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Gong Cha Bubble Tea

April 19, 2013


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So I’m sure a lot of you have tried Bubble Tea before and you probably have some mixed reviews. I know a lot of my friends enjoy the taste of the tea itself but can’t stand the tapioca pearls. It’s the texture that throws them off, says it reminds them of snot. Well, I disagree with you on that one, but I will say that if you go to a not so hot bubble tea store, they might have overcooked their tapioca pearls causing them to feel slimy in your mouth. Gong Cha is NOT that place.

Out of all the places I have tried, Gong Cha is the first bubble tea shop that blew my mind. BWEEEPP BWEEP BWEEEEEE! I feel like they are the Starbucks of bubble tea, and I can say that because I worked at Starbucks. Like Starbucks and brewed coffee, Gong Cha is dedicated to brewing fresh tea for their drinks, writing notes on their vats of delicious tea regarding when they were brewed and if they need to be changed. They allow your to personalize your drink and very importantly, they have a kick ass assembly line that smoothly gets your drink ordered without any mistakes. No matter what Gong Cha I go to, the quality remains the same. Oh, so Starbucksy! :D

We talked briefly in the video about how to order your drink and personalize it, but I think it’s easier to just explain it while looking at the picture we took. This is really the most intimidating part of Gong Cha! I’m going to go through how we order our favourite drink and maybe next time you’re in Korea or at a Gong Cha in another part of the world you can order confidently and let us know if you like our style! Also, the price is great, drinks start at ₩3,900 and go up to ₩5,700 for the special jumbo sized health drinks, and they always give you TONS of bubbles. Other places skimp out on bubbles sometimes. NEVER SKIMP ON BUBBLES!!!

Gongcha How To

How to order the Eatyourkimchi Crew Favourite:

Step 1: Pick your base drink: Black Milk Tea

Step 2: Pick you size: Large

Step 3: Toppings: Pearl

Step 4: Sugar Level: 30%

Step 5: Ice Level: If it’s a warm day we go for 50%, if it’s cooler out, 0% (they still make it with ice, but it melts by the time you get it).

I ordered this Black Milk Tea today as a personal sacrifice for you guise, just to show you this picture. *shifty eyes* When you order at the cash they print out this lovely sticker with all the info for your drink as well as your number (which is on your receipt) and they call it out so that no one else takes your drink by mistake. You show them your receipt when you pick it up, and then they’ll ask if you want the straw in the drink or the straw on the side. We always say yes, but if you’re travelling to somewhere else, say no because you’ll get a perfectly sealed non-leaking drink.

Martina's Tea

Some notes on the ordering process. We’ve tried all the toppings. The herbal jelly isn’t for everyone. It has its own very strong taste so it can be very over powering. We aren’t fond of the white pearl. It’s too tough to chew (apparently it’s made from seaweed) but for those of you that don’t like the soft texture of the pearls, maybe the white pearls are for you. The ai-yu jelly was…interesting…what is that flavour? Anyone? We’ll stick to the original pearl. Maybe the other pearl types are better for different drinks, the the juices and special health drinks?

We aren’t really into sweet drinks, we don’t take sugar in our coffee and we don’t put sugar in our tea. However, we have ordered it without sugar before and it was just too overwhelmingly creamy. They make the black milk tea, not with milk, but with something magical that I don’t want to know about because it’s probably super fatty and unhealthy (SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!! I WON’T LISTEN!!!!) but the little amount of sugar cuts the cream taste. If I order the coffee based drinks, I ask for NO SUGAR. If I get the green tea based drinks, it depends on how I feel, but usually no sugar.

The ice level is super important! No ice will give you more tea, but the ice melts so quickly it leaves you with a room temperature luke warm drink which is neither good nor bad. You gotta get some ice! If you get too much ice, you’re left with either no tea (if you drink quickly) or a watered down version. Blah! However, if we order the House Special drinks, we often go with no ice so that we can get more of the specialness of the tea. That weird cream they put on top is SOOOOO YUMMY! Give me MORRRRRR!!!!

Other EYK Crew favourites:

House Special Green Tea (No sugar, 50% or)
House Special Oolong Tea (No sugar or 30%, no ice)

Honey Milk Tea (50% sugar, 50%)
Toffee Milk Tea (No sugar, 50%)
Toffee Coffee (No sugar, 50%)
Chocolate Milk Tea (No sugar, 50%)

So that’s about it! Let us know if you’ve had Gong Cha and what your likes/dislikes are. We heard Taro Tea is really good but apparently Gong Cha doesn’t make it (or doesn’t make it well). If you haven’t tried Gong Cha, have you tried a different brand? Let’s share the bubble tea love! :D

Also, we have a few deleted scenes and slip ups, and some other Nasties we met along the way in this week’s Blooper Reel. Check it out!



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Gong Cha Bubble Tea


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  1. This was the first ever EYK video I ever watched! I fell in love with them IMMEDIATELY. Haven’t stopped watching since. I can relate to you guise so much! I even started spelling guise that way instead of guys! I also thought I was your youngest fan (age 11 when I started, 13 now) but one of the eatyoursushi videos debunked that. Finally, I found a much better bubble tea place. It’s in my town in NJ, so if you ever stop by Ridgewood NJ, Village Tea Shop is the place to go!

    3 years ago
  2. I don’t know why but I actually wanna try the winter melon milk tea.

    4 years ago
  3. a gong cha recently opened up in markham too :) http://www.yelp.ca/biz/gong-cha-tea-markham

    4 years ago
  4. In the Philippines, Wintermelon milk tea is really really popular. Hahaha! But i don’t like it with 100% sugar either. Too sweet. Like drinking diabetes in a cup. It tastes best with 0% sugar, 30% ice, and with the normal black pearls… is that what you also call it there?

    4 years ago
  5. My friend loves taro bubble tea. I personally find it okay. It tastes a little bit like chocolate but not overally over chocolate. My personal faves are thai or green tea. Of course classic black milk is a top fave.

    5 years ago
  6. OMG!!! A Gong Cha place finally opened in NYC! I just found out today -_-. i was telling my parents about it and how u guys put it in ur videos, but they didnt let me go.T^T. watever I’ll go next time and try all the amazing drinks u were talking about. cuz me and my friends are obsessed with bubble tea.

    5 years ago
  7. I know this video was posted a while ago, but I had to come back to it because one of the coffee places here just started selling bubble tea! Holy @#$%! Bubble tea has come to the desert! And it is gooood! I am sure what I am drinking has an American twist to it, so I still hope to make it to Korea some day and see what the major differences are. But still, it is a start and it makes me feel a lot more connected to this community. :)

    6 years ago
  8. http://www.cafedepearl.com/bubble.htm <– this is the only place outside of London I know that does Bubble tea in the UK. I am all over that vanilla bubble tea though; it's so good. If you're from the UK and are visiting/in Liverpool, check it out! We need more bubble tea here…. outside of London….

    I am so jealous of your Gong Cha guys, seriously. I want a Toffee Milk Tea……..

    6 years ago
  9. Some time ago I discovered a bubble milk tea shop but the tea there is expensive …6 dollars a cup (being the cheapest one) it’s too much = . =

    Thank you for the awesome fun FAFFAP! :)

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

    P.S: hope those jellies didn’t remain there 05:28

    6 years ago
  10. Whenever I went to Singapore in the summer before I don’t recall seeing it, But the last time I visited we got Gong-cha at a newer mall. It was pretty good (I agree they give a lot of pearls) but it was more expensive than the one that we would usually get at the little stand across(-ish) from Parkway Parade… Haha my sister went there so often last summer the bubble-tea there lady recognized us each time we went and even gave us discounts sometimes!

    6 years ago
  11. Ummm…. What IS Bubble Tea? I’ve never heard of it before. What makes it different from normal tea…?

    6 years ago