So I’m sure a lot of you have tried Bubble Tea before and you probably have some mixed reviews. I know a lot of my friends enjoy the taste of the tea itself but can’t stand the tapioca pearls. It’s the texture that throws them off, says it reminds them of snot. Well, I disagree with you on that one, but I will say that if you go to a not so hot bubble tea store, they might have overcooked their tapioca pearls causing them to feel slimy in your mouth. Gong Cha is NOT that place.

Out of all the places I have tried, Gong Cha is the first bubble tea shop that blew my mind. BWEEEPP BWEEP BWEEEEEE! I feel like they are the Starbucks of bubble tea, and I can say that because I worked at Starbucks. Like Starbucks and brewed coffee, Gong Cha is dedicated to brewing fresh tea for their drinks, writing notes on their vats of delicious tea regarding when they were brewed and if they need to be changed. They allow your to personalize your drink and very importantly, they have a kick ass assembly line that smoothly gets your drink ordered without any mistakes. No matter what Gong Cha I go to, the quality remains the same. Oh, so Starbucksy! :D

We talked briefly in the video about how to order your drink and personalize it, but I think it’s easier to just explain it while looking at the picture we took. This is really the most intimidating part of Gong Cha! I’m going to go through how we order our favourite drink and maybe next time you’re in Korea or at a Gong Cha in another part of the world you can order confidently and let us know if you like our style! Also, the price is great, drinks start at ₩3,900 and go up to ₩5,700 for the special jumbo sized health drinks, and they always give you TONS of bubbles. Other places skimp out on bubbles sometimes. NEVER SKIMP ON BUBBLES!!!

Gongcha How To

How to order the Eatyourkimchi Crew Favourite:

Step 1: Pick your base drink: Black Milk Tea

Step 2: Pick you size: Large

Step 3: Toppings: Pearl

Step 4: Sugar Level: 30%

Step 5: Ice Level: If it’s a warm day we go for 50%, if it’s cooler out, 0% (they still make it with ice, but it melts by the time you get it).

I ordered this Black Milk Tea today as a personal sacrifice for you guise, just to show you this picture. *shifty eyes* When you order at the cash they print out this lovely sticker with all the info for your drink as well as your number (which is on your receipt) and they call it out so that no one else takes your drink by mistake. You show them your receipt when you pick it up, and then they’ll ask if you want the straw in the drink or the straw on the side. We always say yes, but if you’re travelling to somewhere else, say no because you’ll get a perfectly sealed non-leaking drink.

Martina's Tea

Some notes on the ordering process. We’ve tried all the toppings. The herbal jelly isn’t for everyone. It has its own very strong taste so it can be very over powering. We aren’t fond of the white pearl. It’s too tough to chew (apparently it’s made from seaweed) but for those of you that don’t like the soft texture of the pearls, maybe the white pearls are for you. The ai-yu jelly was…interesting…what is that flavour? Anyone? We’ll stick to the original pearl. Maybe the other pearl types are better for different drinks, the the juices and special health drinks?

We aren’t really into sweet drinks, we don’t take sugar in our coffee and we don’t put sugar in our tea. However, we have ordered it without sugar before and it was just too overwhelmingly creamy. They make the black milk tea, not with milk, but with something magical that I don’t want to know about because it’s probably super fatty and unhealthy (SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!! I WON’T LISTEN!!!!) but the little amount of sugar cuts the cream taste. If I order the coffee based drinks, I ask for NO SUGAR. If I get the green tea based drinks, it depends on how I feel, but usually no sugar.

The ice level is super important! No ice will give you more tea, but the ice melts so quickly it leaves you with a room temperature luke warm drink which is neither good nor bad. You gotta get some ice! If you get too much ice, you’re left with either no tea (if you drink quickly) or a watered down version. Blah! However, if we order the House Special drinks, we often go with no ice so that we can get more of the specialness of the tea. That weird cream they put on top is SOOOOO YUMMY! Give me MORRRRRR!!!!

Other EYK Crew favourites:

House Special Green Tea (No sugar, 50% or)
House Special Oolong Tea (No sugar or 30%, no ice)

Honey Milk Tea (50% sugar, 50%)
Toffee Milk Tea (No sugar, 50%)
Toffee Coffee (No sugar, 50%)
Chocolate Milk Tea (No sugar, 50%)

So that’s about it! Let us know if you’ve had Gong Cha and what your likes/dislikes are. We heard Taro Tea is really good but apparently Gong Cha doesn’t make it (or doesn’t make it well). If you haven’t tried Gong Cha, have you tried a different brand? Let’s share the bubble tea love! :D

Also, we have a few deleted scenes and slip ups, and some other Nasties we met along the way in this week’s Blooper Reel. Check it out!


  1. Lullaby

    My friend loves taro bubble tea. I personally find it okay. It tastes a little bit like chocolate but not overally over chocolate. My personal faves are thai or green tea. Of course classic black milk is a top fave.

  2. EXO_OT12

    OMG!!! A Gong Cha place finally opened in NYC! I just found out today -_-. i was telling my parents about it and how u guys put it in ur videos, but they didnt let me go.T^T. watever I’ll go next time and try all the amazing drinks u were talking about. cuz me and my friends are obsessed with bubble tea.

  3. Hi! Quick question – Where is this Gong Cha located? I can’t seem to find it, and I’m going to Korea soon, so I’d like to know. Thanks!

  4. Heeeey, we have Gong Cha here in the Philippines too! But I don’t think that’s the best one here.
    It’s funny that you guys don’t like the wintermelon one coz everytime I go to a milk tea place here with my friends they ALWAYS get that one. I’m not sure about this but that MIGHT be one of the more popular milk tea flavors here.

    I always get the green tea one with cream cheese. Soooo delicious and refreeeeshiiing. :))) Although, here, they usually advise you to not use a straw. You drink it from the cup so that you could taste the cream cheese and the tea together (it just gets a bit messy and gives you a nice cheese mustache). Maybe the mixing idea’s better. hehehe

    I’m not sure about this, but I think the white jelly you had is called “nata de coco” here in the Philippines, which is awesome. I love that stuff. I used to love the pearls too, but they do fill you up so I usually order milk tea without any add ons.

    Anyway, I love these fapfaps! >_< keep em coming. (pun unintended)

  5. Gong Cha opened it’s USA location branch in Fremont, CA just recently! Too bad it’s still too far for me, hope they open more locations throughout the states and country.

  6. I ended up watching this again just now (i had watched it once before), because my cousin was asking about bubble tea and I was trying to figure out how to explain it to her… and then I hear about only choosing black pearls…….. then I start singing EXO’s black pearl OTL Only me…

  7. gongchai is from TAIWAN, NOT KOREA

  8. Intern Leigh needs to be called Gorgeous Intern Leigh. Hey gurl, I’d buy you a drank anytime

  9. I know this video was posted a while ago, but I had to come back to it because one of the coffee places here just started selling bubble tea! Holy @#$%! Bubble tea has come to the desert! And it is gooood! I am sure what I am drinking has an American twist to it, so I still hope to make it to Korea some day and see what the major differences are. But still, it is a start and it makes me feel a lot more connected to this community. :)

  10. http://www.cafedepearl.com/bubble.htm <– this is the only place outside of London I know that does Bubble tea in the UK. I am all over that vanilla bubble tea though; it's so good. If you're from the UK and are visiting/in Liverpool, check it out! We need more bubble tea here…. outside of London….

    I am so jealous of your Gong Cha guys, seriously. I want a Toffee Milk Tea……..

  11. Ahh that was hilarious! In NYC, the best boba tea place IMO is KungFu Tea, also has customization in terms of sugar and ice. Bubbles are infused with honey so i normally get 30% sugar and it is just as good. The herbal jelly is quite good as well! :)

  12. Haha, this was great, can’t wait for the next one EATYOURKIMCHI CREW! *cue gangsta music*

  13. Actually a Gong Cha just opened up where I live, I’m from Australia~ Might actually go try it now XD

  14. Nice Eddie Murphy reference there Simon!

  15. sexy food music! >o<b

  16. WINTER MELON TEA IS DA BOMB MAN… drink it with pudding!!! it will be nice!!!

    if u go singapore.. try KOI!!! da best~ better than GongCha! :P

  17. Simon said “people got to know the truf”….. Korean Engrish FTW?… Also Is that a “man purse”, S? Nice.

  18. Bubble tea is my absolute favourite beverage and I am so glad you guise went FAPFAPing about it!!! ….I love you guise and IMA EATMYKIMCHILIKEAMAN!!!

  19. My favourites are the almond milk tea (with black tea) and the original milk tea.

    Have you heard of Chatime? As soon as you walk into their store, the perfumes of the black tea welcomes you with a hug. I can only speak for their original bubble milk tea; they’re rich and just perfect once you personalize the ice and sugar amounts. They’re legit. The taste reminds me of being in Taiwan… and here’s the kicker: they have a location in TORONTO — Dundas St W (two or three doors down from Kenzo Ramen) to be more specific. Apparently they’ve been expanding really quickly in south-east asia and asia (think Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). I highly recommend Chatime.

  20. There’s an Asian market in my area… they have a cafeteria which serves bubble tea. Not sure if it’s Gong Cha, but bubble tea IS available in North America. You just have to know where to look for it.

  21. I found a bubble tea shop in my city a few days ago. And it happened just after watching this video. So, what can I say..? It’s delicious! (^o^)/

  22. Some time ago I discovered a bubble milk tea shop but the tea there is expensive …6 dollars a cup (being the cheapest one) it’s too much = . =

    Thank you for the awesome fun FAFFAP! :)

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

    P.S: hope those jellies didn’t remain there 05:28


  24. This FAPFAP was really amazing and funny…. the wind swept hair made the food porn shots amazing. mad props :)

  25. Sophie

    Whenever I went to Singapore in the summer before I don’t recall seeing it, But the last time I visited we got Gong-cha at a newer mall. It was pretty good (I agree they give a lot of pearls) but it was more expensive than the one that we would usually get at the little stand across(-ish) from Parkway Parade… Haha my sister went there so often last summer the bubble-tea there lady recognized us each time we went and even gave us discounts sometimes!

  26. Omg! Simon i had something similar in chinatown NYC! I was so excited because I had heard so much about bubble tea. The owner of the shop talked me into the melon flavor with unflavored tapioca pearls. Ewwwwwwww was an understatement. She watched as I took my first sip. I tried my hardest to smile and give her the “yummy” face. I swore I would never try it again. However after watching today’s FAPFAP, I now know what to order and WHAT NOT to order. Thanks guise!!!!!!

  27. Leigh and Soozee are sooo pretty! They have perfect V-lines and high cheekbones! T^T I look up to them a ton (and Martina too of course!) Wait if we started sending stuff to Leigh and SooZee? Would they join in on the Fan chats?! :DDDD

  28. Taro milk tea from ShareTea is the best imo.

    • OMG YES, sharetea is my favorite in singapore and their taro with pudding is the delicious chant towards diabetes for me its so addictive! plus that place on the first floor of wisma, cant rmb their name havent been in awhile but theirs is crazy delicious.
      (have to say i never got the gong cha craze, tried lots of stuff from them and it always tastes flatter than other places)

  29. Simon towering over everyone in the store… :P

  30. You guys should try the Golden Ovaltine Milk Tea if they have that flavour over there and if you have a sweet tooth (: That’s the drink I always go with when I order from Gong Cha.


  32. I go to Bubblepong in gangnam station. They do smoothie types.
    Taro is really good!!!!! I mean generally not specifically in Bubblepong.
    I’m so addicted to bubbletea thesedays

  33. So, I had never heard of Bubble Tea but I searched it and theres 3 different places here in Louisville, KY that serve bubble tea!!

  34. try the caramel milk tea (low sugar) with white jelly. i swear its is really good!

  35. Ummm…. What IS Bubble Tea? I’ve never heard of it before. What makes it different from normal tea…?

    • describing it really doesnt do it justice cos itll just sound pretty gross to someone whos either never tried it before or didnt grow up with that sort of love for gelatinous textures in food (which exists alot in asia but iv heard some westerners cant take, as described by s and m in their description above). the basis is just that theres these starch? balls put into the tea, but then this tea can take all forms, like places like gong cha can have literally a hundred choices, and its not just tea, it can be taro, melon, grape etc and it varies greatly from person to person what they like and what they find disgusting. you can just get it as plain tea but usually its actually milk tea, that color that you see in the video(im not sure where youre from but in asia, milk tea is not just tea with milk and sugar, its tea with condensed milk, which is a world of delicious difference). iv never had a disgusting bubble tea before but then iv only had it across asia and a few times in london, if you find a place run by asians you probably wont go wrong, but yes some places make their balls better than others haha

  36. It’s called bubble tea over there?! In NorCal we call it PMT (pearl milk tea) but in SoCal it’s called boba, so interesting!

  37. Thank you! I asked for this one after the toast FAPFAP ^_^ it was great that Soozee and Leight came too, so funny

  38. So there isnt any fruits bubble tea ???? Those are my favorite because I cant drink coffee !! They dont seem to have the bubble that are exploding too ???

    Anyway I think I would probably end up with the green tea bubble tea !! ( Look like I like eating grass ??? XD )

    • In California, we have fruity bubble tea! I know of this one place, their bubble tea is like fruity iced tea but with little chunks of fresh fruit in it, and of course the pearls. Nyamnyamnyaaam~

  39. I’ve tried Gong Cha (some sort of passion-fruit green tea) in Australia and it was super delicious! Now I’m all saaad saaad that they don’t have it in Europe :(

  40. the white creamy thingy is cheese, weird that Gong Cha Wintermelon doesnt taste that good its the only bubble tea iflavor i can tolerate other than Mocha Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese from Frostea :)

  41. As a bubble tea super lover ~ I drinks lots of bubble tea~
    Luckily, we have GongCha in Melbourne!!!! Yeah!! and we have other brands too …
    You can find like 7 bubble tea stores (or maybe more) in the city of Melbourne!!!

    The cream top is GongCha’s signature and it is like cream cheese coz it is salty not sweet (it supposes to be salty)
    I would recommend full sugar with the cream top, I normally drink 1/3 sugar, but doesn’t taste good with the cream top!
    btw, I love winter melon …. but definitely not winter melon milk tea XD

  42. Love the Gongcha herbal jelly! :D with their house special alisan milk tea, wonder if they have that in Korea!

  43. Random thought, but you should really try Vanilla Icecream Bubble Tea. That shit is delicious <3

  44. Bubble Tea :) Oh this has been quite popular in Germany last year. However, all those Bubbletea-chain-shops, that popped up in every city with more than 100,000 inhabitants just sold the same unhealty, exaggeratedly sugared and plastic-tasting drinks with loads of artificial flavor and coloring with some awful jelly selections that umm…tasted kinda like slugs? It was disgusting :(
    So it is not surprising that many of those shops closed down as quickly as they opened. Awful!
    I really want to taste the “real” bubble tea. The one from Asia. Like you shown in your video.

    BTW :) It is really cool to see the whole EYK crew having fun together :D You definitely should do this more often.

  45. bubble tea isnt it more like boba ???

  46. They have Gong Cha in Australia

  47. There are really a lot of Milk Tea places here in the Philippines like Moonleaf, Chatime, ChaDao, and Happy Lemon. I think GongCha is the best though. I really love their Earl Gray Milk tea as well. Usually I get 50% sugar too. Those pearls have a lot of calories though so I try not to have Milk Tea too often :))

  48. i have just checked and they have that in poland nad its even close to my university so im definitely going to check it out, thanks guys

  49. i work at Starbucks ^^

  50. KATHyphenTUN

    When i visited Crystal Mall in Vancouver there was a super cute bubble tea shop upstairs (I really recommend it! the staff was so friendly!) I was too early and they did not have the bubbles ready so they suggested I try the homemade pudding in my Taro Tea. I was skeptical about pudding in my drink…..but
    OMG!! It was freaking delicious!!!!!!!!!!! and now I’m so spoiled that the bubbles don’t do it for me! :O

  51. We have ChaTime in Malaysia not GongCha..I love bubble tea too! Glad to see SooZee and Leigh joining you guise! :D

  52. kawaii_candie

    oooh! i’m in asia, but i don’t think we have gon-cha in Japan!! I’ve only ever seen the regular type bubble-tea… well, except at the top of 109 where they have like a gazillion flavors but the menu i so confusing… T_T I’d love to go there! I’d get the coffee one! ^^

    it was fun to have SooZee and Leigh there too! ^^ (lol at the soozee’s hair-flipping…)

  53. The gongcha in singapore is quite different! Theres only one size here and you can’t choose the ice level. Taro milk is the bombbbb, I don’t think taro milk is taro tea though. You should really try it if the fanmeet in singapore works out (:
    Ps: Taro milk is my ultimate favourite!!

  54. Poor little me has actually no idea what bubble tea tastes like. I have never even seen it before. I love tea, but I’m not sure about the texture thingy with the pearls… I would love to try it someday
    By the way… MARTINA YOU WON?

  55. Gong Cha is the best! and i happen to like the white jellies ahaha it does’t taste like plastic where i come from.

  56. Omg the food porno shots this time had me cracking up with all of you modeling your teas XD

  57. I personally like Honey Green Tea and those original Red and Green Bubble Tea by Gong Cha!
    And we have alot of toppings offered at the shop, but not all of them are nice either. I still go for the classic black pearls :D
    AND YES SIMON I TRIED THE WINTERMELON MILK TEA HAHAHAHAHAHA. It doesn’t taste sooo good in my opinion.
    The taste is soooo…… like soya milk you know? It’s not my type.

  58. I love your interns :D And you guise have got to be the best “bosses” out there :p

  59. I tried bubble tea for the first time last September. I was 21 years old. My friends from class decided to get some one day and I tried the mango milk tea. IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! I have to say that I like the jelly’s much better because they enhance the mango taste. We go almost every week and I always get the mango flavour. I also tried the green apple with apple jelly and that was really good too, but I have to say that mango is by far the BESTEST EVAARR!!

    Now we are just trying to convince one of our stubborn friends to try it. However he is freaked out by the tapioca and doesn’t want to. Wow he is missing out!!

  60. INTERN LEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to say that you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the video! Your hair and your outfit looked simple, classy, and complemented you SO WELL~ You look so mature and I would LOVE to see more of this stylish side of you! I looked at you more than I did at SooZee and S&M =P Anyways, I just wanted to let you know~ ^_^ Happy bubble tea drinking!!! XD (And in California, people call those drinks Boba!)

    - From, a straight-as-a-ruler Asian girl ^^

  61. Intern Leigh is a natural on camera!

    MY parents would murder me over letting me drive that far for a drink ;___;
    Dakedo~ I’ve never had bubble tea in my almost 19 years of living… /sobs

  63. I looooooooooooooove this couple!!!!! AND a lot of korean girls really like a milk tea. and I myself loooooove it. I wanna eat it rigth now OMG

  64. Omg I love bubble tea, you don’t even know! I like in a little podunk town, but our one main concession to civilization is a ~*~*~*DUNKIN DONUTS~*~*~*~* which has (pretty good, depending on who makes it) bubble tea. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for a Gong Cha next time I’m in a big city ^3^

  65. Minute 04:20… nosebleed but then… Simon, so nasty.
    PS Intern Leigh so pretty XD

  66. random question but….is intern Leigh an exchange student(the students that only stay for a year or so) or does she live in korea and go to school?

  67. i love gong cha. i was about to troll the cashier once when they asked me for sugar level, i wanted to scream “OVER 9000!”. but my sister was with me so i decided to be a good child and not embarrass her =)

  68. Its like a great family with Soozee and Leigh there. The personalitys are funny to see XD

  69. me…love…BUBBLE TEA !!!!

  70. hey simon, did you mean ‘you’ in your blog post?

    “They allow your to personalize your drink and very importantly….”

    I <3 u guyz btw =)

  71. Oh my god! Did Martina win Rock Paper Scissors.

  72. So… When the caption “Poor Unfortunate Soul” came up at around 25 seconds, did anyone else immediately start singing the song from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid?”

  73. Okay, you know what’s cracking me up? Those facial closeups and I’m wondering, where the heck is the wind coming from that’s blowing on their hair?!

  74. Thank goodness I can actually satisfy this growing gnawing craving for Bubble Tea.

  75. Great EYKcrew FAPFAP guise! So hilarious! Keep it up!


  77. OH YAY GONG CHA!!! I ALSO LOVE THE CREAM TOPPING! It’s just cream cheese, full cream milk, and heavy cream! Have you also tried their Ice Cream milk tea?

  78. Going to Bubble Island first thing tomorrow. Must..have…bubble tea…

  79. I used to hate the pearls until I came to Korea, I now am addicted to them. Taro snow T-Ball with black Pearls for the win! If you live in Australia, go to the Tea Bar and get that one! It tastes amazing and is nom-a-licious!

  80. I absolutely love this place here where I live called “Chewy”. They have so many flavors to choose from! And lychee jelly that is AMAZING. There’s also passion fruit jelly and a mixed fruit jelly that I still haven’t tried…I need to get on that! lol My favorite is the Honey Dew Milk Tea and the Lavender Milk Tea. The lavender one tastes like honey, which I didn’t expect at all for it to taste that way. You can ask for them to be slush or regular liquid form I guess you’d call it?? There’s no option for ice specifics, but you can just tell the person who works there if you don’t want ice or whatever. There’s no sugar differentiation either. Maybe you can tell them as well?? Not really sure. I’ve gone to another place in Miami, though I can’t remember what it’s called :x, and there you can specify how much sugar you want. That place has these curry rice noodles that are BEAST. So good!

  81. Bubble Tea. I swear, it’s one of the most beautiful creations. evarrr.
    Martina won on camera. Whooo! (^o^)/
    Simon, your poor face while drinking that milk tea. And then Martina’s. xD Those jellies that you’re spitting out look like marbles. So shiny o-o

  82. irritablevowel

    Did anyone else think Martina said (at about 2:16) “We are on the hunt for a mensch!” I was going to say she already found one, his name is Simon, but then I realized I did not hear that right. But then I said it anyway.
    In other news, I have a big.important.job.interview tomorrow. Any and all wishes of good luck and general good vibes sent my way are appreciated!

  83. They have Gongcha in Australia :D

  84. OMG WAS MARTINA SITTING ON SIMON’S LAP? <3<3 <3 You guys are so cute.

  85. The creamer is probably non-dairy creamer of some kind. Apparently a lot of people of Asian descent are lactose intolerant (among other groups of people), so Asian bakeries and bubble tea spots tend to use non-dairy creamer. That’s been my experience. So sad when you expect a creamy custard, and you find out it’s non-dairy creamer. Not bad, but not what I was looking for.

  86. These must be the nastiest food porn (drink porn?) shots ever!
    I’ve seen different bubble tea places emerging here and there but never tried one… I think I’m gonna give it a try.

  87. Omg Soozee is so freakin pretty :o

  88. They have fruity flavors over here in america for bubble tea


  90. WOW. Martina finally won Kai-Bai-BO!!!

  91. Leigh!!! Unlikely Squiggle!!! I recognize you from your vids!!! So good to see you in vid again!!

  92. I loved this video, and I love that SooZee and Leigh are in it too, they’re so purdy (not that you guys aren’t :p). Bubble tea is awesome, the first bubble tea cafe just opened up in my town in the UK, going to give it a try tomorrow!!

  93. Aaaah I’m so jealous, I was just thinking about bubble tea this morning… I’m also super jealous of how gorgeous SooZee is *sigh*

    I love that Leigh and SooZee were in this video!

  94. Whoa, bubble tea is the same price there as it is in Canada? That’s just crazy…Gongcha in Taiwan is only about around CA$1 ~ CA$1.50!! You guys should try aiyu with lemon green tea, it’s goooood :) Taro bubble tea IS really good, but can also be overwhelmingly sweet, but still definitely a must-try! Also, I think they just put regular powder creamer in the milk teas, which I prefer over fresh milk. Less healthy, yes, but the milk tea just tastes so much more authentic! Take it from a Taiwanese ;)

  95. I liked that SooZee and Leigh came with you! It meant we got to see four different choices instead of the usual two when just S&M go. You should bring them along more often :)

    My favorite kind of bubble tea is almond milk tea. It tastes like drinking almond extract (which… is more delicious than it sounds). Does anyone know if Gong Cha has it?

    Also, everyone is saying how pretty SooZee was today, but I thought that Leigh looked really pretty today too! I love her outfit.

  96. Oppan Soozee Style

  97. Oh Bubble Tea, you so dericious. I’ve been hooked on it since I was probably 6 or 7 when bubble tea first came to Singapore (Mango flavour ftw!). We don’t have Gong Cha here is Brisbane but we have EasyWay, Chatime, Tea Bar, Just Bubble (They have the egg balls <..> I mean, egg cracklet things you guys talked about in your ‘Nightlife in Hongdae WANK’, but not in the store that I went to ㅠ.ㅠ) and a few others. Some of the good ones I’ve tried are the Green Tea Latte (The name I can’t remember but it’s in the Elizabeth St Arcade), Taiwan Mango QQ from Chatime, and the Red Bean Oat Soymilk (great in winter) from Chatime.

    By the way, the white pearls are made from tapioca starch just like the black ones, only unflavoured. EasyWay’s marketing it as Panda Bubbles (Seungri?) Don’t go dissing the Ai-yu jelly! Some stores call it Fig Jelly and it’s great in the non-milky (or as normal people would call it, regular) bubble teas. Grass Jelly topping great in all of the bubble teas.

    Awesome FAPFAP guys!

  98. Are Soozee and Leigh going to a Draw My Life too?

  99. Martina’s wolverine makeup <3

  100. I tried bubble tea for the first time in Prague, CZ of all places, hehe. It was very delicious though, I hope it becomes a ‘thing’ here soon. 0.0

  101. so many steps to ordering. usually its just flavor and topping for most places I’ve been to. I love milk tea and almond tea, but not many places know how to actually make good milk tea.

  102. i miss ths FAP and WANK xD hahahaha i my town sell those drinks too!!!! i bought a Taro flavor (betroot´s rise) and taste like cookie oreo… the only don´t like me was the jelly bubble!!!! EYK LOVE YOU!!!!! :D

  103. Mel Lou

    I just had some coconut bubble tea today :D
    So delicious <3

    Such a coincidence ^^

  104. my favorite Gong Cha drink is Longan Honey Tea with Aloe Vera! Super refreshing drink that’s awesome for a hot day! :)

    i have friends who actually order their drink with MORE than 100% sugar level – does Gong Cha in Korea actually allow that?

    the most popular bubble tea brand in Singapore is probably Koi, though Gong Cha is still one of the bigger brands.

  105. I had no idea about this fantastic world of bubble tea!

  106. PunkyPrincess92

    ooohhh~~~ i LOVE bubble tea!!!
    i’ve wanted to try after seeing Shinee have in taiwan and it looked so interesting!!! then i saw it in China Town and got excited and tried it and mmmmmmmmmmmmmm got totally hooked!!!!
    i don’t ave a ‘Gong Cha’ bubble tea place….i have ‘Moo Cha’!! hehe!!

    ahahahahaha Simon like totally STICKS OUT among the crowd!!! (which i already knew…but it’s funny to see!!)
    i am totally gonna buy bubble tea tomorrow!!

  107. In Perth (Australia) we have a few chains for bubble tea too. for example Utopia(the Starbucks of bubble tea here haha) and another popular chain “easy way”. They have the whole select drink, size, ice and sugar level and topping thing too. We have more choice in toppings though, like lychee jelly, green apple jelly, rainbow jelly etc yeh I find the chewy pearls are an acquired taste. Personally I love it and never choose any other topping :). If they run out I don’t even bother getting other stuff cuz then it’s too sweet for me and plus there’s no awesome chewy bubbleness goodness!

  108. This is awesome with Leigh and SooZee, and omg, SooZee is so photogenic. And Leigh is so funny, haha with “are we done yet, i want to tried my tea.” haha

    I love the one in Taiwan *even though I’m back in the USA* where Gongguan located with a giant cow in the front. It is so good, and it literally melt in your mouth. In the USA, the pearl milk tea isn’t as good as it is in Asia, I think it is due to the milk being different. The tea is the same. I cannot wait until I go back to Asia to get some Gong Cha now ^^

    Never knew about Taro, but I’ve heard about it, so I’ll tried it later on.

  109. I will never never ever going to buy tea! I don’t like tea! But it looks like you guys were having fun except for Simon who felt cheated, but nevertheless thanks for drinking strange stuff for science

  110. Okay, so I have been dying to try Bubble Tea for a while now but I don’t know where to start. See, the problem is that I live in Sweden and the Bubble Tea craze doesn’t seem to have made it here. At least not in any big way. Is there a Swedish nasty out there who is more experienced and can point me in the right direction? (or maybe I have to do some traveling D: I hear it at least made it to Germany years ago)

  111. ☆pallavi☆


    I'm sorry, I just had to get that out there ^^ So far I've only tried chai, mango, and taro (taro is the besttt esp hot taro bubble tea) but I really want to try honeydew cause I've heard that one is delicious :D

  112. Havent had bubble tea in so long ; A ; waaaannntt

    haha martina trying to steal the tea at the end, u so nasty

  113. we have Boba Zone where i live. they pretty much only do fruity flavored drinks and one kind of boba though. What they DO have that’s different is you can get jellies in your drink, and i LOOOOOOVE the Taro milk tea with Coffee jellies. SOOOO GOOOD!!!

  114. First thing’s first.
    SooZee. I love you. Moar sexy hair flipping please XDDD

    Gong Cha is okay… But too bad there’s no ChaTime in South Korea. That place is the shiznit (it’s from Taiwan, and I think Gong Cha is too). Everything is good at ChaTime tho, even the taro XD
    Happy Lemon is also fricking delicious, but I’m pretty sure it’s only in the Philippines. If you ever come here and go to Happy Lemon tho, I recommend getting the Cocoa-Cheese-Rock Salt drink. It is to die for!!! It has that same “cream cheese” stuff that Martina had in her drink. It’s not supposed to be mixed supposedly, but I mix it and it’s wonderful ^^
    I usually like getting yogurt drinks tho when going out for bubble tea. And I actually like the herbal jelly. All of the jelly really. I’ve yet to try one I don’t like. hehe But there are times when it doesn’t match the drink so gotta be careful of that xp
    Also, those Jelly things you and Martina hate, I think that’s Nata de Coco and my mom loves that shiz, and I like it sometimes in milk teas. It’s basically fermented coconut water xp
    Lastly, I also dislike Wintermelon tea greatly .___.

    • I saw a Happy Lemon in one of those big department stores in Beijing, China. I did not buy anything though, missed opportunity ;____:

    • I was just going to comment the same thing – if you like a strong tea flavour in your pearl milk tea, Happy Lemon is the best for this. Their other drinks are also to die for. I think Martina / Leigh would also like the rock salt cream cheese with green tea, (and Soozee the coffee with rock salt and cream cheese) but I have to say their pearl milk tea sets the standard across all chains available in Sydney for me :) And we have a decent range of bubble tea available here at the moment, including Gong Cha.

      - Oh and they have mini-pearls for their pearl milk tea which I love (easier to eat than standard size)

  115. :O I’ve had bubble tea before in Berlin. But I haven’t seen it in the Netherlands yet or in Germany near the border of the Netherlands. But I didn’t like the bubble tea I tried that time. But chai tea latte is my favorite tea of the year ^_^

  116. As a Taiwanese, I have to say… BUBBLE TEA IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!
    personal favorite:bubble green tea, 30% sugar , no ice
    And we can get a cup of jumbo size bubble green tea only cost about ₩950…

    Please come to Taiwan and you can get a lot of cheap but delicious food!!
    FAPFAP in Taiwan must be sooooo great!!!

    p.s. maybe you guys can try Lemon Juice w Ai-Yu Jelly. It’s perfectly matched!!

  117. Just found out there is a bubble tea shop in Liverpool FOR ONCE I CAN GO AND TRY SOMETHING I HAVE SEEN ON THIS!!! So awesome :D

  118. Please let Soo Zee know I’ll be in the country in September. It’s just important to me that she know that.

  119. bubble tea is freaking awesome i honestly can have that day and night because there are so many choices. recently i am hooked on ice-almond-oolong tea-with grass jelly. =)

  120. So glad to see the whole EYK family there! It’s twice as hilarious! And you’re all so NAAASTY! (It lacks a bit of bubble pop dancing, though ^^)

    I had no clue about bubble tea before coming to South Africa… No idea whether it exists in France…

  121. Also, sorry for the double post: Taro tea is AMAZING! I think if you guys get the chance to try it you totally should! My girlfriend gets Taro w/ tapioca pearls and I get Taro w/ lychee jelly. Honestly I cannot live without that flavour and I’m afraid to try any other ones because I get bubble tea rarely enough as it is! >_< I'd explain that Taro tastes kind of like vanilla? I really can't put an explanation to it without saying it tastes like what purple would taste like. Literally. It tastes like what purple should taste like! Give it a try sometime, I definitely suggest it! :)

  122. @simonandmartina:disqus and Soo Zee and Leigh thanks for this awesome GongCha review. We have Gong Cha in the Philippines as well and many other bubble tea/milk tea/taro tea variations. I couldnt help but laugh at those wind-blowing-the-hair-while-drinking-bubble-tea shots. So funny!

  123. What is this madness!? Was any one else really surprised that Martina won kai bai bo first? o_o;

  124. I once drank Milk Tea.. and I used to like milk tea but not anymore… I prefer the jasmin tea. I dislike the popping so I always get the jelly except when I order a hot drink. Recently they changed the plastic that covers the cups, it used to be Hello Kitty with animal costumes and I started to collect the cute ones.

    Question: do they also sell other bubble drinks? The shop in my country (Netherlands) is called YoYo, they have the juicy drink, the yoghurt drink and the milkshake.

  125. I love the dynamic between the whole EYK Crew! I would love to see SooZee and Leigh on camera more. Overall, a fantastic FAPFAP! You guys seemed like you were having a great time (even though Simon got the sucky sugar milk drink…)

  126. Aw it was awesome to see the whole crew for this FAPFAP!

  127. There’s Taro Tea in Singapore. Under the Share Tea franchise. It’s apparently the best tea on their menu

  128. I really love taro flavoured bbt. I used to be afraid of it, so one day I just ordered it and it became my favourite! ^_^ But that’s in random places around Toronto and Ottawa, not at Gong Cha in Korea! XD If you like almond or red bean paste milk bbt, taro might be your cuppa! ^_^


  130. Cyber_3

    That was a great FAPFAP! Yay! Martina learns the secret to winning kai-bai-bo on camera – 4 or more people! I’ve only been to places where they have the fruit flavoured bubble “teas”, they are pretty good but the black tea looks better. I love tapioca pudding anyways, so I love the pearls, however……..

    ……after reading the top of the blog post, now I can only think of snot – boohoohoohoooooooooooo…….

    I did cheer up again though after reading further but only because now all I can think of is that the nastiness of “ai-yu jelly” must be a product of “G-Dragun”! LOL!

    Cyber_3 – will be here all night, try the veal……

  131. Lol I’m not a huge fan of herbal jelly either but if you order it with just milk it tastes surprisingly awesome! We have Gong Cha here in Singapore as well and it’s one of the more popular franchises here along with Koi :)

  132. I FEEL YOUR LOVE. I nearly screamed when I saw it in HongDae.

  133. I love Bubble Tea, I normally just go for black milk tea. In Hong Kong, you can get small pearls and its much cheaper around 14HKD = 2,020KRW

  134. The bloopers are always my favorite. :P
    And SooZee IS ridiculously photogenic o__O

  135. Thai Tea with black tapioca pearls is my JAM!! So yummies ^.^

  136. simon, was your ice cream song and dance supposed to be an Eddie Murphy stand-up reference?

  137. Because of your video I will try bubble tea again, but I really dislike chewing something I’m drinking…

  138. I most definitely recommend Ai-yu jelly in any fruity tea! My personal fav (if they have it there..) is kumquat green/black tea with aloe… but if they don’t have aloe ai-yu always works too! It’s a sweet jelly that’s actually soft haha

  139. at 05:29 i laughed so hard that i had to stop the video for a moment and clean my computer (i was drinking a soda)
    By the way the eatyourkimchi crew make the video even better

  140. Martina…. WHY YOU DOUBT LEIGH! If she says it’s good… it’s good innit.

  141. Simon and Martina should go for Korean fried chicken!! So many Kpop idols advertise it and I’ve heard it’s really good!! Try the SHINee brand, Mexicana!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease??

  142. No Bubble Pop dance when talking about Bubble Tea.. .or did I miss it?

  143. In my country don’t even know what bubble tea is T.T

  144. If you like disgusting plasic this also is for you LOOL

  145. i like the white jellies actually…

  146. I love Bubble tea, but here in Chicago, there is no Gong Cha. I go like 3-times a week to a really good place in Chinatown (yes, 3x, I have a problem, I know). They make great ones like Coconut, Taro, a Coffee / Tea mix (Melange), and also do Hot versions – - – which are the best.

    Taro basically tastes very sweet and buttery…..just FYI for EYK

  147. I remember not liking bubble tea the first time I had it. I don’t what happened but I ended up loving bubble tea. Especially the black milk tea. Though I have been having withdrawal symptoms lately since bubble tea is not sold here :( My goal is to make some at home, once I get my hands on those tapioca pearls.

  148. We have Gong Cha in Australia, it was opened about 6 months ago? not sure, but they are SOOOO GOOD!!

  149. In Vancouver, it was called bubble tea – I loved places that did fresh fruit smoothie stuff (no powdered crap), milkshakes and the tea lineup. One place I loved had fresh taro bubble tea, with seed tapiocas mixed in with the regular pearls!
    I’ve moved to California, and it’s called Boba here. So far, all I found in my area is those bubble tea places that just make it using milk and flavored powder or syrup – ICK!
    I’ve never seen a place let you choose ice and sweetness level – that’s pretty cool!

  150. i don’t know the winter melon milk tea in korea but the one in singapore tastes like caramel popcorn. I SWEAR. when you come over, try it!!!

  151. It’s definitely nice to see the EYK crew together on a FAPFAP :) I hope you guys do this often because it’s more fun… the more the merrier!!!

  152. its so great the your interns match theEYK crew, so much fun :)

  153. Bubble tea looks delicious and I’ve wanted to try it for a while but I don’t know any place nearby that sells it @_@ I love tapioca pudding so hopefully that means I would like the bubbles… xD

  154. I’m living in Taiwan which is the home of bubble milk tea :) tasty stuff, but when I was drinking one in class one day, a student came up to me and said, “teacher, you drink bubbles, you get fat.” Sorry to burst any bubbles about healthiness… Har har :D OH, and we have ai yu at lunch… From what I understand it’s a magic something ( seed? It was unclear) that gets gelatinous when it’s ground. It’s good in honey water :)

  155. Oh…another thing for me to get when im in Seoul in September….Why do i feel like i will be planning this trip based on EYK videos? :-D

  156. Omg was so surprised when I saw Gong Cha for this week’s FAPFAP. This brand is the bomb in Singapore (but KOI lovers would disagree). I don’t drink a lot of sweet stuff and am hardly innovative when ordering drinks so I usually stick to Gong Cha’s 50% milk tea or chocolate milk tea. :) Really awesome stuff, you guise!

  157. Do they have “snows” (milk+crushed ice) or “slushes” (crushed ice) instead of straight iced tea? Because the snow and slushes are my favorite kind~ ^^

  158. I’ve only tried Bubble Tea once. My city has Marian Days every year and they always have bubble tea over there and I literally live right there. One year some people I worked with brought some in and I tried it…I did not like it…or at least the pearls. Though that was several years ago, I may have to bring myself to try it again…

  159. I always get the Taro Milk Tea with lychee jelly from EasyWay in Sydney. Yay Easyway!

  160. Isabel Ruby

    it’s weird, cuz in NorCal we call it bubble tea, and SoCal people call it Boba [the weirdos]…. not a fan of tapioca pearls shooting into my mouth though, not gonna lie

  161. Here in Malaysia, we have Gong Cha, Ding Cha, Dong Cha and many more!!! Hahahaha. I personally prefer roasted milk tea from Ochado tho^^

  162. I wish they sold bubble tea where i live T^T KOREA, WHY CAN’T I GO NOW!?

  163. The dynamic of videos is so awesome since SooZee and Leigh joined the team! It’s hilarious! This was an awesome FAPFAP ! :D

  164. their brown sugar jelly is good.

  165. I LOVE GONGCHA. It’s the only brand of bubble tea that I find palatable, move over koi & all other brands! You might want to try Earl Grey Milk Tea with sugar level at 30%! It is one of the few combinations that doesn’t get overwhelmingly sweet when you have it with pearls. Having it with Herbal Jelly is a great alternative, though I’m not sure if they have that option there.

  166. We have bubble tea where I live, which is in Michigan. They serve it ate this place called Bubble Island. I think it’s pretty delicious. Btw, Leigh’s outfit is really nice in this vid.

  167. Anyone know if you can get Bubble Tea here in Florida? I love Tea and would love to try this! (as long as I can get it vegan)

  168. We actually have GONG CHA in Singapore too. I love their plum green tea (dont know whether korea has that flavour). I heard you guys are coming to SG right? We have different brands of taiwanese bubble tea here. You guys can probably try it also wahahaha! Cant wait to see you guys in SG soon!!!!! :D

  169. I’m a sucker for milkteas. I LOVE THEM. :) Hmm.. Actually, Wintermelon Milk Tea is one of the bestseller milktea flavors here in the Philippines in I guess almost all milktea houses here. :3

  170. Hey Simon&Martina~ Have you ever tried the japanese food “Natto”? :3

  171. Gabriel Shallsaur Enlightened

    Gong Cha is basically everywhere…. Do give it a try in Singapore too when u come here in May..
    Other than Gong Cha, Koi is another bubble tea chain that is popular in Singapore, with long queues…

    I actually love Winter Melon Tea and find it to be delicious… Ai-yu jelly too ^^ Always get those…

    • i love winter melon tea and ai yu jelly! but too bad they dont have the jumbo size in sg:(

    • The only ai yu jelly i know is from that ai yu lemonade chinese type drink, with clear jello jelly. IS that the same as this ai yu?
      If so i think it absorbs some of the flavor of the drink which makes it really good in lemonade (like chia seeds) but not awesome in other drinks.

  172. Omg! We went there on my birthday! YUMMMM-o-rama!! But so expensive for a drink… sad day…

  173. you guys should try the wintermelon tea house special or caramel milktea next.

  174. i think Martin is cheating with one of those other girls

  175. They have gong cha here too. I actually don’t remember the name until I see the logo in your video. I like bubble tea too and I always get it without sugar.

  176. Does Soozee know that she is insanely beautiful?

    • ridiculously photogenic soo zee

    • She doesn’t act like it, but I couldn’t agree more. Soozee is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

    • I think SooZee has her own serparate fan base. a good half of the guys in my korean class in winnipeg think she super pretty. Thought i have to say Leigh is beautiful and pretty too. Thought the hair flip and everything i sometimes wonder why i haven’t seen SooZee in a Korean Drama’s. Leigh same goes for you why aren’t you acting. OMG you should both act in a drama together. Leigh could be SooZee half sister from Texas and she finds out that she was seprated from her really father at birth and she realizes she is half korean and the heir to this huge company but Soozee is in line for the Company also. It’s an epic drama plot.

  177. I tried it once… but I think I took a wrong choice so it wasn’t really good…
    Sadly I live in Belgium and we don’t have Gong Cha.

    What would you suggest else, because here it’s a bit different..

  178. you guys should havet he wintermelon tea house special or caramel milktea.

  179. Gong Cha! i super love this bubble tea! i always buy one everyday i’m working when i was in Singapore. The taro milk is actually my fave, w/ white pearl! (it’s chewy for me, which i liked, but to each his own, i guess) :) i order it with less ice & 30% sugar and its just the right amount of sweetness :)

  180. I LOVE GONGCHA SFM ~ I always drink the Oolong Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly here in Singapore (: When you’re here at the end of May, though, you should try some of the other bubble tea chains in Singapore! The main competitor for Gong Cha here is probably Koi, which makes awesome bubble tea as well (:

  181. Gong Cha’s Wintermelon Milk Tea is heaven!!!

  182. i LOVE Gongcha tooo.. you’ll be able to find it when u come visit Singapore tooo!!!! ;)

  183. OMG Gong Cha is from my country Taiwan (proud inventor of bubble tea)! It’s so expensive in Korea! Here it’s only about 1700 won.. If you guys ever come to Taiwan I’ll buy you all genuine local bubble tea LOL. We have as many bubble tea shops as convenience stores, especially around the areas where students hang out.

    • Yeah Taiwan! I think a person hasn’t really lived until they’ve drunk the bubble milk tea at Gongguan with the brown sugar bubbles!

    • Omg, I love pearl milk tea at Gongguan right across from Tai-da University. It is so delicious. Miss it so much!

    • Man i have know so many people who say that Bubble tea was invented in Japan or Korea. I was like “….. you so wrong it’s from Tawian.” They say “really it can’t be so many people i know love anime and love bubble tea.” I was like “just because you love anime doesn’t make bubble tea Japanese or Korean.” Everyone till the world that Bubble tea is from Tawian :P

  184. Oh about your guys comment as to what other places are good. I heard that the bubble tea shop near SM entertainment building is also delicious

  185. Wow, the Gongcha in Korea is slightly different from SG’s! We don’t get to choose our ice levels here.. And there’s this jelly called 3J! (It’s kind of like fruit jellies – red, yellow, white) Nom. Goes best with the fruity teas (e.g. plum green tea)!

    Have you guys tried their pudding milk tea though :)?

  186. GONGCHA IS THE BEST Naicha store ever!!!! I live by it!! huhu My week won’t be complete without my Sunday GongCha date with my dad. THANK YOU I LOVE YOU EYK

    I don’t understand why does your wintermelon tea in Korea look like that? O.O

    If you go here in the Philippines, there’s the House Special Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea and it looks like this http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7277/7004694621_15e45a054f_b.jpg (in the picture it has white jelly but ergh) it is the bomb i swear and i even put pudding in it as an extra and it tastes like heaven. just don’t try the lemon wintermelon tea, i tried it last sunday just for fun and after one sip, i almost gagged. :/// WASTE of money i know.

  187. ai-yu jelly is made from the ai-yu plant if im not wrong.. =] so technically its just ai-yu flavoured jelly…?? hahaha..

  188. Gong Cha is one of the BEST THING EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Here in singapore. Kekeke.

  189. I LOVE GONGCHA it’s the only brand of bubble tea i drink and it’s soooo popular here in singapore along with a couple of other brands. i always get the same combination (taiwanese black tea + aiyu jelly, 50% !) even though i keep telling myself to try new flavours :P

    ps aiyu jelly is DA BEST like really it’s a taste i cant get anywhere else other than another drink also called aiyu jelly but it has the jelly mixed in a honey lemon syrup drink (it’s great too but theyre 2 different things!)

  190. I want bubble tea sooo bad now! =S

  191. Lots of Gongcha is SG!! <3

  192. When simon throws the white jelly into the bushes and you the sound effect of a car crash and screams plays…omg I sprayed my drink EVERYWHERE for some reason it made me laugh soooooooooo much lol

  193. Taro Tea is pretty good
    I’ve had it from a few places in London and its always really nice where ever I go

  194. hmmm I was wondering what time was this taken?

  195. Awww, I love GongCha~ We have it in Malaysia too! ^^

  196. If im not wrong, Aiyu is a kind of jelly that made from the gel of some seed.

    Anyway, Gongcha is definitely the best bubble tea I’ve tried so far too!
    There’s Gongcha in Singapore too but they doesn’t have the jumbo ones.
    So far I’ve only seen Taiwan, Hongkong and Korea has the jumbo size ;-;
    I don’t know if Korea allows you to ‘custom made’ your drink but adding on that house made milk/cream? on top of taro milk tea is YUMMY~! ;)

  197. heyyy i love gong cha !!! one of my favourite one too . here in malaysia there are sooo many other brands like ochado, chatime and etc. but i have to say GONG CHA FOR THE WIN !!!!

  198. GONG CHA!!! I was so confused the first time i ordered it the guy just gave me 50% for sugar and ice. memories XD its not exactly korean though, bubble tea is like a taiwanese drink

  199. Wow. I wasn’t expecting anything else from you guys after Simon’s awesome video! Thanks! You are awesome :)

  200. Are you sure this is a Kpop Music Monday?:P

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