going to be doing a meet and greet for an hour. Come on out. Let’s see you there, Sydney! There’s gonna be an after party with food as well. FOOD! Yes, food. That’s, like, the best part of it all. Food. We like food. We can’t stay the whole night, unfortunately, because we’re flying out that night to…


September 7th, all day, Federation Square
This is the big event. It’s the 2013 KWave Festival. There’s gonna be food stalls. There’s gonna be performances. We’re gonna be there doing a Q&A and a meet and greet. We’re gonna be taking pictures with you Nasties. Soo Zee’s making special T-Shirts just for that event, if t-shirts are your thing. It’s gonna be big, and we’re totally excited to go! We really hope to see you there! Read more about it at the K Wave Festival Website.

This is amazing. We’ve really wanted to come out to meet you guise in other countries. Australian Nasties have a special place in our hearts. Most of our audience is in North America, so when we’re up at 4AM publishing videos, it’s a decent hour in North America, but when we read tweets from people from Australia, where it’s 5AM, we…we know dat feel. We know dat feel. You talk to us when it’s late and can sympathize with us when we’re sleepy. And now, we’re gonna be able to meet up with you all face to face!

And, I know some of you are going to ask about Leigh. Is she coming? Sadly…no. She was invited to come, and was toooootally going to come. It was part of the plan. We were going to Eatyourkimchi Crew it up. But then she got into a grad program here, and her first week of classes are during the trip, and she has to go to those classes. They’re unskippable. Oh noes! So, we’ve been teasing her this whole time, though we do feel bad for her as well.

Thank you so much to SQ Entertainment for hosting and organizing the event. As you all know, we’d love love LOVE to come visit you around the world, but it’s not something that we can organize ourselves. Event planning is just beyond our capabilities. SQ Entertainment has been supremely professional in handling everything and in setting this up, and we’re both totally stoked and lucky to be a part of this event.

Side note to you European Nasties: we’re also working on a trip to Europe in October. WOOT! We’re going to a couple of countries for some awesome events (which, yes, we’ll announce soon!), and we’re totally open to coming to a couple of more, if you remember our Facebook poll from a while ago. Maybe Poland? How about England? We’d love to come to visit you awesome Nasties in whatever country you’re in, but we’re having difficulties setting up venues there. It’s not something we can do over the internets, you know? We’ll already be in Europe for two other events. There’s no reason for us not to stop over where you are for a couple more! So, if you’re an event organizer and interested, or if you’re a uni student and can arrange a space for us to meet up at you campus, like what we did in Toronto a while ago, send an email to Aina, and hopefully something can be worked out!

  1. I’m so HAPPY! I met Simonandmartina and saw them live at K Wave. Rolled down the sexy window!

  2. I met you guys today in Melbourne. Martina, you are so beautiful and pretty and gorgeous and *synonyms…*. Simon, you are so tall and funny and handsome, the story about “what type of coffee” was hilarious. You guys probably don’t remember me (you met so many people, fair enough!) but I’m just thankful that I got the chance to see you. SooZee I wish I could have met you too. Hope you guys enjoyed Melbourne and Sydney as you are ALWAYS welcome to come back (and stay, but that’s just a backup plan). EYK, ooh you so awwwweeesssooommme :):):):) (Best day of my life~)

  3. Oh noez I live in Canberra T.T I really want to go but i can’t go to Sydney on Friday and my boyfriend works on Saturday so he can’t drive me to Melbourne T.T I AM GOING TO CRY!!!!

  4. So exciting, I hope you have fun in Australia guys! I’m an European Nasty and it would be awesome if you came here, weee!! Looking forward to your vlogs from Aussie and Europe! Sadly I live in Norway so won’t be able to meet and greet aww, but looking forward to the blogs and vlogs! ♥

  5. It would be super awesome if the Brisbane Nasties could all catch the same flight down there. It will be a Nasty pilgrimage and we could all meet up in the city and arrive as one body.

  6. Hooroo..? *looks confusedly at Martina*

    *scratch head*

    Will totally make sure I can come and make sure I ain’t gonna work that day!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    I might even meet you again in Europe cos I might be going there again soon-ish! :D

  7. Please come to NEW ZEALAND!!!!!! T.T

  8. > u < I'm so happy~!!! :D Thank you guys! Is hugging allowed?..XD

    Excite! I was excited to hear of a Korean cultural festival but EYK as well~ errghmagerd so nasty! haha c: enjoy Australia

  9. what about an “eat your kimchi, m8″ shirt?

  10. Will there be merchandise at the sydney meet and greet?

  11. Please bring a lot of merchandise to the Melbourne K-WAVE Festival because I wish to buy a lot but also bring big sizes t-shirts because I’m pretty big probs like (XXL) but yea so happy that you guys are coming over. So excited and can’t wait.

  12. Yay, Melbourne is awesome fun! I will be there for sure. If you have time for visiting… try to visit the laneways they have all the best cafes and bars tucked away there. Also check out the graffiti street art in places like Hosier Lane (across the street from Fed Sq.), ACDC Lane, Centre Place and lots more. If you’re interested wikipedia has a run down of interesting lanes… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lanes_and_arcades_of_Melbourne

  13. I wish I could go to Australia. 1) for the K-Wave Festival, of course : D. and 2) One of my good friends from Middle/High School moved there after he graduated. I haven’t seen him sense! D:

  14. Time to represent the EAST COAST!! Come on down to D.C. so I can finally meet you!! It’s like your so close, yet so far away…

  15. England! Yes please! And enjoy Australia!

  16. Music Monday is actually Music Tuesday for us Aussies :)

  17. OMGG OMGG!!! YAAAAAYYYY S&M in Australia!! :D :D I hope you guys have tonnes of fun here!!

  18. Super excited!!! I know you guys will love Australia :) Just make sure that you pack for all four seasons because it is totally impossible to predict Melbourne weather…like seriously we actually get four seasons in one day!! Like right now it was warm this morning (during the middle of winter!!) and now it’s cold and raining!! Oh and we say Hooroo or Too-do-loo but only old people say it!! haha

  19. OMG YAYAYA!!! What time/When will your fan meeting time be in Melbourne?

  20. Quick question, what will the after party be like exactly? What time does it start & end! I can’t wait to see you guys!

  21. New Zealand! pls come… i really want you guys to come! pls come.

  22. I kind of hate you guys right now…..or more so my luck.
    I been living in Sydney for the last 6 years and watched your videos for the last 3….And when i finally move back to Sri Lanka you guys come to Sydney TT^TT WHY ~~~ T_____T


  24. I’m from the USA, but I am so excited for you guys to go to Australia! You’ll love it! I went there a few years ago and had a great time. :)

    Ok, I think the next trip you need to make is over the magical bridge that goes straight from Wisconsin to Korea. XD I’ll be waiting with ranch and coffee!

  25. Just wondering since you didn’t mention is, are you guys coming to KCON this year? It’s in late August…..Or maybe I missed a post somewhere….

  26. I wonder if you guys have ever received so many gifts at an event that you couldn’t take it all home? :O

  27. Wish you guys would visit Arizona, but sadly there is little K-pop related stuff to draw you here. We are near the border though and have great Mexican food! Does that count for anything?

  28. Hey, I’m not from Australia but I’m pretty sure that Melbourne is pronounced “mell-bin,” just to give you guys a heads-up. ^^

  29. omg!!!!! *happy dance throws confetti *
    im going on holiday in Sydney when your coming!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy =^.^=

    lets just hope i can go……

  30. You guys should so come to Canada! Come on guys, it’s your home country!!!! All of your Canadian fans want to meet you guys!

  31. Soz Martina, ha-roo is not a thing! At least in WA its not :P
    Sooo looks like Simon wins this battle.

    WHAAAA why no Perth, WHYYYYYYYY?
    All the same, cheers for coming to Australia!

  32. Well I live In Ohio So Can You come here to Me ;3 and If you Ever go To Ohio GO TO COSI so fun;3 Cosi stands For Columbus Official Sceince center :3 Its A Nerd Festistival There :3

  33. I’m Australian and I have not once in my life said ‘hooroo’. I think I’ve heard the term before but other than that, nope. You’ll be safe with G’Day though.

    I wish I could come but I’m 5 hours from Sydney and 9 from Melbourne TT_TT yay for country towns -_-

  34. ah! so then the idea I sent you still applies. I haven’t gotten a response yet, if you get back to me we can try to make something happen

  35. This really sucks :( While I was still living in Ontario (I’m in Sydney now), I missed the meet up you guys had in Toronto and now I won’t be able to see you again ! :'(( Oh well, I guess I just have to travel to Europe then…

  36. I’m sure the answer to this question is no but I’m going to ask anyway, will you be bring Spudgy with you to Australia ?

  37. Your guys are amazing!!! One question though: Do we have to be 18 or anything?? btw no-one says “hooroo” ㅎㅎㅎ

  38. hey Simon….you’re really gonna start having a bad habit of “bringing” SHINee along to events!!!
    ahaha ‘SHINee’ Key!!
    have fun in Australia!!!

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