Korea’s got stationery down pat. We did a video a while ago for one of our WTFs on Korean stationery, and found ourselves doing more playing with the stationery than actual studious activities. Today’s set of stationery is no different.

It’s basically two pencils and three erasers. Upon testing these pencils and erasers (we’re quite thorough in our reviews, after all) we’ve determined that they are very adequate at penciling and erasing. But that’s not why we got them, of course. They’re made out to be mini golf clubs and a golf ball. How awesome is that! The only thing we can think of is how ridiculous this set is. Sure, we understand having some playful stationery, that you can fiddle around with when you’re bored in class. But this…this is utterly freaking impractical. How are you supposed to subtly play with this in class? It’s like, if you were to try to sneak a snack in during your lectures, you’d probably have a chocolate bar or something small. You wouldn’t pull out a plate of steak and potatoes. That would just be silly.

And so, we were silly with these pencils here today, because we’re just silly people. Sure, Simon cheated big time, but that’s not the point! What matters is how difficult it is for us to get peanut butter cups (and Ranch dressing) here in Korea. We were competing for one of our few remaining cups, and so competition was stiff. The way we competed, or the rules that were broken, isn’t as relevant as the fact that Korea is in dire straits when it comes to Peanut Butter Cups.

And so, if you’d like to contribute to end this epidemic, we’ve made it a little bit easier for you to do so. We finally have a PO Box. Yay! We just got it recently, and haven’t tried it out yet. Basically, a lot of people have been asking to mail us stuff, and we didn’t feel right giving out our home address. So PO box it is! If you’d like to mail us Ranch, or ranch, or ranch, or some ranch, or some peanut butter cups, or anything else (re: ranch), then feel free to do so at this address:

Eat Your Kimchi
Bucheon Woochaegook Saseoham #38
Jung 1 Dong, Wonmi-Gu
Bucheon-Si Gyeonggi-Do 420-600
South Korea

Woohoo! At least, we think that’s how it’s spelled in English. Here’s what it is in Korean. If we’ve spelled it wrong in English, please let us know:


Our PO Box. Mail us stuff!

Anyhow, we had one of our funniest blooper outtakes ever. Martina mispronounced “peanut butter” into something much more…awkward. Ha!

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